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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 189 - Two Persons (7)


The Sky Splitter was deployed.  Azell’s magical energy became one with his clones as they streaked across the sky.

The evil spirits on the ground were emanating magical energy without reserve.  The battered body of Carlos….no, Belrun’s body was flying high in the air.  He had shot up much higher than the mountain peak of Laus.

-Koohk koohk koohk.  This is fun.

Azell heard a voice infused with a bleak magical energy within his head.

It wasn’t the voice of Carlos, which he had heard within Laus.  The voice didn’t exist.  It was a dense mental wave made out of magical energy.

It was a curse that attacked Azell’s mind.  If he was a normal person, he would have lost his sanity after hearing the voice.

-The evil spirits are bound by their distrust of this world.  I see.  It seems air isn’t the only thing that thins out at this high of an altitude.

Belrun’s power was founded on the massive amount of evil spirits he controlled.  He was just one being, yet he had control over countless spirits in his ranks.  He was the King of the Dead. The evil spirit could transfer their magical energy to Belrun to create a particular phenomena.  The level of power that was transferred could create a catastrophe.

Azell had predicted this, so he immediately brought out his Sky Splitter.  He dragged Belrun into the skies.

-I never knew I had this weakness.  You live and learn.

The evil spirits were bound by misgivings that was spread across the surface of the world.

They were created through the death of humans.  This was why they couldn’t use their full power in locations that were absent of death or the misgivings of living beings.

Basically, humans as well as the evil spirits couldn’t exist this high in the air.  If it was through Belrun’s power, he might be able to drag the spirits into the air by sheer force.  However, he would have to consume power to make this happen.  The consumption of power would override any benefit in bringing up the spirits.

This scenario was possible, because he was Azell.  It was also thanks to the information given to him by Carlos before Belrun had awakened.

“Did you say you are the King of Death Belrun?”

Azell glared at him as he spoke.

“This sky is where you will die.”

-Oh.  It seems you are a human that tells funny jokes.  Haven’t you heard of me before?

He snickered.

-I am the first to defy death.  I didn’t need outside help.  I am a king, who used my own power to defy the way of the world.  The concept of death doesn't apply to me.  That is why….

The cursed darkness rose up.  The faces of many evil spirits appeared from within, and a hail-like attack was sent towards Azell.

-There is no way I will die.


The heavens shook.

It wasn’t a darkness simply made out of magical energy.  Even the sound wave was a vector for the cursed power.

“I will prove how flimsy that statement is.”

However, as Azell approached Belrun, his figure disappeared.

At the same time, light erupted in all directions as it ripped through the sky.

The cursed darkness started burning up, but the sound of this event was drowned out by the roar caused by the light.  It was like a flame and a lightning.  The beam of light pierced through the being called the King of Death.


‘This is……?!’

Azell was taken aback.

The Sky Splitter had turned into a beam of light, and when it was about to reach the King of Darkness, a gulf suddenly formed.  Belrun was suddenly so far away that it was hard to see him with the naked eye.  Azell was well aware of what the appearance of this phenomena implied.

‘Endless Plain? Shit.  He is already able to use such techniques?’

It was like the dimensional distortion created by the Vitan’s Chalice.  It was the Endless Plain.

It was such an unexpected development that Azell was taken unawares.  His real body was separated from his clones.  He was so far away that his clones dissipated, and for a brief moment, he had lost track of the Sky Splitter.

The cursed darkness came at him like a hail storm.  Azell had lost his Sky Splitter, so it seemed he wouldn’t be able to block such an all encompassing attack.

-Come Dragon weapon!  Unyielding Fortress!

However, a shout containing his will exploded forth from the darkness.

A wave of transparent light erupted to block the hail storm of darkness.  After creating a barrier, he kept summoning his other Dragon weapons.

-Storm Dragon’s Wings! Underworld Ruler’s Marksman! Master of Raging Waves!

Aside from the Sky Splitter, he summoned four additional Dragon weapons.

It was something no one else had been able to replicate after the Dragon Demon war.  The summoning of multiple Dragon weapons were an unsurpassed ability that only Azell, Duke Croix Nidel and Atein could use!


The space started to ripple.

A wave of transparent power shook the space, and the energy generated from within this space was absorbed. 

The hail of darkness, which was about to engulf Azell, was swallowed up by a countercurrent.  

At the same time, the Endless Plain was destroyed, and the dimensional distortion righted itself.

-What is this?

Belrun’s shocked voice rang out.

A sword made out of light had pierced through his body.

“Even if you are able to imagine up such a large space, you won’t be able to leave behind the light.”

Azell had been flustered by the formation of the Endless Plain, and he had lost contact with his Sky Splitter for a very brief moment.  He had brought out the Unyielding Fortress to establish his defense, and at the same time, he regained connection with his Sky Splitter.  He used the Sky Splitter to attack Belrun, who had been at the end of the vast space.

“You might be borrowing Carlos’ knowledge, but as a magician, you are merely an old relic, who have fallen behind the times.”

Belrun was one with Carlos.  He was able to use Carlos’ magical knowledge.  It was as Azell had said.  Belrun had fallen behind the times, but he had access to the evolved magic spells.  Belrun had no compunction in using these new spells, but he couldn’t use it freely like Carlos.

Belrun would need to use Carlos’ magical knowledge to update his own magic spells, which was full of holes.  However, he needed a lot of time to accomplish this task.

“I won’t give you the opportunity to turn into a calamity.  You will die here and now.”

-Hmmph.  Extreme Extermination.  I’ll acknowledge that it is a scary technique.  However, do you think I’ll let you use it?

“What can you do?”

Azell snorted.

At the same time, something penetrated Belrun.


Belurn staggered.  Arrows, which were invisible to him, impacted on his body.

It was the Dragon weapon named Underworld Ruler’s Marksman. Since Belrun had Carlos’ knowledge, he immediately knew this fact.  He tried to defend against it, but he couldn’t block it entirely.  He could only minimize the damage.

Azell used this opportunity to send the Sky Splitter towards Belrun.  Azell resolved into several dozen clones, and a destructive light impacted on Belrun.

“I’m well aware of it.  You are very sturdy, and you have an endless reservoir of energy.”

He had heard it from Carlos.  Belrun had a reservoir of magical energy that was larger than the magical energy possessed by Atein and the Dragon Demon generals combined.  Of course, the current Azell could barely contend with him in terms of magical energy.

“However, you are merely a spirit that has lost twice before.  Carlos had trouble with your immortality.  It wasn’t as if he afraid of you.  I’m just here to finish the battle that Carlos had already won.”

Azell’s clones spoke as one. Belrun kept attacking the clones, but he couldn’t find Azell’s true body.  All the clones possessed presence, and they all attack him as if they were real.

‘This makes no sense!’

Even if Azell was great at using his Cloning technique, they were fighting in midair.  It might be understandable with his clone, but how could his real body fly around the air freely like a bird?

The answer lay within Carlos’ knowledge.

-Storm Dragon’s Wings? Shit. I can’t believe a human has such abilities…….!

Dragon weapon Storm Dragon’s Wings..

It was the identity of the flame-like red light that was surrounding Azell’s body.  He was able to fly through the air using his Dragon weapon, and he could do it better than a magician.

-You bastard!

Belrun raged.

There was little oxygen present in the high altitudes, and the pressure in the atmosphere suddenly rose.  A fierce wind arose, and a thunderbolt roared from within.

Ggwah-roo-roong!  Ggwa-gwahng!

Azell didn’t blink at all.


Belrun let out a yell.

The attack was similar to the magic used by Almarick’s Dragon weapon Storm’s Scream.  Belrun had copied it.

However, Azell let the thunderbolt flow off of him, and he counterattacked.

At the same time, consecutive explosions occurred around Belrun.

Ggwah-gwa-gwahng! Ggwah-gwahng!

-Is this the Box of Hate……?

Masses of transparent magical energy were floating around the air, and they started exploding when triggered by magical energy.  Belrun had suffered under this attack before.  Carlos had used it against him.

The Box of Hate reacted and exploded in reaction to the magical energy making up a spell.  One had to increase the density of the masses of magical energy, and one had to create a dense shell around it.  It allowed one to cut off the masses of magical energy from the Box of Hate.

One had to waste an incredible amount of magical energy to do this.  However, this was the only counter to the Box of Hate devised by Atein, Baldazark and Aunsaurus.  Belrun willingly accepted the inefficiency of this method, since he had an incredible reservoir of magical energy.

“I’ll show you the power of my Dragon weapons, which had been under the custody of Carlos.”

The 32 clones of Azell tirelessly assaulted Belrun.

Azell’s clones flew around using the Storm Dragon’s Wings, and the Box of Hate suppressed Belrun’s magic.  The Sky Splitter turned into a pillar of light as it kept attacking Belrun, and the Underworld Ruler’s Marksman pierced through Belrun’s defense to pierce through him.

It was as if several hundred magicians were attacking him.

-Dragon weapon dismissed!  Master of Raging Wave!  Unyielding Fortress!

After dismissing two Dragon weapons, Azell summoned new Dragon weapons.

-Come Dragon weapons!  Moon Sword!  Cry of the Phoenix!  Defender of Dawn!

He summoned seven Dragon weapons all at once.  Belrun was in a state of shock.

-How can this be!  How is this possible……!

Belrun knew that each Dragon weapon were terrifying weapons.  Azell had summoned seven of them all at once!

“I’ve already told you this.  This sky is where you will die.  Carlos and I have already determined this.”


He heard another voice from his side.  Azell turned to look at him with a complex expression on his face.

Carlos was laughing next to Azell.

-I should thank Count Banan for this.

He had neat brown hair and cold gray eyes.  He was a young man.  Carlos looked exactly like how Azell remembered.  However, Carlos’ figure shimmered as if it was a mirage made out of light. 

This was the power of the Defender of Dawn.

Belrun was pressing down on Carlos’ personality, but he was able to give help through this particular Dragon weapon.  Azell could make at most eight combatants with the Defender of Dawn, but he focused the weapon’s power to create a single clone of Carlos.

-Don’t make such a face, Azell.  It makes me not want to go.

Carlos smirked as he spoke.

Then he used the magical energy granted to him.  The clone possessed an exact replica of Carlos’ personality and abilities.  Since he was being provided power by the Dragon weapon, Carlos could cast magic that was superior to the ones he could cast in his prime. bastard!  You are only my vessel, yet……!

Belrun was helpless as he started being pushed backwards.  

It didn’t matter that he had overwhelming magical energy, and it didn’t matter that he possessed Carlos’ magical knowledge.  There was an absolute gulf between having the knowledge and actually being able to apply that knowledge

-I’ve been planning this for a very long time.  I felt annoyed at the fact that I wasn’t able to end this long fight over 100 years ago.

Carlos spoke as he overwhelmed Belrun in the magical battle.  There was clear gratification in his demeanor.

-At the time, if Azell had been with me, you would have been cooked.  Just separating you from the Undead army reduced you into this state.  According to my calculations, you can generate only one fifth of your power once you entered into the air.

The power of a magician varied in many ways depending on the preparations made by the magician.

It was similar to an army’s strength.  It came down to how well the soldiers were equipped, and how well the army was supplied.  Magician were incomparably stronger in their bases where they had access to their facilities and tools.

The scary thing about Belrun was the unlimited power he continuously gained from the Undead and evil spirits.  It was how Belrun was able to use many of his spells and curses at the same time.

-From the standard of this era, you are still scary.  However, what are you going to do now that you won’t be able to lean on your immortality.  I wonder what you are feeling right now.

Carlos was thorough in his taunt against Belrun.

Carlos had suffered for more than hundred years, because of Belrun’s immortality.  He was full of joy, because he would be able to end this chapter of his life.

As he spoke, light started gathering around him.

The blue sky started to burn up with light.  A tree made out of light was formed.  Its numerous branches started splitting the heavens.

It was as if a lightning was magnified.  In the midst of this scene, Azell held his blue Dragon weapon as he stared at Belrun.


Carlos spoke as he turned to look at him.

-Let’s not drag this out.


When he saw Carlos’ face, mixed emotions appeared on Azell’s face.  Carlos had already become a part of history, yet Azell’s memories were still fresh in his mind.  The memories from their past kept replaying in his mind.

When they first met, Azell thought Carlos was a rude magician.

He remembered all the times they had bickered with each other.

He remembered their youthful follies.

Then there were the times where they discussed each other’s plans for the future…..

-My mind is already made up.

Carlos let out a gentle laughter.

The light sword was complete.

When Azell wanted it, a hail of light swords would fall towards this location.


Azell wordlessly raised his sword.  An extremely hoarse voice flowed out of his mouth.

“…I’ll resent you forever.”

-Please do.

Carlos shrugged his shoulders as he let out a sad laughter.

-Just don’t forget about me.

Azell didn’t answer him.

Then….  The sword of light split the sky as it stretched out.

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