Chapter 237: Famous Doctors From All Places Enter the Palace

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 237: Famous Doctors From All Places Enter the PalaceThe capital had been quite lively lately. Famous doctors from various places had arrived, and  it seemed that more were on their way. Even doctors from the enemy countries had been invited, which seemed a bit odd. Who had fallen ill in the palace for them to invite so many famous doctors?

Long Heng’s trusted aide shook his head, “It seems that it’s not a serious illness. Apparently these doctors all specialize in treating external injuries.”“Oh?” Song Jiaoyue became increasingly curious. Even though he knew the palace had been searching for excellent doctors, he felt it strange that they had even invited some doctors from the enemy country.“Do any of you know any famous doctors? Or, can any of you have someone place this on his body and take it into the palace with him?” Bai Xiangxiu took out a fragrance pouch. It seemed to be rather roughly made.Song Jiaoyue frowned with a twitch of his lips, “What is this for?”“This object is very useful. Do you remember when I told you about entering the palace? This was how I discovered what was going on.”“Oh?” This couldn’t be possible, right? But when he saw her confidence, she didn’t seem to be lying. Alright, Song Jiaoyue conceded. No matter how mysterious and fantastical, he was willing to unconditionally believe her words.“I can put it on his body, but we have to put some banknotes inside.” Long Heng’s trusted aide indicated that he didn’t have that much money!Bai Xiangxiu immediately took out two banknotes from her sleeve and said, “Are two hundred silver banknotes enough?” She remembered the concept of a poor home making for rich paths, and so had brought much money with her when she left home. Thus, Song Jiaoyue, Yu Kuang and everyone else looked at the pile of banknotes in her hand speechlessly.“Did you bring out all the money from the prince’s mansion with you?”“Nope. This is just some pocket money that the prince usually gives me to spend.”“...” Song Jiaoyue coughed softly. This old friend of his really did favor this little concubine, actually going as far as to give her so much money! On the other hand, Yu Kuang was thinking, so it turns out she likes money… Should I give her some?This was why they said that public displays of affection had to be limited to the appropriate time,  location and audience. Bai Xiangxiu’s little display immediately rendered the two men speechless. Bai Xiangxiu silently put the banknotes back. It seemed that the hearts of men were just as easily hurt as the hearts of women. She would have to keep this in mind in the future.She chuckled and continued, “Perhaps, we can glean something from those famous doctors. I’ll go into my room first.”She went into her room to find Huo’er and ask about the circumstances in the palace. However, her targets still didn’t say anything of Long Heng. Where are they keeping him? However, the people in the palace didn’t have any intention of harming the old madame and Xiao Lin just yet. In fact, they were treating the two very politely. Moreover, they hadn’t made any moves against the Prince Li Manor either. From this, she could see that nothing had happened to Long Heng. If he’d died, the emperor would have easily taken care of them by now.It wouldn’t be that easy to kill Long Heng either. Firstly, he was a loyal official, and more importantly, one who had been much glory for his accomplishments in battle. He was one of the most discussed topics since Bai Xiangxiu had returned to the city. Yet, none of the discourse she’d overheard contained any curses. After all, he had won many battles and defended their country. Most importantly, he had driven all the invaders out of the towns and cities that they had occupied. That alone was enough for the public to raise their drinks to him. Morale was especially high in the capital when talking about his accomplishments.In fact, this almost seemed like the Olympics or some competition with foreigners. No matter how badly the public saw them outside of competition, public sentiment would completely change as long as they gained glory for their country. No one would believe the emperor if he was to suddenly announce some sort of crime that Long Heng had allegedly committed. But if the emperor was to take action after these times passed, then it would become much easier.They all understood this principle, but they still couldn’t find the person they were searching for. As for Bai Xiangxiu, she waited patiently for news from Huo’er. Finally, on the second day, it overheard some pertinent news. It turned out the emperor had invited those famous doctors to help a woman heal the wounds on her face.Huo’er quickly told her of the circumstances inside, but it seemed that the doctor had been too afraid to speak his thoughts out loud, so they couldn’t learn much. However, Bai Xiangxiu had still grasped the situation a bit more clearly when she heard the emperor ask the doctor, “Come look at the wounds on this lady’s face. Is there any way to heal them?”

Because Bai Xiangxiu had determined that the person speaking was the emperor, Huo’er also called him the emperor when it relayed the events of the situation. The doctor assented and walked over. The emperor spoke again after roughly ten minutes, “Don’t worry, I will definitely heal your injuries.”

“Many thanks to Your Majesty. I am already very happy that Your Majesty has summoned all these dermatologists to look at my injuries.”Huo’er said that this was a woman’s voice. After some analysis, Bai Xiangxiu felt the only person who would dare address herself as “I” in front of the emperor was Su Yun. Moreover, the woman had used the more exact term of dermatologist to refer to the doctors. But that wasn’t right. Wasn’t Lin Qianzi the one locating doctors for her? How come the emperor was doing this now? Plus, it was extremely peculiar for the emperor to speak those words to a slave.The current doctor said the wound was very deep and that it would be a bit difficult to recover her face’s former appearance. It was likely that a scar would remain for the rest of her life. The emperor became extremely angry when he heard this. “Get out! Get this quack out of here!”The doctor was promptly thrown out, depriving Bai Xiangxiu of the ability to overhear anymore. However, she felt that perhaps the emperor hadn’t just bedded Lin Qianzi, but also Su Yun. Everyone spoke of the beauty seducing the man, but it was likely that only a transmigrated female could seduce a man so well without looks to help her.Just when she was about to resign herself to not being able to receive any news of Long Heng, Song Jiaoyue suddenly returned from his home with a very strange expression on his face. He called everyone over before speaking, “I was visited by a man dressed in black last night and offered some information about Long Heng. Although it wasn’t much to go on, I couldn’t question him at all. His martial ability was far above mine. Once he had told me what he wanted to, he left without another word.”“What did he say?” Something worth gathering everyone together for was absolutely not simple.“He said that Long Heng has been imprisoned in the Imperial Justice Dungeons. It’s a place that’s been abandoned for many years.“What?!” Bai Xiangxiu became excited at the news. But then she started to pace in a circle as she thought about it some more, “Sir Song, do you think this is a trap?”Song Jiaoyue sighed. It was good that she had calmed down, otherwise he didn’t know how he would have convinced her of the dangers. “There’s that possibility. That man’s level of martial arts ability was so high that I could not even catch up to him. For that type of a man to bring this type of news, it’s a bit suspicious.”“But, this was such a difficult piece of news to obtain. We can’t move forward without confirming this.” Bai Xiangxiu pondered. If this is a trap, it’s probably aimed at Long Heng’s trusted aide and Song Jiaoyue. Song Jiaoyue in particular actually. If he really does take action, he might be implicated, and when the time comes, the entire Song clan will be done for.Yu Kuang spoke up at this moment, “What if I go?”

“No, if this is a trap, all of you may be lost forever. How would they have possibly send anyone to Sir Song if they hadn’t completed all their preparations?”

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