Chapter 244: Being Carried Through the Day

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 244: Being Carried Through the Day

Long Heng didn’t lie idle even though he was injured. There was all sorts of matters he had to deal with both in Shu County and the capital. He was busy working all the way until midnight before he finally could go to bed. Next day, Bai Xiangxiu nearly burst with joy as everyone around her hailed her as princess consort. She’d been stressed ever since she’d arrived in this world, and had never imagined that there would come a day where she would feel like she’d made it in this life. Wouldn’t it have been better if she’d transmigrated into the body of a princess consort in the first place? However, she’d much prefer becoming anyone other than the female lead. She’d fret herself to death! Ignoring how things have ended up for her, how does the female lead even handle being surrounded and pestered by so many guys?

Bai Xiangxiu was already worn out with just Long Heng alone. She’d given birth to a child for him, and had to take care of the household matters as well. After that, she had to manufacture bombs and deal with a bunch of scheming bitches and white lotuses. It was genuinely quite a handful! But she didn’t have much of a choice. Her husband was the male lead after all! She was already quite content that he hadn’t gotten some mistresses to compete with her.Unfortunately, Long Heng only told Bai Xiangxiu about the autumn hunt after he was done with his matters and temporarily regained his footing in the capital. He also casually mentioned that both the husband and wife were expected to attend. It was an annual event for the emperor, an autumn and spring hunt. Although named a hunt, it functioned more like an outdoor banquet. He’d bring a gaggle of princes, his concubines and senior officials to nurture relationships and enjoy a good time. It was similar to the year-end company parties of modern times.

“He wants you to go even though you’re so seriously injured. He… he’s such a bastard!” This was the second time she’d called the emperor a bastard now. Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone else around to hear it this time.Long Heng didn’t blame her for saying that either. “Don’t say bad things about the emperor when you’re in front of others, but you can even call him a cowardly idiot or whatever you want when you’re just with me.”Pfff! Bai Xiangxiu burst into laughter. Long Heng sounded so old fashioned, like he was some loyal subject to the country at first. So, she never expected that he’d add on such a disloyal sentence at the end.“Why are you laughing? Are you no longer worried about my condition?”“Then what should we do about it?”“Get someone to carry me!”“Huh?” Long Heng had been walking around looking unfazed lately. Wouldn’t it be a little inappropriate for him to be carried around? “If it was your plan to be carried there all along, why did you walk back two days ago so nonchalantly?”“You’re using the wrong words to describe things again. He wanted to make a fool out of me on that day, but I refused to let him get what he wanted. He wants to try to make a fool out of me tomorrow, so I will make a fool out of myself first before he can. I genuinely wish to see how he will order a man around who was carried there to accompany him for the hunt.”“You have a point. My husband is such a smart man!” In the heat of the moment, Bai Xiangxiu lifted up on her tiptoes to kiss Long Heng’s cheeks as a reward.Now that they were official husband and wife, the air between them had completely changed even though they already had had a child together. This was probably due to the change in attitude for them both. Long Heng could no longer treat Bai Xiangxiu as frivolously as before since they were now officially husband and wife. Treating her like a concubine would be inappropriate. However, Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t get used to him being all serious. So, she became the one with the frivolous attitude instead.Long Heng liked being intimate with her, however he was worried that she might not take things seriously this time. “We must act circumspectly in this outing, alright?”“I understand. Don’t worry about it.” Bai Xiangxiu went off to choose her clothes after giving him a peck on the cheek. After all, she would have to walk even though her husband was being carried there! She wouldn’t just be walking, she’d have to ride on a horse as well. She’d have to wear women’s riding fear to the hunt, but she soon realized that she didn’t have such a thing after going through all of her clothes.Xiaoshi suddenly spoke up while she was being a little depressed over that fact, “Madame Xi-... Princess Consort. Song manor has sent someone over to deliver a gift. Do we accept it?”“Yes, and please let Madame Song know I appreciate her generosity.” It was still early in the morning, but many were already sending their gifts. Bai Xiangxiu accepted all the gifts without exception and acted as though the Prince Li Manor was in total harmony like before. None of the outsiders could tell that trouble was actually brewing.Truth be told, not even the servants in the Prince Li Manor could tell that something was happening. The capable Long Shuting had made sure of that. The servants still believed that the old madame and the young prince were being kept in the palace because of some fortuitous reasons. Otherwise, the old madame would definitely have come to see her son by now. Most importantly, there was a lot of gifts. Everyone was feeling happy on the inside despite there being no banquet.

“Hire a few tailors to make you a few set of clothes. You’ll need to wear it when you leave the house in the future anyways.” Long Heng told Bai Xiangxiu while she was still fretting over her clothes.“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” She was now a princess consort. There will definitely be times where she’d have to go out to mingle with others. Women in the olden times also enjoyed going out on holidays on horseback. Riding gear was also quite trendy. Bai Xiangxiu immediately had someone summon a tailor and ordered five sets of clothing. She told them to make two sets by tomorrow as she needed them for the hunt. All of a sudden, it felt like she was shopping with her boyfriend from modern times. She placed the cloth over her body and asked, “Your Highness, why don’t you choose a color for me.”“Anything is fine.” Long Heng was feeling a little troubled, but he didn’t want to disappoint her when she looked so excited.“Anything is not a color!” Oh no. I’m flirting with him in front of other people. However, she soon realized that she wasn’t doing anything wrong after putting some thought into it. She was now his wife after all!She looked at Long Heng with a pitiful look on her face which lighted a blaze in his heart. Woman, just wait until my wounds are healed. But on the surface, all he said peacefully was, “Blue is fine.”“Mm. Blue will match well with this light blue waistband. As for the other, I want it pink with a bright yellow waistband. Can you finish it by tomorrow morning? Try to make it fit my body well. I don’t want it to be too loose.”“Of course! I will definitely deliver it to the princess consort by tomorrow morning.” All he needed to do was hire a few skilled tailors to sew the clothes overnight. It won’t take too long with the right amount of hands.Power and authority was definitely the best catalyst to get things done. When she was a concubine, she would even have to ask for permission before she could get someone to make clothes for her. Now that she had been promoted, she no longer needed to care about such things.“Are you happy?” Long Heng could tell how happy she was. She only thing she hadn’t done yet was dance around in joy. There was a little skip in her stride and she’d even occasionally hum some sort of odd tune. Long Heng didn’t lie idle after entertaining his wife. He was worried that she might act like this tomorrow. She didn’t seem demure and dignified at all. However, he didn’t dislike it one bit. Bai Xiangxiu was very eye-catching when she was being like this. It was almost like light was emanating from her body. Long Heng was incredibly surprised by the fact that she was actually filled with so much vigor. He’d never noticed this fact before. Next day, Bai Xiangxiu put on her light blue riding gear after she was done packing up what she needed for the hunt. Her hair was tied up into a bun using an aqua colour strap, making her seem extremely elegant. In fact, she even seemed to look like some sort of deity.

This was how she prefered to dress up in the first place. She would need to dress up in formal palace wear if she was going to a banquet, but she was now going hunting, which required something light and simple instead. As for Long Heng, he was currently lying down in a horse carriage. There was a sedan chair below the carriage, except it was entirely flat and was padded with something soft. A man could lie down on the sedan chair and it’d be as comfortable as lying on a real bed.The edge of his lips raised slightly to form a sly smile as he slowly scanned the curves on Bai Xiangxiu’s body. Any more and he could probably engulf Bai Xiangxiu with just his gaze. Bai Xiangxiu had nowhere to hide from his gaze. She could only say, “What exactly do you want to say to me?”

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