Chapter 209: Older Sister! Let’s Sleep Together!

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 209: Older Sister! Let’s Sleep Together!Bai Xiangxiu was taken aback when Yu Kuang suddenly barged into her room. He even bounded into bed like an energetic boy, his arms outstretched. Is he trying to say that he wants to hug me to sleep?Hello? Has this guy gone crazy?Is he trying to provoke Long Heng to a fight? Countless question marks appeared on top of Bai Xiangxiu’s head. She looked rather cute when all a-fluster.“Older sister. Come sleep!”“Are you… Yu Shū?” Bai Xiangxiu opened the window to take a look at the sky. Your mother! When did the moon become round? Wait, why didn’t he tie himself up as usual? Why did he suddenly barge into my room?No. He must’ve tried to tie himself up. She could see lacerations on his wrist, obviously caused by his attempt to break free from his bindings. His hands were bleeding badly and seemed really gruesome. “You wilful child! Why are you running around when you’re injured?” Bai Xiangxiu crossed the room to grab some medicine for external injuries, and grabbed his hand to apply it. However, Yu Shū decided to use this chance to pull her onto the bed.“Ah…!” Bai Xiangxiu was caught off guard, falling onto the bed. She was instantly swept into a tight hug by Yu Shū.Long Heng witnessed the scene, of course. He’d rushed out from his bath wearing only one thin layer of clothing after hearing the commotion. In a fit of rage, he immediately pulled Bai Xiangxiu away from Yu Kuang and gave him a ferocious punch. Unexpectedly, Yu Kuang didn’t even avoid his attack, taking the full brunt of the punch to the face. What’s wrong with him? Long Heng found that to be particularly strange. Yu Kuang could’ve avoided that kind of telegraphed punch in his sleep with his martial skills. Even stranger, why didn’t he even have the beginnings of a defensive stance? He had gone flying because of the punch. “Ouch! Why are you hitting people for no reason?!” Yu Shū was very much a child. He didn’t know how to protect himself. “Older sister! Older sister! It hurts! It hurts so much!” Yu Shū leaned on the wall, staggering to his feet in difficulty. There was blood on the corner of his lips and he seemed to be in a lot of pain. There were even tears on his face.“…” Long Heng was speechless. Is he really a man? Why is he crying?

Bai Xiangxiu suddenly walked over to him and caressed his head, consoling him with a gentle voice. “Don’t cry, don’t cry… be a good child. Older sister will help you apply some medicine and will stop that older brother from beating you up. Alright?”“Sure! Older sister treats me the best!”“…” Long Heng was struggling to make sense of the situation in front of him. He couldn’t wrap his head around this situation. His little wife was putting medicine on another man… or a boy, rather, while consoling him and wiping off his tears. It was literally a scene of an adult trying to console a child! Unfortunately, his eyes wasn't seeing the same thing as his mind. He just couldn't come to terms with it!However, there was nothing he could do about it. He put on the rest of his clothes and stared at them with his mouth agape. “What's wrong with him? Is his brain damaged?”

He couldn't possibly have given Yu Kuang this much brain damage when he hit the wulin alliance head... right? However it seemed that the alliance head had already been in that state before Long Heng had even hit him.“Wait just a moment. I'll explain everything when he falls asleep.”“Sleep? Here?”“Where else would he sleep? Shh. Don't be so loud.” Bai Xiangxiu couldn't possibly allow Long Heng to continue misunderstanding the situation. However, she had to settle the first problem in front of her before she could move on to the second one. Yu Shū was simply in too much pain. A grown man like him was now acting like a child, crying and throwing a tantrum. He finally fell asleep while hugging onto Bai Xiangxiu’s arm. He actually wanted to hug her, but that man was staring at him with such a scary expression on his face. He could only take a step back and settle with just holding onto an arm. He continued to whimper in pain until he finally fell asleep.

“Explain,” Long Heng said with extreme impatience.“Haha! Let's talk in the other room.” Bai Xiangxiu dragged Long Heng out of the room and explained everything about Yu Kuang in detail. She didn't tell him about the slightly more intimate moments of course. She did tell him that she believed Yu Kuang retained no memory of when he turned into Yu Shū though.Long Heng found it difficult to remain angry at the wulin alliance head. After all, it’d be wrong for him to be mad at a child… right? Unfortunately, this child was in an adult’s body! Was it really alright for him to be acting all cute and cuddly? Well, it’s true that I owe him for saving Bai Xiangxiu in the first place. He decided to endure it for one night and squeeze onto a tiny bed with Bai Xiangxiu.Yu Kuang opened his eyes in a confused state the next day. He couldn’t recollect anything that had happened yesterday. He only felt a stinging pain on his face. His expression quickly darkened when he touched his face. My face is clearly swollen! How did I get such a serious injury out of nowhere? A burly figure soon appeared in front of him. “Alliance Head Yu, why don’t we go outside to spar a few rounds  now that you’ve awoken?”“Prince Li. Why am I here?”“Go outside to train with me and you’ll soon understand.”“Alright,” Yu Kuang didn’t back down either after being challenged. Shu’er, who’d come to wait upon his master, got quite a shock when they walked by. The air was suffused with killing intent. What happened? Why is there such a murderous atmosphere so early in the morning?

The groggy Madame Xiu then came out of the room and frowned. “Where have they gone?”

“…” Shu’er struggled to make sense of the situation. Why did two men and one woman come out from the same room? Why did the prince go out to fight with that weird man? It just didn’t make sense to him no matter how he thought about it.

Whap! A slap visited his head. “Stop entertaining foolish thoughts! His Highness and I slept together last night in the room.”“What about him?” Why was he sleeping in the same room as well?“He had something to discuss with His Highness and stayed for the night as it was already late by the time they were done.” This is so awkward. Even a pure child like Shu’er is having such thoughts.“Oh.” Shu’er remained skeptical. He believed that it was inappropriate to stay for the night even if it was late. And even if that was true, why would they go out to fight so early in the morning?“Ignore those two. Put the wash basin down here.” Men were hot-blooded creatures after all. They’d calm down after a fight. She couldn’t be bothered as it was still early in the morning. Shu’er brought in porridge and picked vegetables for breakfast some moments later. He served three bowls of porridge as there were three people here.They didn’t have much of a choice in food selection. Food was in shortage after all. Simply having breakfast was already quite a luxury. She wasn’t picky at all. Long Heng and Yu Kuang entered the dining area after she’d wolfed down her breakfast. They both had some injuries here and there, but it didn’t seem too serious. “Take a seat and have some breakfast. I’ll go check up on the troops’ training progress.”Long Heng opened his mouth but didn’t say much else. He greatly appreciated that she wasn’t even complaining in times like these. When Long Heng saw how Bai Xiangxiu had left in a hurry, he quickly downed his porridge and left after putting on his armor. Yu Kuang caressed his cheeks. That kid was missing Bai Xiangxiu more and more. He’d been worried that Yu Shū might do something wrong, and now his fears had come true. He’d actually gone to the couple’s room to sleep? No wonder Long Heng was so angry. Fortunately, Long Heng hadn’t really fought him for real because Yu Kuang was here to help. Since Long Heng hadn’t gone all out, there had been no need for him to go all out either.He would go all out when the war with the enemy began!

Bai Xiangxiu tugged on Long Heng’s sleeves in excitement when he finally caught up to her. “Success! They’re so impressive!” Long Heng was oddly happy when she praised his subordinates. The edge of his lips lifted up to form a smile.

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