Book 7, Chapter 81: Speaking

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

Only a god could grab the attention of another god!

The Lord of Storms chuckled coldly when he heard Su Chen’s words of shock. “So you finally understand. That slippery bastard is a traitor, a spy! The gods sent me here to capture him red-handed!”

Su Chen nodded in understanding. “So you’ve known about his existence for a long time now.”

“Of course! If it weren’t for him, then we wouldn’t have even been exiled in the first place! We would never have been trapped on that tiny patch of land that’s called Kun’s territory. We would have destroyed that Barrier and returned in glory a long time ago! And due to his continuous efforts in scattering seeds throughout the Origin Realm, our return has been delayed time and time again! Everything is that bastard’s fault!!!”

Danba’s expression contorted fiercely as he ranted about the Human Ancestor’s supposed crimes.

It was rare for a god to lose their composure to such an extent. His hate for the Human Ancestor was patently obvious.

“I’m relieved to hear you say that,” Su Chen said with a sigh.

The fact that the other party detested the Human Ancestor to this extent meant that they hadn’t discovered the Human Ancestor’s whereabouts just yet. The Human Ancestor was quite talented to have pulled all this off under the gods’ eyelids.

“Soon!” the Lord of Storms said sinisterly, “I have seen how that slippery beggar sows his seeds, and I have grasped the rules and timing behind his appearances. With the God of Time’s scepter in my hand, I’ll definitely hunt that bastard down.”

“The God of Time? Scepter?” Su Chen was taken aback by what the Lord of Storms mentioned.

“Yes. Don’t you have one yourself?” the Lord of Storms replied dryly.

“The Origin Bone Scepter?”

“It’d be more accurate to call it the Shining Dragon Scepter. The Shining Dragon was originally a mere pet of the God of Time, a lifeform that the God of Time created with a part of himself. A god was the one who brought it to life, and yet it still dared to rebel! Inconceivable!” the Lord of Storms roared furiously.

Upon hearing this, Su Chen instantly understood.

That God of Time had probably died long ago, but before his death, he had left behind a scepter even more impressive than the Origin Bone Scepter. And the gods had then used it to find the Human Ancestor. Of course, it was likely that they had to pay a deep price for this answer.

After his thoughts reached this point, Su Chen nodded. “If that’s the case, then I cannot allow you to persist.”

“Allow me?” The Lord of Storms chuckled coldly before declaring, “Even if I am just a clone, I am not that easy to kill.”

As he spoke, he spread his arms, causing violent storms to spring to life around him.

As the Lord of Storms, his control over wind was exceptional, and the storms that he could generate were extraordinarily powerful.

According to legend, the Lord of Storms resided in a storm that was capable of destroying entire realms.

Even though this clone was nothing more than just that, a clone, the depth of its Method Power control made it equivalent in strength to any Ultimate Emperor Realm cultivator.

The Lord of Storms believed that even if he could not defeat Su Chen, he would at least be able to teach Su Chen a lesson. If the other party attempted to use spatial lockdown techniques to fight against him, then that would be the ideal opportunity for him to demonstrate his full might.

The winds began to scream as a ferocious storm came into existence. At the same time, Su Chen leapt forwards, charging at the Lord of Storms.

It seemed as if the violent winds could do nothing to impede Su Chen’s advance.

Su Chen confidently strode forwards. No matter how fiercely the storm raged, his composure remained unruffled. And when he was within touching distance of the Lord of Storms, he gestured calmly with his hand.

A thin line of blood began to bead up on Danba’s forehead.

“This...... How is this possible?” the Lord of Storms muttered to himself in disbelief.

How had Su Chen managed to kill him so easily?

His mastery of wind Method Power was exceptionally high, and he even possessed some degree of divine power. How could such a calm, unassuming attack pierce his defenses?

“Couldn’t even withstand a single blow,” Su Chen murmured to himself disappointedly.

As he spoke, the Lord of Storms collapsed into a pile of precisely diced flesh.

A faint glow of divine light remained in the air, which was rapidly seized and absorbed by Su Chen. Then, he spun around and simply left.

As he did so, the spatial prison surrounding the imperial palace was released.

The Ravagers in the imperial palace were greeted by a grisly scene.

They saw their general lying in a pool of his own blood and their emperor disintegrating into ashes.

Wails of despair began to fill the palace.

Within Cloudstone Cave.

Frost let out a sigh of contentedness as his connection with Su Chen ended. He felt totally refreshed and revitalized.

Even though Su Chen had benefited the most, the small portion of divine power that he had absorbed had still profited Frost quite a bit. His Foundation Establishment cultivation base, which had only just been formed, advanced once more.

And since he was just a Golden Pill projection, there was no need for him to worry about developing an unstable foundation.

After absorbing the half-human, half-sheep creature’s divine power, it was now time to move onto the god’s corpse.

This corpse didn’t have much divine power left in it, as most of it had already been absorbed by the half-human, half-sheep creature. Even so, the corpse was incredibly valuable in and of itself.

It could also be used to refine powerful weapons.

Frost evaluated the situation for a brief moment before ultimately deciding to refine the corpse into a powerful tool. After all, the amount of divine power left in the corpse would only strengthen him by a small amount. On the other hand, using it to strengthen the spatial blade would truly push it into the realms of a divine tool.

Even though the spatial blade was already quite powerful, there were some restrictions to its usage. But after upgrading it with the god’s corpse, those restrictions would become significantly looser.

Frost unleashed a spurt of flames in the corpse’s direction.

Previously, Frost had been too weak to utilize Method Power even though he had comprehended some of it. But after reaching the Foundation Establishment stage, his strength had surged quite significantly, and by utilizing immortal energy to direct the Method Power, he was now able to produce some fire Method Power flames.

The flames enveloped the corpse, causing it to burn steadily.

However, the flames were not consuming the corpse and turning it into ash. Instead, the corpse began to shrink and slowly start shining with a golden luster.

Frost continued to infuse the corpse with his fire Method Power flames, until the corpse had shrunk to roughly the same size as him. By this point, the golden light had become quite radiant. The Titan-Class puppet beside him strode forwards and pierced its blade into the corpse.

The corpse had become extremely tough from this tempering process, and even the spatial blade had a hard time penetrating through it. The Titan-Class puppet, however, refused to use spatial power, and it stubbornly cut into the corpse through pure brute force. As it exerted force through the blade, the blade slowly sank into the corpse,

Strangely enough, as the blade sank into the corpse, the corpse began to slowly disappear.

The blade in the Titan-Class puppet’s hand seemed to stay motionless, but the corpse continued shrinking as the flames around it burned as fiercely as ever.

Finally, the corpse completely disappeared without a trace. The Titan-Class puppet’s blade hummed loudly.

This humming sound seemed to contain traces of joy.

“Divine weapons have consciousnesses!” Frost muttered to himself.

He attempted to pick up the weapon, but its surface immediately dimmed when he touched it.

Frost knew that his strength was not high enough to wield the weapon yet. As such, the divine tool had to lower its power so that he could use it.

However, using the weapon like this was a waste of its potential as a divine tool. As such, Frost quickly returned the weapon to the Titan-Class puppet. “You should guard this tool for now. Someday, I will be able to unleash the blade’s full potential.”

The puppet lowered its head respectfully. “Master, you should get stronger quickly. Even though Number 1 can utilize the power of this sword for now, it will never grow in strength like this. Divine Tools will mature over time. That’s how they become truly powerful!”

This God-Sealing puppet had a certain degree of intelligence. It had just pretended to be a mere wooden puppet.

This was the first time, however, that Frost had ever heard it talk.

Frost gazed at the Titan-Class puppet in surprise. “You can actually speak?”

Su Chen was actually capable of bestowing the ability of speech upon these puppets, but he hadn’t done so because he had a subconscious aversion against the idea of artificially intelligent puppets. After all, they had already gained a certain measure of intelligence. If they could speak, then they would become creatures and cease to be tools.

It was smarter to not turn the puppets into living creatures if he could help it.

Of course, some surprises were unavoidable.

This particular puppet was no exception.

Frost continued gazing at it in disbelief. “When did you learn to speak?”

The Titan-Class puppet pointed at the half-human, half-sheep creature’s body. “Just then.”

Frost seemed slightly taken aback before he finally realized what had happened. “The divine soul...... so when I split it with the main body, you got a piece as well.”

The Titan-Class puppet smiled slightly.

Frost was rendered speechless for some time.

Then, he suddenly thought of something. “You called yourself Number 1, right? But you aren’t the first puppet that we obtained.”

The first Titan-Class puppet that Su Chen owned had come from the Harpies. Actually, its strength was far weaker than the Titan-Class puppets that Su Chen had created through his God-Sealing Method Power.

This was why Frost was immediately able to identify this discrepancy.

Number 1 replied, “I named myself not based on the order in which I appeared but rather on the order in which I spoke.”


Frost chuckled. “Then why would you name yourself in such a fashion?”

“Because that way, I would be number one,” Number 1 replied brazenly.

What a bold and confident answer.

“But isn’t that a little unfair?” Frost asked with some curiosity.

“Who cares? The other ones can’t speak anyways,” Number 1 replied dismissively.

What a strong stance.

In this day and age, whoever could speak had the right to make the rules and decide what was right and what was wrong.

Number 1 clearly understood this principle, which was why it had unabashedly declared itself number one.

Even though the other Titan-Class puppets also possessed a modicum of intelligence, it was rare to find one as shameless as Number 1.

Perhaps the smarter they became, the more shameless they would be as well.

Quite like the main body, Frost mused to himself.

“What should we do next, master?” Number 1 asked.

“What do you think?” Frost countered. This was his way of testing Number 1’s critical thinking abilities.

“I would propose a three-pronged approach. First, we should continue to search for treasures and raise your strength. Second, we should continue stirring up chaos. Even though you have already issued such commands to Isabella and the others, it is obviously not enough. I think that you will need to continue coming up with even more disruptive plans. Third, that divine tool must grow, so we will need to find resources to meet its needs as quickly as possible.”

“It’s not so easy to accomplish all of these things at once,” Frost said calmly.

“There is a target that will simultaneously meet all three of these requirements,” Number 1 replied evenly.

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