Chapter 279: The Hunt And A Visit

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 279: The Hunt And A Visit

Bai Xiangxiu caressed her stomach as a very surreal feeling gripped her. She remembered how there’d been some side effects when she’d had Xiao Lin, so why hadn’t she felt anything this time? Was it simply not time yet, or was the child too resilient? It’ll be better if the child is a boy considering how resilient it is. A resilient girl wouldn’t be found likeable by everyone. But I still hope that it’s a girl. That way, I will have both a girl and a boy. She couldn’t be bothered to ask whether Long Heng wished it to be a boy or girl, because he’d surely say that he would prefer a boy. This was a man who wanted to take his sons into the battlefield for goodness sake!

Long Heng recovered very quickly since his injuries really were just flesh wounds, like he’d said. However rumours were quickly spreading outside that he was heavily wounded, because the Prince Li Manor had even brought in a coffin into the manor. Princess Consort Li might also seem fine on the surface, but one could easily tell that she was feeling haggard. She even needed two maids to support her when she walked! Prince Li Manor was enveloped in a cloud of gloom. They were even attacked by assassins from time to time. However, the assassination attempts all failed thanks to a few wulin protectors.

Su Yun seemed to also be making plans to escape the palace. The emperor had begun to detest her greatly and was even trying to dissolve her power base in the palace. She wasn’t about to sit around and wait for impending doom, so she’d begun to contend both overtly and covertly against the emperor. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a child with the emperor, or she could have planned an assassination and become the empress dowager.

“Su Yun plans to inform the enemy nation about what’s happened to you. She is currently thinking of a way to send a messenger.”

“Very good! I couldn’t ask for better!” Long Heng was reading a book with a coat draped over his shoulders. This injury that he’d received was worth it! He no longer had to worry that he’d push his princess consort down onto the bed. She was now much too weak and couldn’t handle a fall. She had so little appetite that she’d even only take small nibbles when eating fruit.

“Why do you seem so content with every move that they take?”

“The enemy likely wouldn’t dare make a move with just rumors alone. However, they might become more motivated if they receive insider information.”

“That’s true. Open your mouth. Fruit is good for you.”

“...I’m only injured. You’re the one who’s pregnant.”

“It’s all the same. We both need to take in nourishment.”

“Fine.” Long Heng had no choice but to let his wife feed him while he read his book. It was quite a pleasant experience, except it was hard to concentrate on both of them. Bai Xiangxiu was fooling around and kept on stuffing food into his mouth, and there was nothing he could do about it. They only stopped their childish game when Long Shuting arrived moments later. Immediately, Long Heng expressed his inability to have dinner that night.

“Your Highness, there has been an increase in assassination attempts lately, but there is only silence and peace today. Nobody has come.”

“I understand. Continue to be alert.”

“Understood. Also, Sir Song has come to visit you. I wonder if…”

The master of the house was more wary of Sir Song than he was of thieves. No, it was beyond pure caution, as he would always chase away Sir Song with all sorts of excuses. But now that the world believed that Long Heng was gravely injured, it’d be inappropriate not to see Sir Song. Long Heng had to put on an act, such as vomiting blood or the like, every time someone wished to see him. Long Heng was a very straightforward person and disliked putting on a front, so he didn’t allow many to see him.

Long Shuting was asking for Long Heng’s decision. He would have to make some preparations if Long Heng planned to see his friend. After all, things like fake blood required a little bit of time to prepare.

“Just let him in. No need to prepare fake blood or whatever. It stinks up the house.” People were still living in this house, especially Bai Xiangxiu. He had no idea why Bai Xiangxiu was so well-behaved all of a sudden. She was adamant on sleeping beside him, even though she clearly knew that he wouldn’t be able to do the deed because of his injuries. It was almost like she believed that a married couple should never sleep separately. Long Heng had gotten used to it by now and allowed her to do as she pleased.

Bai Xiangxiu simply thought that a modern husband and wife would never sleep separately unless they were quarrelling. Otherwise, they should sleep together all the time. The servants used to stop them from sleeping together when it was her time of the month, but Long Heng thought that moving back and forth each month was simply too troublesome. Since he wasn’t too bothered by it either, Bai Xiangxiu continued to sleep in his room. And because of that, Bai Xiangxiu had gotten used to sleeping beside him. She would surely be furious if Long Heng made her move to another room.

There was one time when Long Heng wanted to move into another room because Bai Xiangxiu was sick and he wanted to let Xiaoshi take care of her. However, she had then said, “If you leave this room right now, don’t ever move back in.”

Long Heng didn’t like being threatened, but it also depended on who was threatening him. For some reason, men would always toss aside all needs for face when they were with their wives. But Long Heng was taking it a step further by finding it sweet even when it was bitter. Long Heng had found himself in such a situation where he believed that she was only flirting and didn’t want him to leave. And thus, he chose not to leave, and from then onwards, he no longer brought up the topic of moving out.

Bai Xiangxiu summoned Xiaoshi and the other maids to clean up the bed. There was fruit residue all over because they’d been fooling around just now. It’d be fine if others were to see it, but Sir Song was a guest!

Song Jiaoyue arrived right after they were done cleaning up. He was actually quite worried about Long Heng instead of just thinking about Bai Xiangxiu. Long Heng and Song Jiaoyue was still close friends after all, why wouldn’t he come visit when he heard that Long Heng was injured?  Unfortunately, he was stopped at the door every time he came to visit, making him feel quite panicked indeed.

When he heard that he was finally allowed inside the manor, he originally thought that he’d be greeted by a Long Heng at the doorstep of death. Instead, all he saw was a Long Heng lounging on the bed with his hair let loose and a rosy complexion.  Bai Xiangxiu was right by his side and didn’t seem to be in grief and pain, unlike what the rumors had painted. Song Jiaoyue caught their scheme within a second. He smiled wryly and asked, “And what are the two of you up to now?”

“Haven’t you figured it out by now? I’m trying to lure the snake out of its hole.”

“But was it really necessary to get yourself so wounded?”

“Would they dare to make their move if I wasn’t bedridden?”

“Servants, serve Sir Song some tea and pastries.” Bai Xiangxiu was about to leave after giving that order. It wasn’t suitable for a woman to cut in when the men were talking, especially since she had had a special relationship with Song Jiaoyue in the past. Thanks to Su Yun’s efforts, there were all sorts of rumors about the two of them in the capital. It’d be better for her to avoid these things to the best of her ability. However, Long Heng grabbed her hand before she could turn to leave. “It has gotten colder outside, so it’s better that you don’t walk about when your body is still so frail and sickly. It’s not a problem if you sit in the room with us.”

“Uhh… Mm.” Wasn’t he always afraid that we’d meet? Why is he keeping me here today? Also, doesn’t he hate being too affectionate in front of others? Why is he being so casual all of a sudden?

“I’m afraid I’ll be lying in a coffin in a few days, so it’ll be hard on you then. You should protect yourself well no matter what, and also remember to protect him.” After that, he glanced at Bai Xiangxiu’s stomach with very flirty eyes.

Oh god. Bai Xiangxiu instantly understood what was going on. He was showing off their affection in front of a bachelor. Long Heng, you’re evil! “Mm… I will.” Bai Xiangxiu nodded gently. She had no idea who this man affecting a weak air in front of her was. “Do you really plan on going that far? What if they examine the corpse…?” They will definitely try to make sure that he’s dead. How are we supposed to continue the act if they find out the truth?

“I would already be lying in a coffin if I wasn’t trying to obtain a good substitute corpse. After all, the miracle doctor’s wife and his disciples aren’t miracle workers in the end. It’ll take them some time to create a fake face.


“You want to ask about the corpse? It’s already prepared. It’ll be a body from a death row prisoner. He sold his body willingly.”

“If anything happens to you, the border will be likely be in danger.” Song Jiaoyue sighed. Long Heng laughed derisively. I’ve been guarding the border for such a long time, It’s about time I got some rest!

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