Chapter 110: Dirty? Spoiling the Concubine and Destroying the Wife

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 110: Dirty? Spoiling the Concubine and Destroying the Wife

Therefore, the male lead was also fully devoted to a single track in the area of relationships. There would be no taking of any bends or being flexible.

This had been explained at length in the novel. Sadly, Bai Xiangxiu had been entirely focused on avoiding her death ever since she’d arrived. All of her efforts and thinking had gone into how she could survive in these ancient times. She simply hadn’t had the leisure to think about relationship matters until now. This had resulted in her appearing extremely foolish in the area of relationships. However, she still understood somewhat that the male lead was a bit different from how he was portrayed in the novel. At the very least, his attitude towards her was completely different.

However, she was currently just treating herself as a passing guest, not wanting to partake in matters of the heart as much as possible. This was because the other party was the male lead, and would become the female lead’s man sooner or later.

Bai Xiangxiu had just started thinking about it when she felt it to be extremely strange.

Why did the prince care so much about a maid? Could it be that the prince was also in a secret relationship with someone other than the female lead? This was rather impossible, right? The novel had always reiterated and emphasized that the male lead was utterly devoted in love!

Bai Xiangxiu blinked, stretching her neck and looking outside, seemingly extremely concerned for that maid. However, she had not thought that such an expression of hers would actually improve Prince Li’s impression of himself. The little lady was still rather concerned about him. Otherwise, what would such a look mean?

“What are you looking at?”

“No...nothing.” Who was this maid?

“Since she has already been brought here, have someone bring her in for Fourth Madame to have a look! The little lady was definitely jealous. He really couldn’t hide this matter from her. What if she thought too much about it otherwise? Wait a minute, he couldn’t let them be together.

Bai Xiangxiu found thing even more incomprehensible as she was guided into a chair that Long Heng brought in. A little lady in the guise of a maid was brought in soon afterwards. Her side profile alone gave the game away to Bai Xiangxiu. This pure bearing like a white lotus flower, that soft, delicate body, who could it be if not the female lead?

She unconsciously made to stand up, but her right shoulder suffered as the male lead held her in place with a hand. What the, what’s the meaning of this, exalted Prince Li? This is the female lead, with an incomparably bright halo. You’re letting a mere concubine sit while leaving her standing. How can we interact properly in the future with this kind of precedent?

It would definitely be impossible. She could tell just by looking into the eyes of the female lead how hurt she was. Even if they had yet to be married, the two were actually already engaged. Bai Xiangxiu was but a mere concubine, and so shouldn’t have remained sitting. However, as the male lead’s gaze drifted over to her, carrying with it layer upon layer of ice, Bai Xiangxiu had no choice but to sit up straight like she was sitting on a bed of needles, cold sweat slowly slipping down her back.

It wasn’t that she was timid, but it seemed like this female lead would be entering the Prince Li Manor to stay for a while. When that came to pass, what if the female lead purposefully made life difficult for her? What would Bai Xiangxiu be able to do? However, who would’ve thought that the female lead would be here in the guise of a maid? What exactly was that all about?

Prince Li was the clearest on this matter as he pursed his lips, “If there’s nothing else, you lot are dismissed.”

All those uninvolved left, and even Xiao Shi and Xiaohuan were forced out by the Prince’s gaze. His gaze was truly ferocious. Even a tiny flick of his eyes was already sufficient to let everyone understand what they should do.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiangxiu was extremely conflicted. The female lead was in the room already, and she was still sitting. When everyone had left, she shot to her feet with a smile, “So it’s Miss… Miss Lin…”

Prince Li was unwilling for this to happen. In his heart, it was Bai Xiangxiu that was his woman. This Miss Lin was but someone who held the position in nothing but name. He too knew that favoring the concubine and discarding the main wife was not right. If the latter’s actions had been a little better, he would not have done so either.

She was hiding here from the disturbances of whatever random man, but who knew how many times that jianghu ruffian had already visited her room before he’d been discovered. This person was truly a tainted one. No matter how pure and moving she was dressed now, his impression of her already couldn’t be any worse.

With his own woman expressing weakness towards the so-called female master of the house, he naturally couldn’t bear to let it pass.

“Xiangxiu, you sit.” He let out a breath of relief. He had finally managed to say it out loud. “You sit too, Miss Lin.”

Estrangement was easy to see with this.

Lin Qianzi had originally not agreed to this marriage. However, this being something that had both the approval of the emperor and the empress dowager, there was virtually no way it could be changed. Minister Lin had told her many times that if she really wanted to resist the marriage, her entire family might be implicated in this.

Lin Qianzi too had given up. Additionally, she felt that Prince Li was also not that bad, since he’d at least gone to rescue her. However, what was the meaning of these actions before her, using a concubine to make her lose face? She felt for the first time that this Bai Xiangxiu was truly very irritating to the eye.

When Lin Qianzi had seen Bai Xiangxiu before, while the latter had been beautiful, Lin Qianzi had felt some kind of dissonance, as though while the clothes Bai Xiangxiu was wearing were good, but didn’t belong to her. Now, however, her entire person seemed to have already completely merged with her disposition. She appeared exceptionally blissful when smiling, even though her smile appeared very forced.

Bai Xiangxiu was currently speechless. Male lead, are you purposely creating hatred for me?

Lin Qianzi sat, saying coolly, “I wonder where Your Highness has arranged me to occupy?”

Being a servant was but an excuse. She did not want to be harassed by that man any longer.

“Since you came here under the guise of being a servant, you will be a maid at Spring Embodiment Courtyard, put in charge of the garden there,” The corners of Long Heng’s lips curled upwards slightly, the coldness within that smile enough to make one tremble.

“Your Highness, how can you do this…” Lin Qianzi had no idea how she had aggravated him. She couldn’t help but furrow her brows and question him loudly.

“Miss Lin, do you want everyone here to see through your identity? At that time, it won’t be the Prince Li Manor that loses face.” Long Heng’s voice was rather cold, cold to the point that Lin Qianzi trembled.

She bit her lower lips lightly, tears shining within her eyes, “I… I understand.”

Bai Xiangxiu could not easily interrupt. However, this Miss Lin before her was truly weak and helpless, almost to the point of feeling pity for her. She’s the female lead alright, her level is enough to instakill men! Bai Xiangxiu spotted a chance to redeem herself in front of her. There was a teapot sitting before her. She and the male lead had had some tea to drink, but the female lead did not. Therefore, Bai Xiangxiu picked up the teapot, wanting to pour a cup for her. However, just as she was about to stand up, Long Heng pressed her down in place once more.

Wa, male lead, what are you trying to do? Bai Xiangxiu clearly wanted to live life happily with the female lead, but why was a man suddenly standing between them?

The female lead’s halo was very important. Not only did the male lead have a halo, he also had the ability to instakill people. Therefore, under the authority of the male lead, Bai Xiangxiu silently fell subservient, no longer daring to move. She looked at the tea wistfully, but didn’t dare to drink it even though she was quite thirsty. She was afraid that the female lead might resent her for it. Despite the female lead’s appearance of a white lotus flower, she was still a very petty person.

If she did not like someone, she would quietly drop a few words in conversation with the male lead or those male supporting characters, whispering some secrets in their ears.

The object of her dislike wouldn’t survive the month, and would be either poisoned or beaten to death. There was no way their ending could be more tragic. Therefore, the female lead halo was comprised of the male lead and the male supporting characters. If one had no ability or any special skills, it’d be best not to get into conflict with her.

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