Book 7, Chapter 106: The Final Battle (3)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

The Night Goddess’s venomous words echoed through Su Chen’s mind, each one carrying a strange, sinister power with them.

This curse came from the goddess herself, and it was impossible to withstand or destroy.

At least, nobody had done so until today.

Because it proved ineffective against Su Chen.

His immortal energy immediately dispelled the Night Goddess’s curse and even sent it right back at her. Su Chen unleashed a wave of immortal energy that devoured the divine power, constantly converting it into immortal energy as it consumed the opponent’s attack to sustain itself.

The Night Goddess shrieked shrilly as darkness surged forth anew, assaulting Su Chen wave after wave.

Following her cry, the Night Kingdom appeared behind her as well.

Obviously, the Night Goddess had no delusions about withstanding Su Chen’s immortal energy with just her own divine power.

With a rumble, divine soldiers poured out of her kingdom, relying on their ability to regenerate to obstruct Su Chen’s immortal energy.

The Night Goddess, however, was obviously unaware of how the previous gods had died.

By the time that she realized that her kingdom’s soldiers were incapable of resurrecting, she had already lost one-third of her worshippers.

This scared her quite badly.

Since the human race had opposed the gods’ system of faith with a unified front, the gods had acquired very few worshippers even though they had returned to the Origin Realm. Without Kun’s territory’s restriction, their strength had returned. However, they were still being sustained by their divine kingdoms. If their divine warriors were completely wiped out, they too would fall.

These divine kingdoms had originally been the gods’ strongest shield and final weapon, but Su Chen’s methods had turned them into a fatal flaw.

Upon realizing this, the Night Goddess hurriedly ordered her troops to retreat.

But how could Su Chen possibly give her a chance to cover up her weakness?

The Universe of Beasts appeared once more, filling her entire divine kingdom and stopping it in its tracks.

Countless Beasts surged forth into the divine kingdom, devouring the multitudes of soldiers who attempted to fight back.

The Shining Dragon in the sky began to dance once again, as if a real Origin Beast had appeared in the sky. Waves of flames surged forth periodically.

The Night Goddess was beginning to panic. Waves of darkness constantly rose forth to repel the Beasts and extract her own warriors.

Both sides were now fighting with their full strength. This struggle was one of life and death, but the situation was obviously being controlled by the Night Goddess’s enemy. He had firmly grasped her weakness and was smacking it over and over, causing the numbers of her divine warriors to dwindle and her strength to weaken.

At that moment, Su Chen’s eyes suddenly glazed over, and he found himself no longer standing on the battlefield against the gods.

Instead, before him appeared a familiar road — one in Northface City.

Snowflakes were falling from the sky. In the background, a few children were laughing and playing with each other by the side of the road. A carriage slowly rolled past.

It was then that Su Chen clearly saw the driver of the carriage; it was Zhou Hong.

Past the curtain, it was possible to see a youth sitting inside, calmly reading a book.

That was...... himself?

Was this the day that he had lost his sight?

Su Chen turned around, wanting to find the old beggar, but he saw nothing. Instead, the carriage came to a stop before him.

Then, Su Chen saw the person within the carriage step out and walk towards him as if to say something.

He was talking to himself?

Su Chen suddenly realized something and glanced down at his feet.

Then, he saw that he was the old beggar.

“The old beggar......” Su Chen muttered before exclaiming, “So you were responsible. Break for me!”




This word shattered the illusory realm.

When he awoke, Su Chen discovered that he was still in the Night Goddess’s divine kingdom. His brief moment of hesitation, however, had allowed the Night Goddess to retrieve quite a few of her divine warriors.

He whirled around and found that the Lord of the Dreamrealm was staring directly at him.

The Lord of the Dreamrealm’s gaze was cold, vicious, and seemed to be genuinely filled with hatred.

Is it you or is it not!?

Su Chen was bewildered by this conundrum.

But he did know that the Lord of the Dreamrealm had finally joined the fray.

And because of him, Su Chen had missed his greatest opportunity to wipe out the Night Goddess.

“Many thanks, Dream!” the Night Goddess sighed thankfully. In the blink of an eye, she had lost nearly half of her divine warriors, which would have caused her divine kingdom to collapse. She glanced at Dream with a complicated gaze before shielding her consciousness.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Lord of the Dreamrealm always seemed to make the right move at the right time, then the Night Goddess would have already accused him of being the spy amongst them.

But if he was in fact the spy, then that had been the most opportune moment to strike.

However, he had faithfully remained on the side of the gods, fighting on their behalf.

The gods could not possibly continue to suspect him.

Even Su Chen was suspicious of whose side the Lord of the Dreamrealm was truly on.

The Human Ancestor’s words echoed in his mind once more.

“Kill him!”

Was he really not the Human Ancestor?

If the Lord of the Dreamrealm was the Human Ancestor, then attacking at this moment would cause the gods to immediately collapse.

But he did not, and he had even helped the Night Goddess escape from her perilous situation.

This made Su Chen less confident in this assumption.

Well, if the Lord of the Dreamrealm was the spy, then he would pick an opportune time to strike. Otherwise...... Su Chen would kill him off along the rest.

After his thoughts reached this point, Su Chen remained silent.

The Night Goddess had used the opportunity created by the Lord of the Dreamrealm to extricate her divine kingdom from Su Chen’s Aspect.

In a one-on-one battle against Su Chen, however, the Night Goddess discovered to her surprise that she held no confidence in winning.

The Deification stage Su Chen was no weaker than a typical deity.

Even more frightening, Su Chen also possessed a certain measure of divine power!

He gazed at the Night Goddess before gently saying, “Fine. I will give you a taste of real despair then!”

Following these words, the Night Goddess discovered to her shock that the scenery within her divine kingdom had suddenly begun to transform against her will.

The tall statues lining the roads, the trees within the flower gardens, and even the majestic temple seemed to come alive of their own will, morphing into strange creatures. They stood up as if they were alive and howled fiercely at the sky.

“What is happening?” the Night Goddess cried out in terror.

Granting life to inanimate objects was a power that not even the gods possessed. Perhaps only the God of Life, who had fallen a long time ago, could have achieved something even remotely similar.

This was the power of Su Chen’s God-Sealing Method Power.

The Method Power that Su Chen had comprehended included his God-Sealing Method Power. However, he had never used it in battle; instead, he had mainly used it to construct those puppet armies from before.

The puppets that he had deployed against the Flaming Sword God was one such example.

This was Su Chen’s first time using it in battle, and he had chosen to do so in an incredibly ostentatious manner — directly affecting the Night Goddess’s diving kingdom.

The Night Goddess had only withdrawn her divine warriors and not her divine kingdom. After all, even an empty divine kingdom would still be capable of offering her some degree of protection. She never expected that Su Chen would still have a trick up his sleeve even against this move.

This sight stunned both the Night Goddess and all the other gods.

More and more inanimate objects came to life within her divine kingdom until they gathered into an army of creatures.

Even more terrifying, these creatures were all constructed from the materials that originally comprised the divine kingdom, which meant that they naturally possessed an incredible amount of divine power. After being imbued with Su Chen’s God-Sealing Method Power, their strength had only increased even further. The army of creatures charged forwards, each one unleashing their mighty anger.

Darkness swept over them but could not destroy them. When their activity was paired with the Beasts from Su Chen’s Aspect, the kind of commotion being stirred up within the Night Goddess’s divine kingdom was not something that she could ignore.

This time, the Night Goddess was rendered completely helpless. Her wave of darkness was being steadily chipped away at by the combined might of the God-Sealing creatures and the Beasts.

And most terrifying of all was that her divine warriors were unable to hold the line and were forced out into the open once more.

This time, the Night Goddess would not be able to keep them concealed.

A furious wave of attacks descended upon the divine warriors, turning them into smoke.

Without the support of the divine kingdom, they could not re-form even if Su Chen hadn’t used the Universe of Beasts.


The Night Goddess shrieked in despair.

Darkness surged through the sky, blotting out the sun and casting a dark shadow across the ground.

No matter how she tried to resist, however, she was unable to shift the winds of fate.


The 1200th God-Executing Jab descended upon her forehead.

A boundless wave of darkness spread forth from the point of impact before gradually dissipating into the air.

The Night Goddess had fallen.

Su Chen gently gestured, and a ball of divine power flew into his hands.

“That is quite a good treasure. Here, take it!” Su Chen then threw the ball into the air, which split into fourteen pieces that each flew towards Gu Qingluo, Zhu Xianyao, Ye Fenghan, Le Feng, Cloud Leopard, and a few others. Each piece varied in size, but it had all been carefully calculated to let the chosen cultivator start shining brilliantly.

Su Chen had performed all the calculations in his head and given them each just enough to ascend.

Fourteen columns of light split the sky as fourteen powerful wills surged forth.

Gu Qingluo was the first to complete the ascension process, and she immediately rushed to Su Chen’s side. “Husband, I’ve ascended!”

She had originally been at the Golden Pill Realm. This ascension had brought her into the Nascent Soul Realm.

Zhu Xianyao was the next to fly over, and she also excitedly said, “Husband, I’ve ascended as well.”

“Very good. You two can go and deal with the Mother Goddess. In the meantime, I’ll take care of the Lord of the Dreamrealm,” Su Chen said as he flew in the Lord of the Dreamrealm’s direction.

Sky City was fighting against the Barbarian God and the puppet army was dealing with the Flaming Sword God, which meant that the rest of the humans were responsible for handling the Lord of the Dreamrealm, the Moon Goddess, the Mother Goddess, and the Beast God. The pressure that they were currently under was still immense.

But it was precisely this kind of situation that allowed them to fully demonstrate just how powerful the human race had become.

Cultivator after cultivator flew into the sky like a swarm of bugs, buzzing around their targets and viciously stinging them when they could.

Even though these four gods were incredibly powerful, they soon discovered that they were facing a fierce, unending deluge of attacks. And these attacks were all sharp and incisive; if they weren’t careful, they could easily suffer from a multitude of cuts.

A bitter battle unfolded. The human cultivators suffered massive casualties, but their sacrifices put the four gods on the back foot.

The fall of the Night Goddess had obviously become a major turning point in this battle.

Su Chen flew directly towards the Lord of the Dreamrealm. The Universe of Beasts appeared once more, this time enveloping the Lord of the Dreamrealm within it.

“Su Chen!” the Lord of the Dreamrealm growled fiercely, his voice booming through the air.

“Yes, I have come,” Su Chen replied.

But then, he glanced at the Lord of the Dreamrealm with a complicated expression. “Since you are unwilling to revert to your original appearance, then I can only force you to do so myself.”

The Lord of the Dreamrealm fell into a strange silence before suddenly asking, “Did he ever tell you what to do if you saw me?”

“He told me to kill you,” Su Chen succinctly replied.

“So that’s how it is.” The Lord of the Dreamrealm sighed before wryly commenting, “Has he always hated his identity that much?”

Su Chen easily inferred the hidden meaning within his words. “So he is you and you are him, right?”

The Lord of the Dreamrealm chuckled mysteriously when he heard Su Chen’s question. “Do you know what a dream is?”

Su Chen was startled by this esoteric question.

The Lord of the Dreamrealm answered his own question. “A dreamer thinks in the morning and dreams at night. His thoughts are intangible and disordered, and they represent the duality of man!”

“The duality of man?” Su Chen was taken aback for a moment before he suddenly realized something. “So he and you possess the same body but a different face? Then which one are you?”

Suddenly, the Lord of the Dreamrealm’s expression contorted fiercely. “The one who wants to take your life! Infinite Delusion!”

An instant later, Su Chen felt his vision blur and go dark.

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