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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 254 - Outbreak of War (3)

Suddenly, Kairen mumbled to himself.

“Will we be ok?”

“What do you mean?”

Kairen’s expression darkened as he replied to Azell’s question.

“I’m not sure if this really is the best course of action.  Even if it takes longer, wouldn’t it be better to attack with our full force?  If we do that, I believe we can take on Atein with no difficulties…..”

Instead of pushing through with the combined might of the suicide squad, Kairen had decided to split them apart.  It was the price for reaching the ritual room as soon as possible.  However, he suddenly had a feeling of doubt when their destination was close at hand.  

Azell let out a bitter laughter.

“This plan came out of your own mouth.  As a commander, you shouldn’t show doubt at this point in time.”

“…you are right.”

Kairen coughed.  He was embarrassed by the fact that he had shown a pathetic side of him.

However, no one could fault him for feeling that way.  Even if they had fought many battles, they were fighting for the fate of the world.  How could they not feel pressured by that fact?

Azell spoke.

“We all trust you, duke.  We’ve already carried out the plan.  Let’s trust your judgement until the end.  Let’s push forward with confidence.”

“Alright. However, it means your burden will increase ...”

“I’ve been expecting it from the beginning.  It isn’t as if I’m the only one to put my life on the line.”

Azell grinned.

The party had been moving forward without a hitch when they suddenly came to a stop.  There were the sounds of explosions ringing out from behind them, but there was also the sound of steps coming towards them from the front.  It was coming from the corridor connected to the ritual room.

Juh-buhk, juh-buhk…..

Leticia’s expression hardened.


A Dragon Demon youth with messy metallic blue hair made his appearance.  He stopped when there was a distance of 50 meters between them.  

“In the end, you are here.”

“As expected, you were here.”

Azell’s expression also hardened.

He had expected it.  When Reygus attacked the seal of the god of Rest, Reshoo hadn’t been there.

After they ambushed the Dragon Demon castle, Reshoo hadn’t made his appearance either.  This was why Azell was holding out hope that Reshoo wasn’t here.  As expected, there was no way things would be that easy.

Reshoo spoke.

“It was an excellent ambush attack.  I never expected us to be bloodied so much.  If Atein hadn’t called me back, we would have been in a pretty bad spot.”

“Reshoo, do you truly wish to fight us on behalf of Atein?”

“Do you really need to confirm that again?”

Reshoo let out a bitter laughter.

From early on, Azell and Leticia had been ready to fight Reshoo to death.  However, it was a bitter pill to swallow when it actually came time to fight Reshoo.

‘If someone cursed me out for being soft hearted, I wouldn’t be able to say anything….  If I’m being honest with myself, I am thankful that Atein made that request.’

Atein had made a request to Reshoo before he came out here.  Reshoo let out a small sigh as he thought about that request.  After Azell’s party had arrived here, he stepped forward to act as the chief gatekeeper.  He had done so, because of that request.

“Azell, you should go.”


“Didn't you guys already split apart your force to reach this place?  You probably knew someone would block your path here.  You also know that there isn’t much time left.”


Kairen groaned.

Reshoo was right.  They had rushed forward at the expense of not keeping their forces together.  That was how desperate the situation was.

As soon as they entered the Dragon Demon castle, Kayalia was able to acquire some devastating information.

In the process of eliminating the god of Rest, Reygus’ party had killed a massive number of Dragon Demon King worshippers.  It had the side effect of strengthening the Great Darkness.  It was stronger than ever before, and it had hastened the timeline of the ritual.

Soon, Atein would pass the 3rd stage of his ritual.  The next step would complete the ritual.

Reshoo spoke.

“Atein wants to see you.  At this point, he just wants to settle his quarrel with you.”

“Why should I go along with that proposal?”

“Will you fight me with the help of everyone here?  I assure you that it’ll be the worst decision you’ll make.  I can try to prove it to you.”

Reshoo let out a confident smile as he spoke.  Azell glared at him when he heard Reshoo’s words.

There was Azell, Laura, Kayalia, Kairen, Leticia and Arietta here.  There were also the 50 remaining Guardian Shadows.  They might even be able to beat Atein with this force.

The problem right now was the fact that no one knew the true measure of Reshoo’s power.

While Kairen and Leticia learned the Dragon Soul from him, Reshoo had never showed his true power.  Reygus had fought Reshoo, but it was no guarantee that he had shown the full extent of his power in the fight.

‘It’ll put too much burden on our side.’

If they fought Reshoo as is, the party had to defeat him as soon as possible in order to reach Atein in time.

On the other hand, Reshoo just had to buy some time.  If he focused only on his defense, will they really be able to defeat him in a short amount of time?

Azell was conflicted.  Someone tapped his shoulder.  It was Kairen.,





“Let us use our enemy’s arrogance against them.  Leave Reshoo to us.”

Then Kairen used the Whispering technique to speak to him.

-It is turning out as planned, so why are you hesitating?  Our plan doesn’t change by this new development.


Azell nodded his head as he looked at each member of his party.  It was as if he wanted to etch their figures into his mind.  At last, he met Laura’s eyes.  She soundlessly moved her lips.

‘Leave it to me.’

Azell unscisciously smiled when she read her lips.  In the end, Azell ran across the wall.  Reshoo didn’t even turn to look at Azell.

“Well, let’s….”


Before Reshoo could end his words, Laura had used the Vitan’s Chalice to create a Dimensional Distortion.  Reshoo furrowed his brows as he got ready to defend against her attack.  

Soon, Reshoo realized that Laura didn’t plan on attacking him.  The Path of Tears opened up on the floor.  Laura and Arrieta disappeared into it.


Reshoo was taken aback.  His eyes widened.

If anyone tried to follow after Azell, he planned on stopping them.  He was confident that he could stop them.  However, he never expected them to use such a method to escape from this spot.

“Jeez.  Atein might get mad at me.”

“That is none of your concern now.”

Leticia stepped forward.  She let out a sharp killing intent as she spoke.

“I’ll keep my word.”

When they parted ways, Leticia had made a declaration towards Reshoo.  If they met again as enemies, she would be the one to take his life.

She moved forward, so she could keep her word.


After he passed by Reshoo, Azell went straight towards the ritual room.  The sound of battle rang out behind, but no one got in his way.  

It almost made him feel uneasy.  He thought there would be more troops or traps hidden in front of him, but he went forward unhindered.  In the end, he arrived at the ritual room.


Moreover, the door to the ritual room started to open when Azell came close.  It was as if it had been waiting for him.

Atein was waiting for him inside the room.

Atein didn’t look any different from the clone that Azell had met not too long ago.   He had long black hair, and two thick black horns.  Then there were his empty blue eyes, which looked unfocused as if he was seeing far into the distance….

The only thing that was different was the darkness behind Atein.  It was undulating like a wave, and Azell felt chills when he saw it.

‘That is an incredible amount of magical energy.’

There was a magic circle etched on the floor.  Instead of light, darkness was floating atop of it.  Azell was sure that it was part of the Great Darkness.

The problematic part was the amount of magical energy gathered there.  Azell had never experienced such vast power gathered in a single location.

‘It is a spell that is capable of scarring this world.’

This magic was on a different level compared to a simple destructive spell.  Atein was carrying out a ritual that might be able to change the nature of this world.

Atein spoke.

“You are a bit late.  I’m almost at the final step of the ritual.  If you hadn’t come, I would have been able to finish it before dusk.

“You don’t need to spell it out for me.  I can see that it isn’t complete yet.”

“You are right.  Still, this is unexpected, Azell Karzark.”

“What do you mean?”

“Even if it was an urgent situation, I never expected you to come here by yourself.  At the very least, I thought you would be accompanied by Kayalia or Aunsaurus’ heir ...”

Atein tilted his head as if he could comprehend Azell’s decision.

It was true that Azell was strong.  Atein couldn’t guarantee victory if he fought against Azell.

He admitted this fact.  Still, it was quite reckless for Azell to come here by himself.

“You are fighting me in the Dragon Demon castle, yet you are confident you can win against me by yourself?  I know you aren’t that dumb….”

The battle capability of a high rank magician greatly varied depending on the resource available to the magician.  Environment also mattered when it came to efficacy of one’s specialized magic.  A magician’s spell increased in power by several folds depending on how much resources were prepared beforehand.

Moreover, this was Atein’s front yard.  It was the Dragon Demon castle.  This place was the heart of the Great Darkness.  Atein was standing above the abyss.  It was literally where Atein’s ability was maximized.

Azell was dismayed.

“You are worried for an enemy that is trying to take your life.  It almost brings tears to my eyes as to how arrogant you are.”

During the Dragon Demon war, Azell had defeated Atein at a location called the Dragon’s Horn fortress.  A large number of his troops were gathered there, and it had been a stout fortress.  However, that location didn’t have any power to maximize Atein’ abilities.

“You didn’t even use your traps.  I was able to come here unharmed.”

In order to fend off invaders, many traps had been placed within the Dragon Demon castle.  If Atein had wanted to do it, he just needed to use a small portion of his magic to slow down Azell.  

However, Atein hadn’t done that.  He had sent Reshoo out to stop Azell’s party member, but Atein had allowed Azell to reach him without any resistance.

“I insisted on that.  I’m about to make a choice that I cannot go back on.  I inevitably became sentimental.”

Atein let out a bitter laughter.

Aunsaurus, Baldazark, Almarick and now Reygus…..  Everyone that could occupy the same timeframe as him was dead.  Until someone new shows up, he would have to be alone.  He would be lonely in the eternal passage of time.

“There aren’t that many people left that can make me feel sentimental.  There is only a handful of people left.  Azell Karzark, I realized something when I met you again in this era.”

“What was it?”

“I have to settle the business between the two of us.  You are the symbol that represents my regret, and it is tying me down.”

Atein looked at Azell.  It was unlike his usual gaze.  His eyes were focused as he looked at the existence called Azell.

“You are my fated opponent chosen by this world.  When I defeat you, it’ll mean that I’ve ascertained the potential possessed by humanity.”.

“As always, you always talk in grandiose terms.  Well, all right.”

Azell started to walk slowly.  It was as if several Azells were overlapping each other.  Clones started to appear in ones and twos.

“We’ll continue the fight that we weren’t able to conclude in the past.  Let’s end this, Atein.”

In the next moment, Azell and Atein moved almost at the same time.  

Azell’s clones split to both sides as Azell remained in the center.  He swung his sword.  The Sky Splitter turned into its light form as it lashed out towards Atein.

Atein didn’t back down as he countered the attack.  The Darkness Engraver let out a blade of darkness as it exploded against the blade of light.


The ritual room shook.

Finally, the fight with the fate of the world in its balance started.

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