Book 5 Chapter 110 - The Trial (2)

Game of Divine Thrones


It was a legendary monster. Unlike Behemoth, it could swim in the air as if it were underwater, making it very difficult to deal with.

However, it had some weaknesses.

Seeing the large black shadow covering the ground, Woo-hyuk gave instructions to Ronald.

"Stand by in the front and attack it with area of effect magic spells."

"Yes, I understand."

Woohyuk couldn't waste his powers right now because he had to deal with Demon King Amii.

That was why he had tried to stop the summoning ritual from happening as much as possible.

‘The Golden Rose Society seems to be working behind the scenes.’

Even though the plans of the Executives of the Witch Cult had failed, their intervention was obvious since the summoning was successful.

Aleister Crowley.

Woohyuk currently had no leeway to deal with him on top of all the other enemies.

As he began to feel a sense of crisis, a woman's laughter resounded from the Corcas mountainside.

“Ho ho ho ho! How do you like the monster I summoned, Asura? Have you ever seen something like this?”

It was Priscilla.

She was floating in the air and looked down at Woohyuk's camp.

"Yeah, I've seen it so many times that I’m sick of it now."

“What a bluff. The monsters of the abyss cannot be summoned by just anyone.”

A world of chaos beyond the demon realm.

The demons called it the abyss and regarded it as their origin.

The only one who could summon monsters from the abyss was Lilith, who has existed since the world’s genesis.

The Witches of the Seven Sins and the Witch Cult were merely performing the summoning ceremony on behalf of her.

“Where are the demon kings?”

“They’re still hiding. They haven’t fully figured out your strengths and weaknesses.”

Priscilla laughed as she scorned them.

She didn’t like the fact that the demon kings of Ars Nova were using her as bait.

“You truly are the incarnation of sloth. To think that you didn’t tell them anything even though you’ve been observing me through your crystal ball.”


At Woohyuk's provocation, Priscilla raised her eyebrows.

Extreme rage and fury were bubbling within her expression.

Woohyuk, who saw the reaction, continued to talk.

“The Witch of Sloth. You've always been like this. You pretend to be diligent, but during critical moments you act lazy and don’t fulfill your duties. Didn’t you let your loved one die because of this attitude?”

“Thi-this fucking bastard...!”

Priscilla couldn't suppress her rage and lifted her staff.

Immediately, the monsters hiding within the Corcas Mountains poured out at once.

‘She still acts based on her emotions as usual.’

Woohyuk knew her all too well because he had dealt with Priscilla in the past.

She was a woman with great pride, so if her weakness was mentioned, the situation would derail like this.

Watching the rushing monster army, Woohyuk summoned his army of undeads.

'I’ve recruited a lot of useful guys up to this date.'

The Spider Queen, Arachne.

The Shadow Killer, Amy.

The Ice Wizard, Agatha.

The Serpent Queen, Medusa.

The Spirit of Darkness, Agnes.

The Fallen Hero, Sieg.

If they commanded the undead on the front line, the monster army could easily be stopped.

“Um, Lord Asura. Could you please release my seal?”

Agnes creaked up to him and asked.

In her current state where the first seal had been released, she was just an ordinary puppet.

Woohyuk nodded and hugged her.

“I release the seals up to the 3rd stage.”

It was a complete liberation.

There were no restrictions on her use of abilities except for being trapped in a puppet.

When Woohyuk removed the stigma inside of the doll, Agnes's expression significantly brightened.

“Wow! Tha-thank you!”

She had been treated like a toy until now.

Once she released her demonic energy, a black mist covered the surroundings in an instant and a gloomy wind blew.

Woohyuk was surprised as the range was wider than he had expected.

“You’re a lot stronger than I thought.”

“Despite my appearance, I am still a top-grade dark spirit. As long as my seals are released, I can meet all of Lord Asura's expectations.”

Agnes was feeling a strange attraction towards Woohyuk because he wielded demonic energy from the abyss.

So whenever she was summoned, she would try to stay by his side at all times.

“Now go back to your position.”

“Boo… Can’t I just assist you here?”

“If you listen to me properly, I’ll buy you a beautiful dress when we return.”

"Really? I’m so excited!”

Agnes was exhilarated and left to command the undeads.

Aris, who had been observing the entire scene, appeared in front of Woohyuk and blew into his ear to tease him.

“Could you also give me a present, Lord Asura?”

“What do you want?”

“Since I had my period last week, please sleep with me for a single night…”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

It couldn’t even be considered a joke since a demon king, who had lived for thousands of years, had said such a thing.

Woohyuk sent Aris away after appeasing her, and ordered the undead army in front of him to advance.

[Annihilate them all.]



The various undeads he had gathered so far faced the monsters of the Corcas Mountains.

While the battle was in full swing,


With a resounding roar, Charybdis emitted black waves of energy in all directions.

It was so powerful that the waves reached where Woohyuk was located, in the distance.

With the shock, the allied undead who were on the forefront flew away as if being swept away by rapid currents.

‘It’s attacking us from the very edge of our attack range on purpose.’

Charybdis was hovering outside the battlefield to prevent the Spiritual Society from reaching him.

After calling a griffon, Woohyuk made it carry the priests of the Spiritual Society on its back.

“Is this your first aerial battle?”

“… Yes. I never had the chance to do one before.”

“Leave the control and movements to this guy.”

Undead Lee Shinwoo approached Ronald and saluted him.

Ronald couldn’t hide his astonishment.

“Your Majesty, no matter how much of a crisis this is, entrusting our lives to undeads is a bit…”

"Don’t worry. He’s an intelligent guy with many accomplishments.”

As Woohyuk glanced at it, Undead Lee Shinwoo got on the griffon and performed a few aerial maneuvers.

His elaborate skills couldn’t stop the Spiritual Society from keeping their mouths closed.

“The undead’s intelligence is so high…”

"I can't believe it."

This was the first time the Spiritual Society saw Woohyuk's undead troops, because they had acted separately in the last battle at the wastelands in the Izuna Kingdom.

However, they were somewhat convinced because Woohyuk had proved his skills previously.

'His power of the dead is amazing.'

‘As long as he didn't sign a contract with a demon, I guess it’s fine.’

The Necromancer was a legendary class on the Eeth continent.

However, its recognition was very bad because of Nakron, the King of Fallen Magicians.

When the Spiritual Society got on the griffon and soared into the dark night sky, Charybdus summoned hundreds of aerial sharks.

The background of the battle was the dark night sky, which reminded them of the deep sea.

Woohyuk mobilized all the remaining griffons and gargoyles to protect the Spiritual Society from the new monsters.

‘We’re slightly lacking in numbers.’

It was not easy to find flying monsters to make into flying undeads.

In order to overcome their numerical disadvantage, Woohyuk used the corpse enhancement skills on the group of griffons and gargoyles.



The outside layer of griffons and gargoyles were armed with pitch black armor.

Thanks to the enhancement, they could somehow withstand the direct assault of the aerial sharks.

“Send that monster to meet its maker!”

As soon they got closer, Ronald started chanting with the Spiritual Society.

Soon, from high up the dark sky, bright spears of white light poured down like rain.


Charybdis cried out in fury as it continuously took damage.

At the same time, a black energy wave spread out around him again.



The harsh wind swept away a group of griffons and gargoyles.

But it also affected the sharks swimming in the air.

They lost their mobility, bumped into each other, and fell to the ground.


Undead Lee Shinwoo shouted and urgently evacuated his griffon.

Charybdis’ attack would not reach them if they ascended high up in the air.

Since the allies on the front were used as shields, the undead Lee Shin-woo and the Spiritual Society barely managed to escape the crisis.

“Ho ho ho ho ho! Are you all bark and no bite? Look, only a single fly survived amongst the dozens you sent.”

“What are you talking about? You are the ones who were harmed.”


Priscilla blinked in confusion.

The group of griffons and gargoyles scattered in the wilderness raised their heads one by one and began to flap their wings again.

“Charybdis is defenseless against attacks from higher altitudes than itself. Now, it has no guards to protect it. You should be careful.”

“Hmph, do you take me for a fool? I won’t let you do that!”

Priscilla laughed and lifted her staff.

Then, in an instant, dozens of vortexes were created around Charybdis.


You would most likely get torn apart even by the slight touch.

As the undead Lee Shinwoo avoided the aerial whirlpools with exquisite skill,

“Looks like it’s my turn to shine now.”

Sieg flew towards Priscilla on a griffon.

He had concluded that it would take some time until the Spiritual Society took care of Charybdis.

“Long time no see, Sieg. I never thought you would subordinate yourself to the man who killed your wife just because you were afraid of death.”

“Your provocations won’t work. I don't regret the choice I made back then.”

Tinia and Silvia had to be saved from this turbid world, and if possible, he wanted to apologize to Brynhild after resuscitating her as well.

Since he still had a reason to survive, the sparks of his will to live burned brightly like never before.

“You still won’t admit it? Both Brynhild and Kriemhild died because of you.”

“Why don’t you look at yourself first before blaming others, Priscilla? Didn't your pathetic attitude drive Roland down into the pit of death?”

"Shut up! Don't you dare utter that name with your filthy mouth!”

Priscilla breathed heavily as she trembled in anger.

The nightmare of the past was vividly unfolding in her mind.

'Was Roland Priscilla’s unrequited love?'

Woohyuk looked surprised as he watched Priscilla and Sieg’s fierce battle.

Back when he was searching through ancient documents, he had only found fragments of information about Priscilla. Currently, he still didn’t know much about her past.

“You were jealous of Saint Sophia. That’s why you didn’t help Roland when he fought against Pronoia, the ones to kill Sophia. As a result, Roland...”

“He was an enemy! If I had helped Roland, I would have received the wrath of Lady Lilith! But I tried to protect him by risking my life when he was on the verge of death! But…”

Demon King Orobas, ranked 55th amongst demon kings, intervened and Priscilla couldn’t save him.

This was the destiny of a witch who had fallen in love with a human from a hostile faction.

Priscilla blamed her own stupidity every night and stopped all activities for a while.

She truly lived up to her name. The Witch of Sloth.

“I don't think you have a reason to live anymore, Priscilla.”

Sieg spoke, slicing the beasts Priscilla commanded with the holy sword Gram.

Afterwards, he gradually narrowed the gap between Priscilla with agile and fluid movements.

“Therefore, I will reap that life of yours.”

The leap that would decide the fate of the victor and loser.

Immediately, a crimson aura rose like fiery flames from the blade of the holy sword.

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