Book 7, Chapter 70: Infiltration (7)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

The sudden sounds of conflict badly startled the children in the prayer hall. Frost pushed aside the girl in front of him and strode towards the temple’s inner chambers.

To the back of the prayer hall was a small room. It was typically locked year-round, and no one really knew what was inside.

Even so, that was precisely where Frost wanted to go.

He unsheathed the blade by his waist, then slashed at the lock with his sword. Given his strength as a level one warrior, the door easily swung open.

Before he could see what was behind the door, however, a shadow suddenly charged out from behind the door - a holy warrior, wielding a sharp but short blade. Even though Frost was no more than a mere child, the holy warrior didn’t even hesitate.

Frost gazed at the sword piercing towards him, not panicking in the slightest.

Just as the sword was about to run him through, a black-clothed man appeared from behind Frost. It was the flesh puppet Laban.

Laban easily deflected the sword, then unleashed a Destruction Corkscrew.

The aura of death descended upon the holy warrior. Even though the holy warrior wasn’t weak, he was a bit too weak to face off against a puppet capable of unleashing the might of a level four warrior. He was immediately cut into two.

Frost stepped inside the room, only to find that it was actually a staircase that spiraled towards the basement.

“You stay and watch over this door. Don’t let anyone in,” Frost said as he began to walk down the steps.

The battle was already fully underway within the Winter God Church. Not many people would be able to come to this place. And if they did, a flesh puppet would be more than capable of fending them off.

The stairs were very long. Frost felt as if he was descending down a never-ending staircase.

It was so long that even he began to wonder if something was wrong.

After a moment’s thought, he turned around and began to walk back up the stairs. With just a few steps, he had returned to the same room. The flesh puppet was still standing guard there.

“Interesting,” Frost muttered to himself.

So there was something up with this ladder.

As long as he was going down, it seemed that there was no end to it.

He could sense that this was not spatial Method Power. After all, with his comprehension of Method Power, it was impossible for him not to know if it was. Even if he was incapable of using spatial Method Power, nullifying it wasn’t a problem.

But if it wasn’t spatial power, then what was this?

Just as he was doubting himself, however, he heard a voice say, “Are you trying to go through the Forest’s Entrails?”

It was Selena.

She stood outside the room, staring intently at him.

Frost felt his heart jolt. “Do you know what this is?”

Serena was surprised. “Do you not know what it is? Then why do you want to go here?”

Frost replied, “Because there’s something that I need down there. What is the Forest’s Entrails?”

Selena replied, “The Forest is actually a giant, ancient creature. It’s so large that it can eat an unlimited amount of food. Later on, it angered the gods and was killed by them. This staircase was formed from its entrails. Apparently, it goes on without end, just like the Forest’s appetite.”

“So that’s how it is.” Frost seemed to understand.

The Forest was probably some kind of ancient Origin Beast. This was no spatial Method Power staircase. Instead, it was the innate power of an Origin Beast. Most likely, it was able to extend its entrails an indiscriminate length.

Frost didn’t know before, but now that he had been given some basic history lessons, he immediately knew how to handle the situation.

He walked back into the stairs, standin there motionlessly.

After a brief moment, the stairs disappeared, revealing an underground chamber.

Yes. this was the best way to pass through the Forest’s Entrails. As long as he remained motionless, the entrails would automatically transport him to his destination. This was because entrails were typically lined with smooth muscle.

The ground below the earth was totally empty save for a pond made of ice. Cold wisps of air constantly floated up from the surface of the pond, as if the air itself was going to freeze.

And the source of this frozen pond was a unique object.

A heart.

A broken heart floated in the middle of the pond, beating ever so faintly.

“So...... are you my target? Heart of the Winter God Church?” Frost muttered to himself.

Even though the heart was his target from the very beginning, only now did Frost really know what it was that he had been tasked to retrieve.

The heart of a god!

The Winter God was indeed on his last legs. Actually, he was already almost dead. Only his heart was still beating faintly, which was why the Winter God Church only possessed a small amount of territory. If it wasn’t for the Eternal Treaty, they would have been wiped out a long time ago.

Now, however, he was no more than a god in a coma!

Frost never would have expected that his first target would actually be a god. This rendered him totally speechless.

“This is quite the trial,” Frost muttered to himself, quite amused.

A level one warrior facing off against a dying god was quite an unpredictable pairing.

Gods were gods. Even if they were virtually comatose, a simple motion would be more than enough to kill him.

Frost knew that, if he even thought about trying to take that heart, it was incredibly likely that a cold stream of energy would immediately surge forwards and kill him.


He had come all this way to slaughter the gods in the first place.

So what if you’re a god?

“You have no one to blame but yourself,” Frost muttered. “I might not be able to do anything to the weaker gods, but I dare say that there is something I can do against a god in your state.”

As Frost spoke, a blood-colored glow began to cover his body.

This bloody color grew more and more dense, gradually taking on the form of a human.

Su Chen!

Su Chen’s figure gradually opened his eyes. When he saw the Winter God’s heart, he chuckled slightly to himself. Suddenly, he reached out into the air. The amount of space in this cramped basement was quite limited, but Su Chen’s projection continued to reach out, completely unaffected. Even so, his arm refused to touch the wall no matter how far he stretched it, as if this basement was actually an unlimitedly large world, or an endless passageway like the Forest’s Entrails.

He continued to reach his arm out until he hit the “border” of the basement.

Suddenly, he watched as a small crack appeared in the “sky”, as if a closed eye was being opened.

A strand of will reached through the crack.

It was Su Chen’s will, the will of his main body!

A giant hand materialized out of thin air and reached out to grab the Winter God’s heart.

This was Su Chen’s hand.

Just as he was about to grab the Winter God’s heart, a shockingly cold spurt of air shot forth from it, cold enough that perhaps even a specter would have been frozen solid. Ice crystals crawled across the surface of the hand, freezing it in place.

An instant later, however, the ice began to crack, and Su Chen’s hand continued to wrap itself around the heart unimpeded.

“How arrogant!”

An enraged will’s voice suddenly thundered through the basement.

“Who are you? How do you dare defile a god’s body?” Each word uttered carried enough power to shatter a person’s consciousness.

The little Frost felt as if his entire body was going collapse, and this was even with the protection of the main body.

“Who I am is not important. What matters is that I have a use for you.” Su Chen’s hand continued to descend unrelentingly.


Frosty Qi surged forth from the broken heart once more, attempting to stop Su Chen’s hand in its tracks.

Su Chen, however, was growing impatient. He was only able to unleash the strength of his main body by relying on little Frost as a channel. As such, he could not use his full strength. Meanwhile, the fact that the Winter God could counterattack even while in a comatose state surprised him greatly.

Most importantly, attacking from the other side of the Barrier like this would easily attract a lot of attention. If his actions were to accidentally catch the eyes of the other gods, he would be in big trouble.

As soon as he realized this, Su Chen wasted no time and jabbed downwards with his finger. A powerful, destructive energy surged forth from his finger with enough momentum to move mountains and oceans, pressing down towards the Winter God’s heart.

“NO!” The Winter God realized what was about to happen. He only had one heart left, and could not block Su Chen’s attack. Even so, that didn’t mean that he was completely powerless.

Large ice crystals began to form around the heart, sealing it inside.

These crystals formed from divine power were extremely tough. Even other gods would have a hard time shattering them. This was the Winter God’s last resort.

Unexpectedly, the destructive power emanating from Su Chen’s finger suddenly disappeared without a trace, causing his finger to bounce off the ice harmlessly.

“So you ended up sealing yourself off after all, huh?” Su Chen chuckled.

Attacking from across the Barrier would put a heavy strain on his main body, so there was no way he could have possibly unleashed an attack that powerful. He had only pretended to be able to, but it was surprisingly effective, and the Winter God had effectively sealed himself off.

“Hahaha, not bad! I know how to use this thing now.” Su Chen’s giant hand reached out once more, grabbing the Winter God’s frozen heart and lifting it into the air.

At the same time, Frost could sense the will of Su Chen’s main body, and he knew that the Winter God’s heart could be used to further strengthen the Barrier, giving the humans on the Primordial Continent three extra years’ time.

“You don’t have much time left. You must find a second object, and soon,” the main body’s will urged.

The finger pointed at Frost, sending a strand of will right into Frost’s body.

Boom! As the strand of will entered, Frost could sense changes beginning to take place throughout his entire body.

The power that had lain dormant for so long was finally beginning to stir, and his bloodline was starting to awaken!

Having taken care of this matter, Su Chen’s main will finally disappeared.

Only Frost remained, still carefully observing the changes taking place in his body.

“Over here! Over here!”

The sounds of conflict could be heard directly overhead.

It seemed that the soldiers up above had sensed the commotion below and were on their way down here.

Su Chen’s main body had already departed and would not be able to aid Frost any further. The rest was up to him.


The flesh puppet fell heavily to the ground. Christopher appeared shortly afterwards, his body completely covered in blood.

“Frost! It’s you? So your family is the one responsible for instigating everything?” The archbishop couldn’t believe his eyes. “So all of this is Fabino’s idea? You must have wanted to overthrow the churches a long time ago. And even...... By the gods, what is going on? Where is the majestic Winter God? Where have you taken him?”

Christopher grew extremely agitated upon noticing that the Winter God’s heart had disappeared.

“He has gone where he should go,” Frost calmly replied. “Gambell is worthless for allowing you to make it all the way down here. But don’t worry, I will be sure to give Gambell the credit after I kill you.”

As Frost spoke, his entire body began to transform.

His bones began to expand and elongate, causing his body to grow. His thin, weak frame began to fill out. In the blink of an eye, this child had grown into a strong, muscular young man.

“Heavens!” Christopher’s eyes bulged as he stared at what was unfolding before his very eyes.

“My bloodline has finally awakened!” Frost cried out, reveling in the intoxicating sensation.

He shook his hands and feet gently. “I was imprisoned in this broken shell for seven years. Finally, I am free from its weakness. To commemorate this event, I shall use you as a sacrifice.”

As he spoke, he gestured with his hand, and a swath of flames immediately filled the entire basement.

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