Chapter 80 - Those who Covet the Blood of a Royal (6)

Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 80 - Those who Covet the Blood of a Royal (6)


“Is this the trace left behind by the Tear?”

Kairen spoke as he looked at the location pointed out by Azell. It was located in mid-air.  It looked as if a small shimmer had appeared. One could see a distorted space beyond the shimmer. It was as if water droplets was slowly descending a wall before it disappeared.

Azell spoke.

“You are correct.”

“Hmm. It seems I wouldn’t have noticed it unless I had my eyes fixed on it.”

It was a trace that was merely as big as a finger length. These traces were spaced apart at a distance of several dozen meters, and it was located in random locations.  If one had no idea what to look for beforehand, it would be almost impossible to find it.  This was more true since it was night, and they were in a mountain.

Azell spoke.

“It seems the User is very inexperienced.”

“Why do you say that?”

“She left behind a trace that can be detected by the eyes.  Originally, it is suppose to leave behind a much smaller trace.  It should be the size of a rain drop...  Also, it’s supposed to disappear after a short amount of time.”

“You speak as if you have seen this before.”

“I've seen it.”


Azell put on a mysterious smile, then he looked at the Guardian Shadow.  

It happened at that moment.

“You aren't suppose to go that way.”

A teen with light red hair appeared between two Guardian Shadows.  He had on a haughty expression that made him look like he was from the nobility.  

Azell spoke.

“I don't know who you are, but by how protective you are of yourself, it seems you did something that deserves a beating from me.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Don't try to trick me with such a shoddy illusion, idiot.”

Azell's 'Eyes of Truth' could see through all illusions. The teen had put an illusion over one the Guardian Shadows.  It looked like the real thing, but Azell immediately saw through it.

The teen let out a whistle.

“Wow. That's impressive. Well, it did transform in front of you, so...”

“I don't have time to listen to you rattle on.  If you have business with me, speak quickly.”

“Hmm.  You have a very high-handed personality.  My name is Jares.  Or you can call me Omicron.  I don't really care.  I am one of the Keepers of the Prophecy that is testing you.”

“A test.  Does this mean you are in league with Leone?”

“Unlike me, Leone has a different opinion about you.  Anyways, we are in the process of testing you. Shouldn't you be working hard to impress us?”

“I don't give a damn about your test. I know where you are right now.  If you waste any more of my time, I'll track you down, and I'll beat you up.  You must think the Concealment skill of the Guardian Shadows use is infallible, but I'll give you a chance to test it out.  Let us see if you can run away from me.”

“Ha ha. Your bluff is outrageo....”

“You moved two steps to the side.  From your perspective, you moved to the left.”


Jares' expression hardened.

Azell spoke.

“Do you now believe that my words aren't a bluff?  Don't ask me how I did it.  This will be your last warning.  Erase everything frivolous you wanted to say to me from your head.  If you don't, I won't care what your organization want or intends to do....  You'll be the first one I will chase down and kill.”


“I see you are gathering the Guardian Shadows to your side.  Are you sure they'll be able to save you if you gather enough of them?  They might be able to.  If you want to face hostility from me, you should continue to waste my time.”

Azell cold expression was like a sheet of ice.  He glared at the illusion created by the teen as he spoke.  There was no emotion reflected in his voice, and this made it that much more terrifying.

At that moment, Azell was using a mystic technique of the Spirit Order.  He was using the 'Eyes of Truth' to see through the illusion, and he was looking at the real body that was projecting the illusion. Then he subtly put magical energy into his voice to upset the other's mind.

Jares raised both his hands.

“Ah. All right.  I'll do as you ask.  I need you to do the Dragon Slayer's Ritual.”

“Right now?”

“Yes.  Amongst the two fighting Dragons, the Thunder Dragon was called here by the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  The Frost Dragon was called in by us.  Originally, it was a Dragon prepared for you, but there was a hitch in the plan.”

“You wanted it to fight me?  You were going to use the Dragon Slayer's Ritual as a test?”

“You almost guessed it correctly.  It is slightly different from that.”

Jares made an invidious remark.

Azell furrowed his eyebrows as he asked a question.

“How did you get the Dragon to move?”

“The Dragon Slayer's Ritual was used as bait.”

“As expected.”

Jares was puzzled by Azell's knowing attitude.

“Did you suspect it?”

“There is no other way to do it.  In truth, it is a deal without much benefit, yet there are those who try to use that method.”

This tactic was also used in the Dragon Demon war.  It wasn't just used by the the Dragon Demon King's army.  It had also been used by Azell's allies.

However, it wasn't a smart solution, so it had rarely been used in real life.

Two problems arose from using this method.

First, one must deal with the Dragon Slayer's Ritual afterwards.  A one on one fight with a Dragon wasn't recommended.  In the midst of a war, it was very important to have strong personnel at one’s disposal.

Secondly, one could block the Dragon Slayer's Ritual even if a Dragon was mobilized.  If a qualified individual asks for the Dragon Slayer's Ritual, the Dragon always agreed to it.  If this other being was able to defeat the Dragon, it would just benefit the enemy in the end.

Azell spoke.

“Well, all right.  I don't care about a trash test that was planned by an idiot like you.  So the essential point is you want me to use the Dragon Slayer's Ritual to kill the Thunder Dragon, and you will change the target of the Frost Dragon to the Aunsarus' heir?”


“All right. I like the simplicity of the plan.”

After saying this, Azell lifted his eyes.

“I refuse.”


“There is no reason why I should follow your instructions.  If you plan on doing this next time, at the very least, you’ll have to catch a hostage to coerce me.  Of course, the vengeance I’ll unleash on you guys will be that much more painful.”

“Hmm.  If you continue to act this way, do you realize you might turn the Keepers of the Prophecy and the Guardian Shadows into enemies?”

“Do you really think that is an effective threat against me?”

Azell let out a snort. Then he glared at Jares with contempt in his eyes.

“I'll give you a warning, idiot.”

At that moment, Jares' expression crumpled from pain.

“Koohk.  This is….  What the hell…….”

“Any method that allows you to ‘converse’ with others is never truly a one way street.”

All the mystic techniques of Spirit Order used the senses of humans as a medium.  Whether it was magic sense, sight, hearing, smell and taste, it  was all subject to attack.

Azell saw through the illusion from the beginning.  As he kept up the conversation, he found where the magic was being emitted.  Then he put magical energy in his gaze and voice to cause Jares pain.

It felt as if his heart was being ripped out, so Jares fell over without even being able to scream.

Azell turned around as he spoke to Kairen.

“Let's go.”

“Hmm. I really like you.  As expected of someone I acknowledge.”

“As I see more of the Guardian Shadows, I’m of the opinion that it is a broken organization.”

“I agree.”

Azell and Kairen ignored Jares’ illusion, which was doubled over in pain, and they started walking.

It happened at that moment.

“You… You resemble him.”

A young woman's voice was heard.

At the same time, a girl that was so out of place in this rough mountain appeared by herself.  She appeared above the Guardian Shadows.  It was the Aunsaurus' heir, who had suppressed Seigar.  It was Laura.


Laura had just exited the Vitan’s Maze, and she wasn’t holding the Vitan’s Chalice that generated the Dragon Demon Qi.  However, Azell spoke as soon as he saw her.

“It's another woman from the Dragon Demon race.  Are you Aunsaurus' heir?”

“Do I look a Dragon Demon?”

Laura had an expressionless face as she tilted her head in confusion.  Her outer appearance was that of a human. It was perfect.  In fact, the resonance she emitted was of magic instead of Dragon Demon magic.

Kairen asked a question.

“No matter how I look at her, she looks like a human.”

“She isn't.”

“Even if we put aside her appearance, I don't feel any Dragon Demon magic coming from her.”

At the statement, Azell spoke as he looked at Laura.

“Her horns, Dragon Demon Stone and pupil are of the same color.  Since you might assume I guessed based on your eye color, I’ll give you a more detailed description.  Your horns look like feathers.  The horns are curved upwards.”

“…how did you recognize me?”

Laura was fascinated. However, there was no change in her expression. One couldn't feel any humanity from her.  Her countenance was that of a beautiful doll.

She let go of her disguise.  The intricate illusion disappeared, and a Dragon Demon appeared.

It was as Azell had said.  She had blonde hair, eyes like amethysts, porcelain-like skin, and horns that flared upwards as it looked to be a crafted item made out of amethysts.  A  Dragon Demon Stone was embedded on the back of her hand, and it was letting out a brilliant light of the same color.

At the same time, a powerful wave of Dragon Demon magic started to spread.

Kairen was taken aback.

“She was able to perfectly disguise such power perfectly as human magic?”

Surprisingly, Laura’s Dragon Demon magic exceeded Kairen in terms of quantity.  This wasn’t the first time Kairen had met a Dragon Demon that possessed a stronger Dragon Demon magic than him.  However, he couldn’t help, but be surprised by the fact that she was able to completely disguise her power as magic.  

Azell spoke.

“All the Dragon Demon King worshippers are uncanny at hiting the smell of Dragon Demon magic.  Did you guys develop some unique magic?”

The members of the Dragon’s Shadow and Niberis were all the same.  Just their ability to hide their Dragon Demon magic was really peerless.

Laura asked him a question.

“Azell Zestringer.  Am I right?”

“Correct.  At least, you don't call me that long and annoying title.”

“The man with the name seeped in sin?”


“My blood relatives have very different view from…...”


“Not all of us call Azell the man with the name seeped in sin….”


A blue spark suddenly erupted in front of her.

Azell had just tried an ambush attack.  She had been sure Azell was in front of her yet another Azell had appeared to attack her.  Laura was surprised.

“Huh? A clone?”

She had been facing him, yet he had switched places with his clone.  How did she miss it?

While she was  wondering this point, the Azell that had attacked went missing.  It had been a clone made using the Shadow Dance.  At the same time, Azell used Instantaneous Movement to jump in.

‘Thunder Dragon's Claw!’

The sword let out a thunder.

Gwah-roo-roong! Gwah-gwahng!

A single strike was able to rip apart Laura's shield as if it was a piece of paper. The power couldn’t be compared to the one used  in the fight against Niberis.

However, a white light appeared across the lightning that was burning up the space.


Azell quickly turned his body to evade. When he landed on the ground, Azell let out a grumble.

“Insulation. You are very fast.”

When Azell came in for an attack, her real body was moved to a location where his sword couldn’t be reached.  Then she used the Insulation magic to drain away the lightning.

Even if one considered a Dragon Demon to have a quick reaction time, it had been impossible for anyone in the pas to dodge this attack unless one knew it was coming.  However, Laura had seen the flow of his magic.  Her actions was evidence that she had read his technique’s attribute.

Laura spoke.


At the same time, a light erupted in front of her.


An oppressive resonance of Dragon Demon magic was spreading outwards. Kairen was taken aback.

“What is that?”

Dragon Demon magic that exceeded most Dragon Demon erupted from the light instead of Laura. Azell narrowed his eyes.

“Vitan's Chalice… It really was left behind to his heir.  I’m not sure how that’s possible.”

Aunsaurus had been one of the four Dragon Demon Generals, and Dragon Magic weapon Vitan’s Chalice was his pride.

During the Dragon Demon war, it had been one of the most powerful Dragon Magic weapon in existence even amongst the other powerful Dragon Magic weapon.

Its appearance was as Azell had remembered, and it was grasped in Laura’s hand.

For a brief moment, Laura stared at Azell before she spoke.

“You really do look like him.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your face is really similar to him.  It is similar to the Azell Kazark in the records.”


“Are you his descendant? I heard he didn’t have any descendants, yet humans procreate so easily…  Or that’s what I’ve heard.”


Azell gave a flippant answer as he looked for Laura’s weak point. However, she was holding up the Vitan’s Chalice, and unlike before, he couldn’t find any hole in her defense.  Her Dragon Demon Magic and the Dragon Demon magic of the Vitan’s Chalice resonated with each other, and an incredible pressure poured out.

Laura briefly looked at Azell before she spoke.

“I won’t fight you right now.”

“Do you really think you can do as you like?  Even if you have the Vitan’s Chalice….”

Azell stopped speaking, and he jerked his head up.


A heavy sound rang out, and the ground shook.  A large shadow on top of the mountain opened its wings, and it rose up into the air.

It was the Thunder Dragon.  The Thunder Dragon had been in a fierce fight with the Frost Dragon, yet it was descending towards them with thunder wrapped around it.

Laura spoke.

“It is easy to attract a Dragon.  It is easy if there is an opponent that is willing to fight with one’s life on the line.”

“Is it the Dragon Slayer's Ritual?”


Laura acknowledge the point without much fuss.  Another Dragon Demon King worshipper had initiated the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual with the Frost Dragon, and the act had freed the Thunder Dragon.  Laura hadn’t lost her composure, since she had been waiting for this.

“It'll be impossible for me to face you, the Dragon Sword Duke and the Guardian Shadows.  I'll leave that to the Dragon.”


Azell had on an expression of dismay as Laura started distorting her surrounding space as if it was a wave.  Laura disappeared without a trace in the midst of it.

At the same time, lightning erupted from the three horns of the Thunder Dragon’s head.

Gwah-roo-roo-roong! Gwah-gwah-gwahng!

The thunder strike struck the ground as it swept over everything nearby.  Large dust clouds rose into the sky.

From the surrounding, a cry that was like several hundred children whispering rang out.  The Guardian Shadows let out a moan as they were swept up in the lightning attack.

Azell queried in the midst of the attack.

“Are you ok, Duke?”

“Somewhat.  Could you teach me that technique later?  You are able so comfortable in defending against it that I feel spiteful towards you.”

Kairen had used his defensive shield to block the Dragon’s thunder strike.  Azell barely used any power as he allowed the Insulation magic to redirect the thunder strike.  Azell smirked.

“I will.  Also, I regret to tell you this news.”

“What is it?”

“This is annoying, but I guess I'll have to follow that idiot's plan.”

“Somehow, it turned out that way.”

“I'll have to leave the prince's rescue to the Duke. I…….”

Azell glared at the Thunder Dragon that was descending the mountain using broad wing strokes.

“I have to do the Dragon Slayer's Ritual.”

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