Chapter 131: Patience and Limit

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 131: Patience and Limit

Duan Yunying took in a breath and looked at her with a serious expression on his face. Her every response was very frank, yet it was clear that they were all fake. Why was she able to act so candidly? How was he supposed to know that such acts of self-protection was very normal in the world that Bai Xiangxiu originally lived in? Not only did people in the modern world not revere force, but everyone protected themselves behind a mask, one that was taken off only in front of family members. Ever since Bai Xiangxiu had arrived here, she’d been of the mentality that she wouldn’t be able to return home and acted like she was working all day. Her acting skills were quite good as a result of that. Duan Yunying felt that he couldn’t see beyond her facade. This was also a reason for him becoming more interested in her. However, being interested in her was one thing, this attack on his sight and smell was another. The most amazing thing was that the other party actually didn’t seem to know how nauseous she was making other people feel. She still thought that she was that beauty and kept drawing closer to him.If she behaved this way before, he would definitely be happy, because for a beauty to behave that way clearly meant that she fancied him. He would take her without even needing to use any aphrodisiac on her. However, he really couldn’t feel happy now. He was on the verge of vomiting his meal from the previous night whenever she moved closer. “Then we’d need to quickly return to the prince’s side, isn’t that right, Sir Duan?” Bai Xiangxiu approached him again as though she was extremely frightened. Duan Yunying immediately recoiled in fright, and then started coughing softly. “Sir Duan, are you still not feeling well? According to the prince, you’ve never been in the best of health. I think you must be tired from going all over the place in search of me. Why don’t you let me give you a massage to loosen your muscles and bones?” She stretched her talons out towards him as she spoke. Looking at those black fingers of hers with a foul scent to them, Duan Yunying felt that he really couldn’t sit there any longer. He hastened to flap his hand and said, “I wouldn’t - eurp - dare. This humble one had better go back and rest.”Bai Xiangxiu finally broke into a smile as she watched Duan Yunying rush out through the door. It was a pity that her face was hurting slightly and so she didn’t dare smile too broadly. But, even then, she was still extremely happy deep down in her heart. She slowly laid down on the bed, not at all afraid of him bothering her tonight. She only hoped that this would be the case tomorrow as well. Only then could she return to Prince Li’s side safe and sound.She fell asleep in a relaxed manner, whereas Duan Yunying immediately took a bath until midnight. He felt that the foul scent was still lingering around him after he showered and so applied fragrance to himself in hopes of getting rid of the smell. Someone pushed the window open at this moment and placed a sword against his throat.Duan Yunying snorted coldly didn’t move an inch. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“This should be what I’m asking you. You were the one who suggested that we work together. Yet, how is it that you deserted your partner and ran off? You should know the outcome of offending me.”“Does the gallant hero Luo think that Long Heng is so easy to handle? His thoughts are so meticulous that even I didn’t anticipate it all. He set up secret guards around Miss Lin, guards that are so strong that my men, as good as they are, would never get past them.”“Then what about her? Since you’re going to exchange hostages, why aren’t you bringing her along?”“She escaped.” Duan Yunying felt oddly depressed. They were completely destroying all of his previously laid plans. It was one thing if Long Heng was difficult to handle, but he hadn’t expected that a woman like her would act out of his expectations too.He’d originally saved Luo Yunzheng with the intention of having both parties win. They would kidnap one woman each and execute their own plan respectively. Luo Yunzheng had used his relationship with jianghu to force the doctor to kidnap Bai Xiangxiu and hand her over to him. Duan Yunying would then sneak into Miss Lin’s residence and take her out. However, there were some changes to that plan. He’d never expected Long Heng to actually think of Miss Lin to the point where he would set up hidden guards around her. Thankfully, he’d retreated quickly. If not, it was highly possible that he would have been forced to reveal his true colors.He didn’t want to use poison in front of Long Heng, else it was very possible that the prince would find something by following the clues Duan Yunying left behind. He’d wanted to plant the love sick parasite in her body before exchanging hostages, but never would’ve thought that Bai Xiangxiu would actually escaped.Thus, his plan had been foiled, but he couldn’t do anything about it now. “Isn’t Miss Lin your target? Moreso, that woman is right beside me at this very moment. If you want to take her with you to exchange hostages, do as you please.”

“Beside you? That beggar?!” Luo Yunzheng was stunned. He didn’t believe Duan Yunying’s words at all. “Yes. You knew how this plan was almost flawless when we made it. I’ve already tried my best and even saved your life. Even if we’ve failed, you won’t be losing anything either, right?”“Hah! Do you take me for a fool? I helped you bring her out, but you broke your promise of helping me trade hostages. We don’t know what the prince going to do to Miss Lin at all.”“She’s his fiancee after all. Do you think he’ll do anything to her? Anyway, I can assure you that this woman won’t retain her chastity when she returns. Think of this as me repaying my debt to you. Or, do you want to do the deed yourself?”Luo Yunzheng was stunned for a moment, but quickly recovered. “I never thought that you would feel… Alright. Since things have turned out this way, what you say, goes. I can delay exchanging hostages for a few days.”“That will do. You can steal her away from my side when the time comes.”“Then enjoy her well.” Luo Yunzheng nodded his head. He was extremely pleased with this outcome. There wasn’t anything particularly bad about dragging this out for a few more days. He was incredibly pleased at being able to return a woman who’d cheated on her husband back to the prince. He didn’t know what kind of person this man was, but at this moment in time, those who wanted to go against Long Heng were all his friends. He discarded the sword in his hands and left.Duan Yunying made up his mind as he watched Luo Yunzheng’s fading silhouette. He had to find a way to lure Bai Xiangxiu to bed tomorrow. The truth had proven that dreams were full, but reality was scant. As for Luo Yunzheng, he took a detour back to Red Maple Mountain Villa and left a message indicating that they would meet at Falling Maple Tavern three days later to exchange hostages. He’d planned on leaving right after leaving a message, but Long Heng sent a message using his internal qi. “Luo Yunzheng, don’t you want to see how she is right now?”Luo Yunzheng had just consummated his relationship with Miss Lin and naturally felt that she was different from other women. Additionally, he felt slightly guilty for what he’d done to her and frowned. He clearly knew that he would possibly fall into Long Heng’s trap by going back. However, he still gritted his teeth and stood in front of the window.

Countless spears immediately pressed against his throat, but he wasn’t afraid. He said coldly, “Are you thinking of killing me, or do you want the woman to die?”Long Heng pushed open the door and walked out. Long Yunzheng instantly felt a heavy weight on his whole body. He never would’ve thought that a furious Prince Li would be such a fearsome person. “Speak, where is she?”“She’s fine at the moment. You can prepare the hostage exchange in three days time. What about Miss Lin?”“She’s fine as well.” Long Heng coldly quirked his lips and beckoned behind him with his finger. A completely weak and limp Lin Qianzi was brought out before them. She was still unconscious, but one could see that she was currently ill and not in a good state.

“What did you do to her?!” Luo Yunzheng furiously roared out.“It’s not me, but you, who did something to her. If Bai Xiangxiu isn’t returned to me in one piece, then I really might have other people serve Miss Lin well.” Long Heng couldn’t tolerate the situation any longer. If Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t return safely, he might really do things that even he couldn’t imagine. “You... nurse her to health. We will exchange hostages in two days.” Luo Yunzheng instantly pushed forward the proposed date by a day. After all, the woman wasn’t really in his hands. In the event that something went wrong, he couldn’t bear to see Long Heng abuse Miss Lin.

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