Book 5 Chapter 107 - The Rhine Kingdom’s Peril (3)

Game of Divine Thrones

In a luxurious room at the Rhine Royal Palace.

Joanna was sitting in front of a mirror and talking with Irene.

“I've changed my hairstyle for the first time in a while. What do you think?”

“…I don’t know."

Irene was officially Joanna's attendant, that's why she had to follow her in a maid outfit at all times. However, she didn’t seem to be dissatisfied as it was a completely new experience.

“Would it suit His Majesty’s taste? Lady Leifina recommended it to me, but I'm not too sure.”

“Do you wish to seduce him?”

"Seduce? …Pfft. I didn’t think you knew that word.”

Joanna laughed at Irene's lack of expression as she spoke.

She still didn't know that Irene was chimera.

“The act of attracting men into the bedroom to have a relationship… or so I believe it means.”

“Not necessarily. Sometimes you do it to win someone’s heart.”

"Heart? To make him obedient and listen to everything you say?”

“No, no. Hmm… How should I say it... Right. Winning someone’s heart is like making them look at you and you only.”

Joanna liked Irene who somewhat seemed naive and clumsy, because she was the only one who could make her forget the boring life in the palace.

So, sometimes, she told her stories that she wouldn’t tell others.

“It is difficult for me to understand. Does it mean anything to do such a thing?”

"Of course. Most romantic relationships begin that way.”

“Then, if you keep staring at each other after getting seduced, do you fall in love?”

“…Maybe? Why? Is there someone you’re interested in recently?”

“I don't have a suitable partner.”

A chimera resulting from an experiment using the body of a deceased princess.

There were men who like her due to her beautiful appearance, but if they knew what she truly was, they would surely run away.

But it didn’t bother her, because human emotions did not exist within her.

“What are you talking about? You were born with such a lovely appearance, so how can there be no one?”

“Is it all about the appearance though?”

"Well… You’re not wrong. Men do search for other aspects, such as a kind heart, being polite, being good at housework if she’s not a noble.”

“As I thought.”

“In your case, I think you should change the way you speak into a more feminine way.” 

"The way I speak?"

Irene tilted her head.

She didn't think her hard tone and stoic behavior posed a problem.

Joanna laughed and pulled on Irene’s wrist.

“Now, come and look in the mirror. Can you see your face?”

“…Of course."

“An aristocratic woman's elegant tone goes well with your face. It has a soft look like a feather, but doesn’t feel too light instead.”

Joanna kindly taught Irene how to talk in a manner than men would like.

Irene quickly absorbed the knowledge because she had previously learned from Aris how to act as a princess.

“Excellent. You’re really good? Soon enough, a perfect lady will be born. An intelligent, kind-hearted and beautiful woman”


“Youth does not last forever, Irene. So if the opportunity comes, be sure to grab onto it.”

"The opportunity?"

“A man who loves you. But you should take your own feelings into account as well.”

“I said it earlier, but I…”

“Life is short, so fall in love, girl.”


“It's a phrase from a literary book that I read when I was a kid. I just wanted to tell you about it.”

Joanna looked up at Irene with loving eyes.

After a while, Irene gained back her senses and tried to say something, but...

“Lady Joanna, a letter has arrived from the Royal Palace of Lydia.”[ref]So, in a previous chapter, the scene with Aleister Crowley and the children of nobles from Rhine was set in a stone chamber in the Izuna Kingdom. Moreover, it was mentioned that the King was Joanna’s father. However, taking into account that Henry IV was Izuna’s king in the 90s chapters, the author had probably made a mistake. Moreover, this time it mentions that Joanna’s father is from Lydia.[ref/]

A maid came into the room with a rolled scroll.

“My father?”

Joanna was disgusted, and used her knife to remove the red wax seal.

After reading the scroll, her expression turned dark.

“This, this can’t be...”


It said that all her family members would be killed if she did not follow the instructions.

Irene asked in concern as Joanna trembled.

“What is the matter?”

“It, it’s nothing…”

Currently, Joanna was having an inner conflict.

Should she immediately tell Irene and the others about this? Or should she keep it a secret for a while and find a way to protect her family?

'The seal used on the scroll definitely belongs to the Borge house.'

Even her father's autograph was at the end, so there was no possibility that it was counterfeit.

However, if she were to keep Blackburn's gates open according to the letter's instructions, Woohyuk, who had left to the border, would be in trouble.

As Joanna was restless, Irene grabbed her shoulder from behind.

“What decision are you going to make, Joanna?”


Irene was informed in advance that this would happen through a message from Woohyuk.

However, Joanna, who did not know this fact, was completely surprised.

“No, no way... You too, Irene…?”

“Do not misunderstand. I am on the Rhine King’s side.”

Even though she hadn’t found the meaning of her life yet, Irene never intended to betray the one who had given her a new life.

As Irene roughly explained the situation, Joanna stared dumbfouned.

"I see… His Majesty already knew that I would have to make such a decision...”

“He is certainly a trustworthy man. And he is stronger than most demon kings.”

And although he had borrowed the power of a saint, he had also defeated her master, Aris, and prevented the destruction of the world.

Therefore, it would be better to wait for Woohyuk to solve this case rather than to do everything on her own.

At Irene's advice, Joanna nodded with a bitter smile.

“I apologize for making you see me in a sorry state.”

"It doesn't matter if you don't betray the Rhine King."

In the first place, Irene was here to protect but also monitor Joanna.

Therefore, she was close yet distant from her.

Joanna knew that too, so she didn't say anything.

“So, we can keep simply chatting here?”

“Indeed, because a solution has most likely been found already.”

"Then, let’s just continue what we were doing before."

Joanna had a long way to go to make Irene into the perfect lady.

As she put the scroll down in front of the mirror, Joanna showed a bright smile.


‘Irene succeeded in convincing her.’

Woohyuk, who received a report while on a battlefield full of monsters, sighed in relief.

Joanna was a person who could be helpful for his future plans.

With Queen Iona's successor on his side, there was a high probability of receiving a hidden quest when Black Dragon King Drakia would return.

So, it would be troublesome if a situation like this would make her change her mind.

‘Now, everything will be fine if Lee Jaesung stands strong.’

It was likely that the Witch Cult had infiltrated Media rather than Landium, because the area where the fief lords had changed were all on that side of the country.

It would spell a lot of trouble for Lee Jaesung, but Woohyuk believed that it would be alright if the Spiritual Society arrived.

“My Lord, what do we do now? We’ve dealt with all the monsters…”

“Let’s watch the situation for a while longer.”

As he expected, the monsters had attempted a night attack along the border, but the battle ended with a one-sided victory.

The battle in the central region of the Nelson march seemed to be yet to conclude itself, but they couldn’t move the troops on this side to support their allies as they had to guard the northern region as well.

After letting the soldiers take a break for a while, Woohyuk activated the Messenger’s Wing’s effect to watch through Gwak Seyoung’s vision.

'Hm…? That’s...’

The magic circle that Witches used when making a sacrifice to Lilith.

Gwak Seyoung was randomly slaughtering civilians, avoiding the eyes of Woohyuk’s allies.

Woohyuk frowned as he carefully observed the details.

'It looks like they're trying to summon a monster.'

If a high-grade demonic beast such as the Leviathan or Behemoth was to be summoned, the situation would become complicated for Woohyuk.

Currently, they could match their enemies’ strengths if they had the support of the Spiritual Society. Therefore, the appearance of a demonic beast would break the power balance.

In other words, he couldn’t stand watching patiently while this scene was unfolding.

Something had to be done.

“Maximus, you’re in charge while I am away.”

“Where are you going, Your Majesty?”

“I will go to the Trevis region for a while.”

Gwak Seyoung had gained strong abilities by making a contract with Priscilla.

It would become tricky if he gathered monsters to catch Woohyuk’s allies by surprise by attacking them from the rear.

Even if he were to take a little risk, Woohyuk had to take the initiative to reduce the damage.

“My Lord, I will go with you.”

Leifina, who was watching the soldiers' condition, said so as she got on her horse.

Woohyuk nodded and sprinted south with her.

Clop. Clop.

Both of them lowered their postures as they faced a strong wind.

A vast wasteland unfolded under the soft moonlight.

It was a barren environment, but it was also precious because it was a land where the people of the kingdom lived.

'I must protect it.'

This war hadn't happened in the past. The future had changed due to his intervention.

However, because he was prepared for this kind of ordeal, Woohyuk was not particularly confused or surprised.

When he arrived at a village, the screams of the residents resounded from everywhere.


“Sa, save me!”

A bloody scent emanated as if to prove that a lot of people had already been killed.

Woohyuk frowned and immediately pulled out Verserios.

“Leifina, wait here for a while.”

"What? Why…”

“The demon kings may appear.”

Leifina was the only ally he had with him.

While he could summon Aris and Zeke, they would have to fight alongside him.

So, if Leifina were to remain behind, she could notify Marquis Nelson in case something went wrong.

'In truth, the biggest reason is that I don't want to lose you.’

But he couldn't reveal those feelings now.

Woohyuk ran on his horse, leaving Leifina hesitating.

When he reached the front of a shabby forge, he heard Gwak Seyoung's laughter.

“Kekeke… Kuhahahahaha.”

Demonic energy had contaminated his mind and he had gone crazy.

Woohyuk was uninspired because he had seen such situations many times before.


After a while, the door opened and Gwak Seyoung appeared.

He had four black monsters by his side in case something dangerous were to happen to him.

However, no matter how hard he battled, he couldn't possibly be Woohyuk's opponent.


When Woohyuk swung Verserios, a jet-black wave flew and cut a black beast.

“Why, why the hell are you here?!”

Gwak Seyoung, who was running towards him in fury, stepped back when he saw the attack.

He could instinctively sense fear even if he wasn’t in a right mind.

Woohyuk was openly revealing his presence by releasing all the demonic energy within him.

“I think it was a good decision to send you to the Doria castle without killing you.”

It was the guy he had spared as Han Jangmi was more than enough to control the clan, but he never thought he could be of help in this way.

Thanks to him, not only did he locate Priscilla’s approximate whereabouts, he had also obtained the information that a demonic beast was being summoned.

However, it wasn't worth keeping him alive since he had removed his Unity Ring and had made a contract with the Witch of Sloth.

Woohyuk pointed Verserios towards Gwak Seyoung, who was looking for an opportunity to escape.

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