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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 214 - Stolen (1)


The believers of the god were waiting.  They wanted a modern day miracle.  They wanted proof.

The people of this world worshipped many gods.  No one knew if their gods actually existed.  Even if a god was able to prove his existence in this era, it would merely become a legend.  It would become a page in the long history of this world.

However, there was a god that was an exception to this rule.

“Oh my king…….”

At that moment, all the Dragon Demon King worshippers of the continent were watching.

There was a pillar of darkness stretching from the ground to the ends of the heaven.

“The day has finally arrived…….”

Not all humans could see it.  However, all Dragon Demon King worshippers could see it.

It didn’t matter how far it was.  It didn’t matter if the terrain or weather got in the way.  Nothing could obstruct the Dragon Demon King worshippers from viewing it….

All Dragon Demon King worshippers could see it, and they knew what it implied on instinct.

It was happening just as the prophecy said it would happen.  Dragon Demon King Atein was back from the dead. 


“You really are alive again, Atein.”

At the land located east of the continent,  an enormous dragon mumbled to itself.  It was the very first Dragon to win the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual to acquire his wisdom.  It was Albatan.

“Hmm.  I still have no idea what he wants to do.  Will he conquer the world once again to bring change to the world?”

Albatan asked the question to a dragon with dark blue scales.  Overall, it had a sleek form.  It was a water dragon.  It was known for its command over the power of water.  It was much smaller than Albatan, but it possessed the size of a common dragon.  It was Libetan, who was the dragon to earn wisdom after Albatan.

Albatan spoke.

“The only thing that is certain is that he is going to do something grand.”

“Anyone could guess that.”

Albatan turned to Libetan, who had scolded him.

A Dragon Demon youth was walking towards the entrance leading to Albatan’s dwelling.   He looked disheveled, but he possessed an eye catching blue white hair.  He possessed white horns like a mountain goat, and he had green eyes.  It was the 1st generation Dragon Demon Reshoo, who had created the Dragon Soul.

When Reshoo arrived in front of him, Albatan asked a question.

“Are you planning on leaving?”

“Yes.  Atein is calling for me.”

Rehoo and Atein had last met at the end of the Great Darkness.  Baion, who was known as a sage, was assassinated by the ugly intention of the temple.  Baion had been one of Atein’s reincarnation.  As Baion’s life ended, Atein had woken up, and he had tried to take care of any lingering attachments left behind by Baion.  At the time, Reshoo had been concealing his identity as he protected Baion.  At the end, Atein asked for Reshoo to participate in his cause.

The human world was overflowing with tragedies, and Reshoo had been disgusted by it.  That was why he had accepted Atein’s offer.   He started believing in the idea that Atein might be able to solve the problem.  

Albatan spoke.

“We might be enemies when we next meet.”

“Who knows?  If it does turn out like that….  I won’t go easy on you.”

“How scary.  Reshoo, do you really believe that you are making the right choice?”

At Albatan’s question, Reshoo mulled over the question for a brief moment.  He shook his head from side to side.

“…I have no idea.”

“Then why are you going out of your way to help Atein?  If he is wrong, the resulting situation might be ruinous.”

“I really love this forest.”

Reshoo let out a bright smile.

It was a world where humans had gained supremacy.  Albatan had created a Demonic land called the Albatan Forest to protect the weak.  These were beings that were headed for extinction.

The weak fall prey to the strong.  It was the rule of nature.  It was logical for the strong to rule over the world.  However, everything needed moderation and balance.  Since humanity’s greed had grown to an uncontrollable level, Albatan had taken in the weak that were chased out by humans.  He established a land enclosed by a fence where the survival of one’s species was guaranteed.

He had created Albatan forest with such intention.  However, it was also true that the Albatan forest was more primitive and brutal than the outside world.  The Albatan forest also followed the law of the jungle.  There was violence amongst residents, and they fought for power within the forest. 

Despite this fact, Reshoo liked the forest.  It was barbaric, but everyone followed the rules and they kept to the code of honor.

“You created a birdcage, old man.  That isn’t the answer I want.  I still haven’t found the answer in my lifetime.  I decided to gamble on someone that might be able to find the answer I want.”

As a result, he would have to fight against his beloved homeland.  Reshoo didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Suddenly, Albatan spoke.

“You’ll have to fight Azell to the death.”

“It is inevitable.  Unfortunately…..”

When Reshoo spoke to Azell last time, he made it sound as if the fight between them was an uncertainty.  However, Reshoo already knew this truth at the time of the conversation.

Azell couldn’t forgive Atein.

Azell had hesitated to fight Reshoo.  Azell’s state of confusion meant that he had avoided resolving the uncertainty between him and Reshoo.  However, if Azell fought against Atein, it was inevitable that he would end up fighting Reshoo.

“It is something I am willing to do.”

Reshoo had already hardened his resolve.  The Albatan forest had become Reshoo’s home and Azell was his friend.  Reshoo would have to turn against them.  He wouldn’t go back on his decision.

“I should go now.  I hope I do not have to meet you as an enemy, old man.  Of course, that isn’t up to me.”

Reshoo ended his short goodbye, and he left.


Atein opened his eyes.

The darkness surrounding him dispersed, and his vision returned.  It was as if he had awoken from a long sleep.  Atein was in a haze as he looked at the world.

“How beautiful.”

It was a feeling that was very hard to express.

His surrounding was devastated.  Until not too long ago, this location had been a dense forest.  There were only signs of destruction now.  Everything was broken no matter where one looked.  The trees and rocks were broken in a haphazard manner.  The ground looked unsightly as if it had been dug up.

Atein looked at the sight as if he was mesmerized.

“It is still beautiful.”

His eyes headed towards the sky.  The sky also didn’t match his words.  The sky was hazy.  It made one feel depressed just looking at it.

However, everything was eye blindingly beautiful in Atein’s eyes.  These were sensations that could never be felt in the world of death.  For a very long time, he had observed his reincarnation, while he was a step away from being alive.  Now he was walking the earth in his own body.  When he breathed in the air, the feeling evoked by the action moved him deeply.

Suddenly, he heard someone’s voice.

<…did his mind become affected because he was dead for so long?>

“You are being rude to his majesty.”

<How do we really know if he is the real king?  First, we have to gain confirmation.  Don’t annoy me with talks about manners.>

“You didn’t really observe manners in the past either.”

<I thought my way of speaking was courteous.>

“It seems your memories don’t match up with reality.  I guess you were always like that even before you became an Undead.

It was Reygus and Almarick.  The two had been waiting for Atein in this desolate place.

Atein put on a bright smile when he saw them.

“Reygus and Almarick.  It is good to see you again, my old friends.  How long did it take for my body to become my true self?”

“It just passed the 100th hour.”

Almarick responded in a respectful manner.  Atein’s eyes widened a little bit.

“It took that long?  By my calculation, it should have taken about 30 minutes.  It seems the will of a human, who is ready for death, is really strong.”

<Are you talking about Yuren Rizester?>

“Yes, he was my last reincarnation.  He was a human with a strong will.”

At Reygus’ question, Atein nodded his head.

He had been the Guide before he had woken up.  He had watched Yuren Rizester’s life.

He had learned a lot through Yuren.  He learned about his deification by the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  He learned about their madness, and how humans changed when gripped by this madness.

He also saw what happened when a human was released from this madness.  He saw how bright a human’s resolve could be.

“Worry and fear.  He was able to overcome both.  His last  struggle inflicted a great deal of loss on me.”

“What kind of loss……?”

“Hundred hours.”

Atein spoke.

“If it went according to plan, my awakening should have lasted 30 minutes.  Everything had been prepared, so it just had to be completed.”

However, Yuren had interfered with that plan.  While he remained alive, Yuren used the techniques in Atein’s memories.  He had delayed Atein’s revival as much as possible.

As a result, Atein had wasted 100 hours in his revival.  Reygus and Almarick had to stay next to Atein in case of any unexpected problems that might arise.  They had also been rooted to this spot for 100 hours.

“Amazing.  If it wasn’t for his interference, I would have been able to finish half of my tasks as soon as I was revived.  I would have acquired Azell Karzark, and I would have been able to kil his party members.”

Azell Karzark was a human, who had killed Atein once before.  Azell was a mere human that hadn’t reached immortality.  It was the first time a mere mortal had bested Atein.

He was too dangerous to left alone.  Atein had to subdue and acquire him at all cost.  If Atein couldn’t have him, Azell had to be killed.

Almarick asked the question as if he was having a hard time understanding Atein.

“Your past self ordered us not to kill them.”

The past Atein wanted to subdue Azell.  He had wanted to tether Azell to the Great Darkness, and if possible, he wanted to keep Azell’s party alive.  However, the revived Atein wanted to kill them all.  It was quite confusing.

Atein put on a smile.

“It can’t be helped.  My past self can’t make the same judgment as my current self.  Since a mistake could derail my plans, I didn’t allow my past self to achieve my goals at all cost.  I made it so that my past self maintained the status quo.”

This was why the past Atein had tried to subdue Azell, and he didn’t try to mess with anyone else.  It would be great if he could have left behind detailed instructions, but Atein could only freely interact with his reincarnations.

“However, it is something I insisted on doing, so I have to bear the consequences.  I am thankful that I was relatively successful in overcoming death.  I guess it is a luxury to expect more blessings.”

“Hmm.  Since your majesty had been revived, it is only a matter of time.  I do agree that Azell is a dangerous being, but…..”

“That isn’t true, Almarick.”

Atein shook his head from side to side.

“I know I will be hated by the world, so I’m prepared to be hated by the world.  Azell Karzark is the knife forged by their hate.  He is a blade created to stop me.”

Azell’s battle capability and potential was high.  However, he had grow way beyond what should have been possible for him.  He had reached the zenith in his late 20s, because he had experienced all kinds of special experience.

He had met special teachers that allowed him to maximize his abilities to the extreme.  He survived fights with powerful enemies, and he earned new opportunities.  His comrades entrusted the hope of humanity to Azell by leaving behind their superb Dragon weapons to Azell.  Atein believed the Azell really was the human chosen by this era.

“Even if I fight him with the experience I have now, victory isn’t guaranteed.  Of course, this time we’ll be fighting under different circumstances…  Still, I lost too much before I even started to move.  It’ll be hard to find a substitute.”

“I have no idea what you are referring to.”

Almarick became puzzled.  Atein let out a bitter laughter.

“Yuren Rizester’s last stand delayed my revival by 100 hours, and that isn’t all.  He also stole something very precioius from me.”

“What was it?”

“It was…….”

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