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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 252 - Outbreak of War (1)


After the Dragon Demon war, the Plain of Darkness didn’t allow any outsiders to enter their domain for a very long time.  

The Dragon Demon King worshippers were hiding in the Plain of Darkness, and they were waging a one-sided war against the rest of the world.  However, they never experienced a foreign force stepping onto their soil.  It was as Kieren had predicted.  They had no experience in defensive warfare.

Moreover, they had been focused in playing an offensive and defensive battle in order to protect the waypoints of the Road of Emptiness.  They never expected to be invaded.  They especially didn’t think the Dragon Demon castle, which was at the heart of the Plain of Darkness, would be attacked.

When enemies suddenly appeared, it threw the Dragon Demon king worshippers into confusion.



He was a Dragon Demon with metallic blue hair color.  Reshoo mumbled to himself as he watched what was going on outside of the Dragon Demon castle.  He was at the heart of the Dragon Demon castle with Atein.  Currently, Atein was projecting images through magic.

The suicide squad led by Azell’s party and the several thousand Guardian Shadows were attacking the Dragon Demon castle.

The Guardian Shadows moved across the snowy field, and they ambushed the residents of the Plain of Darkness.  The defensive magic of the city was activated, and everyone tried to react to the attack in great haste.  However, the confusion didn’t die down.  The confusion became worse as time passed.

“Did you know this would happen?  Is that why you called me back here?”

Reshoo asked the question.  Azell’s party had been aiming for the pillars of Darkness, yet Atein had called Reshoo back to the Dragon Demon castle.  He could now understand why Atein chose to do so.  It seemed Atein had predicted this scenario.

Atein answered him.

“I just made preparations, just in case.  I didn’t know for sure.”

“You didn’t know, but it looks as if you’ve been dutiful in making your preparations...”

It was almost unimaginable that someone would invade the Plain of Darkness, but it wasn’t as if there weren’t any contingencies in place.  However, their enemies were coming in from extreme elevation using the White Flame Phoenix and the Crying Phoenix.  They couldn’t react to such an attack.

Despite the ambush, the Dragon Demon castle didn’t suffer any critical damage.  It was all thanks to the defensive system placed over the Dragon Demon castle.  

The enemy force was able to enter into the Plain of Darkness without much problem, but they were detected when they were five kilometers away from the Dragon Demon castle.  When the enemies started to descend from the sky, anti-aerial spells started to fire into the air.

The current state of chaos was the result of such events.

“This situation transcended my expectation.  I expected them to try to assassinate me with a small group of elite troops.  I never expected them to haul in a large force through such a method...”

Atein let out a bitter laughter.

When Yuren stole and gave the White Flame Phoenix to Azell, Atein had to prepare for the future.  However, he had expected a small number of elite troops to come.  He never expected a group of 100 troops to ambush the Plain of Darkness.  Moreover, he never expected several thousand phantoms of the Guardian Shadows to hit them at the same time.

Reshoo spoke.

“Anyways, you made the right choice in calling me back.  I’ll try to stop as many of them as possible.”

“Wait a moment.”

“You have more to say?”

When Atein held him back, Reshoo tilted his head in confusion.  Atein spoke.

“Reshoo, I have a request for you.  It might not be necessary for me to do this.  I hope this to be true…….”


“I imagined the worst case scenarios that could happen when coming here….”

Kairen mumbled to himself.  He was rushing through the frozen city, and a Dragon Majin magician shot a beam of light towards him.  


Kairen unleashed his Dragon Soul, and he charged through the beam of light.  He used Instantaneous Movement, and the distance of 50 meters between the two combatants disappeared in an instant. 

However, the magician didn’t panic.  It was as if the Dragon Majin warrior had waited for that exact moment.  The warrior got in Kairen’s way.

At that moment, Kairen let out a cold smile.


As the sound of an explosion rang out, Kairen crushed the Dragon Majin warrior.

The other side had made the magician into bait.  They wanted to lure Kairen into their trap before ambushing him.  Kairen saw through their plan from the beginning.

This was why he chose to end the Instantaneous Movement 10 meters before he reached the magician.  He let out a powerful blade of energy with his sword.  The Dragon Majin warrior was taken by surprise, so he died before he could put up any defense.  The eyes of the Dragon Majin magician widened from shock.


Before the confusion could dissipate, Kairen cut off the head of the magician.  

Someone contacted Kairen through magic.

-Five enemies broke through the Guardian Shadows towards the northwest.  Be careful.  They are coming in fast.

It was Kayalia.

She was flying in the air, and she was monitoring the battle.  She gave up to date information to her allies, and she used her magic at crucial moments in battle.  


Kairen didn’t plan on going up against five enemies by himself.  If he was alone, he would have done it.  However, there was a clear objective to this battle.  They had to minimize damage taken, and at the same time, they had to do as much damage as possible to their enemies.

He immediately returned towards Azell’s location.  He spoke.

“Thing are going too well.  I almost feel numb inside.”

“It has been going well up until now.  However, it will all be for naught if we don’t eventually kill Atein.”

Azell was cold in making his assessment.  

It was almost unbelievable as to how well things were going.

While they were crossing the vast Plain of Darkness, they could have been found at any moment.  They would have been slowed down by fights.  However, they weren’t found before they reached the Dragon Demon castle.  They were able to ambush their enemies before they were ready for combat.  

The only reason why their cover was blown was the Dragon Demon castle’s defensive system.  However, they were only five kilometers away before they were detected, so it didn’t matter.  Their enemies hadn’t been prepared for this scenario.  The Dragon Demon King worshippers ran around in confusion, and it gave time for Azell’s party to descend towards the city.

At the same time, over eight thousand Guardian Shadows entered into the city from the ground.  The large walls surrounding the city weren’t a deterrent at all.  Soon, confusion descended upon the city.

Kairen spoke.

“However, there really are a lot of them.  After our ambush, Dragon Arts practitioners and magicians poured out of the houses to fight in the streets ...”

The regular troops, who were supposed to protect the Dragon Demon castle, weren't able to do much.  The guards that were placed on the castle walls were the only ones fighting right now.  

Although, there were fights erupting all over the city, but these fights were being conducted by the many residents of the city, who possessed overwhelming combat powers.

Azell’s party was running through the streets when an explosion rang out it front of them.

“They are starting to clump in numbers.”

Kairen mumbled to himself.

The Dragon Demons and Dragon Majins were fighting against the Guardian Shadows.  

When one saw their equipment, it was obvious that they weren’t part of the regular army.  They wore old armors.  Some didn’t even wear any gear.  They were old Dragon Majins and Dragon Demons, who had taken up their swords once again.

They were old, but their battle capability was well above a normal human.  They used their massive power to sweep the streets as they fought the Guardian Shadows.


Leticia stepped forward when she was this.  At the same time, the Guardian Shadows changed their movement pattern.

“What’s going on?”

The Dragon Demons and Dragon Majins were taken aback.  The Guardian Shadows had been attacking in a free for all manner up until that moment.  They suddenly moved in sync.  They organized to fight in short, medium and long distance.  They moved in a precise manner.

The Dragon Demon kin worshippers were taken aback.

A single streak of lightning fell from the sky.


Kayalia, who had been flying in the sky, had attacked with her magic.


The Dragon Demon king worshippers had been clumped together as they fought.  They screamed.  Afterwards, Leticia charged into them as she stabbed with her spear.


Her spear, which was coated in cold energy, pierced through an old warrior’s heart.  Before her enemies could come to their senses, cold energy exploded outwards from the body of the dead warrior.


The white wave of energy left behind only pillars of ice.  There was only one half frozen old Dragon Majin warrior that remained standing.  He charged towards her.

“You bitch!”

Kayalia’s magic had done minimal damage to him.  His defensive ability was outstanding.  He was able to avoid critical wounds from Leticia’s ambush attack too.  He attacked her with his life on the line.


However, Leticia didn’t even blink as she stabbed her spear into his neck.  Her party members arrived right afterwards, and they muttered amongst them.

“They’ve retired, yet they still possess great amount of skill and power.  If we attacked a human city like this, we would have instantly taken over the city…..”

According to the information they had acquired, the Plain of Darkness possessed 5 small cities and the Dragon Demon castle.  These were the residential areas.  

The Plain of Darkness had a higher number of Dragon Demons and Dragon Majins within their population.  This was why their residents were capable of fighting.  However, it wasn’t as if their entire population were active fighters.  There were many that had retired due to injuries or old age.  Then there were the lowest class within the Plain of Darkness.  These were humans that provided basic labor, and there weren’t a lot of combatants within this group. 

If they weren’t fully geared, one could assume them to be civilians.

Kairen spoke.

“Still, our plan worked.  There would be much more resistance here if our plan hadn’t worked.”

After Atein was revived, the Plain of Darkness gave up on defending the waypoints.  However, this didn’t mean they had completely pulled back.  They chose not to sacrifice the elite troops, but the regular troops already dispatched outside were used to defend the waypoints.  They were sacrificed.

When the pillars of Darkness were attack, they couldn’t use same battle plan. It was known as to which pillar would be attacked, so numerous elites troops had to be deployed to protect the pillars.

As a result, there were a lot of vacancies in the number of troops within the Dragon Demon castle.

“What about the castle gate?”

Arrieta queried him.

The eight thousand Guardian Shadows were fighting within the city to act as a distraction.

The attack force was made out of 87 members, and they were split into two groups.  They advanced towards the Dragon Demon castle.  Azell’s party arrived at the gate of the castle a bit faster than the other team.

The imposing steel gate was 10 meters high, and it was firmly shut.  If it was a simple steel gate, it wouldn’t cause much trouble to Azell’s party.  However, there was a powerful protection magic placed over it, and it was causing them trouble.

Kairen spoke.

“Let’s occupy this location, and we’ll be on standby.  We’ll solve this in no time.”

However, Kairen had to adjust his plan when something unexpected occurred.  A window high up in the Dragon Demon castle opened, and enemies started to pour out.

“Their regular armed forces are finally making their move?”

It seemed the force within Dragon Demon castle was gathered in one place.  They ran down the castle wall as if they were running across the ground.  They started letting out their long range attacks.

Kwa-kwa-kwahng!  Kwah-ahng!

Azell’s party had to retreat as they blocked the attack.  As if the other side had been waiting for this moment, the castle gate opened.


The gate was massive, but it was being raised at high speeds.  Kairen was puzzled when he saw this.

‘What the hell?  No one is there?’

The castle gate had opened, yet no one was there.  If one considered that the castle door was opened at that exact moment, one would expect soldiers to be on the other side.

However, Kairen was fooled.

“I’ve been had!”

When the castle gate opened to a certain degree, several hundred enemies suddenly appeared.  An illusion had been placed over the troops to fool Azell’s party.

As they stood on standby beyond the castle gate, the soldiers had used the extra time bought by the illusion to prepare their spells and Dragon Arts techniques.  They were ready to concentrate all their might towards Azell’s party.


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