Chapter 224: Sinister, Schemes Within Schemes

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 224: Sinister, Schemes Within Schemes

Bai Xiangxiu continued to furrow her brows. The motive of their plan was simply too obvious. In fact, she was certain that their transmigrator was the mastermind behind this. She didn’t know why, but her instincts told her their actual target was her. However, she had no proof of that.  She couldn’t help but feel that something was up when she heard the sounds of battle. She suddenly stood up, “Sir Song, can you accompany me in handing out some of the bombs that I’ve just made? I can’t help but feel that the enemy is up to something.” It was almost like there was a pair of eyes staring at her from behind, just waiting to swallow her whole. It was a very indescribably awful feeling. Song Jiaoyue didn’t know why she was so worried, but he still decided to accede to her wishes. After all, he would be leaving soon. He had his own responsibilities as one of the Song family. He couldn’t possibly be as unrestrained as Yu Kuang and live on his own terms. His heart ached when such thoughts passed through his mind. However, he was careful not to have any expectations despite the heartache. He knew she would never be his. He would’ve suffered even more if there was even a whisper of hope remaining. He might even have done something that he’d regret for the rest of his life. But since there were no expectations, all that remained was regret and melancholy.Matters finally progressed when they finished preparing. A group of archers suddenly rushed out from the thousand strong army even as they were pushed back. The archers all had fire arrows in their hands and their firepower was now several magnitudes stronger than last time. These fire arrows volleyed towards Tranquil City like a rain of fire, causing tremendous damage.  Under the wrath of the bombardment, Prince Rong ordered, “Hurry! Go request reinforcements from the general!”“We can’t! He will fall into their trap if he comes to our rescue! We have to save ourselves. I’m sure we can.” Bai Xiangxiu knew that it would be a daunting task. It was obvious that the enemy was only creating a diversion to instigate a reaction and see how they would react. Their plan would be a success if Long Heng really tried to come rescue them. Most likely, an ambush capable of wiping out the entire army was hidden somewhere along his path. But if Long Heng really chose to not come to the rescue, the ambush could turn their attention to take down Tranquil City. Without any reinforcements, a place to return and recover, or even any communication from the back lines, Long Heng and the rest of his army would surely die besieged on all sides. .It was at this moment that Bai Xiangxiu finally realized that the enemy must’ve also noticed her presence. The enemy troops were arranged in a layered formation, and their numbers had been swelled from a thousand to five thousand because the enemy transmigrator had likely figured out that she wouldn’t call for reinforcements from Long Heng. It seemed that this had been their actual plan all along. They had only been waiting to see if Long Heng was informed of their invasion before they began their sneak attack. Even though Long Heng had left some of his shield troops behind, the enemy’s bombs were very effective at causing chaos amongst the ranks.  “Yu Kuang, since you’re adept at qinggong, can you help me out with something?” Bai Xiangxiu asked.Yu Kuang nodded his head, “Speak your mind.”“Lead the soldiers down the secret tunnels and bring some of the bombs… Wait! The tunnels!” Bai Xiangxiu voice suddenly turned into an agitated yell. Why did I forget about Guard Captain Chen? He knows about the secret tunnels!

Song Jiaoyue also realized the significance of the tunnels, “I will take some men there.”“My men can head directly into the tunnels from the city walls,” Yu Kuang added.“Alright. Then head for the tunnels with your men directly from the city walls. Try to throw the bombs into where the enemy is gathered the thickest and take out as many of them as you can.” The new bombs she’d manufactured this time were much more powerful. She warned, “Remind your men to throw the bombs from afar. They must be at least ten steps away. Do you hear me?”“Understood,” Yu Kuang went to grab some bombs from the soldiers and led the men from White Cloud Mountain and some other soldiers that wanted to help into battle. They weren’t afraid to use the bombs as they’d seen how others had used it before.Bai Xiangxiu paid no heed to the danger after forming a rescue team and seeing to all the arrangements. She went down to the tunnels herself to see how things were going. She made it there safely all thanks to the skilled bodyguards that Prince Rong had assigned to protect her.

The enemy had sent a team of highly skilled soldiers down the secret tunnels. In fact, the one leading them was the Guard Captain Chen Tao himself! She gnashed her teeth upon setting her eyes on him. This was a man who defected to the enemy’s side for the sake of power and even abandoned his own family! I can understand just a little why you might be willing to abandon your wife, but your even your mother as well? The most important question was, why hadn’t the bomb she’d left behind in his money pouch killed him yet?She looked at his waist almost instinctively and noticed that the pouch was still there. Can it be that he’d never once opened the money pouch after he’d defected? Isn’t this proof that…

“Sir Song,” Bai Xiangxiu quickly called out when she noticed that Song Jiaoyue was about to charge at them.Song Jiaoyue furrowed his brows. Why did this woman keep running running towards danger? He immediately squeezed through the crowd and ran up to her. “Why are you here?”“There’s something I have to tell you. Notice the money pouch on Chen Tao’s waist? Try hitting that pouch later when there’s nobody around him. There’s a surprise waiting for you!”

“You…” What surprise waiting for me? That’s definitely scary, alright? What’s a woman doing down here anyway? This is a battlefield! How can a woman possibly bear to be in such a place, when even a man like me who practices martial arts is feeling a little unaccustomed? Just as Song Jiaoyue was caught up in his thoughts, Chen Tao suddenly yelled, “You stupid woman! I’m going to kill you!” Su Yun had told him that he could spare anyone but her. He sent his troops all charging towards Bai Xiangxiu with a wave of his hand. Song Jiaoyue quickly pulled Bai Xiangxiu away from the danger and placed her on a rooftop. After that, he jumped back down to join the fight. Bai Xiangxiu was speechless. Why had he brought her to such a high place? How was she supposed to hide up here? She quickly hid behind a chimney and watched Song Jiaoyue fight. He fought and retreated at the same time, making sure no one would be able to get past him and get to her. He received multiple wounds in a blink of an eye as he fought a rearguard battle against multiple skilled enemies.Bai Xiangxiu was worried, “Come up and attack them with concealed weapons instead!”Song Jiaoyue was resigned. What use could a concealed weapon possibly have if they knew about its existence? However, he still threw his concealed weapons when he found a suitable opportunity as he was quite confident of his abilities. The pursuers paid no heed to his concealed weapons and continued their chase. It was at this moment that Song Jiaoyue suddenly jumped up high and flung a metal bead at Chen Tao’s pouch.Human nature was such that they could part with just about anything, except money. Therefore, Chen Tao had carried his pouch with him the entire time. Unfortunately, he could never have imagined that this pouch of his would one day be the cause of his death.BOOM! There was an enormous explosion.  Sounds of horror from the crowd was soon followed by blood spraying everywhere.

Someone had already jumped to protect her when she was just about to cower with her arms in front of her head. She knew exactly who this man was, and couldn’t help but feel a little touched by his actions. Even though they could no longer be together, she had to admit that this man was truly reliable.  The novel hadn’t lied to her. The male supporting character was indeed a very good man, but this man was not hers to keep. She had a man of her own. Even though her man didn’t treat her as tenderly, nor was as considerate as Song Jiaoyue, and was even outright overbearing sometimes, he was actually an extremely good man in his own right as well. A slightly cold sensation touched her lips while she was still caught up in her thoughts. It felt soft and gentle with a hint of blood.

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