Book 5 Chapter 117 - Fallen Kingdom (3)

Game of Divine Thrones

The purpose of asking the same question again was to confirm Bailey's survival.

It was unclear what Rodriguez was lying about in his first answer because it contained several contents.

However, the second answer contained only one content.

So, unlike before, he had an instinctive conviction.

'First, I'll have to capture Rodriguez.'

He didn't know why he had kept Bailey alive, but it worked out to his advantage anyway.

When Woohyuk got off the horse and walked alone, Rodriguez urgently ordered an attack.

“Attack him already! Don't get caught up in his tricks!”

He was getting an unusual feeling from Woohyuk.

It felt like Woohyuk was staring at his deepest core, that he could see everything about him.

Besides, he wasn’t an ordinary guy seeing how he had kept his calm in this situation.


The archer unit placed in the rear shot arrows at Woohyuk.

It was a threatening attack, but Woohyuk simply surrounded himself with demonic energy and neutralized them.

And… ,


In an instant, the gap narrowed and he slammed a fist into Rodriguez's abdomen.


“Tell your men to drop their weapons.”

When Rodriguez opened his eyes and gasped for air, Woohyuk placed Grandia’s blade on his neck.

It happened so quickly that the knights that escorted him could not react and had to hide their embarrassment.

“Do, do as he said!”


“What are you doing, everyone? Do as he ordered you to!

“…Yes sir."

The soldiers slowly put down their weapons one by one carefully.

After capturing them all, Woo-hyuk interrogated Rodriguez.

“Where is Bailey?”

“… I locked him up in my family mansion’s basement.”

“Guide me there.”

Rodriguez took a gentle pace.

Soon, as the two arrived at the luxurious mansion, the soldiers guarding the door expressed a sense of embarrassment.


“Shut up and open the door if you don't want to get fired.”

It was difficult to eat food properly if you were unemployed with the current job difficulties.

Due to Rodriguez's nervousness, the guards stepped aside, and Woohyuk was able to enter the mansion.

'Looks like he’s living alone.'

He was of marriageable age and could have a wife and child, but Woohyuk couldn't feel anything except from the basement side.

He seemed to have no interest in raising a family after contracting with the demons and giving up all of their rights in his life.

Woohyuk opened his mouth as he went down the basement stairs with Rodriguez.

“Who is your master?”

“…A high-class demon called Petos.”

Most of the demons of the Dane Kingdom were the subordinates of Dantalion.

It was okay to assume that they were also under his control.

Therefore, there was no need to fight Petos to save Bailey.

'Well, he’s probably not even here.'

After the three demon kings belonging to the Ars Nova Circle were sealed, all the subordinates under their commands were forcibly summoned to the demon world.

Therefore, the Dane Kingdom and Lydia Kingdom were currently not under the control of the demons.

The remaining demonic influencers were those who had signed contracts with them, like Rodriguez.

'Prince Ramirez must have sold his soul to Dantalion.'

He was also cunning and ambitious like his father, Heinrich III.

In order to increase the territory of the country, they would use any means. If Woohyuk wanted to conquer the Eeth continent in the future, he had to remove him.

When Woo-hyuk was reminiscing about his past, a system message popped up in front of his eyes.

[The high-class demon Petos from the Dantalion Barony wants to meet Chun Woohyuk. Will you allow it?]

[Accept / Decline]

It was the guy who had signed a contract with Rodriguez.

I was thinking of summoning the demons as a test, but it worked.

When Woohyuk, who had stopped walking, pressed the accept button, a black portal appeared in the air, and a blond man with horns on his head appeared.

“Thank you for allowing this meeting, Lord Asura.”

“What do you want?”

“I don’t have anything else to do, so I would like to help Lord Asura a little.”

The territories of the three demon kings were now sealed and confined in a hemispherical transparent barrier.

Because of that, the demons under their commands had their activities in the demon world limited.

Petos had asked to be summoned while the others were hesitating to do so. 

“Aren’t you confused that Dantalion isn’t in the territory anymore?”

“There is nothing special about it. However, we are all concerned about our futures.”

When the demon was forcibly summoned, a system guide message popped up, and the demons understood the situation roughly, because they knew about Lemegeton as well.

However, since the death of the wise king Solomon, it has never reappeared in the world so far, so everyone was surprised.

“You don’t like obeying me, right?”

‘Rather than dislike. I’m afraid I will not be able to live freely anymore.’

Remegueton was the absolute magic book for the 72 Demon Kings.

If they were sealed in it, even the demons under the commands had to obey the owner and couldn’t come to the world without permission.

In addition, the estates of the demon kings belonging to the Ars Nova circle, including Dantalion, were now colonized.

The demons couldn’t help but wordy about themselves.

“I guess I should have a face-to-face meeting with everybody once. I did see the  top-class demons last time on the battlefield.”

“We were just following our lord’s commands. Please relieve your anger.”

Petos bowed his head.

No matter where he was from, Woohyuk was the one who had found the treasures of the wise king Solomon.

Since he had conquered the three demon kings this time, he was someone who could conquer the demon world in the future.

“I, too, was underestimating and looking down on Lord Asura. Please have mercy on me.”

When Petos treated Woohyuk as if he were a king, Rodriguez, who had been silent, intervened.

He could roughly understand what had happened through the conversation.

Now that Dantalion was defeated, it was better to be on Woohyuk’s side rather than Prince Ramirez.

“Lead me to Bailey already.”

Woohyuk said again, holding the vampiric dagger behind Rodriguez's back.

He was cruel enough to not hesitate to kill.

Rodriguez gulped silently.

After a while, when he arrived at his destination, Woohyuk frowned.

‘He must have been tortured for quite some time.’

The smell of decaying flesh.

At its source was a blond man standing, tied up in chains.

His head is bowing down as if he had already lost his mind.

It was surprising that he was still alive despite the fact that his body was wrecked, with the exception of his bones.

“Should I wake him up now?”

“No, I’ll do it myself.”

Woohyuk passed Rodriguez and Petos and walked forward.

Then, Bailey lifted his head weakly. His eyes were out of focus.

“I came here to release you.”

“… .”

Bailey was silent.

Woohyuk, who felt something strange, looked closely at his condition.

'He has become a living corpse.'

The tendons of the limbs and limbs themselves were cut so that he could not escape, and the tongue was pulled out so that he could not ask for help.

He couldn’t live a day without help from others, so being alive must have been more painful for him.

Woohyuk turned his head and stared at Rodriguez.

“Why did you make Bailey like this?”

“Well, that… .”

Rodriguez couldn't answer easily because his complexion became pale.

Petos, who saw that, opened his mouth instead.

“Because of jealousy. Rodriguez has lived in the shadow of his older brother Bailey. So, he couldn't always achieve what he wanted, and in the end, even Lucia, the woman he loved, was taken away by his brother.”

“So, did he sign a contract with you?”

“Yes, he asked me to lend him the power to take over the family line instead of his brother.”

When Rodriguez became a demon, he brutally murdered his parents who had discriminated against him.

Later, Bailey was trapped and captured, and he faked his brother’s death and became the next lord.

A detailed plan.

However, he did not get the love of Lucia, who was more precious to him than his own soul.

“What about Lucia?”

“She committed suicide. She jumped off the balcony.”

Shocked by the fact that Bailey had died, Lucia ended up killing herself after drinking alcohol, even though Rodriguez took great care of her by her side.

When Petos' story ended, Woohyuk looked at Bailey again.

“Did you know all this?”


Bailey nodded powerlessly. It was because he couldn't speak due to the lack of tongue.

However, energy filled his eyes again when Lucia’s name was mentioned.

“Would you like to sign a master-slave contract with me? Then I will give you the power to take revenge.”

The crippled body could function again, and the lost estate and title could be regained.

Of course, Lucia, who died, couldn’t be saved however.

At Woohyuk's words, Rodriguez opened his eyes wide.

“Wh, why?! I definitely followed your orders...”

“You are unfit to accept as a vassal.”

He has no conviction nor courage, and was even opportunistic.

Having such a person under control was more ineffective than good.

While Rodriguez begged him from behind as Petos held onto him, Woohyuk asked Bailey again.

“What do you think? I think it's not a bad suggestion for you.”


Bailey seemed to be pondering.

It was because he felt demonic energy from Woohyuk.

When he couldn't make a decision easily, Woohyuk brought out Lemegeton.

Within it, a page with Dantalion was drawn on it.

“This is the Demon King who drove the Dane Kingdom into chaos. I sealed him myself. But this is just the beginning.”

In order to subdue all 72 Demon Kings, he needed the help of outstanding vassals.

Bailey was one of them.

So Woohyuk tried to persuade him.

“I promise not to give disgraceful orders. Now, will you move forward with me to clear the dark past?”


Bailey raised his head and looked up at Woohyuk.

Eyes that didn’t shake.

He had a strong conviction, and possessed the power to subdue demon kings.

He was obviously different from ordinary demons.

Maybe the Savior had really appeared.

In time, Bailey nodded, and Woohyuk immediately signed a contract with him.


Black demonic energy healed his wound as it leaked into Bailey's bare body.

The broken tendons were repaired and his voice came out again.


Bailey, released from his chains, made a short exclamation.

He enjoyed the freedom he had regained by clenching and opening his fists.

“I will only give you 10 minutes. Deal with him yourself.”

He handed him the vampiric dagger he was holding.

Accepting it, Bailey's gaze turned to Rodriguez.

“Fuck. Fucking hell…”

Rodriguez struggled as he cursed.

But, being held by Petos, he couldn't escape anywhere.


The vampiric dagger, swung by Bailey, was lodged in Rodriguez's right thigh.


“Lucia died because of you. Because of your filthy desire.”

If Rodriguez hadn't been greedy, Lucia would have somehow been able to get through this period of chaos on her own.

Revealing the wrath that had been buried deep in his heart, Bailey pulled out the vampiric dagger.

The given time was10 minutes.

He had to inflict the maximum amount of pain on Rodriguez within that time limit.

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