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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 152 - Dogfight (3)

“They’ve been gathering them for the past 220 years.”

Laura answered him.

“Of course, they would have a lot.”


The party groaned.

Dragon weapons were being summon in succession.  Their enemies had already summoned nine Dragon weapons.  

It was inevitable.  

The Plain of Darkness severed the succession of Dragon weapons in the outside world, yet they continued to create Dragon weapons.

Then there was the Dragon weapons possessed by the survivors of the Dragon Demon war.

Those that were from the Dragon Demon race used their longevity to work on their own Dragon weapons over time.  The Dragon Majins used the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual to make their Dragon weapons.  These Dragon weapons were passed onto the next generation.  Even if some were lost during battle, the number of Dragon weapons continued to grow.

There was a change that occurred on the battlefield. 

Holes started to form in the wave of Guardian Shadows.  The powerful attacks by the wielders of the Dragon weapons started to changed the tide of the battle.

Azell spoke.

“Don’t be afraid.  Dragon weapons aren’t created equal.  Not all Dragon weapons possess terrifying power such as the Soul Hammer and the Vitan’s Chalice.  The Dragon weapon possessed by Jeffers isn’t sublime.  However, it would be considered above average even during the Dragon Demon war.”

“That is really comforting to know.”

Leticia grumbled.  

Azell grinned.

“Then let me tell you an additional information that might soothe your mind a little bit more. Even if all the Dragon weapon users here attacked at the same time, Laura could handle them on her own.”


Everyone turned to look at Laura in surprise.  She accepted their gazes with a blank face as she slightly nodded her head.

“If we are talking only about defense, I can do it.”


Everyone was at a loss for words.

Then they remembered how Azell had used the Vitan’s Chalice against Reygus.  It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.  Moreover, there was a fact that the party had overlooked….

“The Vitan’s Chalice was a Dragon weapon made for a magician.  In truth, I was only able to bring out half its power.”

When Azell received the Vitan’s Chalice from Laura, he had talked about this fact.  

Of course, the previous Laura hadn’t been that strong.  However, she had learned how to bring out the true power of the Vitan’s Chalice from Azell.  She was a much scarier being compared to before.


Kairen was observing the battlefield through the Magic Eye put up by Yuren.  After surveying the battlefield for a short amount of time, Kairen spoke.

“These guys…  It seems there are close to 3,000 Guardian Shadows gathered here.  It might exceed that number.”

“There are that many?”

Leticia was surprised.  Even if the terrain caused them some trouble, there was a reason why the elites of the Dragon Demon king worshippers were struggling against the Guardian Shadows.

Kairen spoke.

“We’ll traverse the ridge on the left.  We’ll climb it diagonally to breakthrough their line.  Can you do it, Azell?”

“In this instance, I’ll have to do it even if it kills me.”

Azell grinned. 

Laura spoke.

“I'll support you.  Don’t worry about it.”

“I’ll leave it up to you.”

In Azell’s current condition, he couldn’t generate the requisite speed needed to break through their line.  In the end, he had no choice, but to rely on Laura’s magic.

Azell spoke as he looked up into the sky.

“Shall I send a single blow towards them as a greeting?”

At the same time as he spoke those words, the fading darkness covering the sky parted.

-Come out Dragon Maken!

In an instant, all the Dragon Demon king worshippers on the battlefield looked up towards the sky.  From beyond the heavens, a light exploded to rip apart the darkness of daybreak.

-Sky Splitter!

An elder from the Aunsaurus tribe was a survivor of the Dragon Demon war.  The elder once again felt the fear he had felt from several hundred years ago revive within him, and he felt his body freeze.

“That cursed sword really made its appearance once again!”

It was the weapon of the devil.  It had killed their god, Dragon Demon king Atein.

However, the fear they felt overshadowed the hate they felt.  How many of their comrades were killed by that sword?

The elder’s voice shook as he shouted out his words.

“A...Azell Karzark is over there!  Everyone go get him!”

The current young generation had no idea how frightening an existence Azell was.  For them, Azell was the devil from a legend.  The ones that had faced him before was the only ones that  knew true fear of facing him. 

This was why the elder knew his troops would be able to fight him without being overwhelmed by the fear.  The elder was frozen as he tried to rationalize the situation.   However, his face froze again.

-Come forth Dragon weapon!  Vitan’s Chalice!

A wave Dragon Demon magic on par with the Sky Splitter spread into the surrounding.  Then the space in front of him became distorted.

“Laura!  You ungrateful traitor……!”


The light let out a sound akin to a scream.  The pure white light looked like thunder, and it was coming towards him.

‘No!  I have to get out of here!  I have to break away, so I can stay hidden from him!’

In a flash, the thunderbolt burned through his defensive magic, and the inside of the elder’s head turned white.  He was paralyzed from fear.  He couldn’t even think.  Before he could respond, a Dimensional Distortion appeared next to him…..

Gwah-roo-roong!  Ggwah-roo-roong!

The Sky Splitter, which was in a state of light, cut through the elder.

It was a direct hit.

The Magic Eye in the sky allowed Azell to lock in on the elder’s position, and the Dimensional Distortion of Vitan’s Chalice bridged the long distance between the two locations.  The Sky Splitter was sent through to hit the target.

The Sky Splitter attacked at the speed of light.  This was why it was possible to hit one’s enemy in a split second.  Of course, it was demanding to hit a target that was far away, and it was hard to lock in on one’s target.  This limitation was solved by teaming up with Laura.

Gwah-gwahng! Ggwahng! Ggwah-gwa-gwahng!

The two of them worked closely as they let out a continuous stream of attacks.  They did this as they charged towards their destination.  Sudden sneak attacks kept popping up all around the battlefield.  The Sky Splitter’s attacks disintegrated the line of the Dragon Demon king worshippers.

“This doesn’t make any sense!  Even if that is a Dragon weapon of a Dragon Demon general, how can this be possible!”

Everyone started to scream.

The fact that there were over 3,000 Guardian Shadows was a disaster in itself.  Now the Guardian Shadows were being used as shields as Azell and Laura used the legendary Dragon weapons that was famous even in the Dragon Demon war.  A nightmare occurred when the two weapons were used in concert with each other.  

When Laura was their ally, she had worked in the darkness.  So they didn’t know how scary she was.  However, now that they had to face her as an enemy they understood why the humans had feared Aunsaurus.  They felt the fear deep within their bones.

She wasn’t the only one that was terrifying.

“Dragon sword, burn the evil darkness!”

Kairen climbed to the highest point on the ridge, and his chant echoed throughout the mountain.


A sharp sword energy cut through the air as Kairen swung his Dragon sword. The sword energy flew horizontally as it cut through the mountain.  The mountain peak fell on top of the Dragon Demon king worshippers.


The Dragon Demon king worshippers screamed.

In such pandemonium, only one person was running.  He ran faster than the falling speed of the mountain peak.  He ran across the side of the mountain cliff to climb up the ridge.  It was a surprisingly acrobatic move, and he was able to escape the attacks of the Guardian Shadow.

“Come!  Oh, Storm!”

A swirling gale of wind swept over the party.

It was Jeffers Almarick.  He used the gale created by his Dragon weapon to restrict the party’s movement, and he aimed the blue flame crawling up his transparent blade towards a single spot.  He concentrated his attack.

The blue flame swirled into the air.

The magic flame was added into the gale as the flame was amplified.  One couldn’t breathe in such a firestorm, and it felt as if one’s body was about to be swept up into the air.  The blue magical flame kept swirling to increase its effectiveness.


“How laughable.”


The current of cold air blew the flames  away.

The surrounding temperature quickly dropped as if it was winter.  The precipitation in the air froze to cover the mountain with snow.  Leticia’s yellow red eyes held murderous intent as she climbed up towards him.

Jeffers grinded his teeth.

“Ice Queen!”

After Leticia used Instantaneous movement to charge forward, she clashed with Jeffers.

When the sword and spear clashed against each other, a clear sound rang out.  Then the cold current and the hot gale clashed against each other.


Yuren immediately moved to support Leticia, but Jeffers hadn’t come here alone.

“Chet!  Annoying bastards!”

The magicians supported Jeffers from below as sparks detonated in the air.  It was the side effect of spells not being able to materialize.

Leticia spoke with an icy voice that was colder than the cold current created by her.

“If you just stayed silent in the corner, you might have gotten out of this alive.  It seems you are begging for your death!   However, I also am eager to put you in your grave.”

“You speak such words even though you are the shame of our tribe!  I will kill you here to recover our honor!”

“You are a spoiled young master that is putting too much trust in your Dragon weapon.  How laughable.”

Leticia snorted.

However, unlike her words, she didn’t plan on fighting a life and death battle with Jeffers.  Jeffers with his Dragon weapon wasn’t an easy opponent.  Moreover, the objective of the party was to break through the line of Dragon Demon king worshippers.  She would bide her time before she would escape.  She would leave behind Jeffers.

It happened at that moment.


Darkness started to sweep over the battlefield.

The sky had been slowly getting lighter, yet an unnatural darkness invaded the heavens.

Laura groaned when she saw this, and she mumbled a single word.


It was as she said.

It hadn’t been long since the party had stated their battle with the intent of breaking through the line.  However, the enemies stationed in other locations had already started to trickle in one or two at a time.  One of the first ones to arrive was Niberis, who had arrived with her Book of Darkness summoned.

“The one with the name steeped in sin….  No, the great sinner Azell Karzark....”

From the time Niberis showed up on the battlefield, the darkness started to spread like a tsunami. She spoke in a low voice, but there was authority behind it that made it hard for others to breath.

“It is hard for me to believe that you are actually him, but I am thankful for the chance to be able to recover my father’s honor.  Moreover…..”

A killing intent that was as cold as ice was emitted from her.

“I’ll avenge Duran’s death.”


In a flash, everyone’s gaze was focused on Niberis.

It was because the presence she was exuding was overwhelming.  It was a stage where all kinds of Dragon weapons and high ranked magicians were showing off their powers.  However, the imposing presence she was exuding was too large as it overwhelmed their presence.

As the darkness spread into the surrounding, bizarre monsters started appearing from within the darkness. 

They were composed of darkness, so no light reflected off of them.  

One could see the barest outline within the darkness.  It was as if someone had drawn these monsters. 

The tentacles of darkness danced as they appeared from within the darkness to lash out at the Guardian Shadows.


From between the tentacles, large monsters rampaged.  They were made out of darkness, yet a purple flame covered them.  They were made from the pain and grudge of the dead.  The corrupted energy from these beings were used to devour corpses, and black magic was used to raise the Corrupted Bodies.

The surrounding darkness was basically a domain that was under the control of Niberis.  All kinds of curses were inflicted onto the Guardian Shadows, and she imbued more power to her familiars.

Even if Niberis was a high rank black magician with superb Dragon Demon magic, she was showing a surprising amount of control over her power.

Azell immediately saw through to the reason behind it.

“It seems you plan on avoiding your earlier mistake.  You’ve come up with a pretty clever idea.”

“I’ll think of your words as an innocent compliment.”

Niberis approached him.

Saibein’s Book of Darkness was also a top shelf Dragon weapon that had etched its name in the legends.  There were many spells imbued within it, and in the past, Azell had stalled a great magic called ‘Queen of Darkness’ before it could manifest.

Just the initiation of the great magic had made Kairen shudder.  This magic had the effect of explosively boosting the darkness magic of a magician.

It was such a large scale magic that it took a long time to materialize, so it had the downside of compromising one’s defense.  Azell had used this weakness to his benefit in the last fight, and Niberis didn’t plan on repeating the same mistake.

She had summoned the Book of Darkness before entering the battlefield.  She had completed the Queen of Darkness spell in preparation for this battle.

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