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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 223 - Old Revenants (1)


The waypoint of the Road of Darkness within the Dragon Demon palace couldn’t be used by anyone.  It was possible for anyone to leave the Dragon Demon palace using the waypoint, but there was a rigorous procedure that had to be used for incoming traffic.  One had to possess great authority to use it.

Of course, those in charge of guarding the waypoint knew who possessed such authority.  All of them boasted high rank in the Plain of Darkness.  The backlash would be immense if the guards mistakenly misidentified one of them.

“It is a cold neighborhood.  When I heard it was called the Dragon Demon castle, I expected it to be majestic and stylish.  It is big, but it is bleak.  It isn’t that great.”

Someone had appeared from the waypoint, and he was mumbling to himself as he surveyed his surrounding.  The guards didn’t recognize his face at all.

The first thing one noticed was his hair.  Everyone’s gaze naturally went towards the Dragon Demon’s hair.  He had shaggy hair, and it had a metallic blue color to it.  It was eye-catching.  His eyes and Dragon Demon stone was green.  The horns above his ears resembled the horn of a ram.  The horn was gray, but it also had a bluish tinge to it.

He didn’t look nervous at all as he strode forward.  When he did so, a soldier armed to the teeth got in his way.


The Dragon Majin swordsman, who was the captain of the guards, spoke.  The invader with the blue metallic hair tilted his head in puzzlement.

“Mmm? Why are you blocking my way?  Did they not deliver the news yet?”

“Who are you?”

“I am called Reshoo?”

He was the Dragon Demon youth called Reshoo.

After leaving the Albatan forest, he hadn’t been in a hurry.  He had traveled through the Albatan forest.  Then he crossed the Atisan mountain range to arrive inside the Plain of Darkness.  The journey had taken couple days.  After he observed the confusion within the frozen land, he used the nearest waypoint to enter into the Dragon Demon castle.

“You’ve lost your mind.  I want you to get on your knees, and put your hands behind your head.  If you do so, I won’t take your life.”


Reshoo sighed at the hostility shown by the Dragon Majin.  Reshoo looked as if he felt awkward about his situation.

“He called me here, yet this is how he takes care of his business.  Jeez, Atein.  Well, it’s alright.  I just have to wait here for a little bit, and this issue will be resolved.  Before that happens….”

Reshoo had a playful smile on his face as he took a step forward.

“I want to test the elite troops that are guarding the Dragon Demon castle.  Let’s see how useful you guys are.”

“Kill him!”

The Dragon Majin commander didn’t hesitate as he gave the order for an attack.

Aside from his hair color, Reshoo looked shabby and loose.  However, one could get a sense of his power when one truly looked at him.  There was a powerful strength within him.  One couldn’t judge him by the cover.  


All the troops that were guarding the Dragon Demon palace were elites.  The troops were a bit confused by the current situation, but they immediately attacked when their commander gave the order.

The magicians activated all the spells they had prepared beforehand.  After a beat later, the warriors charged forward.  The commander had already spoken to his subordinates through Whispering, so the elite soldiers didn’t take their opponent lightly.   The warriors staggered the use of their Instantaneous Movement as they charged forward.

It didn’t matter how powerful a warrior was.  One shouldn’t be able to withstand against such an attack.  If the enemy was weak, he would die immediately.  If he was someone that was skilled, he’ll try to dodge to either side.

Their strategy took both possibilities into consideration.  The enemy would eventually reveal an opening when dodging their attack, and at that moment, he would be dead.


However, in the next moment, a dull sound rang out in the commander’s ears.


The commander became a bit confused when he heard it, and in the next moment, he heard a similar sound ring out in succession.


The sound wasn’t originating from the same location.  The sound was so fast, and the interval between the sound was so short.  The only reason why he was able to hear it was the fact that the sound was following one after another.

When he realized this fact, an unbelievable sight was seen by him.  The warriors, who had staggered their Instantaneous Movement, were all flying in the air.

‘No way!’

As the commander looked on with shocked eyes, Reshoo walked towards him.  He had an apathetic expression on his face.

For a moment, the commander just watched Reshoo with a dumbfounded expression on his face.  His subordinates, who had been sent into the air, fell to the ground.  It created a loud din.

Koo-dah-tahng!  Ggwah-dahng!

“Oh.  You guys are pretty well trained.  You’ll be able to kill most opponents in an instant.”


The commander was so surprised that his mouth kept opening and closing like a fish.

The warriors, who had been taken down by Reshoo, were the first column.  There was a second column that had been held back just in case.  It was the commander’s job to order the magicians and the second column to mobilize.  However, the event that had occurred in front of him had paralyzed his thought process.  Reshoo’s movement had been so fast that the commander had a hard time understanding what had occurred.  He was a step too late in realizing what had happened.

“He was able to use the Pure Copper technique.  He was able to imbue this technique to various parts of his body… He was actually able to use the Segmented Pure Copper technique?”

The commander was also a high ranked Dragon Arts practitioner.  This was why he was able to discern half of Reshoo’s movements, and he was able to piece together what had occurred.

In the beginning, Reshoo took on half the spells by strengthening his body.  He let the spells hit him.  The other half was deflected using his hands.

Afterwards, he stood in place as he faced the warriors using the Pure Copper technique.  He hit the body of the first warrior before the warrior could fully swing his sword.  Another swordsman moved up from the side, and Reshoo had broken the sword in half.  Then he struck the swordsman’s head.  He foiled the attack of each soldier in succession.  None of the soldiers could react to Reshoo’s movements.

It was as if Reshoo was moving in a different timeline from them.  They had accelerated their body to the fullest extent, yet each of them were struck down by Reshoo.


Segmented Pure Copper technique could be called the pinnacle amongst the body movement technique.  One created an explosive acceleration as one used a body movement technique in conjunction. It was a lethal attack technique that could be considered a divine move.

This technique was rare, but there were couple people that were capable of using it.  Azell was one of them.

However, none of them used this technique on a body part.  It was usually used on a weapon.  It was used when an archer shot an arrow.  It could also be used when a warrior throws his weapon.  It was usually used to accelerate an inanimate object to an unusual degree.

Common sense said it was impossible to do use this technique on one’s body part .  Even if one possessed a sturdy body, one’s body shouldn’t be able to withstand the backlash.  Reshoo had done it as if it was nothing.

Reshoo just shrugged his shoulder as he queried the commander.

“You want more of this?  You look a bit better than your subordinates.  If you have one, why don’t you take out your Dragon Demon weapon?”

“You guys should end it there.”

At that moment, a voice brimming with power intruded in on them.  The commander looked back, and he yelled out in surprise.

“General Almarick!”

A large Dragon Demon that was over 2 meters tall was walking towards them.  Almarick spoke to the commander.

“He is a guest invited here by his majesty.  I’m sorry for not giving you an advanced notice.”

“I...I see.”

“I thought he would contact us before he came here.  I’m sorry.”

“It is nothing.”

The commander was letting out cold sweat.  He wasn’t being timid, because of Almarick’s presence.

He had just realized that Reshoo hadn’t killed anyone.

Everyone that had charged towards Reshoo was still alive.  In fact, none of them looked seriously injured.  It meant that there was an overwhelming gap in skills between Reshoo and his men.  How was this possible?

‘Is he perhap on par with the Dragon Demon generals in terms of skill?’

Reshoo was so strong that it made the commander have such thoughts.Reshoo grumbled.

“Jeez.  You called me here, so why is the reception like this?”

“His majesty is busy right now.  I apologize for not being quick in taking care of this business.”

As he spoke those words, Almarick stared at Reshoo’s face.

“It is the first time meeting you face to face.  It is nice to meet you.”

“You are right.  I look forward to working with you.”

Almarick and Reshoo shook each other’s hand.

Until the revived Atein had told spoken to him, Almarick hadn’t known that Reshoo was a new ally.  At the time of Dragon Demon war, Atein had taken only Aunsaurus to the Albatan forest.  This was why they had never met each other.

However, it felt as if they knew each other since they heard about each other through Atein. When Atein imparted information, he didn’t do it through words.  Atein made it so that the information was vivid. 

“I can see why Atein chose you.  You are very skilled.”

“Thank you for your compliment.”

In terms of age, Reshoo was much younger than Almarick.  However, both had mutual respect for each other based on the skills they possessed.  

Almarick casually exited the place.  Reshoo followed after him.  He asked Almarick a question.

“Ah.  How’s your descendant doing?”

“I did hear about you saving him.  Thank you.”

In the past, the Keeper of Prophecy Iota had attacked the waypoint being guarded by Jeffers Almarick.  He had almost died in the defense of the waypoint.

The one to save Jeffers was Reshoo.  He had been on his way back to the Albatan forest after roaming the world.  At the time, Reshoo had dyed his hair black.

Reshoo followed Almarick, and they met Atein deep within the Dragon Demon castle.

“Welcome, Reshoo.”

“It has been awhile, Atein.  It really…..”

“Do I look weird?”

Reshoo had an odd expression on his face when he saw Atein.  Reshoo furrowed his brows as he answered Atein’s question.

“Mmm.  It’s nothing.  When I saw you last, you didn’t look like that.  I know you are the same person, yet….  It is truly an odd feeling.”

Reshoo had met Atein during the end of the plague called the Great Darkness.  At the time, Atein hadn’t looked like his current self.  He looked like Baion.  To be precise, Atein had been moving the corpse of Baion like a puppet.

Now he had the appearance of himself during the Dragon Demon war.  It made Atein feel like a stranger to Reshoo.

“I see.  You are comparing my appearance to the one 50 years ago.  It seems you haven’t transcended the limit of your lifespan.”

“You can tell just by looking at me?”

“I can’t tell at a glance, but I’ve see you intermittently over the past 200 years.  I’ve observed your change.  I don’t know if you can feel it, but you’ve aged.  In terms of human age, you've aged around two to three years.”


Even amongst the 1st generation Dragon Demons, a very few had been able to transcend their lifespan.  Wasn’t that the reason why Kayali had developed her reincarnation technique?

Even after living a very long life, Atein hadn’t seen many that were capable of transcending the limitation of their lifespan.  In terms of those that participated in the Dragon Demon war, only Atein and the Dragon Demon generals had transcended their lifespan.

“I see.  Still, I’m still in my growth period.”

“If you were a normal Dragon Demon, you would be considered to be in the twilight of your years, yet you are saying you are still in your growth phase?”

“Of all people, you shouldn’t be saying that to me, Atein.  Anyways, you didn’t look so great last time I saw you.  How are you doing?”

“Not much has changed.”

“I see.  Will you give me your answer?  Will we really be able to eliminate tragedy and corruption from this world?”

“I’ll do so right now.”

Atein willingly told Reshoo about his idea.

On that day, Reshoo joined Atein’s camp.  He became the new Dragon Demon general, and he filled the void created by Reygus’ defection.

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