Chapter 271: Bringer Of Chaos, Noble Consort Su

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 271: Bringer Of Chaos, Noble Consort Su

Long Heng’s mouth twitched. He knew that there was nothing between them, but he just didn't like seeing them talk to each other. He genuinely hated what they spoke to each other, even though it was just a simple greeting. “Say what you need to say. Piss off when you're done."

Cough… Long Heng.” No matter what he's still our savior! How can you be so cold to him?

Long Heng was depressed. Bai Xiangxiu had gotten used to calling him by name. Truth be told, this was his fault as he was the one who’d insisted that she address him by name in private. And because of that, Bai Xiangxiu was calling him by his name even when others were around. She only acted respectful when there were outsiders present. Everything seemed to have changed, yet it seemed like nothing had changed after they’d officially became husband and wife. Long Heng liked this feeling and had slowly come to accept this change. He didn't hate it, he just couldn't come to terms with the fact that the little lass that used to faint at the drop of a blood was slowly growing out of his grasp. Or possibly, it was he who had helped her grow stronger. After all, she was indeed different after a trip to the frontlines.

Even his mother had said that she’d used to feel that Bai Xiangxiu was unsuitable for the position of the matriarch of the household because of her background from a small family. Bai Xiangxiu was simply too cowardly and low profile back then, but she seemed to have changed, and his mother could now let go of household affairs with peace of mind.

Yu Kuang didn’t mind in the slightest, only Song Jiaoyue soon left with a wry laugh, his mind and heart almost breaking. Yu Kuang, however, was quite thick-faced and sat down without a fuss, accepting the tea that servants offered. “Two notable doctors have gone missing in the jianghu. I followed their trails to the capital and ran into him and him.” He nodded at Long Heng and looked outside.

“Him?” Bai Xiangxiu followed his gaze outside but didn’t see anyone.

“That person is too shamefaced to see anyone, particularly you.” Long Heng’s viper tongue was at work as soon as he spoke, and Bai Xiangxiu wondered just who it was that he disliked so much.

“Hmm?” A figure vaulted in from outside just as she was confused. He had extremely good qinggong skills and so hadn’t been discovered beforehand, but two people immediately followed him in. One of them was Long Heng’s concealed bodyguard, and the other was Ah Song.

“Ah! A m-man…” Xiaoshi had grown used to men leaping around due to her service by Bai Xiangxiu’s side, so this discovery of Ah Song as a man was rather shocking. They’d worked together before, but Ah Song had been a woman then.

“Yes, we know. He’s a man, don’t be agitated.” It looked like Xiaoshi had received quite a shock as she was staring right at Ah Song, openmouthed.

Long Heng ignored her and waved his hand, “You may go.”

The guards left, but Bai Xiangxiu definitely saw Ah Song walk out with a red face. What’s going on? Does he like Xiaoshi? The more she thought back to that day, the more she thought it possible given how the two interacted with each other. Ah Song’s age wasn’t old either, and he was easily embarrassed. He should be a good man, but it was a pity that he was a concealed guard with an irregular work schedule. His job was also rather high risk as he had to put himself forward whenever his master was in danger, sometimes even blocking the threat with his body. It was a good thing that his master was strong and thus decreased much of the pressure of his job.

“Hey, you should at least pay attention to me even if you don’t welcome me, no?” Luo Yunzheng was beyond depressed. This woman had cleanly ignored him ever since he’d jumped into the room. He’d discovered that this lass was rather different from when he kidnapped her before, and it seemed that his impression had been confirmed.

“Oh, hello.” Bai Xiangxiu’s gaze flitted back to him, still oblivious to the pressing situation in front of her.

“Eh…” Luo Yunzheng rubbed his nose and laughed, “Your Highness, you’re the only one who can handle her.”

She was a bit similar to Lin Qianzi in that they didn’t strictly adhere to propriety, but also different as she would never be shy or act like a little woman in front of another man. She was open and forthright, as if the two were siblings.

“She’s very good.”

If it’d been Prince Li saying this, Bai Xiangxiu would’ve definitely looked at him with a reddened face and thought ‘what’s with this self-glorifying proclamation! You’re showing off our love in public!’ But it was a pity that it was Yu Kuang who’d spoken those words, and he’d used a tone of I’m so very familiar with you, we’re not outsiders with each other. Long Heng’s face instantly darkened a few shades further.

Bai Xiangxiu covered her face with one hand. The hell, this kid hasn’t changed his overly direct habits at all! Good thing he’s part of the jianghu, he’d probably have offended all sorts of people in court already. At least that miserly emperor would’ve chopped off his head ten times over already!

“Oh… there’s something going on between you two!”

Damn it, I forgot there’s also a jokester hanging around. He won’t say anything nice.

Long Heng finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and he roared, “If you don’t want to be here, then all of you should scram!”

“And what are you doing here?” Bai Xiangxiu flinched at the sudden shout and hastily changed the topic.

“A friend of mine’s gone missing—that miracle doctor who brought you out of Red Maple Mountain villa before. His wife and kids asked me for help, so I have to help them.”

“Oh? So you were cooperating with them back then too…” She’d just responded when the man beside her flashed into action. I say, he seems rather dependable and mature normally, why is he so impulsive when he sees Luo Yunzheng? But Bai Xiangxiu quickly understood after some thought. She had been discovered to be pregnant when Long Heng and Miss Lin were supposed to marry, and Luo Yunzheng had almost caused her to lose the child. She also felt a pang hit her heart now when she thought about the possibility of losing the cute Xiao Lin, so instead of stopping her husband as she’d originally planned, she added, “Your Highness, why don’t you beat him up outside? Don’t break our furniture.”

Luo Yunzheng almost fell over, “Your woman is so miserly.”

“This prince will throw you out if you don’t start speaking of serious matters.”

“I haven’t had the chance to, alright? Stop for now, we can fight afterwards.”

Bai Xiangxiu didn’t know that her words had actually defused the situation. She’d be sad if things were broken, but how could it be called a fight if things weren’t broken? Therefore, both men calmed down and sat across from each other, as if they hadn’t just been spoiling for a fight just then. Inwardly, she was rather amazing, especially since Luo Yunzheng truly did get down to business and start speaking of the missing doctor.

The doctor had been hired by a family with a high price, but Luo Yunzheng couldn’t even locate the family when he came looking. The family had only stayed there a few days, and neighbors said that they seemed to have come from the capital. That was why he’d traveled to the capital until he met Yu Kuang.

There had been a wondrous doctor near White Cloud Mountain who’d gone missing, and he’d also vanished in a manner quite similar to Luo Yunzheng’s description. Yu Kuang had followed the trail to an inn, and apparently quite a few outsiders had come a few days ago. However, the inn had burned down, and that was when he’d bumped into Luo Yunzheng.

“The inn’s secret backer is someone from the palace. This prince was going to investigate who exactly they were, but it’d been burned to the ground today. But, I did find out some details about the person.”

“Who is it?”

“She came to the Prince Li Manor today and and stayed at that inn for a while before coming. I didn’t know who she was, but learned of Noble Consort Su’s arrival after I returned home today.”

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