Book 7, Chapter 87: Free and Unfettered

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood


Following the death of Yormak’s projection, golden light burst forth in all directions, filling the sky with countless golden stars.

Suddenly, a vortex seemed to suck that golden light into Frost’s body, causing the amount of immortal energy in his body to surge once more. That allowed him to withstand the combined attacks of the other two projections.

The two projections seemed to panic, but Frost chuckled, “Indeed, the divine power of dead gods is much easier to absorb. I still prefer to absorb the divine power of living gods, though.”

Frost was able to clearly sense the difference in divine power provided by a dead god versus an alive one.

The dead projection’s divine power was much easier to absorb.

And converting divine power both weakened the opponent’s attack and supplied him with strength. Frost recklessly absorbed divine power, quickly going from the stage of Foundation Establishment Great Success to the stage of Consummation.

Yormak could sense the atypical changes taking place in Frost’s body. His eyes went wide with shock.

Suddenly, Frost’s strength surged as he began to charge into the Golden Pill Realm.

Because of Su Chen, Frost had some experience in breaking into the Golden Pill Realm. Even so, the audacity to try and ascend while in the middle of a battle was quite something. Because Frost’s ability to absorb was limited, yet he didn’t want to let all this divine power go to waste, he had chosen to ascend at that exact moment. The first prerequisite of ascension was to possess enough immortal energy, and Yormak’s projections became the best cultivation resource he had access to.

Yormak was deeply humiliated by the fact that his opponent was using him as nothing more than a source of energy for his ascension. “How arrogant!”

The Abyss Dagger, which had been glowing a faint purplish-black color up until this point, suddenly began to radiate a blinding, multicolored light.

“Finally taking me seriously?” Frost chuckled.

As he continued to focus on breaking into the Golden Pill Realm, Frost began to merge with the Su Chen Aspect behind his back. Suddenly, he roared with unexpected ferocity. The Shining Dragon began to dance animatedly as the seven Desolate Beasts echoed his howling, unleashing a primal aura. For just a moment, it seemed as if they had been transported to an ancient time, back to when the gods and the Origin Beasts were still desperately fighting for control.

In this clash between gods and beasts, the first one to tap out was Yormak.

This was not just because he was a projection, but also because the Origin Beasts had never been weaker than the gods in the first place.

In terms of pure strength, even the gods could not defeat the Origin Beasts. But by relying on Method Power, the gods were much more adaptable, and could use a variety of techniques to deal with the Origin Beasts.

In a contest of pure strength, however, the gods were far inferior, not to mention the fact that Yormak was nothing more than a projection at the moment.

When faced with the combined assault of eight Beasts simultaneously, the divine power being gathered by Yormak was forcibly dissipated.

Frost charged forwards and planted a fist onto Yormak’s midsection. “For the Origin Realm!”

“ARGH!” Yormak cried out in pain.

Frost’s fist sent a torrent of immortal energy into Yormak’s body like a sharp knife, which began to rapidly wreak havoc in his body.

No, a knife wouldn’t have been capable of doing so much damage. Only immortal energy could.

Yormak’s body began to glow with golden light once more. This time, however, the light was no longer pure; it appeared to have been tainted by white light.

When a god’s power was no longer pure, their strength would also begin to decline significantly.

Yormak felt a wave of fear rush over him - the fear of being destroyed.

He was not afraid of this projection dying, but he could sense that, if he were to allow this strength to reach its peak, it was more than sufficient to pose a serious threat to his main body, and perhaps even to all the gods.

“Be careful!” he howled as fiercely as he could, trying to inform the heavens of what had just taken place.

“You will not reach them,” Frost replied coldly. Immortal energy continued to pour into Yormak’s body.

He had confirmed by now that immortal energy could not only devour divine power but also deal serious damage to them.

Immortal energy restricting the gods was confirmed by now.

However, Yormak had probably seen this kind of energy before. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have called it forbidden energy.

This energy was why Su Chen had faith that they would be able to defeat the gods.


Yormak’s projection eventually gave out under the constant infusion of energy. Immortal energy rampaged through his body, eventually blowing it open from within and supplying Frost with even more immortal energy.

Now that only one projection remained, Frost left the rest to Number One and focused all of his attention on ascending.

The vast amount of converted divine power filled his body with a seemingly endless amount of energy. In the past, forming a Golden Pill had necessitated the use of Dream Demons from the Dreamrealm. Now, however, there was no need; he could directly form and refine the Golden PIll in his body.

As Su Chen’s strength had increased, he had managed to develop this cultivation system into a much more well-defined path. By this point, there was no need for Frost to rely on external help.


Finally, a Golden Pill formed in Frost’s body.

The Golden Pill pulsated in Frost’s body, filling it with immortal energy. A mysterious fog began to enshroud it.

“Very good!” Frost smiled slightly as he inspected the changes that had taken place in his body. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed Yormak’s third projection.

The Abyss Dagger slashed backwards, but Frost reached out and stopped it in its tracks with a single hand.

Then, he jabbed out with his finger once more.

God-Killing Jab.

Originally, only Ultimate Emperor Realm Su Chen could fully unleash its power, but now the Golden Pill Frost was able to unleash it with similar ease. The support of immortal energy allowed him to shatter the dagger with a single strike.

Frost opened his mouth wide and absorbed all of the divine power that burst forth, causing Yormak to tremble in fear.

Now that his cultivation base had ascended, his appetite had increased as well. Frost felt that he was more than capable of devouring yet another projection’s divine power.

This time, however, his method of consumption was also different.

Instead of killing Yormak and then devouring him, or slowly siphoning away his divine power during the battle, Frost opened his mouth wide and swallowed Yormak’s projection whole.

Even though Yormak’s projection would turn into nothing more than a mass of divine power upon entering Frost’s body, the outward scene appeared quite cannibalistic and grisly.

Even Number One revealed a somewhat disgusted expression.

“NOO-” Yormak howled before his voice was cut off.

Frost could sense Yormak being “digested” within his body, and he patted his stomach with satisfaction. Three Yormak projections was quite a satisfying meal.

The Assassination Cavalry below, on the other hand, were terrified.

Their god had actually been eaten!

What kind of terrifying enemy were they up against?

All of the Assassination Cavalry instantly panicked.

Number One glanced at the Assassination Cavalry and asked, “What should we do about them?”

Frost burped, then said, “Kill them all...... What happened today cannot spread.”

“Understood.” Number One raised his blade and began to lumber down the mountain.

With Number One’s support, the battle turned into a slaughter.

Soon, the slaughter ended.

The Assassination Cavalry had been wiped out, and the puppets returned to their original station. Silence fell across the Glorious Sect Mountain once more.

Frost, however, knew that this quiet was only temporary. The gods would return soon.

“It’s time to go,” Frost said.

His whole reason for waiting here was to consume the projections and obtain more divine power.

Now, he was leaving because he knew that he was still far from being able to face a god head-on.

That night, Frost took Number One with him, along with the spoils he had claimed as the chief high priest and left.

The chief high priest’s sudden disappearance even left Ancient Gong stunned.

Thankfully, Frost left behind a letter saying that he was a wanderer at heart and had no interest in meddling with secular affairs. His helping the Qiang Tribe rise to the top was just an execution of the will of the heavens. Now that he had succeeded in his mission, it was time for him to retreat. Hopefully, the Barbarians would continue the fight and claim the humans as well, establishing an exceptionally powerful country.

And with that, Frost left.

Of course, “wanderlust” and “executing the will of the Heavens” was just a bunch of rubbish. The Barbarians, surprisingly, believed his words.

At first, the Barbarians had been terrified of Frost’s power and authority. Even Ancient Gong was exceptionally cautious of him, since he couldn’t forget the feeling of being completely helpless in Frost’s hand. In fact, he had even prepared a secret task force to keep an eye on this chief high priest of theirs in case he ever tried anything funny.

Frost’s departure, however, left a good impression on Ancient Gong.

He felt that this chief high priest of theirs was a truly exceptional individual, and that it was a pity they hadn’t managed to convince him to stay longer.

Ancient Gong even invited a group of Barbarian scholars to study Frost’s writings and record what he had done. Eventually, they published it under the title A Free and Unfettered Will, which served both as a biography as well as a testimony of his carefree demeanor and lack of attachment to power.

From Ancient Gong’s viewpoint, this kind of a chief high priest was the best kind of chief high priest. His actions and thoughts were worth studying and emulating.

This book stirred up and influenced the Barbarian population quite a bit. Those who had some cultivation talent dared not call themselves cultivators if they had not undertaken a journey of their own. Those in office would occasionally resign from power to demonstrate their lack of attachment to power and authority.

At first, this was merely the practice of the Barbarians, but after countless years, when Frost’s true identity was revealed, these records of Frost’s distinguished and mighty actions became virtually legendary, to the point that some even spread to the Origin Realm. When combined with the Boundless Sect’s cultivation system and manner of behavior, the records eventually became sacred writings in the cultivation world.

Of course, these things would not take place for many years. At the moment, Ancient Gong hadn’t even thought of distributing the book.

After leaving the Barbarians, Frost began to return the way he had come.

He needed to go find Isabella and stir up some more chaos.

Unlike before, however, as his strength had increased, so had his extravagance and ability to influence the situation at large.

This time, he had come up with a new plan.

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