Chapter 189: Panic. Prince Li takes revenge

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 189: Panic. Prince Li takes revenge

It was at this precise moment that Long Heng sobered up. He was somewhat surprised at first, but quickly understood what was going on. He was aware that the enemy state was highly versed in the use of parasites. He had personally seen a subordinate of his murder his comrades after his eyes turned red.It was clear that Bai Xiangxiu was under the influence of a parasite. Only, it was a little odd that she’d been able to retain some of her consciousness. Fortunately, she had somehow managed to stop herself. Otherwise, she would’ve stabbed Long Heng with the scissors earlier, which might’ve actually killed him. But he wasn’t too concerned for his own safety right now. His mind was wholly concerned with Bai Xiangxiu.It wasn’t easy to cure parasitic toxins. He ripped the rope apart with his bare hands, stripping the skin from his wrists. However, Long Heng didn't bother even checking on it as he reached for her. While Bai Xiangxiu’s hands tussled with each other, Long Heng wrapped his hands around hers and wrested the weapon out of her right hand.

“Run…” Bai Xiangxiu used all of her remaining strength in her body to force herself to utter one word. Suddenly, with a strength she didn’t know existed, she broke free from Long Heng’s grasp and landed lightly on the ground. She then whirled on one foot, the other leg rising into the air to land a textbook kung-fu roundhouse kick on Long Heng’s head. The hell? When did I learn martial arts? Bai Xiangxiu was extremely depressed. Long Heng had noticed something amiss as well. This was a different kind of parasite. Not only did it allow another person to take control of the host’s mind, it seemed to bring out their untapped strength as well. However, it would also use up the vital energy of the host, and might even be lethal! I cannot allow her to be harmed! There are two lives on the line here! Long Heng swayed backwards to dodge her kick. In one smooth motion, he tore apart the bindings on his legs with his hands. The two began to fight without even an inch of clothing on their bodies. If anyone were to witness this scene, their jaws would surely drop to the ground. Fortunately, Bai Xiangxiu was only being controlled and wasn't actually a martial arts expert. Long Heng was able to take her back and clasp her tightly to him. He was careful not to use too much of his strength, since he was afraid that he might injure her. Since she was pregnant, how could her fragile body possibly withstand his full strength? However, Bai Xiangxiu continued to put up a struggle while in his arms. In the heat of the moment, he struck the back of her neck. Bai Xiangxiu immediately went limp. Long Heng quickly laid her down on the bed and stuck his still bleeding wrist in her mouth.Long Heng’s blood was capable of warding off parasites. Once ingested, the blood would then rid her body of the parasites. However, when the parasite toxin was cured by anyone else other than the originator of the parasite itself, the originator would then have to suffer from the horrible side-effects. For example, the toxins in their body might increase in potency by a hundred times.Duan Yunying was currently facing this exact side effect. The aphrodisiac levels in his body had been increased by several multitudes, making him very restless indeed. With no outlet, he could only run off to the nearby brothel to spend two straight days and nights with the prostitutes there. By the time he was sated, he had exhausted almost every single ounce of vital energy in his body. How did that woman retain her consciousness? Impossible! Even if there was a flaw in my parasite, there’s no way she could still retain her consciousness after ingesting it.This is inconceivable! She single-handedly foiled my plans! After too many rounds to count, he could no longer muster the energy to rise out of bed. He could only rest in a place he hated the most, with the kind of women he most disdained.What Duan Yunying didn’t know was that Bai Xiangxiu’s pregnancy was actually the root of all his troubles. The child she was carrying was Long Heng’s flesh and blood, and had inherited his bloodline. The child was able to restrain the parasite even through the confines of a womb. The child’s blood had also warded off the parasite and cleansed some of the toxins in Bai Xiangxiu’s body, which had allowed her to retain her consciousness. Of course, Huo’er had helped too. By frantically calling its mistress, it helped bring Bai Xiangxiu’s mind back to reality just as she had begun to float away.All sorts of coincidences had allowed Bai Xiangxiu to save Long Heng’s life, as well as her own. But the dangers had yet to pass. While Long Heng was helping Bai Xiangxiu cleanse the toxins from within her body, he suddenly noticed a speck of blood on her white underpants. He could feel his heart tremble. He quickly pulled her pants off to take a closer look and immediately felt his heart freeze. He yelled out, “Summon the doctor! Immediately!”No one dared to go near their residence when those two were taking their afternoon nap. But since Long Heng had channeled his internal force while shouting, it was loud enough for the far away servants to hear. They immediately summoned the doctor.  Xiaoshi and the others were shocked when they arrived in the room. A mama helped Bai Xiangxiu change into a sanitary pad, but they didn’t dare to move her too vigorously.The doctor diagnosed that there was a risk of miscarriage as soon as he arrived, which meant that Bai Xiangxiu would have to take some miscarriage preventing medicine. Moreover, she wasn't to be moved around as it would be extremely dangerous. Long Heng was furious. Duan Yunying’s true identity no longer mattered to him. Since he had harmed his loved one and his unborn child, Long Heng was not going to let him off unscathed. At the same time, Long Heng also realized why Bai Xiangxiu had able to retain her consciousness. When the doctor had left to concoct the medicine, he rubbed Bai Xiangxiu’s belly. “You are a strong and resilient child. Father is very proud of you. You must live. Father will avenge you by killing the man that hurt you.” Long Heng stayed by Bai Xiangxiu’s side to watch over her until she woke up.Gradually coming back into consciousness, Bai Xiangxiu blinked her eyes repeatedly. Her entire body felt extremely heavy. Her hands wandered down to her stomach. It was a little uncomfortable around there.“How do you feel? Does it hurt a lot?” Long Heng was holding her hands with anxiety written all over his face. There was even sweat coming from his palms.“It doesn’t hurt too much. I just feel a little bloated. Is he alright?” Bai Xiangxiu was feeling a little scared as well. Even though she might feel that the child in her stomach was troublesome, she knew she’d be devastated if the child was gone. Long Heng immediately consoled her. “Don’t worry. He’s doing fine.”Bai Xiangxiu breathed a sigh of relief after hearing his comforting words. She then looked at Long Heng and held his hand. “What about you? Are you alright? I seem to remember that… I almost stabbed you.” Not almost. I really did stab him. “That wasn’t me! It was someone else… It should be…”“I know. Don’t worry. You were being controlled by a parasite, but you’re cured now.”“Is that so? How was I cured?” With your blood? She noticed the bandage on Long Heng’s wrist after looking over him carefully. She immediately furrowed her brows and became quite visibly agitated. She wanted to struggle up to a sitting position, but Long Heng held her down and said, “No need to panic. I am totally fine. It’s just an injury I got when I ripped the rope apart.”

Recalling what they’ve previously done, the tip of Long Heng’s ears began to turn red. Bai Xiangxiu seemed to share the same sentiment because her cheeks flushed hotly as well.The couple remained silent for a long while until Long Heng finally broke the silence. “You should now focus on recuperating and not too much about other things. All will be well as long as you and the child are safe.”“Where are you going?” Bai Xiangxiu was feeling a little nervous. She had a feeling that he was about to do something particularly momentous.

“Don’t worry. I’m just going to get some revenge for the both of you.”“Mmn. You be careful. Give him a few extra punches for me and our child’s sake.” Bai Xiangxiu responded ruthlessly. Once she was done speaking, she slowly closed her eyes, falling back asleep. She was tired and needed rest. Long Heng patted her head. He originally thought that his kind-hearted wife would try to stop him, but hadn’t expected that she’d tell him to punch the man a few more times instead. And yet, how was this something that could be settled with just a couple of punches?

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