Book 7, Chapter 92: The Counterattack Begins

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

After hearing Frost’s proposed plan, all of the gods burst into laughter.

Yormak said, “How naive. Did you really think that none of us would be proficient in spatial Method Power? If it were possible to tunnel through the Barrier with just spatial Method Power, then how could we still be trapped here?”

The Barrier of the Gods was a complete separation of space. There was no way to transport items through the Barrier with special Method Power.

The Lord of the Dreamrealm, however, felt his heart lurch as a thought occurred to him. “Can the Shadowless Sky Lord weaken the Barrier’s spatial isolation?”

Frost slowly shook his head. “He cannot do that. The spatial isolation is an intrinsic property of the Barrier, one that was agreed upon by the gods when the Barrier was initially formed. Until it is destroyed, it will not go down.”

Upon hearing this, everyone else sighed.

Yes, this was a property that the gods had instituted themselves in the first place.

In the end, this was also what was keeping them trapped here.

“If that’s the case, then how can we transport an Origin Beast over to this side?” the Moon Goddess asked.

She could tell that the Shadowless Sky God seemed to already have a plan ready and that he was mostly probing their receptiveness to later negotiations. If that was the case, then the other party most likely already had a solution in mind.

Indeed, Frost went on to say, “Under normal circumstances, this would indeed be impossible. But there is one item that would make it possible.”

“What is it?”

“Sky City.”

“Sky City?” The gods glanced at each other quizzically and then at the Mother Goddess.

What did the Harpies’ Sky City have anything to do with spatial transportation?

The Mother Goddess was just as bemused as the rest of them.

The Lord of the Dreamrealm asked, “How will you do this?”

Frost confidently replied, “By borrowing the Deep Sea Anchor’s properties!”

The Deep Sea Anchor was what the Intelligent Races had used to trick the Harpies, but its design was still very impressive in its own right. More importantly, the Deep Sea Anchor could be permanently linked to the Origin Energy Sea.

This was why Sky City had been rendered immobile for so many years. It wasn’t until they obtained two priceless treasures that they had been able to retract the Deep Sea Anchor.

The stability of the Deep Sea Anchor could be seen purely from this example.

The Mother Goddess seemed to suddenly realize something when she heard Frost’s words. “You want to extend the Deep Sea Anchor through the cracks in the Barrier and disrupt the spatial isolation with that?”

An intact Barrier would be impossible to penetrate even with the help of the Deep Sea Anchor.

But right now, of course, it was covered in cracks.

The small size of the cracks made the space around it quite unstable, which meant that the gods were still not able to pass through them yet.

But by passing the Deep Sea Anchor through the Barrier’s cracks, the surrounding space would stabilize into a secure spatial passageway.

This passageway could not be used for transportation, but it would disrupt the Barrier’s spatial isolation properties.

With a stable spatial passageway, a weak point in the Barrier would emerge. If the gods combined their efforts and the Barrier cooperated with them, then it would indeed be possible to transport an Origin Beast through the Barrier.

“If this passageway can send an Origin Beast through to this side, then why can’t we just use it to leave?” one of the gods asked.

The gods desperately wanted to reach the Origin Realm. If they could send Origin Beasts through, then why couldn’t they just transport themselves over the other way?

Frost chuckled. “My Lord has no objections to you all using this passageway to reach the outside world. However, he would like to kindly remind you all that there are still Origin Beasts alive and well in the outside world.”

Upon hearing this, the gods fell silent.

Yes, this was true. Even though they wanted to invade the Origin Realm, it wasn’t as if its inhabitants were pushovers. There were still quite a few Origin Beasts and Desolate Beasts lying in hibernation there.

If it weren’t for the support of their believers, then the gods would not have much of an advantage against the Origin Beasts, especially since they were currently in a weakened condition.

If their invasion were to be noticed by an Origin Beast, then they would be in serious trouble. They would quickly find themselves surrounded and possibly eradicated.

The Lord of the Dreamrealm said, “Since the Barrier is going to be fully destroyed soon, there is no need to worry too much about the details or take unnecessary risks. The way I see it, we should follow the Shadowless Sky God’s suggestion and draw an Origin Beast over. Once he regains his body and the Barrier fully self-destructs, we will be able to cross over and steamroll our way over the Origin Realm.”

“But how will we guide the Deep Sea Anchor through the Barrier?”

“That will depend on Kashmir,” the Lord of the Dreamrealm calmly said.

The Mother Goddess harrumphed. “Even though the Harpies have been defeated, many of them still remain loyal to me. They are awaiting my return and my commands. I can have them revolt at a moment’s notice and take control of the core. Even though the humans are strong, as long as Su Chen is not present, my disciples will be able to carry out this mission.”

Frost respectfully said, “The loyal Harpies will definitely return to their Mother’s embrace. The blessing of the gods is on their side.”

“Then the matter has been decided,” the Moon Goddess said, “Ten days from now, we will put our plan into motion.”

“You all seem to have forgotten about something,” the Lord of the Dreamrealm suddenly interjected.

“What?” The gods seemed confused.

The Lord of the Dreamrealm replied, “There is still someone lurking in the shadows.”

“That spy?” The gods suddenly remembered their ancient opponent, who had stirred up a countless amount of trouble for them during the past millennia.

They had been searching for him for an extremely long amount of time. Eventually, they had also realized that it was possible that this traitor might be among their ranks.

But because of the Eternal Treaty, the gods couldn’t attack each other. As such, there was nothing that they could do other than guess haphazardly. Even now, they were incapable of discovering his true identity.

The Lord of the Dreamrealm then said, “If that traitor leaks our plan to Su Chen, it will be doomed to fail. We must prevent that possibility at all costs.”

“What can we possibly do about that?”

“From this point on, the gods must stay together at all times. We cannot split up,” the Moon Goddess said.

“What about the Barrier?”

“If this plan succeeds, we won’t even need to work on wearing down the Barrier any further. Ten days from now, it will be destroyed on its own.”

“But that traitor can form an army of clones. Even if we manage to physically tie him down here, his clones will be able to spread the news easily.”

“Then we should seal this space completely off, including any telepathic transmission of information. Then, there will be no need for us to worry about our plans being leaked.”

“But we will lose our eyes and ears if that happens.”

“It’s just ten days. What could possibly happen in such a short timespan?”

“Ten days will pass in the blink of an eye.”

“I’m worried that the world might be turned upside down by the time we open our eyes again.”

“That is an inevitability. I just wonder what color the world will be when we reawaken.”

“What else could it be? Obviously the color red, for blood.”

“Multicolored blood would be the prettiest!” Amelie said with a puerile idiocy.

The gods continued to discuss amongst themselves about how they would handle the spy.

No one knew who exactly was the first to propose this total isolation. The gods were obviously being quite decisive if they were willing to blind themselves like this.”

Frost said, “My Lord thanks the gods for their cooperation. Since the matter has been decided, we will gratefully wait for a report of your success.”

Back in Sky City.

Eternal Night sat on a throne, completely motionless as he mulled over something.

A Harpy official knelt before him. “Your Majesty, our preparations have been completed. All that remains is to capture those traitors......”

“Traitors......” Eternal Night mulled over the word.

There were still some Harpies who were loyal to the Mother Goddess and were unwilling to submit to the humans.

Were they really traitors?

In their hearts, they probably saw him as the traitor, didn’t they?

Eternal Night couldn’t help but chuckle bitterly at the ironic situation.

“Your Majesty?” the officials asked carefully.

Eternal Night regained his focus and briskly said, “Go and capture them.”


On that day, a bloody slaughter unfolded within Sky City.

Countless Harpy nobles were dragged out of their homes and to the city walls. What awaited them there was a merciless interrogation and execution.

By then, the gods had not even sealed themselves off for half a day yet. The timing was obviously extremely tight.

Within the Boundless Palace.

Su Chen stood on the Sky-Gazing pavilion, carefully considering something.

Gu Qingluo walked over, lovingly leaned against him, and said, “Everything is going according to plan. What are you thinking about?”

Su Chen reached out and gently pulled his wife into his embrace. “Nothing, really. I’m just thinking about how we are about to challenge the gods. I can’t help but feel excited about what’s going to happen.”

Gu Qingluo giggled. “So you do have a nervous side after all.”

Su Chen was left speechless.

How could he not be excited?

How could he not be anxious?

After all, he was going to challenge the gods. Even the Origin Beasts had been unable to defeat them.

But this was why he had to try!

No matter what, he would not allow the human race to be enslaved by the gods!

The human race had the right to decide their own fate!

Even if fighting back led to certain doom and eternal suffering.

When his thoughts reached this point, Su Chen’s heart began to burn fiercely. All of his nervousness faded away as his heart was filled with valor.

Gu Qingluo could sense the change that had taken place in her husband.

He had clearly made up his mind.

Gu Qingluo gripped his hand even tighter.

Countless people would undoubtedly die during this battle.

Even Su Chen ran the risk of death. This was why she refused to let go of him.

At the same time that a slaughter was unfolding in Sky City and the tension in the Boundless Palace had reached an all-time high, changes began to take place in the vast wilderness as well.

Small blood-colored bats single-mindedly flew across the wilderness.

Following the flight of the blood-colored bats, massive figures began to emerge from the surface of the ground, unleashing mighty howls as they did so.

Countless hibernating Beasts emerged from the ground before lumbering towards the horizon.

There was no fighting or slaughtering here — only a relentless advance.

Some of the gods’ disciples in the Origin Realm began to fervently pray to their patrons, attempting to inform their gods of the strange situation unfolding before their very eyes.

Unfortunately, their gods were no longer able to hear them.

The Deep Sea Anchor pierced through the sea of Origin Energy and through the Barrier’s cracks.

A gigantic teleportation formation began to hum to life.

The Desolate Beasts and Origin Beasts surged forward.

And so, the counterattack began.

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