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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 149 - Heaven and Hell (5)

Kairen grinned.

“This confirms it.  You guys don’t have accurate information regarding our situation.”


“You should speak after you check what is going on in the surrounding.  ”

Kairen purposefully delayed attacking him.  He gave the others some respite.

They were in a forest, so the Dragon Demon worshippers could only keep track of the members near them.  They couldn’t see what their allies were doing.  However, everyone was connected through communication magic as they fought.  The Dragon Majin was taken aback as reports started to fly in.


“Ah-ahk! bastards……!”

The screams of Dragon Demon king worshippers erupted from various locations inside the forest.

There had been 50 Dragon Demon king worshippers, and each of their battle prowess was considered peerless when compared to a regular human soldier.   The ones gathered in the forest could have easily slaughtered a human army that was 10 times their size.

However, there were over 200 Guardian Shadows here.  They were like a nightmare to the Dragon Demon king worshippers.

A vein bulged on the Dragon Majin’s face.

“Where did so many of them…..!”

After they had located the party, the Dragon Demon king worshippers had kept their distance as they observed the party from afar.  This was why they had no idea how many Guardian Shadows were with them.  Moreover, the Guardian Shadows had kept themselves hidden.

If a Guardian Shadow wanted to stay hidden, even Azell wouldn’t be able to sense them until they got close.  The fact that they were so stealthy meant the Dragon Demon king worshippers never knew when Guardian Shadows would make their appearance.  This fact acted as a deterrent.

So how could they know about the Guardian Shadows when they had observed them from afar?

Kairen let out a cold laugh.

“Well, I’ll kill you before all your underlings get slaughtered.”

“Says who!  At the very least, I’ll kill you……!”


Before the Dragon Majin could finish his sentence, he saw a light made out of magic come towards him from the corner of his eyes.  When he blocked the attack in fright, Kairen struck out with his sword, and at the same time, he emitted a powerful mental wave.

‘No! I was duped!’

The Dragon Majin quickly reacted by tilting his body.  However, he soon realized that Kairen’s attack was a faint.  Kairen had used a mental wave, which made it seem as if his feint was the real attack.  He had baited this reaction from the Dragon Majin.


Instead of a frontal sword strike, Kairen kicked the Dragon Majin on his side. He was wearing a magic armor, but the force of the strike reached his body to break his bones.

“I don’t care if you curse me for being cheap. I’ll gladly take it.  You probably would agree with me that this isn’t a situation where we should fight one on one with our pride on the line.”

The one to shoot the beam of light was Yuren.  Yuren had also linked all the members of the party with his communication magic, so Kairen had requested for Yuren to snipe at his opponent.

In a live battle, one had to guard one’s weak points at all time.  The battle was decided when the Dragon Majin had revealed his weak point.  Kairen’s sword ruthlessly cut open the Dragon Majikn’s neck.


Kairen let out a small sigh as he watched the Dragon Majin fall with blood spraying out from his neck. It seemed the Dragon Majin was a knight with a lot of pride.  He had wanted to fight Kairen one on one.  Kairen felt a bit bitter at defeating his enemy in such a manner.

‘What a luxury for me to have to express such a sentiment.’

Kairen let out a bitter laugh.  He never expected to feel such sentiment towards a Dragon Demon king worshipper.

After wiping out the Dragon Demon king worshippers, Kairen gave directions to the party.

“Fortunately, we wrapped this up faster than I had expected.  Let’s get out of here before their reinforcement arrive.  It’ll be a bit rough on Azell, but we have to as fast as possible.”

“We’ll do so.  However, if we are being tracked, won’t we be caught by Reygus?”

“It’ll happen sooner rather than later.”

Kairen answered Leticia’s prediction.

The method they were using had low precision, but they were able to find the party.  Moreover, it didn’t matter how fast the party moved.  They had the use of the Road of Emptiness, so it was a matter of time before they caught up with their party.

If the party was healthy, it might have been possible for them to evade their enemies.  However, it was impossible at the speed the party was moving at.  

Kairen pointed towards the Guardian Shadows.

“As I’ve said before, we have no choice but to trust them.”

“I'm a bit worried.  I wonder where they are taking us.”

Leticia, who had grumbled about the Guardian Shadows, felt apologetic towards the Guardian Shadows within the next 30 minutes.


“What’s our current situation?”

A girl named Omega was sitting next to Balseru.  He asked her a question.  Omega answered as she opened her eyes.

“They are on the move after slaughtering the enemy force.  Soon, they’ll arrive at the meeting place.”

“We were quite fortunate in the fact that we gathered the Guardian Shadows.  If Reygus had been present, we wouldn’t have been able to handle him with such numbers….”

Balseru let out a sigh of relief.

It was his decision to gather the Guardian Shadows around Azell’s party.  He was also using the Guardian Shadows to guide the party towards Count Rivelis of the Iellos kingdom.  He was a member of the Guardian Shadows.  The count would be waiting for them with healers and supplies.  Since Azell’s party was avoiding villages and cities in an attempt to deter civilian casualties, the count’s help would be very precious to the party.

Omega looked up at him as she asked the question.

“Shouldn’t we join up with them? Isn’t that…….”

“We shouldn’t.”


“Omega, have your memories returned?”

“It is still flowing in.”

Omega furrowed her brows.

When Balseru told her the ‘truth’ he had discovered, the memories she had thought she had lost forever from her past life started to come back to her.

No, it wasn’t just that.  Somehow, events from much before….  The memories from before her birth was starting to flow in as if it was her own memories.

It was the memories of her ancestors.

Her father and mother’s memories were included.  The memories stretched back into the distant past.  It was the memories of her bloodline.

Omega was able to find out about her true identity through those memories, and she realized the true meaning behind the prophecy.

“I believe I know who made us.”

Balseru had started his memory recovery process earlier compared to Omega.  Even if all his memories were assembled, he was sure he wouldn’t be able ascertain who had created the Guardian Shadows.  The being that made the Guardian Shadows probably intended to remain anonymous until the end.

That didn’t bother him at all.  As he found out the truth, he could naturally guess at who the being was.  However, he would feel no resentment even if he never found out who he was.

The prophesied being had appeared.

Hero Azell Karzark would finally conclude their cruel and hopeless fight.

“I really am thankful to him.  I lived a cowardly life to be able to reach this moment.  That is why I want to eliminate any chance of failure.”

Balseru had purposefully sent only the Guardian Shadows towards Azell’s party.  However, he and Omega didn’t join up with them.

“All the Keepers of Prophecy still in existence has to gather in one location.  That is the only way we could give him what we have kept in custody.”

Until that moment, Azell and the Keepers of the Prophecy had to stay safe.  They had always done this, but they had to keep the probability of a Keeper of Prophecy being killed as low as possible.

“You know, I…..”

Suddenly, Omega spoke.

“…I always thought even if I knew who I was, I thought that knowledge wouldn’t mean anything to me.”

Omega had forgotten even her own name.  However, she hadn’t minded it.  The hate and the sense of duty within her heart was everything to her.

However, when her memories were revived after hearing the ‘truth’, she found herself smiling in spite of herself.

“However, I no longer feel that way.  I’m glad he is the prophesied person.”

“I know we shouldn’t say such things when we are faced with our impending destruction, but….  I feel the same way.”

Balseru let out a bitter laugh.  As he recovered his memories, he was captivated by feelings he had never thought he could feel.

“What do you mean?”

Suddenly, a voice intruded between the conversation between the two.  Balseru turned to look behind him.

The Keepers of Prophecy Leone and Jares had arrived.  When Balseru and Omega caught sight of them, they laughed.

They looked quite ridiculous.  The Sleepless Guardian Theta was floating in the air as it hauled Jares and Leone on each side like luggage.

Leone’s eyes turned round.

“Uh? Balseru is laughing?”

“Alpha is laughing.  Am I dreaming right now?”

Even Jares was taken aback. They knew they looked absurd, but Balseru was laughing at them.  For the past dozens of years, they would have never imagined they would be able to see such a sight.

Balseru spoke.

“It seems I was quick to laugh in my past life.  Well, that doesn’t matter now.”

“The day when the prophecy will be realized is fast approaching, and I guess there are a lot of surprises in store for us.”

Leone climbed off of Theta as he spoke.

It was the same as before when Omega gathered all the Keepers of Prophecy when Azell’s party clashed with Reygus.  Everyone was instructed to follow Azell’s party, and they were told to join up with Balseru as soon as possible.

Leone and Jares had been the closest to them.  Moreover, they had a high rank magician Theta in their party.  This was why they were able to come here so quickly.  They had been hauled here by Theta like luggages.

Balseru spoke.

“Azell-nim is the man from the prophecy.”


Jares looked towards Balseru as if he thought this was all outrageous.  Balseru just smiled.

“When you hear the truth, you will also call him by that honorific.”

“Hmm.  I am starting to wonder if you’ve finally gone crazy.”

“How did you verify it?”

Leone ignored Jares’ sarcastic words as he asked the question.

Balseru answered him.

“Dragon Demon General Reygus confirmed it.  Reygus said he was the hero Azell Karzark, who had killed the Dragon Demon king Atein in the Dragon Demon war.”


“What did you just say?”

<Are you telling us the truth?>

Leone, Jares and Theta were dismayed.  Balseru nodded his head.

“Of course, I’m telling you the truth.  The most credible witness had confirmed this truth.  Moreover, it seems I won’t have to try hard to convince you guys of this truth.”


It was as he said.

When they heard the truth, the expression of Leone and Jares turned peculiar.  Suddenly, tears started flowing out from Leone’s eyes.


Leone didn’t even have the presence of mind to wipe away his tears.  He just laughed.

“Ha ha ha.  I...I see. That’s what happened…...”

The memories they had completely lost started to return.  The memories of their lives, and the   memories of those that came before them…..

They also found out why they were chosen to become the Keepers of the Prophecy.

Moreover…  They found out why Azell Karzark was the man from the prophecy.

“What the hell?  This is ridiculous….  So that’s how it is?”

Jares was also struck dumb.

His memories were coming back.

He had thought his memories had been lost forever, but he could clearly remember the faces of his father, mother, brother and sister.  His father had been strict, and his mother had been a timid person.  Then there was his playful brother, and his constantly talking younger sister, who always followed Jares like a puppy.

The moments he had shared with them came back to him.  He was from a noble family in the frontier, and he had received education for the time when he would have to rule over his barren territory.  He remembered the conversations he shared with his family when they gathered each night for dinner.  His family had taken time to talk about what they did each day.

Tears started to fall from Jares’ eyes.

He had lost everything, and he had been waiting for this moment.

Moreover, he realized it was worth the wait.  When Jares realized this truth, a bright smile appeared on his face.

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