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Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

The power contained in the Ravagers’ Totems was Method Power.

Su Chen had comprehended certain amounts of Method Power from the other Totems he had obtained, with the exception of the Vitality Totem.

That was because his level back then was too low, and he had no way of comprehending its power.

As such, this Vitality Method Power had lain dormant within his body until its sudden activation due to these special circumstances.

So the Vitality Method Power was what had been responsible for his ascension.

Truth be told, at this point it didn’t really matter if he ascended or not. There was virtually no Intelligent Race individual that posed a threat to him at this point.

Even so, the implications of the ascension itself were quite deep.

This implied that there was further room for growth, a hope for an even higher plane than the Ultimate Emperor Realm.

And with no suitable opponents, Su Chen was unable to find joy in fighting his contemporaries any longer. It was only natural that his interests now lay in fighting the limits imposed by the Heavens.

As such, Su Chen began to tackle this new challenge.

Not only was he exterminating the Beasts and facing off against the Harpies, but he was even challenging the fundamental principles of the natural world......

That was what he was pursuing.

For this reason, this ascension was of even more importance than billions of Origin Stones. After all, discovering a new business direction was often worth more than cold hard capital.

But why would the Vitality Method Power suddenly activate at this moment? Did it have something to do with the gods?

Wait a moment!

Su Chen suddenly thought of something and blurted out, “It wasn’t the gods!”

He turned to stare at the stone throne again, unleashing his consciousness in all directions.

This time, he perceived something he hadn’t noticed the first time around.

He had a strange sensation that seemed to walk the line between actually existing and not. Even so, he could sense that this feeling was seemingly merging with that of his own body, forming a mysterious connection.

This connection was impossible to describe, as it was both real and yet not.

This was the first thought that came to Su Chen's mind.

Who could believe that something like this existed? Even so, Su Chen could sense that it was real.

The reason he hadn’t been able to perceive it earlier was because he hadn’t comprehended Vitality Method Power. Now, because his foundation had been laid, he was finally able to notice it.

The existence of an even higher power!

Su Chen had no idea what kind of power it was, but he knew that it was definitely related to vitality. Otherwise, his noticing it wouldn’t have depended on his comprehension of Vitality Method Power.

Even so, that was far from all.

Because he could sense that this power appeared to be bridging the stone throne and the moon.

Finally, Su Chen understood why the Flying Moon emperor had sacrificed two hundred thousand of his subordinates.

It was indeed offering them up as sacrifices!

There was no need for an altar or an Origin Formation of any kind.

The deaths of two hundred thousand Beasts would fill this land with this mysterious entity, which would then be corralled by the throne and directed towards the moon, eventually landing in the hands of the moon god.

So this was the power that the gods needed?

They had been slain as offerings to the gods!

“You were misfortunate to run into me!” Su Chen suddenly said as he unsheathed the Lightless Blade, slashing at the stone throne.


The stone throne was cut in two.

“NO!!!” a god in the shape of a moon howled from far outside the continent.

Of course, Su Chen was unaware of this, and even if he was aware he wouldn’t have cared.

Now that the throne had been destroyed, he realized that the mysterious entity surrounding the throne was now entering into his body.

Yes, his Vitality Method Power was attracting this mysterious substance that was very much related to vitality.

Without the moon to draw it, the mysterious entity automatically began to flow towards Su Chen. This was a good thing.

Just as he was about to absorb it, however, a voice exploded next to him. “Do not absorb it!”


Su Chen was badly startled. He glanced around but found no one around him.

The voice that had spoken, however, was still echoing through his ears.

Was it an illusion?

No, that wasn't possible.

Su Chen’s consciousness was on par with an Astral’s at this point. It was virtually impossible for him to be susceptible to any illusion at this point.

Then what kind of person was capable of directly transmitting their voice into his ear?

Wait a moment!

That voice!!!

Su Chen suddenly trembled.

How familiar.

It was as if he had heard it before.

His gaze grew unfocused as his thoughts traveled back in time to his youth, to the time of bitter darkness.

“It’s him!!!”

Su Chen began to tremble uncontrollably.

He gazed up at the sky and said, “So you’ve been watching me this whole time, right? You’ve been watching me this whole...... Why? Why would you do that to me? Who are you? Show yourself!”

“Show yourself!

“Show yourself!

“Show yourself!

Su Chen cried out seven or eight times repeatedly, his voice booming through the sky. Birds began to fly into the air from their nests in response.

A few of the army’s stronger individuals also sensed the commotion and flew into the air, but before they could get anywhere, a powerful wave of pressure forced them back to the ground.

Su Chen spoke. “I’m fine. I’ll be back soon.”

“It’s Sect Master.” Upon hearing his voice, everyone sighed.

Then, their expressions grew strange.

Gu Xinrong, Gu Qingshan, and Feng Zhuying, as well as Li Chongshan, were the ones who had flown into the air, yet they were easily forced back to the ground without even getting a glimpse of what was happening. That kind of a tale was simply inconceivable.

Gu Xinrong said, “That kid’s strength has grown yet again.”

Her age made her instinctively refer to Su Chen as “that kid”.

Li Chongshan was more worried about Su Chen. “He didn’t sound happy at all. It’s as if someone pissed him off.”

“Strange. Who could do that to Sect Master?” Gu Qingshan was completely stymied.

But that cry of “show yourself!” did make it seem as if he was somehow at a disadvantage.

They couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

If that was the case, better not to waste too much time thinking about it anyways.

Su Chen obtained no answer. There was nothing he could do but quietly observe the strange entity floating around him.

Do not absorb it!

That voice wrapped itself around Su Chen like a curse, throwing him into indecision.

This energy was so pure and vast that it was definitely an upgrade over normal vitality energy. It was obvious that this energy was extremely good just based on the fact that the moon god had wanted it.

But that voice had told him not to absorb it.

Wait a moment. Was this energy needed by gods?

“Energy needed by gods...... Could it be that gods are gods precisely because of this kind of energy? So this is not the energy of gods but divine power?”

Su Chen mulled over the situation carefully as his gaze slowly began to sharpen.

Perhaps gods were extremely powerful, but where were they now?

Outside of this realm!

Perhaps divine power could make him a god, but what would happen after he became a god?

Su Chen didn’t know.

Su Chen didn’t know why that person was stopping him, but he at least knew that that person wasn’t harming him. If it weren’t for him, he would never have become the person he was today.

Since that existence didn’t want him to absorb it, then it was best not to absorb it.


Giving up on it just like that wasn’t Su Chen’s style. If he could somehow collect it and do some research on it, that would naturally be for the best.

But how to collect this divine power?

Su Chen could sense that this divine power wouldn’t last forever. Now that the throne had been destroyed, it would rapidly dissipate if Su Chen didn’t try to absorb it.

He needed to quickly think of something.

Countless possibilities floated through Su Chen’s mind.

Got it.

Su Chen’s eyes lit up as he glanced at the collapsed stone throne.

He reached out and pushed out against the strange throne as a strange chant began to flow from his mouth. It was precisely the same chant that Su Chen had uttered earlier.

This time, however, the situation was reversed.

Instead of the golden characters fading away as Su Chen chanted, they began to appear one after another.

This script was clearly made of condensed divine power.

The earlier script had been set in place a long time ago by the moon god. They were most likely used for completing the sacrifices and converting them into a usable form.

This time, however, Su Chen had mixed up the order of the chant.

After all, he was only using the chant to consolidate some of the divine power, converting what he had absorbed into this script so that not even a little was left in his body.

That way, he would be able to keep the divine power around without absorbing it.

As Su Chen chanted, the night slowly passed. Eventually, all of the divine power in Su Chen’s body had been fully converted.

He then used the stone throne to create a box. Upon the lid of the box was precisely the same moon as in the inscription.

The throne had once been used for sacrificial purposes, storing and converting divine power. As such, it was exceptionally suitable for storing divine power. And with Su Chen present, the moon god could give up on his hopes of ever reconnecting with that power.

The heavy stone box contained the script that Su Chen had formed.

There were a total of 102 characters, each one containing dense amounts of divine power.

But because of the density of power, it was impossible to fit the box in his Origin Ring.

After taking care of the matter, Su Chen descended from the mountain. He found Li Chongshan and the others already standing there waiting for him.

“Sect Master, what exactly happened on that mountain?” Li Chongshan asked with concern.

Su Chen thought for a moment, then shook his head. “It’s better not to ask.”

As he spoke, he turned around, intending on returning to the palace.

“Sect Master Su, can you let this old man have a look at the box you’re holding in your hand?” Gu Huiming suddenly said.

His eyes were fixated on that box, as if he could sense something.

Even Su Chen had to show some respect to this ancestor.

After a moment’s thought, he handed it over.

Gu Huiming, however, didn’t take it. All he did was get close to take a look.

His face drew closer and closer until it was almost brushing the box as he muttered, “I just want to look, not touch...... not touch......”

As he spoke, the box opened slightly.

A streak of golden light shot out of the box and into Gu Huiming’s eye.

“AH!” Gu Huiming yelled as he stumbled backwards.

“Ancestor!” everyone cried out at the same time as they reached out to support him.

But before they could even get close, Gu Huiming suddenly tilted his head back as intense light began to shine from his eyes.


Gu Huiming roared with rage as an image of a giant dragon surged to life from behind him, echoing his howl as it roared at the sky.

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