Chapter 106 The One that Chose the Name Soaked in Sin (2)

Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 106 – The One that Chose the Name Soaked in Sin (2)

“After the great king caused the Dragon Demon War, it was said that he came to a realization that he had made the wrong choice.  However, at that point, he couldn’t turn back on his course of action.  As a counterbalance to his mistake, Azell Zestringer had appeared, and he corrected the king’s wrong choice.  This gave the king a chance to start anew….  This is the interpretation.”

“…so, this particular interpretation implies Atein’s defeat and death was planned.  It was part of his fate?  In the end, doesn’t it look like thinly-veiled attempt to leave Atein’s divine status unblemished?”

“I won’t deny it.”

“Then I’ll ask the next question.  Is Jeffers Almarick really the descendent of Almarick?”

“Of course?”

Laura was puzzled by the question.  Even during the battle, Azell refused to let this question go.  Of course, she had thought it was part of a psychological warfare being waged by him.  Had she been wrong?

Azell furrowed his brows.

“At the very least, you believe he is.  I don’t know what your superiors were thinking.”

“I’m not sure what you are talking about.”

“The guy called Jeffers Almarick doesn’t look at all like Almarick.  Of course, if one went just by his appearance, one could overlook the inconsistencies.  However, his Dragon Demon weapon differs from the original one.  Isn’t that a bit strange?”


Laura was surprised.  Azell spoke as he looked at her reaction.

“Almarick’s Dragon Demon Weapon was called ‘Storm’s Scream’.  However, Jeffers was using an entirely different weapon.  Why is that?  Was it lost over time, and a substitute Dragon Demon weapon was given to him?”

“…that story, where did you hear it?”

Laura couldn't hide her confusion.  Azell had touched on a subject that she never knew about. Everyone within the Plain of Darkness considered Jeffers Almarick to be a direct descendent of Almarick.  Moreover, the Dragon Demon weapon ‘Tempest’s Blade’ was also known as being the weapon used by the original Almarick.

Azell spoke after seeing her reaction.

“It seems you didn’t know about it… Hmm. Let me confirm one thing with you. How many of those, who had survived from the time of the Dragon Demon war, reside inside the Plain of Darkness?”

“There are around twenty left.”

“That is smaller than I thought. Who holds the highest position?”

A lot of Dragon Demons had survived the Dragon Demon wars.  However, time seemed to have drastically reduced those numbers.

“Dragon Demon Queen.”

“Which consort are you talking about?  Aincera?  Tedrin?  Kayalia?  Ah.  There is no way Tedrin is still alive.”

“It is Aincera-nim.  The other two is dead.”

“Aincera…  That woman is pretty useless in terms of battle capability, but her being able to lead an organization is a whole separate issue.  I won’t speak about Tedrin, but I’m glad Kayalia is dead.  No one knew if she was alive or dead, so I was worried….”

There had been three Dragon Demon Queens married to Atein at the time.  Kayalia was Atein’s best pupil, and she possessed awesome combat ability.  Aside from the four great Dragon Demon Generals, she was considered to be the strongest magician.  In the final battle, she had received a critical wound, but her death hadn’t been confirmed.  The news that she was dead brought relief to Azell.

“Do you know the names of the survivors?”

“I don’t know all of them.  I don’t know the names of three members.”

“That means there are Dragon Demons, who are hiding their identities.  Is it correct to say that the survivors of the Dragon Demon war rule over the Plain of Darkness?”


“Give me their names..”

Azell’s request was fulfilled by Laura.  Azell’s expression hardened as she listed their names.

“Some of the big shots are still alive.  So the Simpleton Prince…  Mmm.  Is Saibein dead?”

“He is missing.”


“Around 20 years ago…  After he fought the Guardian Shadows, his whereabouts became unknown.”


“Niberis appeared to have inherited her Dragon Demon weapon within the past six months.  This was why everyone went out to look for him.  Afterwards, everyone just  assumed he was alive, but the Elders refused to comment on this issue….”

Laura stopped at that point to ask a question of her own.

“May I ask a question too?”

“I still have a lot of questions to ask you….  Well, all right.  You’ve been truthfully in y our answers, so I’ll hear you out.”

“Are you perhaps the actual Azell Karzark?”

Azell flinched inside at the question.  However, he didn’t show any indication outside.

“Why do you think so?”

“You look exactly like the Azell Karzark I know.”

“…so you’ve been alive for that long?”

“No.  The Aunsaurus tribe possesses a lot of records regarding Azell Karzark.  Amongst these records, there was a magical recording.   You look too much like him to say that you are his descendant.”

“However, there are cases where human descendants look surprisingly like their forefathers.”

“Even if I take that into account, I find my assertion to be true.  Moreover….   You just spoke about the Dragon Demon wars as if you had experienced it.”

This point had intensified Laura’s confusion.  Azell hadn’t even bothered hiding his choice of words as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Azell smirked.

“I see.  Well, my answer is…  You are free to believe whatever you want to.”


“I’m not obligated to give you an answer.  However, you are obligated to answer my questions.”


Her expression hadn’t changed at all, but Laura’s voice sounded like sulking teenage girl.


Yuren had drawn a magic circle with blood, and he was meditating in a lotus position on top of it.

Leticia stood behind him, and she was on guard. Plenty of monster corpses were strewn around them.  Each corpse looked as if it had been sucked dry.  This bizarre sight pretty much confirmed what Azell and Kairen had assumed.

“Oooh.  I feel much better now….”

How long had it been?  

Yuren opened his eyes, and he let out a long breathe.

Leticia asked him a question.

“How much have you recovered?”

“I think I can walk around by myself.  Running will be too taxing.  If possible, I’ll have to resolve this issue by traveling using magic.”

“If you plan on floating around everywhere, it would be better for you to make a full recovery instead.”

“It isn’t healthy to recover one’s body through stealing the life essence of others.  It is a short term solution, but in the long term, it could irreversibly break the balance of one’s life energy.  How stupid will it be if your struggle to live becomes the catalyst in you becoming an Undead?  If you have the choice, you shouldn’t use Black Magic.”

“You don’t sound like a Black Magician.”

“What choice did I have?  The Dragon Demon King worshippers, who would be sent into the field, are taught the basics of Black Magic. I didn’t become a Black Magician, because I wanted to.”

Yuren grumbled.  He started learning Black Magic at a very young age.   He started to distance himself from Black Magic was only when he escaped the brainwashing of the Dragon Demon king’s worship.  It was thanks to the dreams he had of his spiritual guide.

Leticia asked a question.

“So, do you know what your destiny is?”

“I think it has to do with that man over there.”

“Hmm.  So the man named Azell is the man of your destiny.”

“…it really sounds weird when you phrase it like that?”

“You can let my words go in one ear and out the other.  Anyways, the man is so strong that it is hard to believe that he is human.”

Leticia, who was called the Ice Queen, was a figure of terror for the Dragon Demon king worshippers.  Even she shuddered at the level of martial prowess shown by Azell.  The officers, who had come out from the Plains of Darkness, were dealt as if they were children….

“I was surprised too.  His martial prowess looked inhuman.  Moreover…  No, I’ll bring it up when I talk to him.”

Yuren had followed the instruction of the guide within his dream to get here.  He learned various truths.  He also learned information and magic techniques that were never taught by the Dragon Demon king worshippers in the process…..

Leticia spoke.

“All right.  We should go meet him.  Are you ready?”

“My heart is beating like a boy in puberty..”

“Please I pray your beating heart doesn’t evolve into love.”

“…at times, you sound like a person, who had lived several dozen years in the human world.”

“If it looks that way, it is thanks to the bad influence of my master.”

The two of them headed towards the location occupied by Azell, Kairen and Laura.  It was deep into the night, but everyone was awake.

Azell spoke.

“I want you guys to sit at a moderate distance away from us.  It’ll be best if we avoid antagonizing each other if possible.”

“I’m thankful for the suggestion.  However, if I do that, you’ll be on edge.”

After speaking, Yuren plopped down in front of the magical campfire made by Azell and Kairen.  Azell was a bit surprised as he looked at Yuren.

Azell had suggested sitting a bit away from each other as a courtesy to the other group.  If they did fight, it would be more advantageous for a warrior if the enemy was sitting nearby.  

Azell was aware of this, so he decided both groups should put a moderate distance between each other.  However, Yuren had unhesitatingly sat in front of Azell.

“I have no plans of going against you.  I’m doing this, because I want that point to be made abundantly clear.”

“However, I could turn hostile against you.  Haven’t you thought about such a scenario?”

“Mmm.  I don’t think you will after hearing my story….  I think?”

Yuren wasn’t confident, so he added those last words.  Leticia snorted.

“You usually roast people with your words.  Where did that guy go?  Why are you showing such weakness?  Is it because you met the man of your destiny?”

“I want you to stop using that phrase.  It is very misleading.  Anyways, I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Yuren Rizester.”


Azell became surprised at his words.  It wasn’t just Azell.  Kairen was surprised too.

The reason why these two men reacted in such a manner was obvious.  It was, because….

‘Is he a descendant of Carlos?

Rizester was Carlos’ family name.

This explained why the Dragon Demon king worshippers were acting in such a sensitive manner.  In some aspects, Carlos was hated more than Azell by the Dragon Demon king worshippers.

Before the shock passed, Laura spoke.

“Ah.  So you are the traitor, who chose the name seeped in sin?”

“Yes, heir of Aunsaurus.  You probably came here in hopes to catch me.”

Azell perked up at Yuren’s words.

“There is a slight difference in that turn of phrase.  You are called the ‘Traitor, who chose the name seeped in sin’...  Does this mean you chose to take up that name?”


“Hmm. I see.  You aren’t the descendant of Carlos.”

Azell mumbled as if air had leaked out of him.

However, Yuren quickly spoke again.

“I chose to take up the name, but it is also true that I’m a descendant of Archmage Carlos.”


“At the very least, I would like to think so.  I look similar to what Carlos looked liked in his early years.  Of course, I don’t want to look like him in the latter years.”


At his words, Azell narrowed his eyes.  It was as he said.  Niberis had messed up his face, but Yuren’s brown hair and blue-gray eyes….

‘There is a clear resemblance.’

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