Chapter 63: The Lin Family’s Gifts of Gratitude

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 63: The Lin Family’s Gifts of Gratitude

Long Heng inwardly felt more and more uncomfortable, to the point where he was vexed enough to sit up. This poor male lead had never liked a woman in his life, so he had no idea he was being eaten up with jealousy at that very moment. But Song Jiaoyue was a perceptive type who at least knew more about women’s matters than Long Heng. He was sensitive enough to stop asking questions and return with a smile.

Still annoyed, Long Heng said, “Madame Bai, don’t raise this thing anymore. Since Sir Song likes it, just give it to him.”Bai Xiangxiu gave a start. This was her mainstay and pillar, something she definitely couldn’t give away. Song Jiaoyue didn’t want to snatch her favorite either, so waved his hand to say, “No need, how could I take away the madame’s beloved…” Long Heng regretted his words after he said them. How couldn’t he know how Madame Bai cared for that cactus? 

When others drew near it, she’d carefully guard it against them. If he forced her to give it to someone else, she’d definitely have a falling out with him. But since he already spoke up, he couldn’t take back his words, so he said, “Then have her be in charge of finding another one for you.”Bai Xiangxiu released a breath. At least she didn’t have to give away her precious darling. But where was she supposed to find another cactus? In the midst of her thoughts, Huo’er said, “I like him. Give him one of my branches instead.”

Bai Xiangxiu was really afraid that this prince would make her hunt for another cactus. More importantly, she wasn’t sure where she could find a second. Huo’er suggestion was perfect, so she said, “Actually, there’s another way. Xiao Shi, bring over a pot with some dirt in it.” It was easy to raise a cactus, so there was no need to worry.

Xiao Shi did as Bai Xiangxiu instructed. These days, she acted as second fiddle to her mistress in planting flowers and had already learned all sorts of skills. She’d even gotten used to watering them and stuff all the time. After putting in the soil, she brought Huo’er into her mistress’s room as ordered.

Bai Xiangxiu tested the scissors before feeling a little reluctant to cut. It’d be fine if this was an ordinary cactus, but Huo’er could speak and even cry for help! “Will it hurt?” she asked in a small voice.Unfortunately, she had no idea that those two men were skilled in martial arts and had sensitive ears. They heard every one of her words. Long Heng’s lips twitched involuntarily. She was actually asking a plant if it hurt. Really, this Madame Bai, she left a person speechless.

Song Jiaoyue actually burst out into laughter, but covered it up with a cough. Then he turned to talk to Long Heng about nonsensical topics.Long Heng went along with him, though he was still worried about that young girl in his heart. Just then, he said that she’d fainted. Was it because she’d been frightened badly? But it was hard to speak about that while his friend was still here.

Bai Xiangxiu’s heart ached as she cut away the bud that had sprouted from Huo’er. Although he said it hurt, he seemed very happy, because this was an important link for cacti to reproduce. Expelling a breath, Bai Xiangxiu planted the soft shoot and gave it some water. After she checked to make sure everything was alright, she had Xiao Shi carry it out. It suddenly felt like she’d raised a pet and given it away, even though this one couldn’t talk yet.

Song Jiaoyue was still very happy to receive this plant full of thorns. He repeatedly expressed his thanks before planning to leave.“Sir Song, this cactus differs from other plants. It only needs to be watered every two to three days, so don’t pamper it too much.” Don’t water it to death.Song Jiaoyue agreed to each and every point. He wanted to ask if she had any other tips, but Long Heng said, “Shu’er, what are you dawdling outside for? Go and send Sir Song off.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Shu’er answered before escorting the person out.But Long Heng then said, “What are you all loitering for? Go call for a doctor.”Bao Qin couldn’t help but asked, “Your Highness, but your leg…”

“The prince’s leg is fine. Didn’t you hear that your mistress fainted? What are you waiting for?” These servants were really too unperceptive. Bao Qin was aggrieved. Their mistress had walked back here just fine and even planted a plant for someone else. Where did the fainting part fit in?

“No need, this concubine is much better now.” Bai Xiangxiu walked over. It was only a little faintness, so she really was much better now. “Go back and lie down. There are naturally others here to wait on me.” He had a guilty conscience. If his own impulsiveness hadn’t resulted in him breaking Boss Liu’s leg, she wouldn’t have been frightened.“Then many thanks to the prince for your solicitude.” When Bai Xiangxiu finished, she really did go straight off to rest. She wasn’t feeling very well right now.

She didn’t rest for long before the doctor came to ask after her symptoms. When she heard it was only dizziness, he decided that she was blood deficient, so she got a prescription for some medicine.These wealthy young misses in ancient times were practically fed on medicine growing up. She had gotten to feeling unwell all over as soon as she heard the word ‘medicine’. But the prince was sitting next door, so she couldn’t simply refuse. There was no helping it, she’d have to drink!She only drank medicine for two days before the prince’s injury was just about recovered. She could finally ask not to drink such bitter brews. Still, he remained at her place. It was really depressing.

The Lin family finally made their move today by sending over nutritious items. Looking at the things spread out on the table, Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t help but feel they were a bit late. After all, their rescuer’s injuries were just about healed when these items came over.“Hmph… you can have them all.” Long Heng didn’t spare them a glance as he paced about the room. Though his steps looked somewhat awkward, it was hard to see any abnormalities without closer scrutiny.This fellow is still quite staunch, hmm? He deserves to be called a man of the military. But how was she to eat this pile of nutritious supplements?

Long Heng walked two circles before he spoke to the servant who’d delivered the gifts. “Go back and tell the Lin family that this prince thanks them for remembering how he got his injury.”“This…” Wasn’t so good, was it? After all, they were the prince’s in-laws. But seeing that the prince’s gaze held no signs of joking, he could only retreat and do as he was told.The Lin family servant’s expression naturally turned dark upon receiving the message. He went back to report to Minister Lin and Madame Lin. 

Minister Lin threw down his cup and said, “He actually has face to mention his injury without seeing how he delivered the person! The wound on her head’s yet to recover. She’s still his future wife-to-be, couldn’t he shield her better?” Madame Lin was angered to the point of tears. “My poor daughter was tossed into the backyard battered and exhausted, her body full of injuries! As her mother, I almost died from heartache at the sight. That girl actually insisted on saying not a word, only that he should be thanked for bringing her back. Do you bring people back like this? It was obvious he’d just abandoned her there. Such a coldhearted icicle! if I’d known earlier, I wouldn’t have betrothed her to him.”“Don’t cry. We’ve already decided on this man. When I have time tomorrow, I’ll talk with him on how to be conduct himself as a husband.” Minister Lin was furious. If not for his daughter constantly pleading for him to thank the man, why would he bother being angry over something as trifling as sending gifts?

“Lord, you have to thoroughly lecture that boy. Don’t have him look down on our daughter in the future!” Lady Lin said as she fanned the flames from the side.But Minister Lin only said, “You shouldn’t blindly indulge our daughter, either. You have to discipline her where it’s needed. She was wrong this time as well.” Perhaps their daughter had good foresight to flee from her marriage after seeing how she couldn’t entrust herself to Long Heng for the rest of her life. But the marriage had already been set. And moreover, they were the ones climbing up the social ladder with this match.

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