Chapter 292: Xiaoshi’s Pure Husband

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 292: Xiaoshi’s Pure Husband

When Xiaoshi first met Ah Song, she’d thought him to be a woman. Indeed, Ah Song was so beautiful that she herself felt inferior to him. He was supposedly a trusted aide of Prince Li, but had definitely lacked some common etiquette. All of his actions were just a bit crass. As a long time servant of the princess consort, Xiaoshi felt responsible for correcting Ah Song’s attitude and behavior to one worthy of being at the princess consort’s side. If he were to ever stay permanently at the princess consort’s side, he would run afoul of trouble sooner or later because of his lack of proper decorum and worldly knowledge. But look at him. When he exits the carriage, he doesn’t even offer his hand to support the princess consort. He walks alone, as if he wasn’t with his mistress.

When Ah Song heard this in the future, he was silent for a period of time. Then he solemnly stated, “If I had dared to offer my hand, I wouldn’t be able to embrace you with it anymore.”

Xiaoshi was also silent. Deep down, she was very aware of how jealous Prince Li could be. If any bodyguard dared to let their gaze linger on the princess consort for even a second, he would no longer be there the next day. Of course, this conversation with Ah Song had taken place much later.

Back then, Xiaoshi had no clue that Ah Song was a man. So, she was rather naggy towards him. She constantly told him to beware of this, or watch that. At least, he seemed quite honest. He also had a tendency to blush very easily. Each time she pulled on him, his face would turn red. He would nod continuously, but not say much in reply. Ah Song’s reactions, and sometimes lack thereof, caused her a lot of anxiety.

It wasn’t until later that she found out that Ah Song was a man. In fact, he was Prince Li’s personal hidden guard.  How could a hidden guard look so beautiful? Also, he was very easily flustered. Whenever he saw her, his face would turn so red that it didn’t seem possible that he could turn any redder.

Xiaoshi blushed. She’d wanted to find an opportunity to apologize to him since she’d felt guilty for scolding him in front of the princess consort in the past. So, on a dark windy night, Xiaoshi secretly approached Ah Song and pulled him from his guard shift and brought him underneath a huge tree. There were no lanterns in that area, so very few people would notice them. It was only when she’d reached the tree that she realized that the vaunted hidden guard was extremely embarrassed. His hand was trembling in her grasp. It was also turning so hot that she instantly let go.

“Y-y-y-you…. What do you want from me?” Ah Song was a hidden guard. This was the first time someone had held his hand like that. So naturally, he was nervous. Even he didn’t know why he’d slipped away from his post and followed Xiaoshi while no one was watching. He had never done something like that before! Most likely, it had been a very long time since someone had said so much to him, and in a lecturing tone at that. But he could tell that her intentions were good. She wanted the best for him.

Originally, Xiaoshi wasn’t nervous. But since Ah Song was stuttering so much, it was making her feel nervous as well.

“I-I just wanted to apologize. Sorry. I didn’t know your real identity before and said all those random things. Please….don’t mind me.” I’m clearly trying to apologize sincerely, but why is it leaning towards something else?  The atmosphere was turning very strange. Xiaoshi decided to flee after she was finished apologizing. But Ah Song grabbed her hand. Xiaoshi froze, “Is there anything else?”

“N-n-n-o no, I-I-I just wanted to say, it h-has been a very long time since someone apologized to me.”

“Huh?” Xiaoshi was speechless. What’s that supposed to mean?

“Umm. I’m sorry.” Xiaoshi apologized once more. She thought Ah Song was a little crazy and enjoyed hearing people’s apologies. But Ah Song still didn’t release her. Instead, he held on even tighter.

“Umm, sorry?!” He was holding on so tight that she grimaced in pain. He looked quite slender, so where did this strength come from? Xiaoshi had already apologized three times, but he still hadn’t released her. She was starting to grow anxious and almost shouted, “Are you going to release me or not? I have to return to do my duties!”

“Mmm… ok then go!” Ah Song loosened his grip bit by bit, almost hesitantly. Unfortunately, Xiaoshi had no such compunctions as she hastily flung off his hand and fled. But when she turned around, the black figure was still standing underneath the tree, looking petrified.

Is he insane? Who enjoys listening to apologies that much?  Should I apologize to him as a greeting when I see him in the future? No. I didn’t actually do anything that terrible. Why do I have to constantly apologize?!

The next day, Xiaoshi’s wrist was bluish black, and Ah Song was harshly criticized by his brothers. “Do you think the little lady’s arm is the stump you practice your martial arts against? Look at how hard you seized her yesterday! She didn’t even slap you. She’s so well mannered, as expected of princess consort’s favorite servant.”

Ah Song was depressed. Ultimately, he snuck some medicine and brought it to where the prince and the princess consort were. He worked overtime, guarding until he say Xiaoshi appear.   When she appeared, he approached her with his fastest movement arts. He stuffed something in her hands and then…. .then he ran off like the wind.

Everyone knew the job of a hidden guard. Without speed, one could not be an effective hidden guard. Speed was an absolute prerequisite of their profession. Otherwise, how would they assassinate their targets and avoid detection by witnesses?

And so, from Xiaoshi’s perspective, a chilly gust of wind had blown past her. But before she could do more than just shiver, the chilly wind was gone. She didn’t even have time to wonder if a ghost was out there. Xiaoshi was so afraid, she nearly cried. It wasn’t until after she had returned to her room that she realized there was something new in her hand. In addition, there was a note around it. With shaky hands, Xiaoshi opened the note: Helps with bruising and pain. There is more if needed.

“……”  A ghost gave me medicine? How is that possible? If it wasn’t a ghost, then it had to be someone who knew she was injured. So, that narrowed it down to Ah Song. Strange. Why did he have to act like a ghost in order to give me medicine? He almost scared me to death.   Xiaoshi patted her chest comfortingly and decided to use the medicine. At the same time, she thought about Ah Song. Although he was bad at expressing himself using words, he was a good guy.  

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