Chapter 72 - Hero's Training (3)

Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 72 - Hero's Training (3)


“Are you perhaps the reincarnation of Azell Karzark?”

Azell couldn't hold back his laughter when Kairen threw the question towards him after they arrived at the estate.

“Why would you think that?”

“I researched it once I came here....  Your appearance is very similar to the portrait of Azell Karzark.”

When he was staying at the capital, Kairen said there weren't that many portraits of Azell Karazark left in the world.  Before Azell went to sleep, he had despised letting someone draw him. He hadn't given any permission for artists to draw him, so it was understandable why his portraits were scarce. It was probably a portrait made by someone, who had met him in real life.  It was based on the artist's memory of him.

“Do you think I can see that portrait?  I am curious as to see how closely I resemble him.”

“I'll show it to you later. Of course, I came here for another reason. I got a report saying you used a technique called the 'Thunder Dragon's Horn' to cause a massive amount of damage to my property.”

“I'm sorry about the destruction.  Still, I was sure you wouldn't ask me to pay for it.”

Azell spoke as laughter escaped from his mouth.

“Let's see… Mmmm. Would you believe me if I told you this particular story behind my identity?”

“Go on.”

“Azell Karzark went missing two years after the Dragon Demon war had ended.  There's no record on his continued survival or death.  Isn't that so?”


“What if the Archmage Carlos devoted himself to creating a magic that induced Azell to go into a long hibernation?  What if this magic stopped the ageing process?  What if I told you that Azell Karzark was placed in a location away from public notice and a place where humans had never settled?  What if he slept for a long time like a Dragon in hibernation?”

“And he woke up in this era, and that person is you? Is that the gist of the story?”


“It is a very amusing story.  Of course, I hope you don't expect me to believe such a story.”

“Of course, I didn't expect it.”

Azell let out a bitter laugh. In the past, he had worried over whether he should tell other people about his real identity.  However, he always struggled to come up with a way to prove the truth behind his story. Nothing was more frustrating than trying to convince the other to believe an outrageous story even if it was the truth.

Azell spoke.

“There is an answer that is a little bit more easier to digest. What if I am a descendent of Azell Karzark that had been unknown to the world?”

“You are?”



Kairen furrowed his eyebrows. If it was someone else, he would have called it a lie.  However, Azell's words sounded plausible.

‘They do look like two peas in a pod.’

The burning red hair and blue eyes wasn't the only physical characteristic that matched up. His overall appearance matched up with the portrait of Azell Karzark and the information gathered by Kairen.  There were too many similarities.

Until now, he had been suspicious of Azell's identity. He was sure Azell was an enemy of the Dragon Demon King worshippers, but everything else brought up more questions than answers.

He was willing to let go of the partial memory loss. He had heard a detailed account from Giles about how they had found Azell. Kairen admitted that complications like memory loss could be explained by the state Azell was in.

It would also explain why his magical energy was so small compared to Azell's skill as a Spirit Order Practitioner.

This wasn't Kairen's conjecture.  It was the Archmage Beorein's opinion.

‘It is an interesting story. If I had to speculate, it sounds likely.  Let's say his life had been in danger.  To be precise, if he was wounded in a way where a normal person wouldn't be able to survive, he might have acted to preserve his life.  In the process, his Energy Pulse might have dried up then his magical energy would have been swept up. Since he isn't an Undead, the magical energy would have combined with his life force to maintain the vessel.’

Even if one took those two speculations to be the truth, it still left the question of Azell's origin.  There was the question on how he became so skilled at a young age, and he knew techniques no one should know about...  To be precise, he knew about the lost knowledge only known to the Dragon Demon worshippers.

Azell spoke.

“The knowledge about Dragon Slayer's Ritual and the Spirit Order special techniques was passed down from generation after generation.  Will you be able to accept that fact?”

“I'm also having a very hard time believing that story.  However....”

Kairen looked at Azell with a serious expression.  It was as if he was trying to read the truth from Azell's expression and eyes.  

Indifferent eyes looked back at Kairen.  It was as if he didn't care if Kairen believed him or not.  This attitude got on Kairen's nerve a little bit.

“You should try a little bit harder to convince me.”

“I have no intention of doing so.”


Kairen's brows twitched. Azell spoke.

“No matter what story I tell you it'll be hard for you to accept it as the truth.  I understand that. In truth, I don't have any reasons to pour my heart and soul into convincing you. If you believe me, then that's great.  If not, it is all well and good. However, the important part is already resolved.”

“What do you mean?”

“We aren't enemies.”


“Ah.  Now that I’ve talked to you about it, this is a bit disappointing. That's right.  You aren't my enemy.  Moreover, I'll state that you are my comrade in battle.  If a Dragon Demon worshipper threatens the Duke, I'll willingly stand by your side with my sword raised.  Isn't that enough?”


Kairen let out a laugh in spite of himself.

He was happy.  The irritation that had taken a hold of him was completely gone.  He was happy at Azell’s words.

Kairen leaned back into his chair as he spoke.

“It would have been dangerous if you had been a woman.”


“I probably would have fallen for you.  You are impudent and shameful, but you keep saying things I really like.”

“I'll just take solace in the fact that the Duke doesn't swing that way.  Ah.  With that being said, Mr. Havanz begs of you to meet with young ladies, who sent in their marriage proposals....”

“It is enough that I already have my household worrying about me dying alone in my old age. So please shut up.  There is still a very long time before my prime marrying age ends.”

Those of the Dragon Demon race lived for over 300 years, so he wasn't wrong. Michael spoke.

“Still, you are the head of the house, and you have been living a life of bachelorhood for over 100 years.  Of course, they would bug you about it.  You don't even have siblings, so shouldn't you be more worried about who you'll entrust with your affairs in the future?”

“At the same time, I don’t want to be like you. You had children during your prime, yet you refuse to give up your post as the head of the household even at your age.  Isn't that also a serious problem?”

“It isn't as if I wanted it to be like that. Actually, I've finally managed to settle my affairs, and the succession ritual will happen at the end of this year. You have nothing to say, right?”


Kairen had a betrayed expression on his face as he quickly changed the subject.

“Anyways, if you are really the descendant of Azell Karzark...  It is an inspiring event.  The hero's bloodline, which was assumed to have ended, stand unbroken in this era.”

“Wasn't Azell Karzark officially unwed?”

“That is true, but Azell Karzark had adopted several children. There had been some speculation that they were his illegitimate children.”


Azell really wanted to plead his innocence regarding the issue, but he held himself back.

‘Apart from my adopted children, I can't guarantee I hadn't sired any children.  Mmmm.’

In truth, Azell had slept with a lot of women during the Dragon Demon War.  It wouldn't have surprised him if someone had Azell's child without him knowing about it. It was the reality of the era he had been living in. He didn't know if he would get to see the next day, so he had been true to the passion of the moment...  It was an era where one was running through the darkness, and one's lifeline was always pressed up against  a blade.

“We'll never know if that point of view was real or not.  The household of Marquis Karzark was exterminated, so this conversation is pointless.”

“……what did you just say?”

Azell raised his voice in spite of himself. It was as if someone had delivered a blow to the back of his head.  He lost his composure from the shock. Azell asked with a shaking voice.

“Did you just say the household of Marquis Karzark was wiped out?  Is that really true?”

“You didn't know about it?”

“…I didn't know. The history books didn't mention any...”


Kairen was taken aback as he looked at Azell.  He had never seen Azell outwardly display his shock before. If one received the education of a noble family, this should have been common knowledge. So why was he showing such a reaction?

He wondered about Azell's upbringing.  Kairen was puzzled as he spoke.

“The household of Marquis Karzark was exterminated, and his lands were designated as the Devil's Territory.  It happened at the twilight of the Great Darkness.  I can see why the books you read didn't have that story in there.  It isn't even part of our country's history...”


Azell was at a loss for words.  The shock was so large that he felt his head spin.

They hadn't been related by blood, but he had truly loved the children like his own family. He had asked Carlos and his friends to look over them. He hadn't expected them to be prosperous, but he had thought their lines would still be alive to this day.  He had planned on searching the descendants of his adopted children.  He had been planning on reminiscing after finding them...  This small hope had been inside his heart.

‘Wait a moment.  This isn't the time to become limp from the shock.’

Azell slowly took a deep breathe. He used Spirit Order to control the mental shock, and he slowly calmed his heart.  After a moment, Azell asked a question.

“…do you perhaps know what caused it?”

“I heard the land of Marquis Karzark was designated as the Devil's Territory, because the Dragons went berserk there.”

“The Dragons went berserk?”

“Over ten Dragons went on a rampage, and the monsters moved in afterwards.  If you want a more detailed account, I'll send you books that describe the event.”


After giving his answer, an uncontrollable fire started to burn deep with Azell's eyes.


Kairen and Beorein left only after they drowned Azell with questions throughout the night.  Beorein still had a mountainous amount of question he wanted to ask, but he wistfully parted ways when Azell asked to end the meeting.  He promised to answer their questions at a different date.

After sending the two people away, Azell immersed himself back into his training.  

He kept up a rigorous schedule that exceeded the boundary of human limitation.  He had been doing this for exactly a month since he arrived at the Lance mountain.

After that point, he started slacking off as if the severe training had all been a lie.  He slept eight hours from night to morning, and he slept 4 hours in the middle of the day.  He slept for 12 hours everyday.  Aside from sleeping, he only did light exercise, and he focused on meditation.

When this continued for the 4th day, Havanz couldn't hold back his curiosity as he questioned Azell about it.

“I know this isn't a great attitude for a servant to have...  However, as a spy, it is hard for me to overlook this.”

“A spy is someone, who observes the target in secret. You have plainly revealed your intentions and role to the one you are suppose to observe.  You are now asking direct questions to gain more information.  I don't think you are suppose to do that.”

“My situation is a bit unique to be following the common approach.  Isn't it?”

“I guess so.  Well, it isn't some big secret, so I'll tell you.  I'm still training very hard right now.”

“Rest is training… Is that what you are trying to say?”

“It is a bit more nuanced than that. I've pushed my body to the brink for 30 days.  I need to rest 10 days. It'll allow me to be able to digest what I gained. This is my training cycle.”

“So that is why you are passing the time in this fashion.”

“I've stimulated every inch of my body, and now I have to regulate everything.  I'll stop my explanation here.”

“Hmmm. Sir Azell has a lot of secrets.”

“It is your job to mine for my secrets. I believe I've given you enough hints.”

Azell grinned.

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