Book 7, Chapter 76: Express Delivery

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Back in the Origin Realm, at the Barrier’s largest fracture.

Su Chen stood inside it, gazing into the fracture’s depths as he said, “Bring them to me.”

A group of Boundless Sect disciples flew forwards, each of them holding a person in their hands. Over these past few years, the gods had sent quite a few projections through the Barrier and gained more fanatical worshippers on the other side.

These fanatics had obtained the blessings of various gods and gone on to carry out their bidding with no regard for the lives of their fellow men. In the end, however, they had all been found and captured by the Boundless Sect.

The hundreds of fanatical worshippers, priests, bishops, and clergymen were forced into neat rows in front of Su Chen.

Su Chen growled, “Burn them!”


These fanatical worshippers were simultaneously lit ablaze.

These flames were consciousness flames. This way, instead of directly killing the target, they would instead constantly torment them, making them feel as if they were actually being burned alive without allowing them to actually die.

The hundreds of worshippers howled and writhed in agony.

These worshippers were in close proximity to the gods that they worshipped, and their bodies also contained the divine power bestowed by them. As such, the gods immediately learned of the pain they were suffering.

An instant later, a flash of light appeared in front of the fissure.

“Su Chen, don’t go too far!” a barbaric voice howled through the fissure.

Su Chen had interacted with this primal voice many times already.

He arched an eyebrow when he heard the barbaric voice. “And what are you going to do to me if I do?”


An explosion of sound burst forth like a thunderclap. Suddenly, one of the worshippers who was being tortured broke free of his restraints, charged at Su Chen, and unleashed a punch.

“Will Descent? I’m sorry, but that won’t do you any good,” Su Chen said with a disdainful smirk.

He didn’t even need to defend himself. One of Su Chen’s subordinates reached out and easily blocked the attacker’s punch. It was Le Feng.

Even though that strand of will was powerful, it was not the actual deity himself. Le Feng, on the other hand, cultivated immortal energy. The Mad God attacked repeatedly but soon realized that he was completely incapable of doing anything to a mere disciple of the Boundless Sect.

This made him very angry.

“You’re pissing me off!” The strand of will suddenly began to surge and expand as it grew more powerful.

The Mad God was infusing his will with more divine power, completely ignoring whether or not this worshipper was able to receive it at this point.

“That’s not what I want.” Su Chen, however, shook his head.

He wasn’t trying to draw out a Will Descent. No matter how powerful the Mad God’s worshippers became, it wouldn’t affect him.

As such, he stretched out his finger and placed it on the controlled worshipper’s body.


A bloody hole immediately appeared on the worshipper’s body.

Even though it was just a physical hole, the strand of will seemed to leak out of the worshipper’s body like a deflating balloon before being immediately destroyed by Le Feng.

“Bastard!” the Mad God roared angrily.

A powerful will reached out through the fissure, formed itself into an illusory hand, and then tried to swat Su Chen.

Su Chen’s eyes lit up. “That’s more like it!”

As the fracture had increased in size, so too had the gods’ ability to pass through the barrier. At this point, they were capable of unleashing some limited physical attacks.

Of course, this was not necessarily a wise move.

These physical attacks were akin to hit someone through a door that slightly ajar. More often than not, trying to force a punch through would result in a vicious beating for the attacker, whereas the opponent would usually get off scot-free.

To most people, this was an unwise decision.

But to some, especially those who had lost all sense of rationality, the urge to get a single blow in and vent was irresistible even if it meant receiving a beating in return.

This was obviously the case with the Mad God.

His innate personality ensured that his behavior was brash and crude. As such, he rarely used his brain.

This type of god could devastate the Origin Realm once the Barrier came down.

But before then, he would basically be harmless.

Divine power rolled through the fissure, but only a tenth as strong as it should have been.

Even so, the Mad God had still chosen to launch this attack without hesitation.

This was exactly what Su Chen had been waiting for.

His eyes glowed, and he jabbed his finger out. “Break!”

This finger jab was the exact same one that he had used to destroy the Astrals. It was filled with a powerful, arcane energy. After quite a bit of practice and effort, he had finally reached the point of being able to use it at will.

Su Chen had named it the God-Killing Jab.

When the God-Killing Jab collided with the Mad God’s palm, the giant hand trembled for a moment before it began to disintegrate into a powerful current of divine power.

“Bastard!” the Mad God roared in anger and pain.

Su Chen reversed the flow of energy and sent it right back through the fracture.


The divine power was captured by Su Chen’s move and then forcibly redirected back at the Mad God.

“Courting death!” A cold, sinister voice suddenly spoke up, causing Su Chen’s body to involuntarily tremble.

An invisible attack suddenly shot forth from the darkness, directly towards Su Chen.

An ambush from the darkness!

Su Chen groaned as he was sent flying backwards, and his attack wavered ever so slightly. He ended up completely missing the Mad God, and his attack instead went straight into Kun’s territory, disappearing without a trace.

At the same time, Su Chen hurriedly retreated.

A powerful, sinister will enveloped him.

“Trying to run? I’ll end you right here!”

An extremely sinister energy shot out from the fissure. Even though the Barrier had greatly weakened the power of this energy, it still hit Su Chen like a truck as it attempted to infiltrate his body.

The God of Six Desires!


A majestic background unfolded behind Su Chen.

The Seven Bloodline Microcosm Aspect!

Next, Su Chen threw out a few objects. Some Titan-Class puppets appeared and blocked the combined attacks from the gods.

These Titan-Class puppets, however, seemed mediocre in comparison to the gods’ attacks. Thankfully, Su Chen was only hoping to have them buy him time. As they took the hits for him, Su Chen leapt backwards.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Even the Titan-Class puppets shattered in the face of such powerful attacks. Some were even caught up in the strange flow of energy and carried away without a trace.

But Su Chen was able to step out of the fissure and return to his own world.

As soon as he stepped foot into the Origin Realm, the amount of divine power surrounding him greatly decreased, and the threat to him naturally diminished significantly.

Su Chen let out a sigh of relief. “I can’t believe that there were two others hiding behind that guy, waiting to ambush me. They really were trying to kill me right then and there.”

The Mad God was indeed infuriated, but for the God of Six Desires and the God of Assassination to be hiding in the shadows was indeed something unexpected.

Even though the Barrier had greatly weakened the power of their attacks, they were still able to wound Su Chen.

These injuries would probably take some time to fully heal from.

The three gods chuckled to themselves, pleased at successfully landing a hit on Su Chen. “Even though we weren’t able to kill you, this should put a stop to your frivolities for a little while.”

The Assassination God coldly stated, “The gap between our worlds saved you. We’ll see if you survive the next time I attack.”

Su Chen didn’t say anything else. His expression sank slightly, as if he were a sore loser.

He raised the blade in his hand.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Before the mental torture of the worshippers even ended, their heads hit the ground.

After wiping them all out, Su Chen sourly said, “We’ll meet again.”

Then, he turned around and left with the rest of the Boundless Sect’s disciples.

On Heaven’s Peace Peak.

Frost quietly sat at the very top, cultivating diligently.

Immortal energy suffused through his entire body, making him feel incredibly comfortable.

After all, his vitality was being constantly improved, and it felt as if a new world were opening itself up to him.

He had experienced this with his main body in the past, but to a lesser degree.

Perhaps it was because his main body had somewhat forcefully switched to a system it wasn’t necessarily built for halfway through its cultivation.

This blood clone projection, however, was able to sense many subtleties about immortal cultivation that Su Chen hadn’t properly appreciated before, and some of the holes in his knowledge were slowly but surely being filled in. There were certain aspects that Su Chen couldn’t see from the top, but as Frost slowly but surely ascended the mountain, he was able to view things in a novel perspective.

In some sense, he was making up for the gaps in the main body’s knowledge, bolstering his foundation, and raising his understanding of how to take the next step in forming his golden pill.

But because these missing theories and concepts were all relatively low-level, the gap in cultivation base would become extremely apparent once the deficiencies were all filled in.

Unfortunately, Frost had to wait for his cultivation base to grow stronger before he could provide the main body with any more insight.

While he was focused on cultivation, however, Frost suddenly felt a strange sensation come over him. When he looked up at the sky, his jaw dropped in amazement.

Divine power!

Ownerless divine power!

And not only was it ownerless, but that clump of divine power was enveloped in immortal energy!

Frost immediately knew that this was the nourishment that Su Chen had promised him.

He chuckled, sat down cross-legged on the ground, and began to absorb all of the divine power in the air.

Without an owner, this divine power would gradually dissipate over time.

But with Frost’s will guiding it into his body, it would begin to automatically condense within him.

Frost began to refine the divine power and convert it into immortal energy.

Divine power was the best nutrient for cultivating immortal energy. Frost was growing stronger day by day by basically just devouring divine power.

Unfortunately, in Kun’s territory, every bit of divine power had an owner. Consuming it would almost always attract the attention of the gods.

Only by severing the connection between the divine power and its owner like Su Chen had done would Frost be able to safely process the divine power undetected.

Basically, Su Chen had delivered a care package to Frost.

Of course, he had sustained a few somewhat serious injuries in the process of doing so.

But it was all worth it. Only if Frost developed rapidly would he be able to accomplish something great in Kun’s territory.

The large amount of divine power was quickly converted to immortal energy, and it caused Frost’s strength to increase extremely rapidly.

Soon, he reached the peak of the Qi Refining stage.

He immediately jumped up and entered the Foundation Establishment stage.

After all, he was Su Chen’s blood clone seedling, and he possessed the main body’s memories of reaching the Foundation Establishment stage. As such, with so much divine power available to support his ascension, he easily broke through into the Foundation Establishment stage. The converted immortal energy circulated throughout every part of Frost’s body, reshaping him and bringing his state of existence higher and higher.

Unfortunately, he was only able to establish a part of his foundation before all of the divine power was expended.

Even so, Frost had been able to complete the most critical part of his cultivation.

Now that he had reached Foundation Establishment and the Light Shaking Realm, his overall strength had advanced quite a bit. Even the strength of his Arcana Techniques had improved significantly.

With more strength came the ability to do greater things.

Finally, a few of the plans that Frost had always wanted to carry out could be started.

At that exact moment, however, another object suddenly fell out of the sky.

When Frost saw what that object was, he couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback.

It was that?

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