Book 6, Chapter 113: Devil King

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

The sheer number and variety of creatures charging out from Gloom City was staggering.

These creatures included lizards with dogs’ heads, three-eyed cats, six-legged deer, and those were the easy ones to imagine. Most were impossible to even describe with words.

There was a wheel that could roll on its own with a triangular eye, a dinner tray that could fly and had a mouth through which it was constantly blabbering, and a carriage being driven by a ghost. The ghost, however, looked like a contorted slug.

Any creature you could possibly imagine and the ones you couldn’t were basically all there. The sight was enough to make one’s skin crawl as they charged at the joint armies.

“Don’t let them get close!”

Su Chen’s voice echoed amongst the three armies.

These items were all failed products created by the Astrals. As such, they were simply too unpredictable. No one knew what would happen if they got too close, so the best course of action was simply to keep them out of the front door.

The cannons turned to bombard the oncoming wave of strange creatures.

The Boundless Sect’s disciples simultaneously threw their swords into the air, unleashing wave after wave of sword Qi. The sight was enough to cause any bystander’s blood to boil.

A bloody slaughter commenced as life was reaped en masse.

The furious deluge of firepower dealt a serious blow to the strange creatures. Most of them were killed before even getting close, and the ones that did get close were specifically targeted and picked off.

The creatures created some problems when they died. One of the larger creatures, which looked just like a giant hunk of meat, exploded after it was killed, immediately snuffing out nearly a hundred Harpy and Ravager lives. Even so, they generally didn't pose a threat.

“Is that all they’ve got?” Lonely Skyleap harrumphed. “It looks like nothing more than a scare tactic.”

Su Chen and Danba, however, remained silent as they closely observed the battlefield.

Almost all of the creatures on the battlefield had died. Fresh blood flowed through the small rivulets on the ground.

In Su Chen’s eyes, however, this was quite noteworthy.

It was as if there was something on the ground?

An Origin Formation!

Su Chen immediately realized what it was.

They were actually fighting on top of a giant Origin Formation.

That was more like it!

How could the Astrals allow them to come knocking so easily?

If there was an incredibly devastating Origin Formation in place at the Ringed Corridor Plains, how could there not be one here?

What was the giant formation being used for?

“Those were sacrifices,” Danba suddenly said.

He could sense it.

Unlike Su Chen, he hadn’t seen the fresh blood flowing across the ground, but he could sense the sudden transformation in the essence of vitality that was taking place.

He said with conviction, “Those creatures were being used as sacrifices, not to deal with us.”

Lonely Skyleap was taken aback. “Sacrifices for what?”

“A foreign creature,” Su Chen said.

“Foreign?” Lonely Skyleap was stunned. “Could it be......”

Inside of Gloom City, a group of Astrals were standing in a circle, their staffs raised high in the air as they chanted in unison.

As they chanted, a giant door began to slowly creak open on the battlefield.

The lofty, gigantic door stood alone in the middle of the battlefield. The majestic, imposing aura it emanated caused everyone’s hearts to tremble.

“Darkness Door!” Lonely Skyleap cried out.

Everyone was actually very familiar with what this door was.

It was a Darkness Door.

However, this Darkness Door was far, far bigger than any of the other Darkness Doors that they had ever seen before.

Of course, the Darkness Demon that would come out from within would definitely be much stronger as well.

As the Darkness Door opened, a black cloud of fog began to waft out, enveloping the surroundings in darkness.

“Mwahahaha!” a sinister laugh echoed through the cavern as a gigantic demon descended from the sky. It lifted the black cloud into the sky with its massive hand, then reached out and grabbed a nearby Harpy, tossed him into its mouth, and quickly devoured him. The creature’s bloodthirst caused everyone to shiver involuntarily.

“Bone-Piercing Arrows!” Following this command, arrows flew towards the Darkness Demon.

“You weak creatures.” The fifty-foot-tall Darkness Demon gestured with his hand, calmly sweeping aside the arrows before unleashing yet another wave of darkness that swallowed up the Harpies before it.

“Careful, that’s the Darkness Demon!” one of the Harpies cried out.

“Attack it with fire!” Su Chen gestured, and a wave of flames surged forth from his hands, spurting towards the darkness.

“Let the darkness consume everything!” the Darkness Demon cried out before the flames enveloped it.


The Darkness Demon disintegrated, turning into a pile of ashes.

Even though Su Chen’s fire techniques were not as powerful as his spatial ones, he did still possess some comprehension of Method Power. A Darkness Demon was never going to be able to withstand his attack.

However, even more dark clouds began to pour out of the door, and the eerie laughter was only continuing.

Darkness Demon after Darkness Demon began to emerge from the giant door, cackling and chuckling ominously as they traversed the battleground.

“Die, puny creatures! You will be trampled by the might of our darkness, and your blood will feed us!”

A giant Darkness Demon howled as it charged at the joint troops.

“These damned Astrals,” the soldiers cursed.

No one anticipated that the Astrals had actually set up a giant summoning formation on the ground, using an ocean’s worth of blood from living creatures as a sacrifice. It seemed that the door would remain open for a long time, meaning that there would be countless Darkness Demons pouring through the other side.

“This was inevitable.” Su Chen was not very surprised.

Exterminating the Astrals was never going to be an easy task. Su Chen was not going to be surprised no matter what tricks they had up their sleeves.

For that reason, the Astrals’ fate was sealed.

Darkness Demons were still flooding out through the giant door, wreaking havoc on the battlefield as they enveloped it in dark fog.

At that moment, an exceptionally large demon emerged. It was almost the size of the Darkness Door itself. Its figure filled the frame as it attempted to squeeze through the doorway. The other Darkness Demons also ran over to help. The giant demon roared impatiently, as if detesting the door frame for being too narrow for its majestic stature.

“It’s the Devil King! The Darkness Devil King!” Lonely Skyleap paled.

This terrifying, vicious creature had surpassed the emperor realm, making it superior to any Intelligent Race individual.

If that demon was able to force its way through, there would be tremendous consequences.

The Astrals were crazy to summon the Darkness Devil King.

The Darkness Devil King was slowly but surely squeezing its way through the door.

“Su Chen, think of something!” Lonely Skyleap cried out.

“What else can we do? The only option we have is to destroy that door!” Su Chen yelled in response. “I will go and destroy the door. Lonely Skyleap, Danba, bring your men with you and protect me as much as possible from those other demons.”

“Got it!” Lonely Skyleap and Danba replied.

Su Chen flew into the air. “Qingluo, help me take this guy on.”

“Okay!” Gu Qingluo laughed before she flew towards the Darkness Door with Su Chen.

The Darkness Demons howled and shrieked as they rushed towards Su Chen.

Su Chen and Gu Qingluo glanced at each other. Su Chen nodded, and then they attacked simultaneously.

Su Chen used his left hand and Gu Qingluo used her right to draw out a semi-circle. A Shining Dragon image appeared around each of them.

Su Chen’s dragon was smaller and more condensed. Its aura was more restrained, but it was also nimbler. In comparison, Gu Qingluo’s was exuding a far more oppressive aura.

Even so, when the two of them intertwined their arms, the two dragons began to merge, and a new Shining Dragon encompassing the both of them gradually began to take shape.

The moment that the new Shining Dragon appeared, a violent wave of flames surged in all directions.

The oncoming Darkness Demons were immediately turned into dust.

Even so, this was not an actual offensive technique; it was merely the overflow of energy that came from forming the new dragon.

The actual core of Su Chen’s dragon was fire essence, which drew from his comprehension of fire Method Power. Gu Qingluo’s dragon, on the other hand, possessed the actual essence of a dragon, and drew from her Shining Dragon Bloodline.

Merging the two resulted in reat changes.

The newly formed Shining Dragon turned its gaze on the giant Darkness Door, rage appearing in its eyes.

Then, it opened its mouth.


A blazing inferno surged forth from its mouth, charging at the Darkness Door.

The wave of flames washed over the Darkness Devil King, causing it to howl in anger. Its hand, which had managed to make it through, clawed madly through the air, actually knocking aside the sweeping wave of flames. The darkness stubbornly kept the flames at bay. At the same time, the Darkness Devil King roared again, causing the Darkness Demons around it to redouble the efforts to pull it out. Countless Darkness Demons were also behind the door pushing it through.


The Shining Dragon’s rage only grew.

A brilliant fireball began to form as it prepared to demonstrate its full might.

The fireball was actually the size of a small mountain, making it seem like a miniature sun. Its temperature was almost illogically high, seemingly capable of melting through anything in its path. Moments later, the fireball was hurled violently at the Darkness Door.

Lonely Skyleap felt like his eyes were about to fall out of their sockets. He knew that this fireball alone was more than capable of completely wiping out a giant city. Even an emperor-realm cultivator would have a hard time withstanding that attack.

So their combined strength had already reached such a terrifying degree?

They absolutely needed to find the Immortal’s Soul!

Lonely Skyleap clenched his fists.

Only Sky City was capable of withstanding this kind of power.


The superheated fireball slammed into the Darkness Door, and into the Darkness Devil King itself. White sparks flew everywhere.


This time, even the Darkness Devil King was unable to withstand the pain and roared. The Darkness Demons attempting to pull it through melted away instantaneously.

The massive Darkness Door began to groan ominously as well.

“Don’t even think about it!!!” the Darkness Devil King roared.

The arm that had gotten through suddenly severed itself from the main body, transforming into a darkness dragon that charged towards the couple.

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