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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 186 - Two Persons (4)


A silence descended between the two of them.


Azell’s face hardened for a brief moment, but he patiently waited for Carlos to continue his story.

Carlos read trust from Azell’s demeanor.  No matter what, Azell’s trust in him didn’t waver.  Even if they were to become adversaries, Azell would assume he had a good reason for his actions.  Azell had absolute trust in him.

‘Ah ah…….’

The fact that he could enjoy the confidence of someone was moving.

He had made the right choices.  He had pursued this even at the expense of his body, and he hadn’t been wrong.

Carlos regretted the fact that he could no longer shed tears.

It had been a long time for him.

The time exceeded the lifespan of a human.  He armored himself with a firm conviction as he fought for the future.

However, even if one possessed a strong conviction, humans were endlessly wavering creatures.

Even a object from nature like the boulder became weathered over time.  Humans were continuously changing creatures.  How hard would it have been for a human to remain unchanging?

It was the same for Carlos.

Carlos hadn’t had anyone to support him through the fight he waged on his own.  He felt endless regret, doubt and despair.


Carlos regretted the fact that he could no longer put on a bright smile.

<The fact that I was able to meet you again….   I’ve been compensated for the pain I’ve felt up until now.>

He had hope.

Even if his soul wore down from the despair, he felt….

He believed there would come a day when someone would tell him that he had been right.

However, those words couldn’t come from just anyone.

It had to be spoken by one person, and he had used every method in his arsenal to give this person a life and a future.  Carlos had waited for him.  He wanted the reliable and strong person from his memories to show up one day.  He had wanted to see this person laugh again.

He had persevered in the darkness of despair, and at this moment, he had received his reward.

Azell smirked.

“Stop talking nonsense.  It is the same problem now as in the old times.  You pretend as if something is of great import to test the reaction of others.  We’ve already exhausted every test we can pose each other.”

<It has been over 200 years, but it seems old habits die hard.>

Carlos cheerfully gave an explanation.

<As you probably know, I created the Guardian Shadows.  However, it wasn’t created solely through my power.>

The Guardian Shadows were an amazing piece of magic.  However, it was something that transcended magic.

It used every person on this world as a surveillance net for the Dragon Demon king worshippers.  Moreover, the Guardian Shadows were made up of members that died with an eternal enmity against the Dragon Demon king worshippers.

<At its foundation, the structure of the Guardian Shadows is similar to the Great Darkness.  It’s because I made them using the Great Darkness..>

The Great Darkness used transcendent beings like Belrun as ‘pillars’.

However, they weren’t the only ones that were present within the Great Darkness.  There were other doomed souls that wished for eternal life.  There was a large cluster of souls that made up the Great Darkness.

<Amongst these souls, some are able to manifest in this world as supernatural beings.  Reygus and Almarick is an example.>

Their essence remained within the Great Darkness.  That was why they were revived every time they were killed.

If the body remains intact, they were revived back to their living state.  If the body was destroyed, they were brought back as an Undead.

<The power of Belrun is the main engine that powers the revival.  Aside from this ability, the power of many other beings were added to Atein’s technique.  I became part of the Great Darkness, and I stole part of his power.  I was able to create a technique that was independent from Atein.>

It was similar to Great Darkness within the Plain of Darkness.  Both Aincera and Almarick had access to the Great Darkness.

Carlos had gone through a different process, so he wasn’t beholden to Atein.  He was able to create the Guardian Shadows.

<Aside from the Keepers of Prophecy, the Guardian Shadows are immortals.  They can’t be easily killed, and even if one is able to kill them, they are revived after time passes.>

“Is that why their numbers continue to grow even after fighting the Demon King worshippers over the years?”

<Yes.  For example, there are over 3,000 Guardian Shadows gathered outside of this mountain.  There are many more Guardian Shadows that are spread across the continent, and they are thwarting the plans of the Dragon Demon king worshippers.  >

“If there are 3,000, that is almost the amount that assembled last time.  Are you saying you can bring more of them here?”

<It means that there are that many beings, who hold a grudge against the Demon King worshippers.  I’ve gathered such numbers even though I started the Guardian Shadow technique less than a hundred years ago.>

Carlos let out a bleak laughter.  The number of Guardian Shadows was directly correlated to the number of wicked deeds carried out by the Dragon Demon king worshippers.

<Why do you think the Keepers of the Prophecy weren’t immortals like the Guardian Shadows?>

“It’s because you wanted to deliver the Dragon weapons and Dragon Demon magic to me.  Why did you use that particular method?”

Azell had given all his Dragon weapons to Carlos before he went to sleep.  Why had he chosen to use the Keepers of the Prophecy to bring the weapons into this era?

<They were needed.  I was able to preserve the Sky Splitter by connecting it to you.  I couldn’t do that with the other Dragon weapons.>

“Why didn’t you give it to others…….”

<It was my selfishness.  I wanted to give it all back to you when you returned.  If you look at the result, I think I made the right choice.>

He was right.  If Carlos had given Azell’s Dragon weapons to other people, the Dragon Demon king worshippers would have made sure to destroy them.

<Also, it isn’t as if I tried to preserve all of them.  I passed on two Dragon weapons.>

He had given one to Azell’s adopted child, who took over the County of Karzark after Azell.  The other one was given to the country’s most promising hero.

Hower, they weren’t able to pass on their weapon.

<Then there’s the one…..  I blew it.>


<I’ll tell you about it a little bit later.>

Azell was taken aback, but Carlos waved his hand to calm him.

Carlos’ explanation left much to be desired.  However, Azell had seen the exception to what he was describing.

“Weren’t the Dragon weapons of the Dragon Demon generals preserved in the Great Darkness?”

<I tried to do the same thing.  However, I wasn’t able to perfect it like Atein.  I couldn’t find a solution that dealt with the wear and tear that accumulated over time.  In the end, I needed living vessels, so I created the Keepers of Prophecy out of need.>

“I see…….”

<I am part of the Great Darkness, but that doesn’t mean I’m capable of doing everything Atein is capable of doing.  The other side can’t create the Guardian Shadows like me.  I’m able to copy certain things created by Atein, but there are also things I cannot copy.  Did you see Reygus?  He’s only an Undead, yet he was able to use his Dragon weapon.  On top of that, he’s able to temporarily use his Dragon Demon magic.>

“Ah.  That was jaw dropping.”

<It is possible, because Reygus and the Soul Hammer resides within the Great Darkness.  I decided to impart the Dragon weapons and Dragon Demon magic to the Keepers of Prophecy, and I kept them from aging.>

“It seems I owe a lot to my descendants.”

Azell let out a bitter laughter.

It didn’t matter what an amazing feat of magic the Keepers of Prophecy were.  He could only express his respects towards the Keepers of Prophecy, and he would continue their will.

Carlos looked into the empty air as he spoke.

<I did them wrong, but there was no other choice.  There was no choice left for them and me…...>

“I didn’t say those words, because I blame you.”

<I know.>

Carlos sneered at himself as he continued to speak.

<I was able to take over part of the Great Darkness, and it was the foothold needed for me to create the Guardian Shadows.  Instead of giving the Keepers of Prophecy immortality, I imbued them with special powers.>

Alpha was able to suppress Undead power using his gaze.  This was possible, because he had imbued part of Belrun’s power to Alpha.

Omega was able to peek into the Great Darkness that was under the control of Aincera.  This was possible, because their essence were within the Great Darkness.

<…if Atein was alive, this would have been impossible.  He would have recognized my presence, and he would have acted accordingly to counter my actions.  However, Aincera and Almarick received only a limited power over the Great Darkness.  They are merely custodians.>

Aincera was limited to keeping the system created by Atein rolling.  Just doing this had caused her sense of self to erode.

“You were the one that stopped Aunsaurus and Baldazark from being revived?”

<That’s right.  As I’ve explained to you before….   This was one of the advantages I gained from joining the Great Darkness.>

The four Dragon Demon generals had become part of the Great Darkness.

However, only Reygus and Almarick had been revived.  Aunsaurus and Baldazark had met their true death.  This was a feat accomplished by Carlos from within the Great Darkness.

<So the fact that they were killed instead Reygus and Almarick wasn’t a coincidence?>

“I chose that outcome.  As always, I aim for the optimal result..”

<Yes.  In truth, I could have buried either Almarick and Reygus if I had chosen to do so.  I could have theoretically eliminated three Dragon Demon generals, but I chose not to.>

He could bury two for certain.  Carlos chose certainty in his fight.  He picked Aunsaurus and Baldazark.

They were magicians.  In terms of battle capabilities, they were Archmages that rivaled Atein.

“If they were revived, they would have been able to manage the Great Darkness better.  Is that the reason why they were chosen?”

<That’s correct.>

If Aunsaurus and Baldazark were present, Carlos might not have been able to make the Guardian Shadows.

Carlos changed the topic.

<Azell.  You talked to my thought construct before, right?  After you went to sleep, the world faced two threats.>

“I did.”

Carlos’ thought construct had told him this.  Absolute calamities that threatened the entire humanity had appeared, and the death of Atein had released them onto this world.

“In the context of our previous conversation, this being had been sealed within the Great Darkness?”


“You became like this in the process of blocking them.”


Carlos shrugged his shoulders as he gave an explanation.

<You might not be too interested in this, but it is important for me to explain what kind of being she was.>

“The second calamity…..   I think I know what it is even if you don’t tell me.”

<Let’s talk about the first one for now.  Our comrades that survived the Dragon Demon war fought against the first being that was unsealed……   We joined forces with the younger generation to stop her.  This incident spurred me to research the dangers of the Great Darkness.>

“Which being was it?”

<She was the first to create the Dragon weapon.  Her name was Iksseru.>

Azell’s eyes widened in surprise.

<I heard from Albatan at a later date that she was from the era of the Five Star Kingdom.  I believe she was a descendant of Atein.>

“I heard about her.  She’s a female Dragon Demon?”

<It seems the old man have already told you that story.>

“It was in passing.  He didn’t put much importance on the story.”

Azell grumbled. 

It would have been better if Albatan had told him this story earlier.

Carlos cackled as he spoke.

<She was… That’s right.  She wasn’t a magician.  She was a Dragon Arts practitioner.  She created the first Dragon weapon, and it allowed her to realize a desire she shouldn’t have had.>

“What kind of desire?”

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