Chapter 150: The Male Lead’s Charm

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 150: The Male Lead’s Charm

Long Heng almost laughed out loud from amusement, but his introverted personality helped him endure the urge. However, Xiaoshi had quietly come in to clean up the shards of the flowerpot and couldn’t hold back her snort of laughter. Only her mistress could think up things like hitting someone while making sure it didn’t hurt.Bai Xiangxiu was held in suspense until she realized she wasn’t going to be hit. Feeling both ashamed and angry by Xiaoshi’s laughter, she said, “What’s there to laugh about? Dismissed!”Her maid really lacked insight. The happy couple were ‘having a chat’ on the bed, but she was still cleaning up the flowerpot and dirt over there!Her flustered state made Long Heng’s heart itch. As soon as Xiaoshi ran away, still muffling her laughter, he took his beloved in his arms. “There’s only one way to hit you without causing pain. Let’s see if you want to try it right now!”When had the male lead turned so dangerously sexy? Even if Bai Xiangxiu really was too innocent and pure to understand things, his hands made his intentions all too clear.“Don’t… hnngh… touch, don’t pat, don’t pinch, ah…” She struggled as her eyes silently filled with tears. She hadn’t even rested for three days yet and still felt dizzy when she got off the bed. Was she doomed not to have any more normal days after this?Long Heng had already been thoroughly bewitched by her. Her breathy cries nearly made him forget the last shred of reason. He’d always thought his endurance to be greater than many others. Where was his self-respect as a man? He’d never imagined that this sweet and soft little body could make him cast away so many things and make everything else pale in comparison.Right when things were about to reach another level, someone knocked on the door. Long Heng finally remembered that it was dinnertime and reluctantly let her go. He quietly murmured into her ear, “I’ll settle things with you tonight.”Bai Xiangxiu had no words beyond murmuring, “Can you not?”“Can’t.”“You can even hear something so quiet, seriously…” Then she just wouldn’t talk about him behind his back in the future, alright?

Long Heng didn’t get off the bed, but piled up the covers on one side. “Someone come, bring over a small table.”

“No need, I can get off the bed.” She felt a little weak when she walked, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t walk at all, right?

“Just sit there and don’t move.” Long Heng sat with his legs crossed to wait for the servants to bring over a table, then some bowls, chopsticks, and dishes to pair with his wine. Every night, Long Heng had had the habit of drinking a cup of wine, a habit of multiple years. But Bai Xiangxiu had always heard her parents and their friends speak ill of alcohol. They knew of moderation, so they said a small cup a day was better. Any more and it’d hurt the body. Long Heng’s body was strong and sturdy, and he naturally liked wine. Still, it wasn’t good to drink too much.“Strong alcohol harms the body. It’s cold, too. Don’t drink too much!” She regretted her words as soon as she said them. Now she was meddling in other people’s business, and a man’s business at that. He’d probably be unhappy!Long Heng did indeed love his alcohol, but he liked the woman eating with him even more. Of course he’d be happy that she cared about him. “This wine isn’t worth drinking.” But then he glanced over at her and added, “If you don’t like the smell of alcohol, I won’t drink it in the future.”His words were as good as his actions, because he promptly had someone take away the wine. Did he have to be so docile? It even made her a little embarrassed. Long Heng didn’t seem to mind at all, and simply ate a lot in place of his usual wine. After he finished his meal, he saw that Bai Xiangxiu had only taken a few bites from her bowl. She really did eat slowly, but what did she mean by stopping?

“Eat everything.”

“.....” What did he mean, eat everything? She looked at her bowl, still half full of rice. Because she’d drank her medicinal soup just then, she couldn’t eat any more.But Long Heng wasn’t planning to let her off. He stared at her bowl as he arched an eyebrow. His eyebrow was slender and long, very good-looking. As if entranced, she couldn’t resist eating a few more bites. Finally she spoke up when she couldn’t eat any more. She might not have dared to in the past, but her courage had been growing in the last two days.“It’s easy to get indigestion if I eat this much at night. It’s not like I can go out and take a walk.” This was the truth, she really couldn’t muster enough strength for walking!Long Heng thought it to be true as well, but his other brain disagreed with her words. Though she couldn’t walk, if they made merry on the bed later, she’d be even more exhausted than strolling! Thinking up to here, he awkwardly turned aside, wondering what was wrong with himself. His brain never failed to come back to that.But there was no helping it. He was always hoping for it, wishing that the skies could get dark sooner so he could be together with her. He’d run over to keep her company even though she didn’t want to move out. It really did make him lose some face as a man. Originally, he’d come while still indignant, but all of his fury and flames had dissipated the second he saw her.After the meal, Bai Xiangxiu said with him on the bed and talked for a bit. Since it was about to grow dark, Long Heng shamelessly delayed his stay here. It looked like he was planning on sleeping over. It was very normal for the male master of the house to stay over, so each of them made their own preparations in a harmonious manner.

Bai Xiangxiu went to wash up first, then changed her clothes. By the time she got out, she was already tired enough to heave a sigh. Though her body was weak, she hadn’t done anything of note today. Why was she so tired?She snuck a peek at that tall figure by the bed. He should be the one who’s the most tired. Not only did he move about and shed tears, he had to repeatedly move her around. This was obviously physical work, but he looked like he’d eaten some sort of stimulant, given how flushed his face was.The novel hadn’t lied to her. This male lead really did have formidable stamina. “You may all leave!” Although he seemed very calm, his eyes were filled with sheer impatience. It looked like he would swallow Bai Xiangxiu whole right then there and there, disregarding any watching eyes.

Bai Xiangxiu was scared. Dang it, why did it feel like she was facing a wolf? What was this sudden urge to run away? Thus, she came to a stiff halt between the bed and table, afraid to approach him. She was thinking of how much she’d suffered being held and tormented by him. Of course, there were other feelings as well. Still, the dread overpowered the joy.Once the room had cleared, Long Heng noticed that Bai Xiangxiu was still standing there, hesitant. Her eyes were avoiding his to look around the room, as if she was afraid to come over. Instead of growing angry, he personally undid the clothes hanging loosely on his body, and tossed them to the side.Bai Xiangxiu only took a single glance before she felt her pulse quicken. Those healthy looking muscles covered in a light sheen of sweat had already burned themselves into her mind. Now even her body felt a little hot.The novel had said that the supporting female character Bai Xiangxiu had an exceedingly sensitive body. She especially liked muscular men like the male lead. The character had even had a lustful dream once after seeing his arms, increasing her desire to present herself to the male lead. When she’d first read about it, she hadn’t understood. How could the sight of someone’s arms throw her so out of control? Just how sensitive was this woman, and how thirsty? But now she understood completely, because a single look had turned her legs to jelly. Had this kind of male lead seduced her, too?

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