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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 240 - Fate of the Races (2)

All the Dragons of this world would become a Dragon Demon.  In some ways, the Dragons would be able to achieve their wish of gaining wisdom. 

With that, the Dragons would become extinct.

“From the perspective of humans, the extinction of Dragons would have an extremely positive effect.  A race capable of threatening humanity would be gone.  Humans would be able to proliferate more than ever before.  However, there is a process that they’ll have to go through before that could happen.”

It was the relationship between the humans and the Dragon Demons.

The blood of the Dragon Demons were stronger than the humans.  If a Dragon Demon and a human copulated, a Dragon Majin was born.  If one wanted a human descendant once again, it would take several generations of the Dragon Majin coupling with humans to produce a human descendant.

Even if the Dragon Majin’s blood had thinned out as much as possible, a coupling between the Dragon Majin and the Dragon Demon would be able to produce a Dragon Demon offspring.

“It is true that the Dragon Demon race is much smaller than the human race.  Will that hold true in the future?  From my perspective, I see the Dragon Demon race increasing in numbers at an incredible pace.  The population of the 1st generation Dragon Demons up until now had been a speck compared to the number of humans.”

When the civilization of humans was at its infancy, the humans had desired the blood of the Dragon Demons.

The humans born from a coupling with the Dragon Demons were stronger than regular humans at birth.  If Dragon Majins were part of one’s family, their mere presence improved the lives of the community.

“As civilization developed, such desires diminished.  However, human nature still remains on both sides.”

As time passes, humans would become jealous of the longevity and superior abilities of the Dragon Demons.  

Was this really unnatural based on human nature?

The Dragon Demons would start to consider humans to be lesser beings, and they would want to rule over the humans.  

Was this really unnatural based on human nature?

“…sadly, I learned that these two behaviors amongst the two races were quite natural.”

“You learned it through the Dragon Demon war, which you started.”

Azell’s eyes turned fierce.  Atein was unperturbed as he let Azell’s sharp killing intent flow past him.

“That’s right.  The problem arises when the number of Dragon Demons increases sharply within humanity.  The Dragon Demon race will start to prey on humans, and  a generational change would occur.  Wouldn’t this process be more tragic than the Dragon Demon war?”


“If by some miracle, let us say the best case scenario was picked each time.  Still, blood would flow.  The amount of blood shed will be so large that one wouldn’t be able to compare it to the Dragon Demon war.”

Azell was struck dumb by Atein’s words.

From Azell’s perspective, the Dragon Demon war had been an unimaginable calamity.  It had been the worst.  It didn’t matter where one went.  One couldn’t avoid fighting, and each day seemed like the last day.  One couldn’t avoid thinking about death.  Sanctuary hadn’t existed.  That was why everyone fought desperately for their lives.

The amount of blood that’ll flow would be so large that one wouldn’t be able to compare it to the Dragon Demon war?

The most frightening thing right now was…..

‘He’s right.’

…he agreed with Atein’s prediction.

He had seen countless humans during his lifetime.  He knew what choices humans would make when they were placed in extreme situations.  He knew it so well that he was fed up with it.

That is why Azell knew it to be true.  If what Atein said was true, a hell-like future would unfold.

Atein continued to speak.

“In the worst case scenario, both races might wipe out each other.  However, I gave you reasons why I believe humans will disappear first in the long run.”

The Dragons would become extinct first, then the humans would become extinct.

“Of course, a very long time will be needed for the humans to disappear from this world.  At the earliest, it would take over a thousand years.  Maybe, when the Dragon Demon race gains the absolute dominant position, they might make a human reservation.  They might try to preserve some of the humans.  It is similar to what Albatan is doing, but it would be a more arrogant method.”

If one considered the relationship between the two races, the demise of humanity was inevitable.

“After a long time, humans will disappear.  The Dragon Majins, who were positioned between the Dragon Demons and humans, will disappear.”

When the Dragon Majins became extinct, the Dragon Demon race would be the only race left on this world.

“The humans and Dragons are the parents of the Dragon Demon race.  When they pass away, the Dragon Demons will have to fight the evil created by the parents.”

“…at that point, wouldn’t the problem of the Demon race have resolved by itself?”

“They’ll try their best to solve it, but I believe the problem will remain.  Moreover, it would be much more severe.  It couldn’t be compared to what we are facing right now.”

The concept of death didn’t exist amongst the Demon race.

There was only one way the number of Demons could decrease.  It was when a Dragon and a Demon combined to produce a Dragon Demon.

The problem arose when the Dragons were gone.  What happens when Dragon Demons could no longer form?

“As the population of humans decrease, there would be a steep increase in the number of Demons.  When the generational change occurs, the strife created by it would explosively exacerbate the problem”

The saturation problem of hell would not solve itself.  It would worsen.  After the Dragons became extinct, the convergence between hell and this world would increase in frequency.  Wherever human strife occurs, this phenomenon would be observed more and more.

“Do you realize how serious of a problem this will be when humans and Demons meet in such circumstances?”

“I’m not sure.  Are you worried about another being like Balserk showing up?”

Azell asked him a question.

It really sounded like a serious problem.  The Demon could appear in this world without the need of black magicians summoning them.  The Demons would be able to entice the humans.

However, if one went by the tone of Atein’s words, Azell realized that the problem might be more serious than he could imagine.

As if to confirm this, Atein let out a sigh.

“You aren’t a magician.  No, even if you were a magician, you need extensive research into the Demon race.  It is a problem that can only be seen by those that understand the Demons.”

Atein checked the face of Laura, then he looked at the other magicians in Azell’s party.  It seemed even the high ranked magicians couldn’t see the problem that Atein had identified.

“Azell, you don’t know everything about the Demon race.  You only know about the one rule that governs the Demon race.  It is limited to what happens when a Demon is summoned to this world through magic.”

The one to create this summoning magic was Atein.  He traveled all over the world to research his own origin.  He collaborated and researched with his comrades at the time.  He created a magic that was capable of summoning a Demon.

Azell clicked his tongue.

“…at this rate, it might be faster to list what you haven’t created first.”

“No, I wasn’t the first in a lot of things.  The few that I was able to create first was just memorable.”

Atein let out a bright smile.

“The main function of the Demon summoning magic was to put as much magical restriction on the Demon as possible.  A Demon cannot lie.  If the summoner doesn’t want it, the Demon cannot merge with the summoner.  Even if a deal looks unfair, there’s always a given and take.  Only when the Demon’s goal was achieved, it could snatch away the body of the summoner.  These conditions cannot be erased in the summoning magic.”

However, the Demons would be able to appear through the blurred boundary between hell and the world.  They would no longer be under such restrictions.

If the Demons were summoned through black magic, they were forced to follow the rules.  As a price, they would be able to gain a sound body.  If they cross over without the summoning magic, they won’t be able to acquire a body without damaging it.  On the other hand, they would be able to lie as much as they want.  There would be no restrictions that would protect the residents of this world.

Finally, Azell was able to understand the seriousness of the problem through Atein’s words.

“The Demons can take over humans at will?”

“It isn’t just the humans.  The Dragon Demons wouldn’t be able to avoid this problem. Each time a Demon merges with a human, an unimaginable calamity will occur.  If such occurrences continue to occur, the danger caused by it would be unimaginable.  Even I am unable to predict what would happen.”

Atein didn’t know everything about the Demon race.  He was merely someone that knew the most about the Demons in this world.

“I viewed this as a problem that will lead to the extinction of civilization.  The Dragons will be gone.  The humans will be gone, and even the Dragon Majin will disappear….  The Demons will even eat the Dragon Demons, who are their children.  It’ll all be consumed by the Demons, who are specters of the past.”

This was why Atein decided to erase evil from this world.

He was trying to use an extreme method to moderate the generational change that would occur between the humans and the Dragon Demons.  In doing so, he would be able to significantly slow down the rate of Demon outbreaks in this world.  The residents of this world would gain a grace period where they’ll have the opportunity to come up with a solution to the Demon race problem.

“That is the reasoning behind my choices.”

Everyone was at a loss for words when they heard Atein’s confession.

In the Dragon Demon war, Atein had insisted on creating an ideal world, and his reasoning right now was different from what he had revealed in the past.  It was so large in scale that it was beyond comparison.

It was plan hatched by one being, yet thousands of years of research went into it.  He was working towards the ideal future.  He was afraid of loneliness, and it was his wish that humanity continued to exist in perpetuity.  He was able to foresee the destruction of this world.  The destruction was baked into the destiny of this world, and he made a plan to stop it.

“…hundred years.  No, it’ll happen in a thousand year.”

Azell’s voice rang out.  He suddenly broke the silence.

“That…  It is such a story of epic proportions that even the passage of time looks comical next to it.”

“However, it is an inevitable future that’ll come to pass.”

“Even several hundred years feels so far away.  It is distant like the stars in the night sky.  Yes, it was too big of a story.  I want to say that something so far in the future shouldn’t matter, but it is reality to you.”

Azell nodded his head as he spoke.  Atein spoke when he saw this.

“I know it is hard for you to accept this story.  I won’t require an immediate answer from you.”


“You can give me your answer in our next meeting.  No, I’ll be waiting to hear the reasoning behind your choice. I hope you can do me that favor, my fated foe.”

“Wait a moment!”

Azell was taken aback, so he reached out with his hand.  However, Atein didn’t wait for him.  His figure dissolved into the darkness.

For a long time, Azell drowned himself in the silence.  Then he mumbled to himself in disbelief.

“…that bastard.  I’m willing to give him an answer, yet he just left before hearing it.  He just said what he wanted to say.”


After Atein disappeared, the party released the seal to the Tree god.  They left the place after destroying the Tree god.

The members of the Guardian Shadows including Beorein and the Lakadi siblings looked troubled.  Their expression indicated that they were feeling complicated emotions.

Every one of them held deep seated grudge against the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  However, they hadn’t mobilized only out of personal grudge.  They felt a sense of duty to protect the world from the Dragon Demon King worshippers.

That is why Atein’s story was shocking to them.

Beorein, who was an old Dragon Majin, looked tired from the fight.  He asked a question.

“What do you think about all of this, Kairen?”

“Do you mean Atein’s story?”

“What else would I be talking about?”

“There are always overlords in this world that act with good intentions in mind.”

One didn’t need to go far to see one.

Atein had made a move in becoming an overlord during the Dragon Demon war.  It was the same with Nadick, who formed the Nadick empire.  They tried to conquer the world, so the world would fit their ideals.  In the process, a lot of blood was shed.

“Those types of beings always thinks their presence is essential to bring about such an ideal.  The world is full of people that aren’t living their life right, so an exalted being such as himself is needed to lead the masses.  If not, the world would end.  Atein is one of those people.  Is it so strange to hear such a story from him?”

“It isn’t a problem that we can write off so simply.”

“In my opinion, it is such a problem.”

Kairen shook his head from side to side.  

“He might spout a plausible story, but it doesn’t change what he did in the past.  His plan is so large in scale that his theories cannot be proven.  He overturned the world in order to prove his conjecture.  He can package it all he likes, but at the heart of it, it doesn’t change that there is an intrinsic madness within him.  Moreover, there is something you should keep in mind.”

“What is it?”

“He is speaking of an extinction that’ll occur after you are long dead.  It’ll probably happen when your great, great, great descendant dies….   At that point in time, your existence would have disappeared from the records.”

Atein’s plan covered a large span of time.  The event that’ll happen first was the extinction of the Dragons.  That’ll happen long after the people of this era were all dead.  

Beorein spoke.

“However, it’ll happen some day in the future.  Should we ignore the problem, because it won’t happen in our era?”

“Maybe so, but we still don’t know for sure that such events will come to pass.”


“I’m not joking around, Beorein.  It is the same for any person.  We don’t know when we’ll die, but we do know that there will be an end.  It will be the same for humanity.  There will come a time when humanity comes to an end.  Maybe, the world would be destroyed before that happens.  However, is that our responsibility?  Should we try to fix it by sacrificing our present and future?”


“If you carefully listen to Atein’s words, it is filled with selfishness and self-righteousness.  He became disappointed in the humans, Dragon Majins and the Dragon Demons.  Therefore, he plans on denying our potential and possibility of others.  He is talking about the events happening over the vast reaches of time, yet he determined that no one will be able to find the solution. ”

Only I can do it.  

The poor people of this world are foolish and incompetent.  I’m the only one that can save them.

“How arrogant of a thought is that?  Of course, I agree that he has the qualifications to be so arrogant, but…...”

Kairen snickered.

It was truly unfortunate, but he couldn’t deny the fact that Atein was a transcendent being even if he was mad.  Each of his achievements was almost mythological.

“Still, he is a mad sage that loves no one, and he trusts no one.  I do not want to ask such a being to save us.  Atein already jumped to the conclusion that our descendants would be useless.  I will do the opposite.  I want to belive that our descendants won’t all be fuck ups. ”

“What if things don’t turn out well for our descendants?  What if they become extinct?”

“That’s their fate.”


“People can only do their best in the era they are living in.  Even if we do everything we can to help the future generation, we have to entrust those living in the future to make the right choices.”

“At such times…..”

Beorein stroked his beard as he burst out laughing.

“…you sound young.  We are the same age, yet you are overflowing with the spirit of youth.  I am envious.”

“I am in my prime.  You should leave the dangerous task to the young ones like me.  You should stay in the rear and act as a support.”

“It is a tempting suggestion.  I like it.”

The two snickered at each other’s words.  It was as if they were transported back to several dozen years ago.

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