Chapter 115: Jealousy, Bait

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 115: Jealousy, BaitIt pained Luo Yunzheng to see Lin Qianzi in such a predicament. He hadn’t expected that Prince Li would mistreat her this badly. He lifted her up and placed her on the bed, gently giving her some water to drink.“Will you leave with me, or do you want to remain here and continue to be trampled by him?”

“I… I must remain here.” The emperor would blame her family if she were to leave with him. She couldn’t be so selfish.“You… Fine. I will meet with that man to get to the bottom of this.” Luo Yunzheng really didn’t want to involve himself with a person related to the imperial court, but his burning anger was enough to cause him to forego his caution.

“Luo Yunzheng. Don’t go to him. He’ll never let you off easily.” She was very clear as to how powerful Prince Li was. Her body couldn’t help but tremble every time she saw him.“You’re afraid of him?” A bark of laughter escaped Luo Yunzheng as he softly caressed her petite face. He then turned around and jumped out of the window. “Luo Yunzheng…” How could this have happened? He’s gone to face that man head-on! I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if anything is to happen to him. She couldn’t remain calm anymore as her thoughts spun quickly, so she dragged her debilitated body off the bed and started to gingerly walk forwards, one step at a time.

Luo Yunzheng was very strong in martial arts. He arrived at Prince Li’s residence in a few leaps. However, the moment he landed on his roof, he knew that the prince wasn’t here without even having to check. Luo Yunzheng creased his forehead in thought.Where could the royal highness have run off to if he’s not in his own residence? Considering that it’s almost night time, could he be… He began to smirk. A man is still a man after all. It’s no surprise that he can’t tame the snake in his pants.Luo Yunzheng changed directions and headed in the direction of the little residence. But on the way, he couldn’t help but find the situation to be very strange. Why are the guards and servants so far away? Could this be a trap? However, he was a man who’d traveled far in the jianghu after all. Despite a healthy dose of paranoia, he was also a bold and fearless man. And so, he made his way to the master bedroom of the house.He landed quietly on top of the roof, then flipped and hung himself upside down to take a look inside. At the same time, he used his finger to poke a hole in the paper window, and peeked into the room.The woman that little girl Qianzi always says she couldn’t possibly compete with is truly a beauty. Just her figure alone could set every man’s heart ablaze. Moreover, she even had a provocative face that was now filled with coyness as she tugged on her collar with her hands. It was like she was just waiting for a man to ravish her.Luo Yunzheng was a man. A man with stories. Therefore, he couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva when he saw her like that. That little girl Qianzi was absolutely correct. She’s a beauty that no man could resist trying to eat. But if it’s up to me, I would probably just forget about her after spending a night with her. Luo Yunzheng didn’t dare to keep a woman as beautiful as Bai Xiangxiu by his side. He was afraid of just how many she’d cheat on him with.

He watched as even Prince Li couldn’t help but be irresistibly drawn to her. Long Heng reached for her hands, pulling them away so that he could gaze at her beauty beneath the candle light. That surprised Luo Yunzheng. He had thought that Long Heng wouldn't be able to help himself and would go straight for the main course. This was fine too. He could wait until they reached the critical point before making a move to assassinate him. Luo Yunzheng was also a man. He knew precisely when a man’s guard would be at his lowest.As the girl was brought to the bed, he noticed that she was actually struggling a little, gently trying to deflect Long Heng’s advances. Women. Men only need to be a bit more forceful for them to lower their defenses. As he hung there, he crossed his arms while watching the proceedings. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy looking at a beauty’s body?All of a sudden, Prince Li suddenly sat up and threw a blanket over the panting woman. He extinguished the candle with a swipe of a finger.Damn. He detected me. Luo Yunzheng didn’t expect that Prince Li would still be so observant of the surroundings outside at that particular moment. Truth be told, how could Luo Yunzheng have known that the lamentable Prince Li was so vigilant now because he’d been interrupted so many times in the past? And so this time, he’d kept an ear out for any movement in the surroundings before he’d dived into action. This was why he’d actually picked up on something. Grinding his teeth in frustration, he tore ferociously out of the room after he extinguished the candles.Bai Xiangxiu still had no idea what was going on. She only felt a gust of wind blowing through her room as she crawled out of the heavy sheets. Then, she realized that the Prince Li who had been busy pinning her down beneath him was gone.

“...” Pfff!! Bai Xiangxiu immediately burst into laughter. How many times does this make? Even if he has the temper of a saint, I imagine that he’ll still want to tear that person to shreds! However, he really is such an unlucky person! Even I pity him a little.

If something like this occurs a few more times, won’t it give him some sort of post traumatic stress disorder? Wait. Something’s not right. Normally, he wouldn’t rush out like that even if he was interrupted by someone. Could it be an assassin or something of that sort? She didn’t know why but she actually felt somewhat worried about him. She leapt out of bed in a hurry and ran to the window to see what was going on.

True enough, she saw a pair of humans battling it out in the air. They were really and truly fighting! Not even a single word was uttered as they fought. Because of the stormproof lanterns outside, the scene was nicely lit and not too dark. She could see with her own eyes how they didn’t seem to be pulling any punches. It seemed like Long Heng was currently in a dangerous predicament.  She tightened her grip on the window sill as her palms began to sweat due to nervousness. Although she was confident in the male lead’s battle prowess, she couldn't help but worry because she had no idea who that other man was. Her brain was in such a flurry that she forgot to analyze the situation. All she did was pray for the safety of the male lead.However, after watching their battle for a period of time, she grew so impatient that she almost wanted to flip a table. How can he still be fine? They are clearly fighting to the death here! Long Heng took a fist to his face but punished the other equally harshly. In fact, she could even hear sounds of his bones cracking from Long Heng’s return punch. Men were ruthless when they fought. Wouldn't someone be crippled if this continues? Bai Xiangxiu was so panicked that it had taken her some time to realize one thing. They were on the prince's turf! What good did it make for her to panic while watching them fight? She should ask for help! Having thought up to this point, she launched herself out from the window. She knew that she would have to run quite a distance to scream for help because the prince had chased everyone quite far away to finally have some peace during their intimacy. She would have to scream very loudly to grab anyone’s attention.She didn't have any hope about her man yelling for help. Looking at how preoccupied they were with fighting each other quietly, she was sure that he would never call for help due to considerations of face. So, she ran out wearing only her inner clothing layer. After running to just about the right distance, she decided to yell at the two distant guards standing under a lantern. However, somebody suddenly covered her mouth before her voice could come out. Bai Xiangxiu nearly peed herself from the fright. She didn't expect that the wretched assassin would have an accomplice! She suddenly felt a soft fluffy sensation on her back. Although that person had managed to cover her mouth, she could sense that the person didn't really have much strength. She managed to push the other away with just a slight struggle. Isn't his accomplice a little too weak? When Bai Xiangxiu turned around, she was shocked to find that the accomplice sprawled on the ground was actually the female lead! The female lead was lying on the floor with only her inner clothing layer on. She coughed out, “Don't… Don't call for help.”Female lead, is something wrong with your brain?! Even if you have no idea that Prince Li is the male lead, isn't he your actual fiancé? Now that someone is here to assassinate him, you want to stop his concubine from asking for help instead?? The situation was too chaotic. Bai Xiangxiu rubbed her head forcefully as the corner of her mouth twitched. “Darling, did you hit your head when you were a child?”Lin Qianzi always had the impression that the woman in front of her was a gentle lady, because her actions were much too gentle, and she always seem to unconditionally trust her man. Because of that, she had always felt inferior when comparing herself to Bai Xiangxiu.However, her expression had changed so much in this moment. Her eyes had become unusually determined. Lin Qianzi was stunned by the change, and dumbly sat there, lost for words. By now however, Bai Xiangxiu had already realized what was going on. The man battling with Long Heng was actually the male supporting character number three, Luo Yunzheng the jianghu man. He was a very powerful martial artist and was even good at using dirty tricks. To think that the female lead wanted to prevent her from yelling for help against this kind of person! Bai Xiangxiu couldn't help but felt defeated by the female lead’s holy mother act. She felt so defeated that she was no longer afraid of the female lead anymore. Bai Xiangxiu immediately turned around again to call for help, but didn’t expect that the female lead would go all out to stop her again. The female lead latched onto Bai Xiangxiu’s waist desperately, “You mustn't ask for help! If you do… He will surely die!”

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