Chapter 251: Oh Dear Ol’ Female Lead

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 251: Oh Dear Ol’ Female LeadThe enemy’s lieutenant went on talking. “However, that Lin woman, who’s now dressed in white, suddenly came out from nowhere holding her child while Commander Lu was still busy carrying out the punishment. Commander Lu went after her of course, as he wanted to leave his brother a descendant. Since she was just a lone woman, it didn’t take long before she was caught. After that, she kept trying to escape and kept on yelling that the commander’s brother was not the father, and that the child was fathered by… what was his name again? Right. It was a man with the surname Luo.”Long Heng immediately glanced at the forest after he heard those words. A wry smile soon formed on his face as he turned his gaze forward after a fraction of a second. Bai Xiangxiu could tell from his gaze that there was someone there. She glanced over to the forest instinctively, but she saw nothing.“That woman had always acted a little crazy. She couldn’t even manage to hold the boy properly and flung the child into the air while they were tugging and pulling over the child. Everyone was frozen with surprise and no one reacted in time. It was at this moment when that woman, the one now dressed in blue, came out of nowhere and threw herself at the child in an attempt to save it. Nobody knew how she managed to escape from her bonds, but she was probably hiding in a dark corner, biding her time for a chance and escape. Everyone clearly saw her jump into the air, but there was nothing she could do. Not even a martial arts expert could’ve saved that child. Then, the child bumped into something headfirst and immediately stopped breathing.”Everyone immediately felt frost grip their hearts. She’d killed her child by mistake. Bai Xiangxiu also looked a little dazed. It looked like she’d fallen into a stupor because of some unpleasant memories.

The man quickly continued in an effort to buy his quick death, “I have no idea what that woman was thinking. Oh, I mean the woman in white. She suddenly blamed the woman in blue for killing her child, and the woman in blue quickly yelled back some very harsh words. I’ve never seen a woman scold someone with such gusto in my entire life. It was so pleasing to the ears! Hahaha...” The lieutenant coughed a few times after laughing and continued. “Commander Lu was greatly saddened over the loss of the child, so he imprisoned the woman in white again.”“What happened after that?” Long Heng inquired. He desperately wanted everyone present, including the emperor, to know what happened after that.“After that, it was just happy times for our lads. That woman’s attitude totally changed. She just kept talking about avenging her child. I was even worried for a moment that she might become suicidal, but all she wanted was to kill that woman, the one here in blue. She seduced Commander Lu to have him kill that woman woman in blue, and even voluntarily warmed the commander’s bed. But the commander wasn’t interested in such a loose woman and quickly lost interest after a few days. He gave her to us instead. Heh. That was something! I’m never going to forget her taste, even though it felt a bit dirty since so many of the other lads had her as well. But her body was just so irresistible! She kept asking us to free her when we were doing it, but who would possibly risk their life to free her? She was so easy! We only had to be nice to her a little for her to think that we’d fallen in love with her. She wouldn’t stay away from you after that. In fact, some of the lads even fought over her. This irritated the commander so much that she got locked up again! We never saw her again after that as our base soon fell at the hands of you lots! But, I still think about her body to this day…”“Shut up!...” The emperor was so mad that he was trembling on his chair. He nearly fell off his seat. As for Minister Lin, he continued to kneel as he was mute from disbelief. He finally broke his silence with a cough, spraying out a fountain of blood as he fainted.Long Heng however, seemed unconcerned by everything. He waved his hand, “Take Minister Lin away to rest!” After that, he gently nudged the dumbstruck Bai Xiangxiu forward. She even started a little surprise before quickly kneeling in front of the emperor as well.“Your Majesty, this man has long since told this subject everything, but I decided to keep it a secret all this time. However, I’m worried that Noble Lady Qian might try to harm my beloved wife sooner or later, which was why I sought him out to reveal the truth to everyone today. My wife didn’t kill Noble Lady Qian’s son. It was Noble Lady Qian herself who is to blame, but she chose to try and blame my wife. Your Majesty, please make a wise decision.”Bai Xiangxiu had never imagined that the female lead had led such an eventful life in the enemy camp. She originally thought the female lead had only serviced that perverted to the core Commander Lu. There was no way he would ignore meat that was so readily available to him. Unexpectedly, he even decided to share her with other men! Lin Qianzi wasn’t treated as a human at all. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t blame him for doing that. He’d went through so much trouble to retrieve his brother’s only descendant, but she’d flung the child to his death instead. He might have even done that to avenge the child. No matter what, this was probably the end of the road for the female lead. It’d probably be very difficult for the emperor or Minister Lin to save her at this point, even if they wanted to. Ignoring the rest of her sins, the fact that she’d slept with so many enemy soldiers was an insult and shame of incredible proportions!

“I understand. We shall deal that man first!” the emperor said dejectedly.The man quickly broke into roaring laughter. “You’re the emperor? I won’t have any regrets even if I were to die now, knowing that I’ve had such great time with your woman… AHH!...”

Long Heng smashed his head in before he could finish his sentence. Or more like he’d finished saying what Long Heng wanted him to say. Thump! The man lay motionless on the ground, dead.

Yes, his head had been smashed into pieces. From a distance as well. People in the surrounding either shrieked and fled in horror or had an ashen look on their face like the emperor.The emperor had said to deal with him, but did Long Heng have to end his life in such a gruesome manner? Long Heng had taken the soldier’s life with a palm strike even though there was a ten steps distance between them. Long Heng was only five steps away from the emperor and could probably kill the emperor with just a palm strike as well. Everyone realized that fact, and no one dared censure Long Heng. His abilities were simply too astounding to possibly measure. It’s a good thing to show off your domineering side, but why the hell are you covering your princess consort’s eyes with your other hand? Do you not care about others? Is it fine for you to scare everyone else to death as long as your wife is fine!? Is this really a good time to show your love towards each other in public?“Why? What’s happened?” Why did someone scream? I even smell vomit and heard someone fall down. It sounded like someone fainted, but why someone faint for no reason?” Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t see anything since her eyes were covered by one large hand. She had no choice but to ask curiously.“It’s nothing. Clean up and take your leave. We shouldn’t startle His Majesty.” Long Heng’s subordinates immediately began to clean up the mess after they heard Long Heng’s orders. A couple of them even gave the grass a full wipedown. Nobody could tell that something that bloody had just happened after they were done.People in the crowd that didn’t faint from the shock chastised Long Heng inwardly. Prince Li, don’t you actually mean that you don’t want to frighten your princess consort when you say that you didn’t want to startle His Majesty?

Long Heng finally took away the hand covering Bai Xiangxiu’s eyes when the corpse was hauled away and all the blood mopped up. The first thing she saw was the emperor waving his hands to have them all rise. As for Long Heng, he seemed to be struggling a little and leaned against Bai Xiangxiu. He made it seem like he was just about to give in to his injuries.

The crowd was thinking something else. You just killed someone with a palm strike from ten feet away! Who’s going to believe this weak and injured act!

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