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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 157 - Prophesied Being (3)


As the storm raged and the thunder roared, numerous clones switched between being illusory and real as they attacked the party.

The only thing that was definite was the fact that it was a four on one battle.

In truth, there was only one real body, yet 16 clones were attacking the party.

When Almarick fough Azell, he had only used clones that had substance.  Now that he was adding in illusory clones, so they couldn’t even count how many there were.

After clashing several dozen times with the Storm’s Scream, Kairen’s Dragon sword was broken.

The blade of thunder pierced Leticia’s abdomen.

The swirling gale slammed Yuren into the rock face.


“This is it.”

The last one to kneel was Laura.

“Ha-ahk, ha-ah….  Ah…..”

Laura was breathing heavily, and the light from the Vitan’s Chalice dispersed.  Then her body fell to the floor.

She had used all the techniques she could use with the Vitan’s Chalice.  If it wasn’t for her, this battle would have ended long ago.

However, they were of no match to Almarick.  The four of them had used all their might for a joint attack, but they couldn’t even harm the tip of his hair.  It was a shameful defeat.

The Dragon Demon king worshippers were at a loss for words.  Niberis and Kieren was completely intimidated as they watched the sight.

‘Is this the might of the Dragon Demon generals?’

They had witnessed it when Reygus had used his full power to fight Azell.  Their power was on a different level.  The Dragon Demon King worshippers felt it in their bones as to why these figures had become legends.

They also understood why the Aunsaurus tribe had used such evil methods to create an outstanding heir.

Niberis, Kieren and Jeffers were descended from noble bloodline, and they possessed potential that matched up with said bloodline.  The Dragon Demon magic they were born with were clearly superior to other people.


They couldn’t hold a candle to the Dragon Demon generals, who were their ancestors.  The Aunsaurus family probably knew how incredible an existence the Dragon Demon generals were.  This was why they weren’t satisfied with naturally born heirs, and this was why they put their hands on the forbidden methods.  In some ways, their actions were a natural consequence of knowing the might of the Dragon Demon generals.  It made the Dragon Demon king worshippers have such thoughts.

Suddenly, Reygus spoke.

<If our side hadn’t done such needless act, we might have had some pretty scary enemies.>

“I’ve made the same assessment as you.  This guy is special.  He is quite skilled.  I almost feel bad for him that he doesn’t have a proper Dragon weapon.”

Almarick let out a bitter laugh as he looked at the fallen Kairen, who was a bloody mess.  The one that put up the best fight amongst the party was Laura, but if one was talking purely about how much energy one possessed, Kairen had the most.  Kairen was the only one Almarick thought was a waste.

“It is a shame that his talent will be for naught.  I can see why our side considered him to be a subject of caution.”

It happened at that moment.


「We won’t let you…….」

「Do as…….」

「You like……!」

The Guardian Shadows had been observing the battle, but they now ran forward.

At the same time, the paused battle started to move again.  The Dragon Demon king worshippers blocked the path of the Guardian Shadows, and they fought.

The Guardian Shadows didn’t care about the progress of the battle.  They ignored all else as they charged towards Almarick.

Suddenly, Almarick spoke.

“You are pitiful souls of the dead.  So what do you think you can accomplish here?”

The Guardian Shadows were unable to get close to Almarick.  He was surrounded by the power of storm and thunder.  Any Guardian Shadows that approached him were sent flying.

Azell stood up.

He could no longer his psychokinesis, since he lacked magical energy.  He used his Dragon Majin as a cane to stand up.  Almarick lamented as he spoke.

“So does this mean you want to die on your feet?”


Azell smirked.

“I just….don’t like lying down…..”

“That’s the spirit.  You are our old foe.  I recognize the feats you were able to accomplish, so I will show some mercy.  After you and your companions are dead, I promise not to insult you to the envoy of death. ”

“Hahaha… I’m so thankful…that tears are coming out……”

The Guardian Shadows enclosed around Azell.  They were prepared for death….  No, these spirits had already died.  They were beings that endlessly ruminated on their hate, and now they were showing a resolve that was considered to be transcendent.

Almarick was in wonders when he approached them.

“He is more important than your hate towards us?”

In the past 50 year, Almarick had to hide his identity, but he was able to observe the Guardian Shadows through the Great Darkness.

They were the personification of hate, and the Dragon Demon king worshippers were the cause of their creation.  The Dragon Demon king worshipers had overturned the world through malice and ambition, and as a result, the Guardian Shadows had appeared as an antagonistic force.

They always moved based on their hate and murderous intent.

They didn't converse or negotiate.  They just sought the destruction of the Dragon Demon king worshippers.  They were irrational beings made out of hate.

However, at this moment, they had risen above their hate, and they were trying to protect Azell.  Almarick couldn’t help, but ask for the reason behind their action.

“Why?  Why are you moving past the driving force that supports your existence?  Why are you putting the protection of Azell above it?”


“Did you say hope?”

It was as if he had heard a bad joke.  They were crazed beings that had only wanted the destruction of their foes, yet they were talking about hope?

「Everyone is gone…….」


「Still, there is one light left…..」

“Unexpectedly, you guys are poets.  Azell is your hope.  As expected, did Carlos make you guys?   That still doesn’t explain why he won’t show up even now….”

It happened at that moment.

Murderous intent stretched out from far away, and it agitated Almarick’s senses.  Then…..

Something he couldn’t see pierced through Almarick’s barrier.

“A sniper?  From where?”

Almarick was surprised.  He had barely been able to dodge before the arrow had hit him, but his shoulder armor had been ripped away.  It wasn’t as if his shoulder armor had been smashed into pieces.  It was a wound akin to a wild beast being cut by a piece of paper.  

Of course, Almarick was using gaze detection technique, so he knew someone was aiming at him in an attempt to snipe him.  Even if one was able to hide one’s gaze, one would have to emit killing intent right before attacking, so Almarick would have known the exact moment…...

It was strange as another arrow tried to snipe him.

He dodged it again.  He spread his thunder to detect the attack.  It allowed him to react at lightning speed.

Still, it was very close.  The arrows were coming in at a speed several times the speed of sound, and he couldn’t sense the arrows until it touched his field made from thunder.

“Is this perhaps…..”

Almarick knew of this attack.  His gaze naturally headed towards Azell.

In the past, there had been a bow that was able to shoot invisible magical arrows.  These arrows couldn’t be traced.  It had no presensence, and its true form couldn’t be discerned.  It was a nightmare of a sniper’s weapon that couldn’t be recreated with any other magic.  That bow was made by…...

Azell mumbled in surprise.

“…Underworld Ruler’s Marksman……?”

Its presence hadn’t been seen in this current era.

The Dragon weapon got its nickname from the arrows that seem to fly in from the netherworld.

It was forgotten in history, but many officers of the Dragon Demon king’s army was taken down by this weapon.  It was the Dragon weapon of the Blood and Iron knight.  Elleolom was a female knight, and she had almost killed Dragon Demon general Baldazark.  When her allies were being overwhelmed, she had jumped in to save them by taking on Baldazark.  Both Elleolom and Baldazark suffered serious injuries in that battle. They were both at the brink of death.  

In the end, she never recovered from her injuries, and she had died.  Her Dragon weapon was inherited by one person.

It was inherited by the hero, who would one day kill the Dragon Demon king Atein.  It was given to Azell Karzark.


The magic arrows that was several times faster than the speed of sound kept flying in.  They kept penetrating Almarick’s defense.  Almarick had no choice, but to retreat.  The Guardian Shadows took this opportunity to attack Almarick from all sides.

Almarick spoke.


<I think I know what you want to say to me, but…….>

Reygus was showing signs of distress.  Almarick was puzzled, but he became surprised when Reygus’ magical energy started to shrink rapidly.

“Is it that the bastard from before?”

<I believe so.>

From afar, Balseru was watching Reygus with his eyes, which held a mysterious power.

Almarick clicked his tongue.

“That means the backbone of the Guardian Shadows are coming here. However, he don’t have any information regarding them possessing the Underworld Ruler’s Marksman…….”

The Guardian Shadows were like raging waves as they rushed towards Almarick and Reygus.

They were above the restraints of the material world.  They didn’t bump into each other, and they didn’t run past each others.  This meant an overwhelming number of enemies were rushing towards them in concert.  It was such an overwhelming number of attackers that it was hard to see one’s surrounding.  The Guardian Shadows didn’t care if they were ripped apart by storm and thunder as they charged forward.

On top of that, Almarick and Reygus were pinned down by the continuous sniping by the Underworld Ruler’s Marksman.  The several thousand Guardian Shadows gathered in one place, and they ignored everything on the battlefield to execute a suicide attack.

Even the almighty Almarick and Reygus were being pushed back.


Puh-puh-puhng!  Kwah-kwah-kwah-kwahng!

Explosions rang out on various parts of the battlefield.

It was a wave of magic energy that had a strong scent of Dragon Demon magic.  A golden colored light that was the size of a child’s fist was flying around.  It was a construct made out of magical energy.  Every time it hit a magic spell it created a strong magical backlash.  It caused the magicians to fall over.  

Azell mumbled to himself as he was struck dumb.

“…Box of Hate?”

There was a man that had lost the people he loved through Dragon Demon king Atein’s magic.  He lost his home, and he had even lost his homeland.

His name was Jis, and he had fought the Dragon Demon king’s army using the flames of vengeance that burned within him.

He had willingly participated in the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual to move past the limitation of being a human, and he realized a truth about himself.  He hated magic itself.  The Dragon Demon king Atein was the first Dragon Demon, and he was the progenitor of magic.  Jis hated Atein, and the magic that created such supernatural destruction.  This hate and anger was tempered to create a Dragon weapon.  It was called the Box of Hate.

This Dragon weapon was able to obstruct the magic spells of enemies in a limited region, yet one’s allies could use magic freely in this space.  It created a cheat-like situation.  This made the allied forces very cautious in how they deployed Jis.  However, there came a time when he was deployed as a winning gambit against Almarick and Reygus.  Jis had fought without a care for his body.  After a fierce attack, his hate stained life came to an end.

‘My body may perish, but my hate will never die.’

Jis left behind his will, and he passed on his Dragon weapon to Azell.  Moreover, the Box of Hate had a crucial role in him defeating Baldazark and Atein.  Azell was able to fulfill Jis’ dream of revenge.

“…I think that is its name.”

Suddenly, a sharp female voice was heard from Azell’s side.

She was able to approach him without revealing her presence.  She was a woman in her late 30s with long blond hair and cold features.  She spoke as she gazed at Azell.

“I’ve never been able to call it by its name.  Azell-nim will be able to call it by its name from now on whenever you need it.”

“You are……?”

“I am the Keeper of Prophecy Iota.  Please save your breath.  Everyone will be here soon.”

When she said everyone, who was she referring to?

Soon, he was able to learn the answer to the question.

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