Episode 13. Magic and Attributes

Dragon Poor

- Your wind attribute control has increased from 29 to 40.

- This increase has improved your control over wind energy.

- The wind attribute is applied to all weapon skills.

- You are able to imbue weapons with the power of attributes. The cutting power of all blade-based weapons has increased slightly.


Kim Seon-Hyeok struggled to suppress the elation he felt upon seeing the message. Fortunately, when he looked around, it did not seem like anyone had paid attention to him. After all, to them, he was nothing more than a rider.

It was just Frederick, who glared at him to get out.

Kim Seon-Hyeok, aware that Lee Eun-Seo had noticed his energy at a distance before, carefully suppressed the power and left the ceremony.


The wind attribute stimulated his entire body as soon as he left for an open place. He unknowingly floundered about, surprised at the energy he clearly felt.

The solid ground underneath his feet allowed him to calm down from this confused state.

Around him, Kim Seon-Hyeok could sense a cool and fresh energy, as if he had just leaped into a valley stream on a hot summer day. He smiled at the new, but pleasant sensation.

He wanted to test out his improved attribute control right away, but he suppressed his desire and kept moving. He was afraid that Lee Eun-Seo, having accurately detected his energy earlier, would once again search him out.


It was only after moving away for a while that he could finally exhale. Kim Seon-Hyeok immediately opened his status window.

[Kim Seon-Hyeok]

- Level. 3

- Dragon Rider

- Unique Attribute: Wind / Attribute Control 40

o Wind Bite

- Strength 21 / Stamina 20 / Agility 23

- Possessed Skills

o Dragon Taming

o Dragon Riding

o Charging

o Attribute Weapons Mastery (Low Tier)

o Novice Horsemanship

§ Novice Horsemanship + Charging = Clumsy Charging

o Standard Kingdom Spearmanship (Low Tier)

o Standard Kingdom Swordsmanship (Lowest Tier)

o …

It was just as the message had said.

His attribute control, which had been stuck at 29, suddenly increased by 11, and the attribute was now applied to his weapon skills. He looked forward to finding out what the effects would be.

However, he could not check right away. So long as Lee Eun-Seo was in camp, he needed to be mindful of his behavior. Therefore, he forced himself to walk back to the barracks instead of heading out into the training grounds.

“Hmph. Lucky you. You got to go to the welcoming ceremony with the high-ranking officials just because of your birth… hmph.”

Hansen, after sarcastically speaking out when he returned to the barracks, shut his mouth and sniffed.

“I brought some leftovers.”

Actually, it had been at Frederick’s request, but Kim Seon-Hyeok unhesitatingly offered the food that he was given.


Hansen looked back and forth between him and the food and smiled.

“You’re a pretty nice guy, aren’t you?”

With that, he quickly reached out and grabbed a chicken leg.

“Wow. The cooks really went all out because the commander’s back.”

Kim Seon-Hyeok found Hansen, who was moved with emotions after eating a single chicken leg, to be ridiculous. But looking around, he saw that the other riders were likewise swallowing their saliva, though unable to step up out of pride.

“Have as much as you’d like.”

The riders hesitated no matter how many times Kim Seon-Hyeok offered the meal, only to finally abandon their pride after seeing Hansen’s hand motions becoming faster. Hansen, who had already stuffed his face and was holding a leg in each hand, was trying to devour the food before his comrades joined in.

Kim Seon-Hyeok smiled at the sight of the food disappearing into the mouths of the large riders. With that, he left the barracks and headed towards the kitchens. It had been under Frederick’s orders, so getting more food was not difficult.

“There’s more here.”

The riders after looking at the empty plate with disappointed expressions, once again began devouring the meal. Even Hansen, despite already eating his fill, rushed in between them to continue eating.

It seemed as though soldiers in uniform being always hungry was a universal truth, applicable in both his world and this world. Even if they were considered elite soldiers, the riders were always busy paying for war horses and equipment maintenance. It wasn’t surprising that they would be excited at the rare prospect of a quality meal.

“Hey man, thanks for the meal. Thanks for thinking about us.”

Hansen, who had most aggressively focused on the meal, was famous for being musclebrained even among the cavalry, and he expressed his gratitude without a second thought.

“You’re welcome.”

Kim Seon-Hyeok didn’t have high expectations given his previous experiences in the army, but the responses were surprisingly positive. He had truly hit the jackpot, gaining his unfriendly comrades’ favor through his commander’s simple request.

“Ahem. You’d be great if you could ride a horse well.”

“Yeah. But hey, don’t worry. Your military life is going to get a lot easier from now on. I’ll be here to support you.”

It was funny that so much had changed with just some chicken, but he didn’t complain. After all, as a soldier, the unwritten rule was that their superiors were the enemy and everyone else was a friend. There was nothing to lose by becoming closer with the heavy cavalry, considered to be the elites of the 24th Regiment. His horsemanship was still at a novice level, and they would be a great help in improving this ability.

Kim Seon-Hyeok’s expectations proved correct, and the opportunity to get their help came sooner than expected. Lee Eun-Seo did not show interest in him during the ceremony, and Frederick, having his plans foiled, decided to take it out on him.

“You can pick out your own horse.”

The mean-spirited company commander told him to pick out the war horse he was promised in return for attending the ceremony. For Kim Seon-Hyeok, who knew nothing about horses, it was quite the dilemma. It was likely Frederick’s wish that he make a poor selection.

“Want us to help? We’re experts when it comes to horses.”

That’s when Hansen and Jonasson stepped up.

“Not that one. He looks sleek, but is old and past his prime as a war horse.”

“Don’t judge them based on appearance. That one’s cowardly and better fitting for the weak light cavalry guys.”

As soon as they entered the stables, they began criticizing Kim Seon-Hyeok’s choices. They shook their heads, wondering why these nice-looking, but subpar horses were there.

That rotten bastard. Putting trap cards into the mix.

Kim Seon-Hyeok cursed inwardly, immediately realizing Frederick’s obvious intentions.

“Oh, this one’s here?”

“No, not her. More than a few riders broke their backs trying to tame her. It’s not like we’re trying to haze a new recruit.”

The white horse looked docile, but the conversation between Hansen and Jonasson was anything but normal.

“Is it a bad horse?”

“Great horse. Great bloodline, and perfect physique. Even the perfect age to use as a war horse. But not the right choice for you.”

“It’s hard to even put a saddle on her, let alone ride her. She’s nicknamed the widowmaker because of her temper. All the riders who tried to ride her broke their backs.”

Kim Seon-Hyeok’s eyes shone when he heard the strangely ominous, yet attractive nickname.

“No. You can’t. Take that brown horse over there instead. If you take him, nobody will ridicule you for picking a shitty horse.”

However, Kim Seon-Hyeok had already made up his mind.

After thanking Hansen and Jonasson for their advice and sending them away, he went straight to the company commander to announce his decision.

“What? You want Stella?”

It seemed as though the widowmaker’s name was Stella. Frederick had a complicated expression, somewhere between sadness and relief. Stella was too nice to get rid of, but was a horse that could not be used.

Even so, he acquiesced, having no intention of going back on his promise.

“You’re crazy. Picking the widowmaker out of all the good horses there.”

When Hansen and Jonasson made a fuss about his choice, Clark was in the barracks and approached to ask about the situation.

“Let him be. I’m sure he didn’t make that decision mindlessly.”

“But captain! He’s going to get hurt! Don’t you know how important a man’s back is!”

Unexpectedly, Clark did not try to dissuade Kim Seon-Hyeok. Uncomfortable at his gaze, Kim Seon-Hyeok left the barracks, saying that he would go check on his horse.

“I should be careful.”

It was a rule in the military that the person who stands out receives extra work. Kim Seon-Hyeok knew this better than anyone, so he vowed to be more careful in the future.

“Kuhuhu. She’s my horse now.”

Stella fluttered her nose and expressed her disapproval upon seeing him. The rumor that her ill temperament was bad enough to outweigh her excellent bloodline and physical ability did not seem to be an exaggeration.

“Hey, it’s nice to meet you.”

Glad to see her, Kim Seon-Hyeok reached out his hand, but then immediately pulled back. Stella ground her teeth as if preparing to bite his hand off.

“You jerk. But that won’t last long.”

Kim Seon-Hyeok laughed at Stella’s arrogant and imposing figure. Soon after, however, he settled down and began to train the horse using the dragon rider’s special training method.

“I am your master. I am your master.”

As expected, it wasn’t easy to tame Stella. Kim Seon-Hyeok continued using his method for almost half a day, but Stella refused to show her back. He was excited at the challenge, but unfortunately, this was as far as he would get today.

“Wait for me, pretty girl.”

Stella snorted and expressed her defiance, but she was not as ferocious as before. Noticing the small change and regretful that he couldn’t continue, he headed to the site of the wooden barricade repairs.

Other soldiers had also gathered to see the rare work of a mage. There were familiar faces among the crowd.

“Oh, you’re here?”

Kim Seon-Hyeok absentmindedly accepted Kang Jeong-Tae’s chilly greetings, found a spot, and looked around.

There was a huge void created by the typhoon, and Lee Eun-Seo stood in front of the gap.

“Why hasn’t she started yet?”

“She’s been like that for a while now.”

Kang Jeong-Tae and Park Soo-Hong exchanged words, but Kim Seon-Hyeok could not agree with their analysis.

What do they mean, she didn’t start? I can already feel it…

A tremendous energy, not befitting her slender figure, was swirling around from all sides. He knew that she would never do so, but he was sweating at the realization that she could blow away the entire 24th Regiment if she wanted.

He could feel a threat to his life, as if standing alone before a massive disaster. And as he felt this impending crisis, the power of the attributes naturally began to gather around him. He had been unable to worry about exposing his abilities.


At that moment, Lee Eun-Seo finished her preparations and cast her magic.


At the same time, her magic intertwined with the power of the attributes surrounding Kim Seon-Hyeok.

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