Chapter 136: Clearing Her Name

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 136: Clearing Her Name Bai Xiangxiu had almost begun to believe that no one in this world would recognize her as the striking beauty that was the female supporting character. After all, even Song Jiaoyue and the female lead had ignored her. In the end, the one to recognize her was the male lead, the one whom she’d feared and actively avoided. Wasn’t this the pinnacle of irony?

However, what touched her the most was the sense of relief that came after a life and death experience. One often did things that they normally wouldn’t when they were relaxed. For example, Bai Xiangxiu no longer cared whether or not Long Heng would hate the smell coming from her or whether he would enjoy hugging her or not. She willfully believed that since he had recognized her, it was only right for her to cuddle up to him a bit while she was in his arms. She was a girl after all, a woman. And so, Bai Xiangxiu reached out and grabbed onto the hem of Long Heng’s robe with her dirty hands and sobbed without a care for her image.Long Heng was actually very worried when he first saw her, but when he saw how she was crying, he knew for sure that she was fine. Except, wasn’t there going to be a hostage exchange? Why was she here alone?He didn’t have time to ask her these questions because the woman’s sobbing was completely out of control. He couldn’t even find a chance to speak. He quietly sighed to himself and allowed her to cry her eyes out. It was extremely fortunate that he was so quick with his feet. Otherwise, Bai Xiangxiu would’ve lost both her legs. The only issue now was that his subordinate was now out cold on the floor and seemed to have sustained heavy injuries. A quick wave of his hand, and someone came to carry his subordinate away. Song Jiaoyue had also recognized Bai Xiangxiu at this point. She was the person that he’d met in the snow roads, but he’d failed to realize who she was. He was able to piece things together now from the situation and since he’d finally taken a closer look at her. It was the weak and delicate Bai Xiangxiu!

They’d met yesterday, but he’d left her behind in the freezing and snow-covered environment. His heart spasmed painfully when he realized this and regret began to creep over him. Looking at them hug each other, the uncomfortable feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger. Song Jiaoyue finally understood why. His feelings towards her were becoming harder and harder to suppress. Right now, the barrier in his heart was barely paper thin. If someone were to pierce a hole in it… It was at this moment that a voice called out, “Since the person is now in your hands, hand over the minister’s daughter!”When Luo Yunzheng returned to the wooden cottage, tall flames had already engulfed it. He’d thought that she’d committed suicide because of her disfigurement. It never even once crossed his mind that she’d managed to escape. However, even if she did escape, how had she manage to find her way here? Did that person or I ever mention where we would be taking her? And I can’t believe that the reputed Long Heng can bear to embrace her when she looks as hideous as that! He’s even using both his hands to hug her waist! He’s certainly quite impressive from a certain angle.Bai Xiangxiu trembled and burrowed deeper into Long Heng’s arms when she heard his voice. In truth, she wasn’t actually afraid of Luo Yunzheng. She just wanted to get revenge on both of them. Although she felt a bit guilty for using the male lead, he at least needed to know what she’d gone through! She was only going to speak the truth and foil their plans that way. That’ll teach them to think she was easy to bully! She’d nearly died, and now she was suffering from that embarrassing aphrodisiac called the Three Days of Inebriation!Indeed, it was truly embarrassing. When she was done crying, her breathing started to hitch as she continued to hug the male lead. Fortunately for her, the male lead hadn’t cleared his mind yet because matters had yet to come to an end. Otherwise, he would surely notice the scent she was emitting. If things are to develop like the original story… She began to shiver after such a thought.How can I possibly tumble in the sheets with the male lead while looking like this? And for an entire day at that too? Bai Xiangxiu herself began to feel bad for the male lead as she mused about this. She wanted to take her leave, but Long Heng wouldn’t let her leave his arms. The thought that she would cause him to lose face didn’t even cross his mind at all.“I don’t seem to remember you handing her over to me. Looking at the current situation, I don’t even believe that there’s a need for me to conduct a hostage exchange with you. In addition, you don’t seem to have a way out of here.”Luo Yunzheng laughed softly. “Do you really think you can bar me from leaving?”“Your Highness. There must be a reason behind their decision to conduct the hostage exchange in this place,” Bai Xiangxiu kindly reminded the male lead. Even though the novel hadn’t mentioned anything about this place, she believed that Luo Yunzheng and Duan Yunying were definitely not folks who wouldn’t keep a contingency plan or two up their sleeve. They mentioned something about trading hostages? Had Long Heng really intended to exchange Miss Lin for myself? What is the male lead doing? Was he really exchanging his wife for a concubine? What is this mysterious feeling of being touched? It’s probably better if I don’t overthink it.

Long Heng gave an order. “Servants. Guard them and take them away for now.”

Naturally, by “them” he was referring to Miss Lin and Bai Xiangxiu. It was at this moment when Luo Yunzheng began to laugh like a ruffian. “Hold on. You can take that woman away, but Miss Lin will remain here. After all, she doesn’t want to leave with any of you. Isn’t that right, Miss Lin?”Lin Qianzi shuddered. The situation had become worse and worse by the second. It was true that she didn’t want to be with Long Heng, but that was only because he didn’t hold an inkling of interest towards her. He wouldn’t even take another look at her if he could help it. And yet, he treated that woman so differently. He still took her into his arms like a treasure even though she looked that hideous now.

As for her, she’d been raped and her virginity forcefully taken away. And now the culprit was even coming here to take her away by force. Lin Qianzi wanted to shake her head, but she didn’t have enough courage to do so. That man was just too unpredictable. She had no way of knowing what his next step would be. However, she didn’t dare nod either since Long Heng was right there.Long Heng sneered and replied, “If you want her, you can go to the Lin Residence yourself and ask for her. But if you want to snatch her away from my hands… That’s impossible.”“Humph. Why bother? Since you already have someone in your arms, I’m sure you can afford to hand over Miss Lin to me. After all, she is my…”“Shut your mouth!” Lin Qianzi was flustered. She immediately shouted to interrupt him.Is this both loving and hating each other? Bai Xiangxiu suddenly felt a cold glare coming her way just as she was thinking thus. She was taken aback by its sheer vehemence. She moved her line of sight towards Lin Qianzi and wondered just when she had offended this noble lady.The ruffian seemed to have noticed Lin Qianzi’s intention to cover up the truth. Because he had been born and raised in the jianghu, the notion of a female’s purity was of far less significance to him. And so, he smirked and responded, “Stop thinking about that nonsense and just get over here. What of your little matter? It’s not like that woman in his arms hasn’t been played around with by other men!”Even though Luo Yunzheng was currently surrounded by Long Heng’s men, he still publicly denounced Bai Xiangxiu without mincing his words. He was definitely a bit abnormal in the head. Bai Xiangxiu was flabbergasted. Since when had she been played around with? Moreover, everyone could clearly understand what the man was trying to imply. He wasn’t just talking about Bai Xiangxiu, but implicating Lin Qianzi too.The hell? Won’t this just make Long Heng angrier? Isn’t he implying that Long Heng was cuckolded by both his wife and his concubine? Bai Xiangxiu wanted to regain some face for Long Heng. If she was deemed unfaithful in addition to being disfigured by the large wound on her face, the male lead would definitely beat her to death immediately. It wouldn’t even matter if he had a good impression of her.Moreover, having been through so much, she didn’t want to be constantly bullied anymore. The whole matter had left a bad taste in her mouth. So, she walked over to Long Heng with her frightening face and looked directly into his livid face to say, “Your Highness. Don’t listen to his nonsense. Your concubine is still clean and untainted.” As her words rang out, she dramatically ripped off her right sleeve. There for everyone was to see, was a bright red chastity dot on her elbow, signifying that she had yet to lose her virginity.

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