Chapter 74 - Hero’s Training (5)

Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 74 - Hero’s Training (5)


He had a dream.

It was a dream about the era when despair of darkness hung over the world.

It was during the heyday of the Dragon Demon war, and the human coalition was careful in how they dispatched Liglan. He was able to subdue most Dragon Demons and Dragon Majins inside the Dragon Demon king’s army. He was one of the hidden cards that was able to go toe to toe with the four Dragon Demon Generals.  Everyone knew how big of a problem would be created if they lost him.  The human coalition didn't put him in harm's way unless it was a critical situation.

Unfortunately, the Dragon Demon king’s army also treated Liglan as if he was someone important.

“…such a large trap.”

Liglan mumbled to himself in disbelief.

He was someone with a righteous character, but he had the capability of keeping the whole picture in perspective.  He was well-aware of his own worth, and this knowledge caused him to feel guilt. He always had to make cold-hearted decisions where he had to take as little risk as possible.  This caused him to shed tears of blood.  

Unfortunately, Liglan could have never predicted that the Dragon Demon king’s army would sacrifice 10,000 of their own to kill him.  

“I never expected the day when we would have to use him as a bait to catch a human.”

The one who spoke was 'The Blood shed by a star' Baldazark.  He was one of the the four Dragon Demon Generals. He had beautiful blonde hair, and his two horn looked like carved ice infused with color.  He was a youthful looking Dragon Demon. Unlike his young noble appearance, he was a Dragon Demon, who had lived for several hundred years.  He was a walking history book, and he possessed a level of power that was on a different level than the regular Dragon Demons.

Moreover, he wasn't the only special Dragon Demon present here.

“I never expected to receive an order to attack a human from both sides.  This is so humiliating that I will die in a fit of rage when I go to sleep.  You should think of this as an honor.”

He was one of the other Dragon Demon Generals called 'The Sword that parts a storm' Almarick.  He growled as he spoke. He had messy white hair that hung low.  He had  tumultuous red eyes, and his thick horns were like volcanic stones.  He looked like a middle aged man with a ferocious face akin to a lion.  He was also someone, who had surpassed the limitation of a Dragon Demon's life expectancy.

Baldazark spoke.

“Honor is important. However… The king even put his child's life on the line for this.  That is how much he wants us to kill this human once and for all. We have no choice, but to follow the order.”

“I already know this.  You don't have to lecture me, Duke Baldazark.”

Aldrick shot back with his words.

Dragon Demon King Atein's second son Saibein had been used as bait to attract Liglan.

Saibein had been full of drive as he lead forth a large army.  However, he had been  thoroughly defeated. Saibein had received a severe wound, and he was at death's doors. His surviving army was fleeing with him in tow. Liglan had lead his forces into a fierce pursuit.

However, Liglan had never expected that Saibein and his 10 thousand troops was a trap placed to entice him into attacking them.

Baldazark spoke.

“You shouldn't expect any backup. Currently, a series of attack is occurring against the your fortress.  Aunsaurus is facing off against that impudent child named Carlos.”

“So three Dragon Demon Generals were mobilized to kill a single person?”

“That's right. You should think of it as an honor. He had to give up two regions under our control, and another region where we had the upper hand.  We had to completely give up three battle fronts to be able to kill you. We are showing you this respect since his majesty's best disciple was defeated by you.”

The battle happened the time before the last one, Liglan had killed one of Atein's disciples. The disciple had thought no human would dare to face him.  However, Ligilan had overwhelmed the disciple in one on one battle.  Liglan had delivered a significant blow to the army after he killed the disciple. His dazzling performance had curdled the blood of the Dragon Demon king’s army.

Baldazark spoke.

“We have to kill you in no uncertain terms, Sir Liglan. Let's start this before all of your underlings die.”


Liglan grinded his teeth.

His subordinates were dying on every side. When they had entered  this basin, the hidden Dragon Demon King's army appeared to bombard them in a savage manner.  It was as if they didn't care if the enemy killed the critically wounded Saibein.  The attack pretty much decimated the troops that had joined Liglan in his pursuit.

Liglan exclaimed.

“Do you think I'll let you bastards do as you like!”

At the same time, Liglan planted his pair of Dragon Maken into the ground.  The ground shook as if an earthquake was occurring.  Surprisingly, the seismic wave exploded as it avoided the locations where Liglan's comrades were present.  


Baldazark was astonished when he saw this.

“Huh-uh! Amazing!”

The Dragon Demon army had been attacking from an advantageous location, yet this attack had put the two sides in a more even ground.  Before Liglan could move, a redhaired knight suddenly appeared.


He struck at Baldazark with his Thunder Sword.  The attack violently shook Baldazark's magical barrier. Baldazark was astounded.

“Who the hell is this shrimp?”

Surprisingly, Azell had ambushed Baldazark even though Baldazark had layered multiple detection magic around himself. Azell had gained Dragon Demon magic not too long ago through the Dragon Slayer's Ritual.  Azell let out a frightening level of energy as his consecutive attacks were let out like a storm.


Baldazark was surrounded by his barrier as he was being pushed back.  At the same time, Azell's clone appeared, and it ambushed Almarick.

“The clone has substance...  A human learned how to do the Incarnation?”

Almarick was astounded. The clone had substance, and it also was able to display offensive capabilities that was almost on par with the real body for a brief amount of time. This was one of the highest class of skill in Dragon Arts.  It was the 'Incarnation'.

Azell let out a shout.

“Teacher! Get out of here!”


“I can't hold out for long.  Shit!  You cannot die in this place!  Hurry up and go!”

Azell had already taken a significant amount of damage as he tried to save his comrades from the ruthless bombardment.

He had come to save Liglan.  He had charged through the the Dragon Demon king’s Army with his body in such a state. His heart was beating like crazy as Azell used magical energy that far exceed what his body could hold. The magical energy swirled around like a hurricane. If it was someone other than Azell, the person wouldn't have been able to handle the excess amount of magical energy. However, Azell was steering the runaway magical energy as if it was a bucking bronco.  He let out fierce attacks towards the two Dragon Demon General.

“H… How dare you, you little shrimp!”

He had been caught off guard, so Baldazark was being pushed several dozen meters backwards. Baldazark raged with fury. He pulled back the barrier that had almost been shredded into rags, and at the same time, he let out a storm of magic.

However, Azell was indifferent to the attack.


Blood fountained forth from Baldazark's shoulder.  His arm was half way severed as it hung loosely at his side.  His face crumpled from the pain.


Azell had increased his body's defense as much as possible. He just received the magical spells with his body in exchange for delivering a strike against Baldazark. Azell let out a shout as if he was vomiting blood.

“You cowards!  You can’t even defeat my teacher without setting up a trap!  Do you really think you can stop me with these weak magic!”

Azell was a bloody mess as he continued his fierce attack. Azell's fighting spirit was incredible as he had committed his life to the attack, and Baldazark was in danger.

However, Azell wasn't fighting a single opponent.


Azell was flung away as the sound of an explosion rang out.  Almarick had defeated Azell's clone, and he had attacked Azell from the side.

“I never expected to find someone like this.  It seems our people in the intelligence department are blind fools.”

“You won't get any answers from me. Die, you filthy bastards.”

Azell gritted his teeth, and he pull up his remaining power.

His body was already at its limit. It was almost beyond his ability to stand and raise his sword.  His consciousness was becoming fuzzy from the blood loss, and his muscles were screaming in protest. His internal organs had been damaged, and his entire body was begging for him to stop.

However, there was nowhere to run.  He was facing the two Dragon Demon Generals, who were known as being the strongest in the Dragon Demon King's army.  Azell decided to burn all of his still immature power.

‘Ha ha ha. Still, isn't this a great stage for my last stand?’

He wouldn't hesitate to do this again if he could save Liglan's life.  Liglan was a hero.  He was like a lantern that could shine light to the people lost in this chaotic times.  He couldn't die here.

It happened when Azell was having these thoughts.


He heard Liglan's voice. He was grabbing Azell's shoulder.

Azell stared dumbfoundedly before he let out his anger.

“What are you doing! Why aren't you running away!”

“Unfortunately, I'm not the one who should be running away.”

As he spoke, Liglan raised one of his dual swords. When he let go of Azell's shoulder, Azell felt dizzy.

‘No way…….’

Liglan had subdued him.  Liglan laughed as he saw Azell fall over.

“You are the one that has to live.”

‘What kind of nonsense is he…….’

Azell wanted to let out a string of swear words. However, he wasn't able to.  Someone picked up his fallen body.

“I'll leave the rest to you, Rogan.”

“Does it have to be this way, Sir Liglan?”

Dragon Demon Rogan asked the question.  Liglan spoke.

“I am sure of it now. He is the only one I can entrust the future to.  How could I ask such a person to die in this place to save a burnt out husk like me?”

‘You are crazy, Liglan……. Rogan.  Don't listen to such nonsense...’

Azell was desperately holding onto his fading consciousness.

Those words didn't make any sense.  He was just a little bit more talented at using the sword than others.  He was merely a reckless daredevil. He had no idea what to do, so he just repeatedly fought enemies that appeared in front of him.

However, Liglan was different.  He was someone who lead people towards ending the Age of Darkness. He had shown Azell the way, and Azell was able to find a more meaningful place in life.

That kind of person was about to die for him.

The frank meaning behind his gesture was unavoidable.  Liglan hadn't just stopped Azell.  He had calmed Azell's magical energy, which had run wild.  He had also poured in a power that would save Azell's life.

It was the Dragon Maken.

Liglan was standing in front of the Dragon Demon Generals, but one of his dual sword wasn't a Dragon Maken anymore.  He had give one of his Dragon Maken to Azell.  He made it so that its power would act as a failsafe to preserving Azell's life. In such a brief amount of time, this was the only choice he could make to save Azell's life.

He had to fight two Dragon Demon Generals yet he had wasted so much power!


His consciousness was blinking in and out.  The incessant noise from his surrounding kept cutting in and out.  It made him want to throw up.


A horribly cracked voice leaked out of him.

Rogan was running with Azell in his grasp. He avoided the falling arrows and magical spells.  If he couldn't avoid it, he took the damage with his back as he protected Azell.

“Don't do this……. Let us return… We have to save my teacher...”

Rogan shouted with an emotional voice.

“Shut up!”

His voice rang out like thunder even in the din of battle. The sound assaulted Azell's ears.

Rogan had taken the attacks instead of Azell, so he was a bloody mess.  He spoke in an angry scolding tone.

“Don’t act like a child, young human.  A great man like him just entrusted you with the future.  Even if it feels dirty, live on to become a hero. If you don’t, you will despise yourself for the rest of your life.”


“I don't know if you are the vessel able to carry out this task.  However...  You have to prove that his evaluation of you was true. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?”

In the end, Rogan had escaped the battlefield with Azell.

Liglan had stayed behind in the trap, and he had died after gravely wounding the two Dragon Demon Generals.  It took Azell two years to be able to use the Dragon Maken given to him by Liglan. This occurred after he had made his own Dragon Maken.

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