Chapter 118: Picturesque, Beautiful Scenery and Women

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 118: Picturesque, Beautiful Scenery and Women

Master Hui Guang smiled faintly, then spoke Buddha’s name mysteriously. “Worldly affairs, secularity - have you not seen enough of it?” As those words hung in the air, he turned to take the money and left.

Bai Xiangxiu knew that sentence was meant for her. Because she had read the novel and knew of the plot, it was difficult for her to avoid holding the attitude of a bystander watching a show when she was faced with the characters and events. It was simply much like a TV show in real life. Was this the so-called worldly affairs and secularity of hers? If she were to jump out of this life, would that help her return?

As she was mulling over his words, someone else grabbed her hand. The hard calluses on that palm ground her petite hand between them, causing her to frown in discomfort. However, that hand released its grip once she became clearheaded again.

At this time, the male supporting character was walking over with the female supporting character in tow. He seemed to be extremely unhappy with the lady acting on her own in commandeering a carriage. “Yaya, didn’t I tell you not to act out? This is the Central Plains.”

As expected, it was Yaya. The lady in question only smiled faintly in response. Her appearance was exceedingly conspicuous, as she was of a different race. No one could tell whether the author had based this character’s appearance off of a mixed blood Japanese celebrity who was popular for her selfies, or if this was just how the character had been born. Either way, she looked extremely similar to that person. She carried hints of allure within her purity, and the two were practically a perfect match when she stood beside the male supporting character, Duan Yunying.

However her personality also seemed to have a streak of naivete. She actually jumped in front of Long Heng, staring at him as if dazed, and then smiled brilliantly, “Ah, are you that great hero with amazing abilities? Yaya likes great heros the most! I’ll invite you to have a drink with me, okay?”My gosh, she’s so enthusiastic.

Can someone tell me if I’ve actually transmigrated to ancient China? Why is this girl so zealous in inviting a man to drink wine? Male supporting character, why aren’t you speaking up to control the situation?When her gaze met with the male supporting character’s, he unexpectedly revealed a weak smile as if openly inviting others to form a good impression of him. He even sighed helplessly and said, “Yaya, Prince Li is not a person from the desert. Being like this in the Central Plains is improper etiquette. Come here, quickly.”“What proper, improper huh? I like this kind of hero the most!” She threw herself onto Long Heng, like a small sparrow throwing itself into someone’s embrace, as though she’d fallen in love at first sight.

But Long Heng lightly sidestepped, making her miss. Her beautiful eyes flashed as though she’d been wronged.

The male lead enjoys the grand treatment huh! A beauty throws herself at him like this? However, was she blind? Why hadn’t she noticed that Bai Xiangxiu, the concubine, was still standing off to the side?The feeling of being ignored wasn’t entirely comfortable. Bai Xiangxiu moved gently, preparing to announce her presence. But just then, she saw Yaya glance over with a gaze as cold as piercing arrows. Even though the male lead’s expression was cold, it wasn’t the type of cold that was filled with malice. However, the coldness in this woman’s eyes was filled with hostility, contempt and even some spite.

This seemed to be out of the ordinary? Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t even done anything to offend her. Bai Xiangxiu, a person from modern times, naturally wouldn’t be scared of a female supporting character. And so, she straightened her waist and waited to see Yaya’s intentions.

However, she hadn’t imagined that this female supporting character wouldn’t go the common route. Yaya ignored her again and only attempted to plaster her iridiscent, half exposed chest onto him.The hell! This Yaya was truly making Bai Xiangxiu out as a sick cat, wasn’t she? Even though Bai Xiangxiu had always been the female supporting character, the only people she was ever afraid of was the male lead and the old madame, since those two were fated to kill her. However, as a fellow female supporting character, why would Bai Xiangxiu be afraid, no matter how cold her gaze was?

She was openly stealing her man! Even though Long Heng was Bai Xiangxiu’s in name only, it still disgusted Bai Xiangxiu to see this sort of scene happening before her. And so, the latter suddenly moved between Long Heng and Yaya. It just happened that Yaya wanted to throw herself onto Long Heng again, and Bai Xiangxiu had reached out with her hands to block the woman.

This caused a great misunderstanding to occur.

Bai Xiangxiu had only wanted to brace her hand against Yaya, but in her haste, her hands were at the wrong place and happened to land on Yaya’s jutting chest. Wow, she’s got some badonkadonk! But, why was the bottom so soft? The girl wouldn’t happen to be using padding in her chest now, was she?

Actually, it hadn’t been until she’d come to this world that she finally discovered that the ancient people weren't exactly too conservative in some ways. The only ones truly conservative were the misses of noble houses. Ordinary girls or working ladies all greatly liked to pursue beauty, and so ways to beautify the chest were quite in vogue.

Who knew where Ye-mama had learned this skill, but she had wanted to pad Bai Xiangxiu’s chest all day long. In the end, Ye-mama had given up on the idea when Bai Xiangxiu had taken off her outer clothing one day, and declared proudly, “The real thing is still better.”

Therefore, she only had her real thing. The other party didn’t, but it felt quite comfortable to the touch.“Ah, what are you doing?!” Yaya’s hand snapped protectively around her chest and she staggered back a few steps.  If it wasn’t for her other objective, she probably would’ve slapped Bai Xiangxiu already. However, there was no need to compete with a woman who was destined to die, even if her appearance was unexpected.

“I, ah sorry, I didn’t know that there would be this type of coincidence. But, since the both of us are women, it’s not a loss for you either!” Seeing Yaya’s immensely resentful expression, Bai Xiangxiu continued, “Why don’t you also touch me in return then?”

“That should not be done…” Duan Yunying spoke up.

“Nonsense!” Prince Li shouted loudly and reached out with both hands hands to place Bai Xiangxiu firmly into the horse carriage.

The corners of Bai Xiangxiu’s lips twitched. What was all this about? It felt as though he wanted to forcibly take her into custody.

Duan Yunying said, “Your Highness, please pardon this offense. This subordinate’s cousin comes from the desert and isn’t familiar with the customs of the Central Plains. Fourth Madame, please pardon her discourtesy.” He lightly coughed twice when he finished speaking.

The male lead’s large figure completely overshadowed her before Bai Xiangxiu had the opportunity to respond in kind. She couldn’t help but move back to clear some space for him to enter the carriage.He narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “There’s been no harm done.”

“Then, Your Highness, could you permit this subordinate’s cousin to spend the night here? After all, a girl spending the night outside causes worry.”

“As you wish.” Prince Li really was an uncommunicative and taciturn sort, but his performance today had been rather satisfying. At least, Bai Xiangxiu felt that he had been a very qualified man.

But the same old sentence applied. It was a shame that he was the female lead’s. That was sincerely quite a waste. Why was that white lotus female lead growing more and more irritable to the eye? But most importantly, where was Prince Li bringing her to?

Unexpectedly, he’d actually brought her to hunt.

WasIs hunting really suited for her? Why had he just placed her in the mountain forest halfway and then went out to hunt alone?

Just as she stood perplexed, she saw the servants that Prince Li had brought start to set up pots and pans, laying down mats and placing various items on top. It was very comfortable at first glance. Even fruit was prepared and placed on the mats.

Bai Xiangxiu wore a heavy and thick cloak and sat atop the eiderdown mat, enjoying the breeze of deep autumn and feeling that it was truly comfortable. She wouldn’t be able to constantly venture outside when it was winter. Wasn’t she truly part of a painting in this maple leaf covered mountain side?

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