Book 6, Chapter 115: Barrier of Gods

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Even though he had never spoken with the Lord of the Dreamrealm before, Su Chen was able to sense and confirm in that moment that the speaker was in fact the Lord of the Dreamrealm.

Only that kind of an existence would be able to forcibly drag them into the Dreamrealm without their explicit permission.

Danba also arched an eyebrow when he heard that voice.

Lonely Skyleap’s response, however, stunned both of them. His voice sharpened suddenly as he said, “Abilo, are you going to break the Barrier of Gods and violate the Eternal Treaty just to meddle in these small affairs?”

Barrier of Gods? Eternal Treaty? What were those?

Danba and Su Chen glanced at each other.

A blood-red sun slowly began to rise within the Dreamrealm.

The red sun morphed into the face of an old man, who sighed. “That’s not what I’m thinking at all. The Dreamrealm and the real world both rely on each other, and we would never lightly interfere with the Origin Realm’s affairs. However, these Astrals offer much consciousness energy to me year after year, which is why I wanted to serve as a mediator......”

Lonely Skyleap replied darkly, “What does that have to do with me? I know the Astrals have powerful consciousnesses, and their offerings are like rain in a drought. But what about the Harpies contributions? Are we offering no more than bitter water? And are the humans offering trash?”

He didn’t mention the Ravagers, because their consciousness power contribution wasn’t even worth mentioning.

The sun descended as a vast body of water appeared below it. As the sun disappeared within it, the body of water morphed into a giant, appearing before the three of them. “That’s not all. The Astrals also offer a few unique contributions that I cannot talk about.”

Lonely Skyleap didn’t understand. “So what? What does that have anything to do with us?”

The Lord of the Dreamrealm was no ordinary character. His strength probably exceeded the emperor realm as well.

Lonely Skyleap, however, spoke without a trace of politeness.

Given that the Lord of the Dreamrealm had presided over the Primordial Continent for so long but had never done anything to interfere, Su Chen soon grasped the situation.

Indeed, the Lord of the Dreamrealm said, “Arrogant child, your Mother Goddess was probably the one who told you about the Barrier of Gods and the Eternal Treaty, right? You think that, with the Barrier in my way and the Treaty restricting me, there is nothing I can do to you? That’s why you are so arrogant in action and speech.”

Lonely Skyleap jutted his chin out. “So what if I do? Abilo, the Primordial Continent has not been under the control of the gods for a long time. You can try to influence the direction that this world goes in, but you will never be able to control it.”

Influence, but never control?

Su Chen felt as if a lightning bolt had flashed across his mind. Suddenly, many of the things that he hadn’t understood in the past started to make sense.

So gods truly did exist.

So gods had lost the ability to exert any control on this world.

So gods could only use special methods to indirectly influence the world situation.

Special methods...... indirectly influence......

These two phrases echoed in Su Chen’s mind as his thoughts began to clear up.

The Lord of the Dreamrealm and Lonely Skyleap were still continuing their conversation. The Lord of the Dreamrealm chuckled, “Yes, the treaty prevents me from directly and openly interfering with the Origin Realm’s affairs, but the times are always changing, and there are some things that you will never be able to imagine or understand. Young Harpy, don’t be too arrogant. Even if the gods can only slightly influence your world, that is still not something that you can withstand.”

Lonely Skyleap laughed loudly, “Then why not give it a try. The Harpies are willing to engage in a bloody battle with the Dream God for the sake of the Mother Goddess’s glory!”

Upon hearing this, the Lord of the Dreamrealm sighed. “So you have been bewitched by Kashmir after all. She has always been extremely wary of me. Since that’s the case, bring out your Kashmir’s Wings.

Lonely Skyleap let out a long, keening cry as the wings on his back unfurled, unleashing a golden glow. Two of the feathers in particular glowed rather intensely; they were the Divine Feathers.

The Mother Goddess Sect’s Divine Feather had been taken by Su Chen, but suddenly two of them had appeared here. It seemed that the Mother Goddess had bestowed more upon them.

The Mother Goddess, who had been silent for so long, had suddenly started to act again, and the Lord of the Dreamrealm was openly interfering between a battle that only involved the Intelligent Races. The meaning behind both of these actions was thought-provoking.

Upon realizing what the Lord of the Dreamrealm had said, Su Chen and Danba glanced at each other, seemingly coming to a mutual realization. On the surface, however, they let nothing slip.

Lonely Skyleap fully unfurled his wings, scattering golden light in all directions.

The giant made of seawater, however, merely glanced compassionately at him and said, “This place...... is my world.”

The giant appeared to stay completely motionless, but the golden light emanating from Lonely Skyleap’s wings began to fade as he plummeted towards the ground.

This General Skyleap, who had directly challenged the Dream God to a battle, actually began to fall without even getting a chance to attack. The gap between his words and his actions was so great that Su Chen and Danba were greatly surprised.

Even so, Lonely Skyleap didn’t seem panicked in the slightest. As he fell, he continued to yell, “So what if it’s your world? You cannot hurt me no matter what you do!!!”

Indeed, Su Chen and Danba watched as Lonely Skyleap continued to fall, never seeming to hit the ground. It was as if he was falling through a bottomless pit, and never fading from Su Chen and Danba’s sight. He was neither far nor close.

So the Lord of the Dreamrealm, who was capable of constructing an entire realm, could do nothing to harm even a single Harpy?

Was this the restriction of the Barrier of Gods and the Eternal Treaty?

Su Chen and Danba both couldn’t help but wonder.

Suddenly, a sinister voice spoke. “He might not be able to, but I can!”

Within the Dreamrealm, a strange, shadowy figure began to appear. The figure was hazy and indistinct, as if it were part human and part ghost - the manifestation of an Astral within the Dreamrealm. But the Astral before them was exceptionally tall. When factoring in the amethyst-studded gold crown on his head and the tricolor gem inlaid on his staff, it was obvious that this Astral was Menelaus.

As soon as Menelaus appeared, he reached out to claw at Lonely Skyleap.

This claw was a real, tangible attack, formed out of extremely pure consciousness energy.

Lonely Skyleap would definitely be seriously injured if he was struck by that attack.

Even though Su Chen and Danba seriously disliked Lonely Skyleap’s arrogant attitude, he couldn’t just sit and watch Lonely Skyleap die either.

The two of them simultaneously sprang into action. Their attacks in the Dreamrealm were formed from consciousness power, but they took on the appearance of physical attacks here. The more powerful one’s consciousness attack, the fiercer the physical attack would appear.

Su Chen’s consciousness power had reached the apex of humankind already. He was quite powerful even amongst the Astrals, so the destructive capacity of his “fists” hadn’t decreased much in the Dreamrealm. Danba, on the other hand, shouldn’t have had much consciousness energy as a Ravager. Even so, surprisingly enough, his attacks were still unique. Their power was lacking, of course, but his attacks were incredibly condensed. In addition, his focus was not to drive back Menelaus’s attack but to strike Menelaus himself.

Menelaus hissed in response to this tandem attack and waved the tricolor gem staff in his hand.

His tricolor staff should have been no more than a projection within the Dreamrealm, with no actual practical effect. Even so, a brilliant explosion of tricolor light burst forth, intercepting Su Chen’s fist. At the same time, the amethyst-studded crown began to glow, enveloping him completely. Danba’s pernicious attack was actually stopped in its tracks by the crown’s glow.

Menelaus’s claw strike still ended up accurately landing on Lonely Skyleap’s body. Lonely Skyleap’s wings suddenly flared with an intense golden light in response. The light collided with Menelaus’s claw, immediately opening up a hole on it. Menelaus’s hand continued descending, however, unimpeded, raking across Lonely Skyleap’s arm.

Even though the arm was not a real arm, Lonely Skyleap’s arm in the actual world began to wither.

“AH!” Lonely Skyleap cried out in pain and rage. “O, great Mother Goddess, your heir is asking for your protection!”

The two wings began to glow even more intensely.

At the same time, an angry voice spoke. “Abilo, you’ve overstepped your authority.”

“Oh, Kashmir,” the Lord of the Dreamrealm said calmly.

At that precise moment, the Dreamrealm suddenly began to tremble as the natural light inside began to fade, as if something had struck it.

The countless tiny spirits flew around in a panic as the Dreamrealm rumbled ominously.

They lived in the world that belonged to the Lord of the Dreamrealm. If this realm collapsed, then they would not survive.

And now, the Dreamrealm was being attacked from the outside. Even the Lord of the Dreamrealm, who had assumed a calm and unperturbed demeanor since the very beginning, was surprised and angered by this. “Kashmir, are you trying to start a fight with me yet again?”

“You were the one who violated the treaty and interfered with my heirs first!”

“I am just protecting the Astrals according to the ancient agreement that we had made in the past.”

“No matter how you choose to protect them, you are not allowed to directly interfere. The Eternal Treaty is not easy to override in the first place, and the small agreement you have made with the Astrals cannot possibly supersede the agreement you have with the other gods!”

The Lord of the Dreamrealm sighed, “That’s what I had done in the past. But have you noticed that the world around us is changing?”

Unexpectedly, the Mother Goddess actually paused for a moment before saying, “Yes, I have felt it too. Not long ago...... the Barrier of Gods began to relax.”

“That’s right.” The Lord of the Dreamrealm’s voice was tinged with happiness. “Fate is as fickle as the Heavens and the earth are unchanging. Perhaps the era of gods is soon dawning.”

“You mean......”

“We should prepare for the future.”

“Yes, we should.” The Mother Goddess shockingly agreed with what the Lord of the Dreamrealm had said.

However, her anger quickly returned. “Don’t even think about trying to use those bewitching techniques on me!”

“Bewitching? Perhaps. But this is nothing more than the truth,” the Lord of the Dreamrealm calmly said. “A new age is dawning, where the gods...... will roam the earth once more!”

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