Book 6, Chapter 76: Departure

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood


As soon as he heard this, Eternal Night knew that something was wrong. He opened his eyes wide, and his powerful consciousness immediately enveloped the room. At the same time, a massive tongue suddenly shot out of the hall’s ceiling and wrapped towards Su Chen and Zhu Xianyao.

His rapid reactions demonstrated just how decisive he was as a ruler.

Unfortunately, his decisiveness and ferocity were useless against Su Chen.

Regardless of whether it was his consciousness or the giant tongue, both disappeared as soon as they got close to Su Chen, as if there was a giant invisible mouth next to Su Chen swallowing up anything that got close to him.

When Eternal Night saw that his initial attack had been nullified, he was just about to follow up when he suddenly heard a voice cry out, “Be careful, Your Majesty! He has a spatial barrier around him diverting any attacks that get close to him into a different spatial realm!”

At the same time that the voice spoke, a strange fluctuating light appeared next to Su Chen.

This fluctuation was incredibly subtle, but Su Chen’s expression shifted as soon as this faint ripple appeared.

The color suddenly drained from his face as he suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

The onlookers couldn’t understand what had happened. Only Su Chen himself knew that a number of things had happened in that short moment.

First of all, Su Chen had activated his Void Armor to create a spatial barrier and isolate him from any attacks. The Void Armor had been constructed from the giant whale Sovereign’s hide and the Void Starsilver. With Jiang Hanfeng present, there was no need to allow the Method Power to run rampant again. The refined armor had the ability to form a spatial wall around him that could divert all attacks into the void.

This form of defense was virtually invincible. Only other spatial attacks would have any effects.

However, because of this spatial barrier, the person inside the barrier was similarly unable to move.

Su Chen, however, didn’t mind. If spatial attacks could penetrate the barrier, then he would also be able to escape with spatial techniques.

Given his mastery of Light Shaking Phantom, it would have been simple for him to leave.

However, just as he was about to do so, another problem suddenly reared its ugly head.

Because a strange fluctuation had occurred in the fabric of space-time.

This ripple had thrown his connection with the Light Shaking Phantom into chaos. If it weren’t for the fact that he had managed to quickly react in time and cancel the teleport, he probably would have sent Zhu Xianyao straight into the void. He would have been fine, but Zhu Xianyao definitely would have died. The wounds he had just suffered were a small backlash resulting from him forcefully cancelling the teleport.

And this had naturally happened because someone had interfered.

The person who had interfered had a comprehension of spatial Method Power that was inferior to him, so under normal circumstances it wouldn’t have affected him in the slightest. However, Su Chen was also carrying Zhu Xianyao, and teleporting her with him significantly raised the difficulty.

Under these circumstances, Su Chen was forced to retreat.

This had all taken place in an invisible realm. Any ignorant bystander would have simply watched as Eternal Night’s attacks were seemingly ineffective, and then that Su Chen had somehow mysteriously gotten himself injured.

Only Su Chen himself was aware of how many dangerous

“Kelesda!” Su Chen wiped away the blood trickling from his mouth as he murmured.

Kelesda appeared like a ghost in front of Su Chen.

Spatial Method Power!

So this guy had somehow managed to comprehend a little spatial Method Power. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to interrupt Su Chen’s teleportation.

Kelesda chuckled. “You didn’t expect that, did you, Su Chen? I comprehended spatial Method Power as well. This is all thanks to you; if it weren’t for that chase that we went on, I wouldn’t have advanced nearly as quickly.”

Su Chen had used Light Shaking Phantom to prevent Keleda from getting too close to him back in the day.

However, this was also the same as him personally instructing Kelesda.

Throughout this process of pursuit, Kelesda was able to somewhat grasp Su Chen’s Method Power.

Afterwards, Kelesda had spent quite a bit of time and energy to understand it.

He was already a legendary Arcana Master. Under his diligent studies, he was actually able to comprehend some spatial Method Power. In addition, he had chosen to interfere at a critical moment, preventing Su Chen from leaving with Zhu Xianyao.

“Tch!” Su Chen frowned. “It’s not that I didn’t expect it, it’s that you weren’t worth expecting in the first place.”

“Su Chen, what are you trying to do?” Eternal Night stood and slammed his fist on his table.

“As you can tell, I am taking her with me.” Since his teleportation path had been blocked, Su Chen was no longer in a hurry. “However, Your Majesty, please rest assured that I am just taking her with me ahead of schedule. I will still accomplish what I promised I would do.”

Eternal Night said darkly, “Did you think I would believe you?”

Unexpectedly, Su Chen replied, “Did you think that I needed you to believe me?”


Eternal Night and Kelesda were both shocked.

Su Chen continued, “Did you really think that you could stop me from leaving if I wanted to leave? I was just trying to leave peacefully. It seems now, however, that a peaceful resolution is not possible.”

He glanced at Kelesda, then suddenly laughed loudly. “The fact that you were able to ambush me earlier is probably causing you to underestimate me. See if you can still stop me.”

Kelesda’s expression drastically shifted. “Don’t even think of trying to run!”

He attacked fiercely, activating his spatial Method Power to its greatest extent. The space around Su Chen began to ripple yet again, making it impossible for Su Chen to teleport away with Zhu Xianyao.

However, that had never been Su Chen’s intention from the very beginning.

He unsheathed his sword!

The Lightless Blade.

Then, he slashed through the air with his sword.

This slash caused violent fluctuations in space, and a formless rift appeared in the air.

This rift began to expand. Kelesda thought that Su Chen was still trying to use spatial methods to escape, and he did his best to seal up the rift.

Unexpectedly, a shocking power suddenly came surging out of the rift.

This power was so profound and great that, as soon as it enveloped the battlefield, Eternal Night and Kelesda felt the instinctual desire to bow and worship.

“This is......”

However, the two of them soon reacted as a hand reached out of the fissure.

A slim, jade-like hand.

It struck out on empty air.

A frighteningly powerful wave of energy surged forth from the hand.


The violent energy cascaded throughout the palace. Even though it was made from extremely sturdy materials, the palace trembled violently following this explosion of power. In fact, the main hall that Eternal Night was standing in was immediately blasted into the air, and even the roof had been torn off.


A primal roar echoed throughout the sky, as if an ancient beast was drawing near. Anyone who heard this roar felt their hearts and minds tremble.

A few of the Harpies that were particularly affected plummeted out of the sky due to sheer terror, falling to their deaths.

Even more of the Harpies knelt down on the ground in fear, calling on the Mother Goddess and asking for her protection.

Eternal Night and Kelesda were affected even more.

They watched as a woman stepped out of the void. She wore the Sky Armor, and a coiled Shining Dragon image blazed brilliantly behind her back. She was standing on the back of a Void Seahorse and floated into reality out from the void.

That Void Seahorse was actually a Sovereign!

Eternal Night blurted out, “Gu Qingluo?”

Kelesda exclaimed, “Origin Beast Bloodline?”

Given how intelligent and experienced the two of them were, they would have been idiots not to have realized what had happened.

Just as Su Chen had said, he had really been trying to resolve the situation peacefully.

However, Kelesda’s interference forced Su Chen to demonstrate his might.

And this might was truly heaven-shaking and earth-shattering.

At that moment, no person’s aura could compare with Gu Qingluo’s.

The might of an Origin Beast, which was enough to even cause a Sovereign to tremble and retreat in fear, was nightmarishly powerful. In addition, the Void Seahorse allowed her to travel anywhere she saw fit.

Su Chen’s sword strike was merely to give them a location.

At the same time that Gu Qingluo appeared, Su Chen said, “Since we’ve already come to blows, I don’t want to waste this opportunity.”

As he spoke, he slashed out yet again, this time right at Kelesda.

Kelesda had some comprehension of spatial Method Power, so he could immediately sense the frightening amount of spatial Method Power behind Su Chen’s attack. The only thing he could do was try to use his lifeforce and stick it out.

However, he was not an Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator with a vigorous lifeforce like Zhong Zhenjun. Arcanists were very physically weak. If Kelesda allowed himself to take this blow, he would be killed after being cut into pieces just a few times.

As such, Kelesda immediately attempted to dodge.

But just as he was in the process of teleporting away, a slight fluctuation appeared in the space near him.

This time, the fluctuation came from Su Chen.

Su Chen, who was no longer attempting to flee, stood behind the spatial barrier. Without Zhu Xianyao holding him back, he was able to completely suppress Kelesda with his superior spatial power.

Kelesa knew that he was in trouble. He could only apply a temporary speed technique to himself, causing him to transform into a streak of light as he shot off towards the horizon.

Even so, the Dimensional Slash still grazed him.


Blood sprayed through the air.

One of Kelesda’s legs fell from the sky.

“AH!” Kelesda cried out in pain as he hurriedly activated a limb regrowth technique.

This technique was faster than allowing a limb to regenerate on its own, but it consumed lifeforce at a much greater rate. Given the circumstances, however, it wasn’t like Kelesda really had a choice.

Unfortunately, even though he was able to regenerate his leg, Su Chen’s Dimensional Slash came after him yet again.

Kelesda could only try to dodge yet again.

Sumeru Void reappeared.

Kelesda’s movement was impaired once again, and his speed plummeted. Dimensional Slash claimed Kelesda’s leg yet again.

In that moment, Kelesda could empathize with Zhong Zhenjun’s plate.

Both of them were peak existences amongst their respective peers.

However, they were like fish on the cutting board against Su Chen, and could only allow themselves to be cut into pieces again and again.

Unfortunately, Eternal Night couldn’t help him. Gu Qingluo’s might was keeping all of the Harpies in place, and Eternal Night was doing his best to break free.

“Su Chen, stop playing around! I can sense a powerful existence heading in our direction!” Gu Qingluo yelled.

“That should be Serene Dream Lotus Crown. It’s fine, we have enough time. If we don’t handle this matter of Kelesda, he will definitely try and interfere as I am leaving again,” Su Chen replied.

He slashed out with his blade.

“I’m not going to attack!” Kelesda yelled at the top of his lungs.

In the blink of an eye, Kelesda had lost his leg seven or eight times.

At first, it was merely a coincidence. Later on, Su Chen was able to notice the pattern, and decided to just go for his legs instead.

The hall was littered with severed thighs.

When Su Chen heard Kelesda’s cry, he thought for a moment, then said, “If that’s the case, I suppose I could spare you.”

As he spoke, he sheathed his sword.

Kelesda let out a sigh of relief.

But just as he relaxed, Su Chen suddenly said, “Actually, I think it would be better if you died.”

He raised his hand. A Flaming Phoenix appeared, diving at Kelesda and enveloping him in a ball of raging fire......

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