Chapter 136 - Gathering Legends (2)

Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 136 - Gathering Legends (2)


The sound of an explosion rang out as she was flung away.  Reygus’ speed couldn’t be compared to before.  It struck out at her, and it immediately followed up with an additional attack.


Leticia was almost beaten all too soon, but the one to save her was Kairen.  He was startled into action.  His left sword turned the path of the hammer, and his right sword aimed for its head.

However, Reygus’ reaction was totally unexpected.  Instead of avoiding the Dragon sword, it received the attack with its head.  Reygus moved so fast that it felt as if time had been sped up in that brief moment.



The head of the hammer fell like thunder as the shockwave detonated.  Normally, the position of its body wouldn’t allow a powerful blow to be used, yet its attack was devastating.

It was an Undead.  A living being was limited by the range of motion of one’s joints, but that didn’t matter to an Undead.  The joints of its shoulders and elbows were moving at unnatural angles, yet it didn’t kill the power behind the blow.

Kairen and Letica was sent flying in a bloody mess.


The left side of Kairen’s armor was ripped away.  It hadn’t even been a direct hit.  He was grazed by the attack, yet his magically enhanced armor was demolished!

Leticia was also in a rough shape.  Her left arm was broken as her gauntlet was ripped away.

Kairen breathed raggedly as he asked it a question.

“Until now….   Were you playing with us……?”

There was anger behind his voice.  Did Reygus act like it was losing on purpose?  Had it been treating them with kid gloves?  It was so humiliating that it was almost unbearable.

While they had been fighting, Reygus had shown momentarily boost of speed.  However, the speed he had just displayed was in a totally different dimension.  No, it wasn’t just its acceleration.  Its overall movement had increased in speed by a factor of two.  It was almost inevitable that Leticia had been caught flat footed.

Those weren’t they only changes.  Its overall magical energy emanating from Reygus’ body swelled to an oppressive amount.  It almost rivaled a Dragon.

Reygus spoke.

<I hope you don’t misconstrue my words.  I enjoyed fighting you guys, but I didn’t go easy on you.>

“Ha ha ha ha.  How can you say….”

<I’m speaking the truth.  Until a moment ago, my power had been suppressed.  That Guardian Shadow had some kind of strange ability related to his eyes.>


Balseru always had his eyes closed.  There was a strange power residing within his eyes.  After Reygus had woken up, it had never seen anyone capable of interfering with the power of an Undead.  However, Balseru was able to halve its power by looking at Reygus.

‘It is quite strange.  Their Undeads are similar to me….  Did that brat Carlos steal the king’s secret technique, or…..’

However, it seemed there was a limit to his power.  When the Dragon Demon king worshippers pushed back, the suppressive force dissipated.  This was the result .  The body of an Undead was rotted away, so everything was influenced by magical energy.  When the suppression of its magical energy was gone, Reygus’ strength and speed was rapidly increased.

Leticia caught her breath as she spoke.

“If that was true…  Now that I know how fast you are we won’t fall so easily.  Moreover, we have support.”

<Ah ah.  Do you mean that miss over there?>

Laura appeared from behind Leticia.  Kairen used Whispering to ask for help, and Laura was able to come to their aid by letting Yuren handle everything by himself.

When Reygus saw her, it spoke.

<I can tell at a glance.  You look very similar to my friend, who couldn’t return from the world of the dead.  You are the one that betrayed us, Ms. Laura.>

“That is correct.”

Laura spoke in respectful words.  She did betray them, but Reygus was one of the eldest even amongst the elders.  Everyone revered him.

Of course, she didn’t let that fact affect her actions.  A frightening wave of Dragon Demon magic spread into the surrounding, and a curse swept over Reygus.

<It is true that even I would have some difficulties if a magician of her caliber joined in, but….>

Kairen and Leticia had been taken unawares by the sudden change in Reygus.  However, they were formidable fighters.  If Laura joined in to support them, Reygus would have considerable trouble dealing with them.

<Your opponent is someone else.>

“I don’t see anyone, who is in the position to fight me.”

Laura had come here, because her side had a handle on the Dragon Demon king worshippers.  Yuren was capable of taking care of the rest.  Moreover, the Guardian Shadows had joined the fray, and it was turning into a free for all.  The Dragon Demon king worshippers didn’t have the numeric advantage.

However, at that moment, a beam of light came flying towards her from afar.


When the magic spell was activated, Laura saw the signs immediately.  She was easily  able to defend against it.  Moreover, she was able to change the direction of the spell to hit Reygus with it.

“Traitor Laura.”

When she heard the bleak voice, she couldn’t help but flinch.  Laura raised her head in disbelief.

She saw a Dragon Majin youth.  He was surrounded by six swords that had been infused with powerful curses.  The Dragon Majin youth’s hair had already turned white, and he had a pale complexion with blue eyes.  There was a black feather-like horn protruding from atop his pointy left ear.

Laura’s amethyst eyes shook.



The Dragon Majin youth was full of madness.  He snickered as he looked at Laura.

“You remembered my name.  It is an honor.  However, you are wrong.  You should call me by a different name.”

“What do you mean?”

“Dikal Aunsaurus.  That is now my name.”

At the same time, Dikal activated his Dragon Demon magic. Six swords, which were letting out powerful Curse magic, rose into the air.  They flew towards Laura.

Laura blocked the swords as she flew into the air.  Dikal chased after her as he poured out continuous magic spells.

Pah-cheet!  Pah-jee-jeek!  Pah-baht!

High ranked magicians were fighting in the air with magic.  It caused sparks and ripple like waves.  They were performing magic spells at high speed, but they were severing the flow of energy before the magic spell could take shape.  It was a quiet, yet fierce battle.   

Dikal asked her a question.

“Why aren’t you using your Dragon weapon?”

“That…  I do not have it anymore.”

“Ha!  So it was true that the man, who possesses the name steeped in sin, asked for the Vitan’s Chalice in exchange for accepting your betrayal?”


“You admit to it too easily!  Foolish bitch!”

Dikal suddenly stopped speaking, and he cackled.

“Ah.  I shouldn’t be mad about it.  Of course, I also had to struggle through hell to gain that….  Thanks to your betrayal I was able to take off that damnable mask.  I’m able to live with my face out in the open, so you are my benefactor, Laura.”


Dikal Aunsaurus.

He hadn’t possessed a name until not too long ago.  No, to be precise, his name had been taken away from him.  On the day Laura received her name, he received the name of Dikal.  When he was branded as a failure, his name was stolen again.  He was restrained using black magic, and he had become a mere tool to be used in battle.

He had thought he would expire after being used in such a way forever.  However, he had regained his name when Laura betrayed them.  The leaders of the Aunsaurus was taken aback by the news, so they gave back Dikal his name.  He was named the new heir.  Then he was given orders to kill Laura.

Dikal spoke.

“Since you’ve already bestowed me a favor, you should go all the way by dying here.  I’ll be very thankful.  This will solidify my position…..  I would have liked it if I could have taken back the Vitan’s Chalice, but I guess I’ll have to kill the man, who possesses it.”

He sent a fierce attack towards her.  He had just finished the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual, so his condition was optimal.  He was overflowing with firepower, and his Dragon Demon magic came up as if it was flowing forth from a spring with an endless source.


His six swords weren’t Dragon weapons, but they were powerful magical weapons created by Aunsaurus during the Dragon Demon War.  It flew around at high speed, and there were six different yet powerful curses infused within them.  The weapons possessed a sense of self  that worked in concert with the user.

In terms of magical attacks, they were almost equal.  The difference were the tools they possessed.  Laura was slowly losing ground.



Laura was flung away by an explosion.  Her face crumpled from the pain.  When she blocked the cursed swords, a magic spell arrived from another direction.  It pierced through her barrier, and it had delivered a shock.

Dikal mocked Laura.

“As expected, you are amazing.  You are able to hold up to this extent without the Dragon weapon?  However, we don't have to all join the fight….  I’ll kill you on my own!”

“…we?  Did you bring the Shadow’s Sword Belt?”

At his words, Laura asked the question as if she was groaning.

The Shadow Sword Belt was a unit formed of beings, who failed to become the Aunsaurus’ heir.  The Aunsaurus family didn’t use this force unless it was something very important.  Dikal had been a member of the Shadow’s Sword Belt not too long ago.  Each member was stripped of their names, and their faces were covered with a cursed mask.  His pale face was caused by it.

Dikal gave her an answer.

“Yes.  Do you know how much importance they are putting on killing you?  Moreover, do you realize how little trust they put in me?”

He spoke mockingly about himself.  Dikal was given the magic weapons of Aunsaurus, and the Shadow’s Sword Belt was send along with him.  It meant they had no confidence that he would be able to win again Laura by himself.  They believed so even though she no longer possessed her Dragon weapon.

“However, they will find out through this event!  They’ll realize they were wrong in their judgement!  They will realize their selection process was flawed from the beginning!”

After driving Laura’s back against the wall, Dikal’s voice was now filled with ecstasy  Everyone had fought desperately for the title of heir. However, the standard they were measured up against was strict, and even a minor mistake would disqualify one from the competition.  There were picking one child from a crop of talented kids that numbered over 100.  Some weren’t even given identities before they were used as tools.  It exemplified how crazy of a process it was.

Of course, the ones that failed were discontent with the process.  A very minor mistake had robbed them of all opportunities in life, and they were thrown into the pits of hell.  How could they not be bitter?

Dikal was Laura’s last competition, so he felt especially aggrieved.  The Aunsaurus family had been wrong.  He was given another opportunity to show them he was the most suitable candidate to become the heir….

Suddenly, Laura spoke.

“…so that was what you were thinking.”

“You speak as if you've never thought the same thing.  Isn’t it the same for you?”

“It was different for me.”

Laura shook her head from side to side.  She spoke as she looked straight at Dikal.

“I didn’t have the luxury to think such thoughts unlike you, Dikal.”


“I never thought about the future.  I didn’t care about what I was trying to accomplish was worth.  What you guys were thinking about….  I never thoughta bout it.”

Until Laura became the heir, she never thought she was exceptional. The number of disqualified candidates mounted as her siblings disappeared.  At some point in time, everything lost meaning to her as the color faded from the world.

It was ridiculous, but until she became Aunsaurus heir, she had been going through the motion.  She let the inertia of her circumstances carry her until she had met Azell.

There was a time when she had been happy to receive a name.  Then she worked desperately to measure up to the standard of the ones that were giving the test.  The events are her created a momentum, and she was merely pushed forward by it.  The desire to go forward had been extinguished a long time ago.

At the time, even her will to live had been starting to fade.  When she went into a test, she knew there was a chance that she would no longer exist at the end.  This was why she had let go of determining her own fate.  She stood up with an empty heart.  

However, she had survived.  Maybe, her indifference had helped her inadvertently.  Her competitors had been desperate, and their hearts were shaken by hope and despair.  Her heart had never shook as she

Suddenly, Laura spoke.

“I’m sorry.”

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