Book 7, Chapter 49: Mobilizing Reinforcements (1)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Even though saying that Su Chen had defeated a Desolate Beast by himself would be omitting a few details, it was an undeniable truth that Su Chen had challenged a Desolate Beast entirely on his own.

But like he had said, this was only the beginning. Soon, they would be fighting against even more powerful opponents.

Ten years was just too short of a timeframe. Su Chen had no choice but to force himself to speed up his development.

Thankfully, his lifetime of research was beginning to bear fruit, and his foundation was stable enough for him to reap the rewards.

As he watched the imposing, majestic White Lion and the immovable Towering Clam fight off in the distance, Su Chen said, “I’ll take care of Towering Clam.”

Towering Clam’s powerful control skills allowed it to control any living organism that entered its radius of effect. Numbers were totally useless against it, which was why only a powerful individual like Su Chen could fight against it.

Su Chen’s figure flickered as he instantly reappeared above Towering Clam.

Even though he was just floating above Towering Clam, Su Chen could sense a powerful will constantly attempting to invade his consciousness. It was as if there was a voice strongly urging him to worship and obey the invading will’s commands.

What a terrifying Desolate Beast. Even someone with a consciousness as powerful as Su Chen’s would have a hard time resisting.

Thankfully, Su Chen was not relying on just his consciousness power.

Immortal energy swelled within him once again, this time protecting his consciousness from the invading will.

His state of mind once again became calm.

Then, Su Chen slashed his sword right at Towering Clam.

By now, this giant Desolate Beast had already suffered countless attacks from the Titan-Class puppets, and as a result, its shell was covered in dents and, in some weaker locations, holes. Towering Clam had not managed to completely brush off the attacks of the Titan-Class puppets — after all, in terms of pure strength, the Titan-Class puppets were a higher level than Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivators.

Su Chen’s sword pierced one of Towering Clam’s damaged points, easily slicing through the tender flesh like a hot knife through butter. There seemed to be no resistance whatsoever.

The immortal energy surrounding the blade suddenly flashed a searing white color. When Su Chen burned his immortal energy, his sword was able to easily pierce through Towering Clam’s shell and strike at its body.

Towering Clam’s body was not as tough as its shell, so Su Chen’s sword strike wounded it quite seriously. Since it had no mouth, Towering Clam was incapable of expressing its anger through a roar, but it could still do so by increasing the intensity of its attacks. The light in the sky intensified until it became a white-hot sun, and everyone nearby immediately fell under Towering Clam’s control.

However, Towering Clam did not immediately send them into battle against the rest of the human forces; instead, they all rushed back towards Towering Clam to support it.

Su Chen ignored this. He pulled the Lightless Blade out of Towering Clam’s shell with a vicious twist, attempting to bore a larger hole in its shell.

Towering Clam became extremely agitated. It could clearly sense the threat that Su Chen posed, and it quickly diverted all of its rays of light towards Su Chen.

Su Chen activated his immortal energy, which clashed with Towering Clam’s light. The resulting light show was extremely dazzling, but Su Chen paid it no attention and continued to widen the hole in front of him — Towering Clam’s shell was extremely tough, and it might even be tougher than Sky City’s walls. However, its shell had no other redeeming qualities other than its extreme toughness. As soon as it was broken, it would be extremely difficult to repair the hole.

Su Chen gritted his teeth fiercely and continued slowly grinding away at the clamshell. The blade grated sharply against the clam’s hard shell as if he were sawing at a rock.

When the unstoppable spear met the immovable shield, there was no other option but for them to clash repeatedly until one was ground into dust.

Towering Clam was obviously at a disadvantage in this conflict.

Because Su Chen was not alone.

The Titan-Class puppets had charged over to support Su Chen.

Their arrival was extremely timely. In an orderly fashion, they leapt into the air one by one, smashed their heavy fists onto the area that Su Chen was cutting at, and then backed off to make room for the next Titan-Class puppet.

They repeatedly struck at the same point again and again.

And as Su Chen continued to saw at the clam’s shell, it eventually couldn’t take it any longer and cracked.


Following that burst of sound, a large, gaping hole appeared on Towering Clam’s chest.

The Towering Eye glowed with intense light once again as it attempted to summon reinforcements to its side.

Su Chen gestured with his hand. “Stop them!”

The fifty Titan-Class puppets surged away from the Desolate Beast and back towards the humans controlled by Towering Clam. They did not attack, and instead used their sturdy bodies to block the controlled humans from advancing while enduring the attacks flying at them.

Su Chen took advantage of this opening to slip through the hole in the shell.

Right after entering, he saw countless floating specters made of light moving towards his direction.

“Astrals?” Su Chen was momentarily taken aback.

But he soon realized that his first guess had been wrong.

These specters were not Astrals, but rather an extremely similar creature. They were likely spirits of some kind.

These spirits were parasites that lived within Towering Clam’s body. They relied on Towering Clam for survival, but they also protected it when it was in danger. In some sense, they served as Towering Clam’s guards.

Since Towering Clam’s body had been invaded, the spirits were all mobilized, and they began to shriek as they clawed at Su Chen.

“These minor demons won’t even be able to withstand a single attack,” Su Chen muttered to himself as he unleashed a Flaming Dragon Theurgy Art, followed by a Thunder Prison. The violent flames and lightning wreaked havoc within Towering Clam’s body.

Even though Towering Clam’s shell was tough, its body was much weaker.

Just these two attacks alone tormented Towering Clam to no end. The Towering Eye in the sky began to revolve like mad in response, constantly disrupting the human armies. Back in the general battlefield, the human soldiers were losing control of themselves left and right, creating an uncontrollable stampede of sorts.

Even so, this was its last opportunity to wreak such havoc.

Su Chen began to fully reveal his offensive might from within Towering Clam’s body, going on a rampage with his attacks. The spirits that were supposed to guard Towering Clam were completely annihilated. Despite the fact that they had been steadily growing for tens of thousands of years, they couldn’t even last for a minute under Su Chen’s onslaught.

Towering Clam’s interior was being devastated by Su Chen.

Shadow Inferno!

Tenth-Degree Hurricane!

Dragon Trial Spear!

Destructive Lightning!

Su Chen unleashed all of the energy in his body as quickly as he could, using all of his high-damaging skills in rapid succession. Each skill was also imbued and strengthened with some immortal energy, vastly increasing their destructive capacity.

After just a few minutes, Towering Clam could take it no more. The Towering Eye’s frantic motions clearly indicated its deteriorating health. As Towering Clam’s vitality continued to bleed out, the Towering Eye’s twitching began to slow, and the light shooting from it also waned ever so slightly.

White Lion quickly realized what was happening and began to roar in anger as it redoubled its efforts.

Unfortunately, the Towering Eye’s effect only continued to weaken, until it eventually came to a stop.

Suddenly, the Towering Eye disappeared completely.

The humans that had been under Towering Clam’s control also came to their senses.

“He succeeded!” All of the human army’s eyes were fixed on the grandiose scene unfolding before their very eyes.

They watched as Su Chen valiantly charged out of the hole in Towering Clam’s body.

He flew to the top of Towering Clam’s immobile shell, as if climbing a mountain. To the human soldiers, they felt like they had witnessed the incarnation of a god descend from the Heavens and into their mortal plane.

“Towering Clam is dead!”

“The Sect Master has slaughtered Towering Clam!”

Someone suddenly made this proclamation.

The human army erupted into a deafening series of jubilant cheers.

They hadn’t realized that Hidden Cloud was also dead, which was why they weren’t celebrating that accomplishment just yet.

But they had witnessed Towering Clam’s death firsthand. In that moment, Su Chen left an impression of invincibility in all of their hearts.

Gu Qingluo and the others also rejoiced when they saw Su Chen’s feat.

White Lion was now fighting on its own.

The human army would be able to kill it even without the aid of Sky City. The outcome of this battle had been decided.

Sky City’s countless cannons bombarded White Lion as flying Qi swords criss-crossed through the sky.

Everyone began unleashing attacks as quickly as they could.

No matter how fiercely White Lion retaliated, it was completely overwhelmed by the deluge of attacks. Slowly but surely, its vitality and energy were being drained away.

When Su Chen saw that the overall situation had been settled, he teleported back to Sky City and then said to Gu Qingluo, Li Chongshan, and the others, “I still have something that I need to take care of, so I’ll take my leave first. I leave the rest of this battle in your hands.”

“Where are you going?” Gu Qingluo hurriedly asked.

“To squash some of the bugs that managed to escape,” Su Chen said as he departed, flying in a completely different direction.

Kucha raced through the air as quickly as he could.

As soon as Hidden Cloud had been slain, he knew that the battle was over.

No one could have possibly imagined that Su Chen could kill an Elder all on his own.

With Hidden Cloud’s defeat and Su Chen’s return to the battlefield, the Desolate Beasts’ defeat was sealed in stone.

Perhaps only the Arcana Kingdom had ever managed to slaughter three Desolate Beasts at once.

In other words, it was time to awaken an Ancestor.

Even though the human armies were powerful, an Ancestor would be able to crush them with little to no resistance.

Because they possessed a power even greater than that of the gods!

Kucha was extremely confident in his Ancestor’s power.

Suddenly, as he was flying through the air, a primal, raw aura enveloped him, preventing him from moving even a muscle.

Kucha panicked. Had Su Chen somehow managed to catch up to him?

Just as he was spinning his eyes around in terror, a low voice spoke up. “Who dares disturb my rest?”


Kucha was stunned.

The clouds in the sky had gathered to form an ancient face fraught with wrinkles. The face gazed intently at Kucha.

“Who are you?” the low voice uttered once more.

Kucha felt as if the face’s aura alone was more than capable of immobilizing him.

He was a Sovereign. Only Desolate Beasts or the rare Origin Beasts could have such a profound effect on him.

However, most Desolate Beasts did not know the human language. During the era of the Desolate Beasts, the Intelligent Races had yet to rise to power. Thus, not many Desolate Beasts had learned the Intelligent Races’ tongues. On the other hand, many Origin Beasts, for one reason or another, did know these languages.

Was this individual before him an Ancestor?

But why had it awakened on its own?

Kucha’s eyes were filled with shock.

“Hey, I’m asking you a question, you little brat.” The old face formed from the clouds seemed a little dissatisfied by Kucha’s lack of response. Behind the face loomed the Ancestor’s gargantuan body, but the clouds obscured it, preventing Kucha from making out an exact shape.

Kucha hurriedly came to his senses and stammered, “This little one, Kucha, greets Ancestor.”

“Oh,” the old face grumbled.

When Kucha heard this response, he finally realized that this old creature was most likely an Origin Beast Ancestor. However, he didn’t know which Ancestor he was talking to. The Origin Beasts had been asleep for far, far too long, so it was impossible for Kucha to know the characteristics of every one of them. There were only a few he was acquainted with, including the Blood Ancestor, the Barbaric Ancestor, and the Tree Ancestor.

Kucha was overjoyed when he realized that he was speaking to an Origin Beast. He had originally intended to find the Barbaric Ancestor and ask it to attack the humans. But now, an already awakened Origin Beast had appeared before his very eyes.

The old face spoke once more. “I am very unhappy. Some bastard suddenly awakened me, dammit! Tell me what exactly has happened, and why I have been awakened so suddenly. And why is this place so deathly quiet?”

Kucha immediately understood what had happened to this Ancestor. “The Astrals! It must have been one of the remnant Astral forces. They must have awakened you in order to get revenge on the humans.”

“The humans?”

“Yes! The humans have slaughtered their way deep into Beast territory. We are currently facing extinction. Please, Ancestor, you must help us!” Kucha immediately cried out as he knelt before the wrinkled, old face.

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