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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 203 - The Return of a Legend II (2)

“How come you don’t know about it?”

Yuren suddenly asked a question.  He truly had an odd expression on his face.

“What do you mean?”

Atein tilted his head in puzzlement, and Yuren continued speaking.

“You are the Dragon Demon king Atein.  I’m sure of it.”

“I still don’t understand what you are getting at, Yuren Rizester.”

“How come you don’t know about the Dragon Soul?”

“Dragon Soul? You mean those things?”

Atein showed interest.  He had been showing deep interest in the Dragon Souls of Kairen and Leticia.

It was a truly odd occurrence.

“The creator of the Dragon Soul said that he was working with you.”

Yuren purposefully didn’t mention Reshoo’s name.  He wanted to see Atein’s reaction.

“By the way you are phrasing your words, it seems the Dragon Soul was developed pretty recently.  However, you mentioned the creator.  Who are you talking about?”

“He joined hands with you after the Great Darkness, yet you don’t know about the Dragon Soul?  That makes no sense.  Why don’t you know about it?”

Did Reshoo lie to them?   There was no reason for him to do so.

‘Or did he not inform Atein about the Dragon Soul?’

It was possible.  Atein hadn’t been revived yet when Reshoo made contact with Atein through some unknown means.  Reshoo might have agreed to work with Atein, but he might not have exposed the existence of the Dragon Soul to Atein.  This might be why the revived Atein might not have any information regarding the Dragon Soul…..

‘Something is off.’

There was a logical explanation that could explain the current situation, but Yuren couldn’t easily dismiss this discrepancy.

‘He doesn’t know about someone that possesses more Dragon Demon magic than him.  That doesn’t make any sense too.’

According to Azell’s words, Reshoo possessed an enormous amount of Dragon Demon magic, and it exceeded the raw power possessed by Atein.

Reshoo might not have told Atein about the Dragon Soul, so it was a plausible excuse for Atein’s ignorance.  However, how could he not know about a power that rivalled his own?

It would be understandable if Atein didn’t know Reshoo.  However, he had fought against Reshoo during the Dragon Demon war.  Even then Reshoo possessed more Dragon Demon magic than Atein.

“Are you really Atein?”

“You ask the strangest questions.  Didn’t you identify me as Atein?”

“That’s right.  You are Atein.  There is no way you aren’t…..”

Yuren bit his lips.

Yuren had known this fact when this being approached them.  He was Atein.

Yuren had studied the signature of Atein’s energy.  The Guide had informed Yuren about what it would feel like if Atein came in proximity to him.  The feeling was exactly as described.

Moreover, the sight in front of him was definite proof. The White Flame Phoenix was known to be one of Atein’s Dragon weapons.  The existence of this weapon was wiped from the history of humans, but they had heard about its existence through Azell.

Yuren thought for a moment, then he seemed to have an epiphany.  He let out an exclamation.

“…I see.”

“Did you find something out?”

Atein looked to be enjoying this exchange as he asked Yuren a question.  Yuren’s comrades didn’t even understand what he was talking, but Atein looked amused.

Yuren spoke.  

“It is as you’ve said earlier.  You revival was hastened when we destroyed the pillars of the Great Darkness.”

“I did say that.”

“Isn’t that the cause?  The magic ritual was hastened, so it is incomplete.  I’m not sure which part became defective, but I’m sure you suffered a loss in memory.  Your revival isn’t complete yet.”

Kairen had laid out two possibilities, and Yuren became sure which of the two possibilities was true.

<Ho-oh.  This guy is pretty smart.>


At Reygus’ unprompted words, Atein looked at him.

Reygus laughed.

<We have to fight them anyways.  Nothing changes if they know the truth.  Isn’t it so, Atein?>

“Jeez.  It seems you are still very mad about what I did.”

Atein let out a bitter laugh.

When they heard the exchanged between the two, Yuren and Laura started to feel that something was off.

‘What should we do?’

At the time of the Dragon Demon war, Atein had named himself the Dragon Demon King, and he had accepted the four Dragon Demon generals as his vassals.  Basically, they had to treat Atein as their king.

There wasn’t any deference in Reygus’ attitude towards Atein.  He didn’t talk like a vassal talking to his king.  Reygus was talking to Atein as an equal.  It was an attitude seen between comrades.

‘Is it because they aren’t in a formal setting?’

Maybe, they treated Atein as a king in official events.  It might be a different story in a private setting.  However, this didn’t seem to be the case from the stories told by Azell of the Dragon Demon war…..

Laura’s thoughts were cut short when she heard Atein’s voice.

“Reygus is right, Yuren Rizester.  You saw through to the truth.  However, this knowledge won’t change the outcome of what is going to happen here.”

“What is your goal?”

“It is as I’ve said earlier.  I want Azell Karzark and the Vitan’s Chalice.  If you let me have both, I’ll let you all leave this place alive.  However, I can see you won’t agree to such a trade.”

“Hmmph.  It seems you know us well.”

“I may be a bit dense, but I at least know that much.  Hmmm.  What shall I do?  Which option will be easier for us…..”

Atein was mulling over his options.


Suddenly, he furrowed his brows.

“I wanted to see why you guys were stalling for time.  It seems you were waiting for them.  Are they the Guardian Shadows?”

His gaze headed into the distance.  His eyes landed on a location where the forest hadn’t been destroyed.  White phantoms were rushing forward like a wave.  Several dozen Guardian Shadows were rushing towards them at terrifying speed.

Atein let out a sigh as he spoke.

“Unfortunately, we’ll have to end our conversation for now.  It is regrettable, but I’ll end this through force.”


A tsunami-like Dragon Demon magic erupted forth in front of them.  It was greater than what had been shown until now, and the power was rising.

-Come Dragon weapon!  Compendium of Pitch Darkness!

Atein brought out a new Dragon weapon.  It was a black book that contained completely black pages.

In a flash, everyone’s eyes widened.

‘What is that Dragon weapon?’

They had heard about Atein’s 13 Dragon weapons from Azell.

White Flame Phoenix

Sky’s Fortress

Dream’s Apostle

Son of Earth

Frost Forest

Breath of Wind

Volcano’s Giant

Chain of Thunder

Moon of Wrath and Rest

Gatekeeper of Emptiness

Brand of Paradise

Darkness Engraver Sword

The last Dragon weapon was the Darkness Incarnate.  It was the main Dragon weapon used by Atein.

The Compendium of Pitch Darkness didn’t exist in Azell’s stories.  Did Atein already acquire a new Dragon weapon after he was revived from death.

Instead of attacking the flustered party, Atein spoke.

“In truth, I think I made a big mistake.”

“What nonsense are you spouting now?”

“Azell Karzark found a way to destroy immortal beings.  Even if I had to sacrifice the Tree god, I should have witnessed this method.  I was in too much of a hurry that I acted out in haste.”

“Your arrogance knows no bound.”

Kairen grinded his teeth.  At the same time, he took a step forward as he swung his sword.


Gale erupted as enormous force shot towards Atein.  When Atein blocked it with a barrier, Kairen shouted as he raised his twin sword.

“Winds!  Roar!”

Pressurized air was discharged.  The green Dragon encircling Kairen’s body roared, and wind accelerated around them.  In a flash, powerful winds capable of ripping normal humans apart swirled around Kairen..

“Ho-oh!  Your control over the element of air rivals that of a Storm Dragon.”

Atein’s eyes had been blank until now.  It was as if he had a far away look in his eyes, but his eyes shone with inquisitiveness and intelligence.  

Reygus spoke.

<It seems this aspect of your personality remains the same.  It seems he has acquired a power equal to a Dragon weapon.  He isn’t an opponent that should be taken lightly.  I’m warning you.>

In their previous battle, Almarick and Reygus expressed their regret when they saw Kairen’s power.  If he had possessed a Dragon weapon, Kairen would have been able to make a name for himself even during the Dragon Demon war.

It had been several months since that battle, and Kairen still didn’t have a Dragon weapon.  However, he had acquired a strange power, and he was facing them using this power.


In the middle of the accelerating gale, Kairen’s Dragon Demon magic kept growing.  He had been comparable in power to the strongest amongst Dragon Demons, but now he rivalled Almarick.


Kairen accelerated as he ran forward.

‘I have to go all out until all the Guardian Shadows get here.’

The Guardian Shadows, who were almost here, were merely the advance party. Several dozen Guardian Shadows couldn’t hold down their enemies. They couldn’t be used as distraction.

They had to fight until sufficient number of Guardian Shadows arrived. He had to approach this as if it was a life or death battle to create an opportunity for their escape.


Someone got in his way. Kairen became suprised when he saw who it was.


Almarick had been fighting in the background, so when did he get here?

However, his surprise lasted only a moment. Kairen immediately assessed his situation.

‘It is Incarnation!’

He had experienced this technique ad nauseum. Azell had used it to give substance to his clones. Kairen made preparations to fight Almarick, who was using the Incarnation technique.


When they clashed, Almarick’s clone was sent flying. After a beat too late, Almarick’s true body showed up to resist against Kairen. 

“You don’t have a Dragon weapon, yet your Dragon Demon magic is massive. What method did you use to accomplish this?”

If one was a master of the Dragon Arts, one could use one’s Dragon Demon magic at peak efficiency. The momentary power generated could exceed several dozen times the power of one’s original strength.

However, Kairen’s development exceeded the knowledge possessed by Almarick. If Kairen had used a Dragon weapon to amplify his power, it would have made perfect sense. However, Kairen was amplifying his power past what was possible through the Dragon Arts.

“You don’t have to know! I’ll pay back the debt you incurred against me!”

After learning the Dragon Soul, he had went through a painstaking process of being able to utilize his new power. He had ironed out this power through battles against the Dragon Demon king worshippers.

It was all done for this moment. He wanted to repay the humiliation he suffered when he was defeated by Almarick and Reygus!

“The passion of youth is blinding. However, you are being too overconfident after learning one new technique…...”

Almarick snorted as his expression changed.

When they clashed, it looked as if Kairen and Almarick were evenly matched in power. However, that lasted only for a moment. Almarick pressed his attack against Kairen, and he created an opportunity where he would be able to make his clones.

It happened when Almarick pushed his magical energy outside of his body to create his clones.

‘Storm Dragon’s Claw!’

As if he had been waiting for that very moment, Kairen stabbed through the crack that had been formed. He was using one of Azell’s specialty move. He accelerated his sword from close range. He withdrew the left sword as he shed Almarick’s attack. Then he accelerated his right sword. Almarick’s stance was broken, and at the same time, Kairen stamped his foot to cause the ground to shake.

‘Storm Dragon’s Dust!’


The Dragon Soul roared, and the extremely pressurized air exploded with heat. A single lapse in concentration allowed Kairen to take Almarick by surprise. Almarick desperately blocked the attack as he retreated.

It was as if Kairen had anticipated this. The left sword, which had been withdrawn, snaked forward.

“Ram him! Oh, Storm Dragon!”

Kairen’s Dragon Demon magic had ballooned into a mountain, and as he chanted, his power amplified further. The Dragon Soul roared, and the concentrated power was emitted through the sword.

‘Storm Dragon’s Horn!’

In a flash, his sword accelerated past the speed of sound, and it split the air. The edge of his sword vibrated as it struck Almarick.


It wasn’t just a single strike. After the left sword found its mark, the right sword was a split second behind. The second sword strike broke the the speed of sound. As if mending the air, which had been ripped apart, heated air rushed in to fill the vacuum. It surrounded Almarick.


Almarick’s expression crumpled in a fiendish manner. His hair had been neatly combed backwards, but now his hair was wild. Moreover, there was blood on his face.

It was the first humiliation he had suffered since his revival. His chest voice exploded forth.

“How dare you, you little gnat!”

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