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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 207 - The Return of a Legend II (6)

Arrieta couldn’t understand it.

Azell was the hero that had defeated Atein.  During the Dragon Demon war, Azell possessed power that no one could measure up to.  Did Atein want to subordinate Azell, because Azell was stronger than him?  If so, why weren’t there more subordinates under him that had their free will restricted?  

Atein had linked a very small number of beings to the Great Darkness.  Moreover, all these beings shared Atein’s vision for the future.  They followed him out of their own free will.  This wouldn’t be the case with Azell.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to that question.”


Arrieta’s eyes widened.  Was he making fun of her?  However, Atein’s expression was too serious for this to be true.

“It is unfortunate, but I cannot give you that answer.  I really don’t know the answer.”

“Didn’t you make this decision in the past?”

“It is as Yuren Rizester surmised not too long ago.  My revival wasn’t complete.  If we use the Demon King Atein as the measuring stick, I am incomplete.”

There was an odd nuance to his words.  However, it seemed Atein no longer wanted to continue this conversation.

“I am sorry that I cannot answer your question.  Let’s end this.”

In front of Atein, the Compendium of Pitch Darkness rose up into the air, and flames of darkness started to erupt around him.


Yuren took a deep breath then he spoke.

“He’s coming.”

Atein was still showing a tepid attitude.  There were countless uncertainties, but it was clear that Atein hadn’t been using his full power.

‘We are in a bad spot.’

Yuren still hadn’t used his trump card.  He hadn’t fused with a Demon yet, and even if he did, he could maintain the fusion for only a short amount of time. He had thought it would be sufficient to use the fusion when Atein started using his full power.

Laura was using her full power as a magician.  However, she hadn’t used the full power of the Vitan’s Chalice.

Vitan’s Chalice was a Dragon weapon that made countless people shake in fear during the Dragon Demon war.  In terms of battle capability, Aunsaurus was seen as being superior to Atein.  The difference was the fact that Aunsaurus possessed the Vitan’s Chalice.

If Laura used the power of the Vitan’s Chalice, she would become much stronger.  However….

‘Will we be able to pull it off?’

If Yuren merged with a Demon and Laura was able to use the full power of the Vitan’s Chalice, would they be able to contend with Atein?

Their situation was getting worse by the second.  

The Guardian Shadows continued to gather, but the party’s goal was moving farther away.  Yuren looked through the Magic Eye in the air, and he bit his lips.

Atein was almost done sealing the Tree god.

Leticia was continually deploying more Guardian Shadows, yet she was slowly being pushed back by Reygus.

In the end, Kairen had allowed Almarick to use his Incarnation.  Kairen had learned how to deal with Incarnation from Azell, and he had worked very hard in trying to prevent Almarick from using it.  However, there was a limit to what he could do.  When the Incarnation was used, Kairen was quickly being pushed back.  

‘Dangerous.  It really is the worst.’

From the beginning, they had a tactic put in place on how to deal with Reygus and Almarick.

Azell could face either of them in an one on one battle.  If one of his party members supported Azell, he could easily beat Reygus or Almarick.

Even if Azell was missing, there was a chance that they could win against Reygus and Almarick.  A warrior and a magician just had to team up to deal with each of them.  Azell’s party had gotten much stronger.

However, everything turned into a mess when Atein showed up.  Their strongest card was in critical condition before the battle even started.  Yuren, Laura and Arrieta was tied up, since they had to face Atein.

‘At this rate, we cannot run away.’

Yuren came to a bleak conclusion as he started his attack on Atein.

-Come Dragon weapons!  Gate Keeper of Emptiness!  Dream’s Apostle!

Three Dragon weapons were summoned including the Compendium of Pitch Darkness.  At the same time, all kinds of spells started to pour out from the Compendium of Pitch Darkness.

“T...this is……?”

Yuren and Laura realized something at the same time.

It was apparent that the Compendium of Pitch Darkness was similar to the Dragon weapon called the Book of Darkness.  It was capable of boosting the magical energy of the user, and at the same time, it gave free control over massive amount of spells to its user.

However, they had made a mistake.  Their assessment was completely wrong.

‘It is a Dragon weapon capable of independent action from its owner.  It can fight a magic battle on is own?’

It was a Dragon weapon similar to the White Flame Phoenix and the Crying Phoenix.  It could move in an autonomous manner.  Moreover, the amount of Dragon Demon magic stored within exceeded the power of Laura, and its ability to manifest spell was on par with Yuren!

‘There is two magic tomes that are like the Darkness Incarnate?  This is unbelievable!’

Atein’s main Dragon weapon was called the Darkness Incarnate, and it was truly a terrifying Dragon weapon.  It was basically another version of Atein.

It was different from the Incarnation technique.  This other version of Atein could work separately from the real Atein.  The Dragon weapon could was basically an exact clone of Atein.  It could use all kinds of spell, and it was capable of summoning and using Atein’s Dragon weapons.

The Compendium of Pitch Darkness wasn’t on the level of the Darkness Incarnate, but it was still a ridiculous Dragon weapon.  By itself, it could face off against Yuren or Lauren!

“Ooh-ook!  It isn’t the time to hold back!”

Yuren no longer hesitated.  He was going to merge with a Demon.  It happened at that moment.



He was about to call out a Demon to merge with it.  However, his summoning spell was blocked.

He immediately realized what had happened.  It was the power of the Dragon weapon called Dream’s Apostle.

“I forbid the beings of hate from invading into this world…….”

Atein recited those words in a low voice.

The Dream’s Apostle manifested itself in the form of a staff, and there was a sun and moon hanging off of it.  It was capable of mastery over the world of mind and soul.  It didn’t even need to manifest any complicated spell.  The Dragon weapon was capable of blocking a Demon from entering into this world.


Yuren was taken aback.  He once again tried to fuse with a Demon, but it didn’t work.  It didn’t matter what method he tried to use to summon a Demon.  The Dream’s Apostle blocked him at every turn.  

Magicians were capable of interfering with each other’s spells.  It was like blocking various paths.  It was possible to reach the same destination through different paths.  It wasn’t impossible to block all these paths, but one needed significant amount of effort and sacrifices to do so.

The Dream’s Apostle was simply blocking all the paths Yuren could take.  He couldn’t overcome it no matter what methods he used.

This was the power of the Dragon weapons.  Dragon weapons possessed transcendent power.  It defied the logic followed by the magicians.  They were miraculous tools that allowed one to take shortcuts.


Yuren’s complexion turned white.

He was merely a human magician.  He possessed enough power to be called an Archmage, but he fell well short of being able to contend with Atein.

Even if he possessed excellent technique, there was a limited number of cards he could use.  If there was a limit on how many cards he could use at one time, he had limited options.  If he didn’t have the option to fuse with the Demon, he possessed the least amount of magical energy in his party.  He didn’t possess any Dragon weapons or a Dragon Soul.

Suddenly, Atein spoke.

“Hmm. Nope.  This isn’t it…..”

He shook his head from side to side, and at the same time, he unsummoned the Dream’s Apostle.  The power blocking Yuren’s fusion with the Demon disappeared.  Yuren was able to activate his Demon summoning spell.

“Try it.  I don’t want to blow the opportunity to witness such a rare technique just because it might pose a danger to me.”


It was such an arrogant statement to say.  It made him shudder.  At the same time, Yuren understood that Atein was a magician to his bones.

There was a common saying.  Curiosity was the shortcut to destruction.

As a magician, Atein was basically a pioneer.  He called the Demons into this world, because he was curious about their existence.  He didn’t even hesitate to make deals with them.

“I’ll do as you wish!”

An extremely ominous wave of magical energy emanated from him, and Yuren’s brown hair fiercely blew in the wind.  His blue-gray eyes burned as black smoke appeared behind him.  Evil spirits were gathering behind him.

Atein’s eyebrows rose.

“Very cool.  You were able to quickly and safely use this technique.  This means that this technique is fully formed.  I am very curious as to who had developed this technique.”

“I am also curious about that..”

While he spoke, Yuren’s magical energy was wildly surging upwards.  However, Yuren’s mind was calm.  His thoughts became stable.

The signs of inexperience that was displayed in the fight against Niberis was nowhere to be seen.  Unlike before, his skill in fusing with the Demon had been refined.  His magic was boosted beyond the amount of magical energy possessed by Laura.  The senses needed to control magical energy was boosted several folds.  His thought process became faster.

However, this didn’t mean the technique wasn’t taxing him.  His control had increased significantly, but he couldn’t do anything about the increased load on his body and mind.

He once again started the magic battle.

It was different than before.  Each side was now showing their true skills.

Yuren and Laura worked in sync with each other.  The Communication spell allowed them to quickly exchange their intent, and they started apply pressure on Atein.

Kwah-kwah-kwahng!  Kwah-kwah--kwah-kwah-kwahng!

The storm of magic raged.  It was more fierce than before.

The fight was still quite even.  Atein was terrifying since he was using his full power.  However, it wasn’t at a level where Laura and Yuren couldn’t cope with it.  The reason was simple.

“The Vitan’s Chalice is amazing.  It didn’t perform like this in the past…….”

It was as Azell had said.  The Vitan’s Chalice was a Dragon weapon tailored for a magician.  It could create Dimensional Distortions, but only a magician could bring out the countless spells stored within the weapon.

Laura and Yuren leaned on the power of the Vitan’s Chalice, and they were opportunistic and focused in their attacks.

In terms of the amount of spells that one could use, Laura and Yuren was at a disadvantage.  It was a one vs two battle, yet Atein was using more spells than the two combined.  His current skill couldn’t be compared to what he had displayed before.

However, most of the spells were being diverted elsewhere using Dimensional Distortions.

Atein knew about the big techniques like the Vitan’s Maze and the Endless Plain.  However, Laura continued to use the lowly skill called the Dimensional Distortions.  Atein couldn’t go through the tedious task of stopping every single use of the Dimensional Distortion.  Laura was also shrewd in choosing which spells she should divert or confront.  She used Dimensional Distortions to let the spells flow to a different location or she sent it back towards him.  It was causing significant trouble for Atein.

Atein used the Gatekeeper of Emptiness to oppose the Vitan’s Chalice, but the Vitan’s Chalice was much superior in dealing with space.  The Gatekeeper of Emptiness could only connect one point to another.  On the other hand, the Vitan’s Chalice could expand, twist and terminate space.  It was constantly changing, so Laura was able to play with that power.

‘This wont’ work.’

Yuren’s face was dyed with despair.

They were able to stand on equal footing with Atein’s overwhelming magic.  However, that was their limit.

There was no way they could turn the tide of battle against Atein.  In fact, they were slowly losing ground as time passed.



An explosion rang out from afar.  Something flew towards them, and it crashed near them.


Half of his armor was blown off, and Kairen’s body was a bloody mess.  He was barely able to right himself before he hit the ground.  He slid across the ground.

“Huhk, huhk, huh-uhk……!”

Kairen wanted to immediately get back onto his feet, but he swayed as he fell back to the ground.  From the other side, Almarick was approaching them.  A strong gale was wrapped around his body.

“It has been a while since someone made my blood curdle.  If your were a little bit more proficient in your technique, I might have lost my head today.”

Almarick didn’t look untouched.  Various parts of his armor were ruined, and there were wounds on his face.

Kairen had fought hard until the end.  He hadn’t allowed Almarick to use Incarnation.  He went all out from the beginning with the intent of killing Almarick in the initial salvo.  However, Kairen didn’t have the power to end the fight.  After Almarick was able to use Incarnation, Kairen was barely able to hold on.  


In the next moment, a thunderous roar rang out from across the forest, and a big cloud of dust rose into the air.  It was obvious, but it was a roar that was formed when Reygus used his Soul Hammer.

Someone surged in the sky.  It was Leticia, who was surrounded by her blue-white Dragon Soul.

<It has been awhile since I had this much fun! Miss!>

Suddenly, Reygus appeared in front of them using Instantaneous Movement.  He had finished his transformation, so he was wearing his pure white armor.  He was also emitting a massive amount of Dragon Demon magic.

While off-balance, Leticia tried to counterattack.  She tried to attack with a do or die spirit, but Reygus’ speed had become too fast.


An explosion rang out as she fell from the sky.  She was somehow able to avoid a direct hit, but her arm was broken.  She lost her grip on her spear.

“Ooh-oook.  It seems nothing worked out as planned.…….”

After falling to the ground, Leticia shuddered as she lay on the ground.

“It seems we are done.”

During all of this, Atein had finished sealing the tree god.  The spells that had been pressuring Laura and Yuren rose in intensity.

It was as if the tense fight up until now had been a lie.  The battle had shifted in Atein’s favor.  Laura and Yuren was filled with desperation and despair.

Atein asked them a question in such dire situation.

“Do you want to continue this?”

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