Chapter 59: Trouble, Hacking At Someone

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 59: Trouble, Hacking At Someone

When Shu'er came in, he saw that his prince's face was black. Before he even opened his mouth to ask if the prince needed to use the toilet, he was met with a terrifying glare. It frightened him out of his wits, and he hastily fell to his knees.

“Get out.” Feeling slightly dejected, Long Heng laid back on the bed. He didn’t know where to begin with this woman; her thoughts never seemed to be on the same page as him.

He’d obviously wanted to be intimate with her, but little did he expect her to react quickly enough to find an excuse to run away. But wait, that couldn’t be right, she shouldn’t be making excuses. No matter how one looked at it, he was her man; who would be scared of getting intimate with their man?


What a silly girl. Long Heng shook his head helplessly and leaned back into his sheets. Why couldn’t she be like the other women and try to please him a little? It wasn’t as if he was difficult to approach!

However, when he looked down at his leg again, what good was there in pleasing him when he was currently still injured!? Although he wasn’t the type to strive for perfection, he still would not wish for his first time to be brought to a premature end because of his injuries.

After waiting for two days, his leg finally healed enough for him to get out of bed and walk around. While there was still some lingering pain, it didn’t act as much of a hindrance. However, he had gotten used to living at Bai Xiangxiu’s place and did not feel like moving. The two days he had stayed here had given him the idea to move her to a larger abode.

This place was very small to begin with, even before she started planting flowers and plants that took up quite some space. Although the air here was really fresh, it never quite stately enough for a grown man like him. Before he could find a chance to bring it up with Bai Xiangxiu, who was doing her best to imitate a silent sculpture, an old servant rushed in to speak with her. “Oh no, mistress! Boss Liu has barged into the inner residence and claims that he want to murder First Madame.”“Ah? Murder?” What on earth has happened? She unconsciously took a glance at the male lead. He was the one who had ordered First Madame to take care of the issue .Now that something had gone wrong, what would happen?

“Speak properly, what actually happened?”

Long Heng took a seat, his expression akin to one awaiting a good show as the corner of his mouth lifted. This issue was already difficult to handle from the start, and luckily, it’d been passed on to someone else. Let’s see how she handles this, when the person has even barged to the inner residence!

Sitting close to him, it was impossible for Bai Xiangxiu to not see the corners of his lips betray his amusement. She could not help but shiver. No wonder he’s the male lead! He’s all dark and evil inside!

As a matter of fact, while the author had mentioned in the novel that the male lead had a dominant temperament, in truth he did not behave in this way with everything and everyone. He was actually sly and calculating, and was used to setting up others. Therefore, had the unlucky First Madame been set up by him?

However, when the old servant finished recounting the incident, Bai Xiangxiu felt that instead of him setting up the first madame, First Madame had been the one who’d set herself up. After receiving the errand, she had brazenly sought out Boss Liu and reprimanded him to his face. After all, she was the master and should act accordingly.

Boss Liu was utterly unrepentant, but there was nothing he could do. Feeling wronged, he hit the bottle as soon as he got home, culminating in a gigantic fight with Missus Liu, going so far as to hit her. Never had he thought that with the relentless verbal and physical abuse, Missus Liu was far too emotionally hurt, and went to seek the first madame, knowing well that the old madame couldn’t care less.

First Madame, on the other hand, decided to meddle in their affairs and actually ordered someone to sell off Boss Liu’s concubine.

Missus Liu was satisfied with the results, but this completely enraged Boss Liu. He did not dare seek out First Madame and went instead to confront his wife. The confrontation did not start or end well, since Missus Liu was beaten black and blue with a few punches and kicks. Not even their son could pull him off. The beating was not enough to vent Boss Liu’s anger and he ran out immediately after to find his concubine.

The abuse had thrown Missus Liu into emotional despair, and in the middle of the night, she drank rat poison and passed away immediately.

When Boss Liu arrived home, he was still full of pent-up anger and resentment. He had thought of questioning Missus Liu as to the whereabouts of his concubine so he could pay the ransom and bring her back, but when he gave the body a shove, rigor mortis had already set in.

It was at this moment that he began to panic. When his sons, who had rushed home after hearing the news, berated him for what he’d done, he pushed the blame for the incident onto the first madame, who had handled the case.

As a mere concubine, even if she was the master, she had gone too far with her meddling. She had been the reason why someone had drunk poison to take their own life. Boss Liu had a brutish demeanor, but had always assumed an air of authority as a former soldier of the household. Now that his family was ruined and his wife was dead, he had to take it out on someone, and the first person that came to mind was that domineering First Madame, who always put on airs in front of him.

She was just a young lady, but with a few casual words she’d managed to ruin his family. This incident certainly could not be let down without some justification. Thus, with his family ruined, Boss Liu had completely lost any semblance of self control. He barged into the inner residence wielding a knife.

The inner residence originally has a rule forbidding individuals to enter while carrying knives, however the guards had no idea that Boss Liu had come to make trouble. They just thought he’d come to look for his son and let him in without further ado.

Who would have thought that the moment he came in, he would start waving his knife, threatening to chop First Madame into pieces?

At the moment, he was restrained just outside the first madame’s Summer Garden. Subsequently, someone had been sent to report the incident to the Prince and Mistress Bai, who was currently in charge.

Bai Xiangxiu furrowed her brow; this is certainly a difficult task to handle!

As someone from the modern period, Boss Liu was undoubtedly someone she looked down on. He was already a man in his fifties, and yet he had struck his wife who had been with him for half of his life. What a scumbag! However that First Madame had overreached on her authority too. You’re just a concubine! Why can’t you see where your place is!?

The old madame and the prince were the actual masters of this household. She was allowed to handle the incident as she wished, but she would always only be an instrument of their will, acting on their behalf. To forcefully sell off another person’s concubine, even the old madame would’ve thought twice about such an action.

“This concubine will go and take a look.” Since the incident had already happened, as the proxy-in-charge, she had no choice but to step forward.

However, Long Heng was uneasy about letting her go. Boss Liu had barged into a residence with a knife in his hands. Even though he was restrained now, what would happen if he got agitated and frightened her?

He silently cursed. He shouldn’t have hurt his leg for the sake of that Lin Qianzi; now he couldn’t even stay by her side now to protect her. He glanced at Shu'er, ”Go and accompany Fourth Madame. If that Boss Liu stirs up trouble again, cripple him immediately.“

“Yes, Your Highness.” Shu'er had practiced a few years of martial arts, and while he was far from a master, he was more than enough to deal with someone like Boss Liu. Moreover, he was very well aware that Fourth Madame was the prince’s darling, so he didn’t dare treat this matter lightly.

Bai Xiangxiu then brought along Xiao Shi, Ye-mama and Shu'er to the first madame’s Summer Garden. She arrived to find the main doors still tightly shut, and Boss Liu restrained on the ground. From the stream of curses that fell from his mouth, he was apparently refusing to concede.

This was the first time Bai Xiangxiu heard someone from the olden period cursing, or even  using unpleasant words. Words like whore, bitch, and cow were being tossed out without regard, one after the other. Shu'er’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the fourth madame frowning.

Quickly running over to Boss Liu, Shu’er gave his butt a hard kick and fiercely exclaimed, “What vulgarities are you spewing here?! Fourth Madame has arrived. If you say anything bad, be careful of your head.”

The only person in this household who had the authority to sentence a beheading was the prince, and everyone knew that the gorgeous Mistress Bai was the darling of the prince. No one would dare to offend her.

Boss Liu finally stopped cursing, but still resentfully exclaimed, “It doesn’t matter who is here, they still have to talk reason! Because of that bitch inside, my wife is dead and my sons are leaving! My family is now gone.”

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