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Game of Divine Thrones

As the mood began getting awkward, Isaac waved his hand and smiled.

“Haha we aren’t doubting you, everyone had their own difficulties. Anyways let’s continue.”

“We are 28 on my end, let’s continue with the introductions….”

Due to the large number of people it took quite some time simply for everyone to introduce themselves. After some basic greeting, the leaders finally got down to planning as they walked around the Fortress 

“As far as I can see, there are three main paths to attack. We shouldn’t leave any of them undefended, so let’s divide the tasks now.”

“I will go in the middle.”

Isaac nodded back at Woohyuk.

“Since Chun Woohyuk’s group has the least members, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. For the other Silver Crown leaders however, we should try to avoid any overlap.”

There were currently four Silver Crown leaders. As the top players in the camp, it was in everyone's interest to separate them as much as possible. Not to mention that they were the most ambitious amongst the leaders, and were more likely to quarrel over prime hunting grounds and treasures.

[You take the right path.]

[Will we be going separate ways?]

[I need you to do something for me.]

Woohyuk secretly gave Hong Yuri an order.

It was possible because of their Master/Slave relationship, and there wasn’t any way for others to overhear.

[Okay… I’ll do as you say.]

Hong Yuri who had been expecting them to spend some time together, so she looked a bit down. She had developed some feelings for Woohyuk, but first and foremost she was his faithful servant.

“I’ll take the right side.”

“That’s surprising, I thought you’d accompany your boyfriend.”

Isaac looked between them as Hong Yuri simply wagged her finger.

“I don’t want to fight him for items. When he’s next to me I always have to worry about that.”

“Then I’ll go down the middle as well, if Mr. Samuel is okay with it.”

“I have no reason to object, this arrangement is fine.”

Samuel gladly agreed to give Isaac the middle path. It was unknown what could be found there and there was already an extra competitor in the form of Woohyuk.

After deciding which route each group would take, Isaac continued speaking.

“Since today is the first day, let’s focus on properly mapping the region. Oh, and also try to collect as many coins as possible.

The Ancient Coins were necessary to operate any of the fortress’ facilities, and it was rather urgent to get the barracks going.

The Ghost army was a necessity, so they had to start investing in it early.

“Since it is about time for the gates to open, we can call an end to this meeting and inform the other members.”

“Let’s get going! Fight!”

Hong Yuri gave him a wink as she waved him goodbye.

Her promoting the idea of a non existing relationship between them was a bit annoying. But given their current situation, it wasn’t worth publicly making a big deal out of it. Of course, he still couldn’t let her get away with her coquettish actions.

[In the future don’t talk to me in that fashion without my express permission.]


He returned to his party, ignoring Hon Yuri’s complaints.

“Get ready, we will be heading out shortly.”

“Yes Boss.”

They all summoned their Jabber Wok and mounted on top. This time around they had taken the time they had some leather saddles and stirrups, so the journey was a lot more comfortable than last time.

“Did he manage to tame the Jabber Woks?”

“He has some impressive abilities.”

People watched in awe as they passed by on their way to the gate. Isaac’s face however dropped upon catching sight of them.

‘What are you up to?’

He had known that he must have been an outstanding individual, but he truly wasn’t going to back down.

There were sure to be valuable treasures at the center of the stage, it wasn’t an accident that he had chosen the middle road.

“Let’s pick up our speed so as to not fall behind. They’ve already gone ahead of us and can monopolize all the items.

Isaac took the lead while pulling out his Ice sword Ranghilt 

* * *

There were several reasons as to why Woohyuk chose the middle path.

The main goal was to be the first to occupy key hunting grounds. Although this stage’s area was quite large, people will flock to the early hunting grounds.

There would roughly be around 330 people in each path. If you were to get tied up competing for resources this early, you would lose out on the best treasures.

For this reason the closest hunting grounds needed to be bypassed. If you create a sizable lead with the other groups on the same path as yours, you won’t get bogged down.

To that end, the Misty forest found in the middle path was ideal. Visibility was very low, and it was easy to lose one’s way. A route that would be harder and longer to cross the greater your numbers were.

The middle path was basically straight and a shorter distance, but it was teeming with monsters and had an inhospitable terrain. This was unlike the two side path that involved many detours but were relatively safe.

Of course this kind of difficulty was actually favorable for Woohyuk’s party. Not only did he have advanced knowledge of the proper path, the Jabber Woks would help mitigate any mobility issues due to the swamp like terrain.

“Kill anything you encounter.”

Their current location was the Blue Misty forest. This area's visibility was so low that it was impossible for them to see more than a couple meters out.

In this kind of place, a common technique was to leave marks on the trees to ensure that they weren’t going in circles, but Woohyuk didn’t feel the need to do so.

‘I’ve spent three days and nights fighting here.’

It was a good place for enemies trying to infiltrate the opposing camp because of the fog, so there were a lot of fights that had taken place there.

After spending so much time there, a perfect map of the forest had been drawn in his mind, and by simply seeing a few blurry outlines, he could easily situate himself.

‘We aren’t far now.’

He was confident that he wouldn’t lose his way.

Everything was exactly the same as it had been previously.

“Huh, mom!?”

Song Anna looked at the silhouette with a look of incredulity. It was definitely her mother.

She was waving her way, showing a loving smile.


Woohyuk didn’t hesitate to throw his Vampiric dagger, sinking it into the woman's temple as blood spurted out.

Song Anna screamed in agony 

Woohyuk stopped advancing and spoke. 

"It's only a Doppelganger. It’s able to read people’s minds and take the form of the person most precious to them.”

Because of this monster’s high intelligence, they could perform a rudimentary strategy of getting comrades to turn on each other. For those that stepped into this place for the first time, it would usually end up in conflict as they cut each other to ribbons.

Woohyuk patiently waited a short while before recovering the Vampiric dagger. After about 10 seconds, the dead woman became an ugly and faceless monster.

“No matter what you see or hear, don’t break rank. They can even assume the form of our teammates.”

Except for those standing in line in front or behind you, everyone else is a Doppelganger.

The whole party swallowed down nervously as the followed Woohyuk once more.

* * * 

The Blue Misty forest covered quite a large area, so even on their Jabber Woks it took some time to traverse.

As they arrived at a fork in the road where a Guard Tower was situated, Woohyuk spoke up.

“Remember that if you take the left route you’ll arrive at the Banshee’s Temple.”

“Will you be leaving it for later?”

Lee Jaesung asked worriedly. If Isaac caught up to them, he might be able to conquer the area first.

“It isn’t easy to defeat.”

The temple’s guardian, Banshee Queen wasn’t a push over. Although that area would give decent items, it wasn’t going to be conquered any time soon.

‘I have to prioritize my actions.’

His time was limited as the competitors were constantly snapping at his heels. Although they were allies, this early on they were more of a threat then the actual enemy.

Crimson Crow’s leader, Oh Seokju had been the worst example. Of course he was already dead, but there would always be some bad apples like him.

“We won't activate the Guard Tower since others could then use it to teleport to this location.”

It was an action that went against the interest of his own alliance, but no one on his team was against his decision. They had all seen the many sides of humanity in the last couple weeks.

As he took the right path, Woohyuk tried to juggle all the possible variables in his mind.

Isaac shouldn’t be crossing through the forest today. As he tried to cross the swamp, his group was sure to be tied down.

‘That is if things follow the original timeline.’

There was one detail that had caught his attention. A Sword he had spotted at his waist. It was one he had never seen before.

Simply based on his feelings, he could guess that it was a Magic sword.

He didn’t know how he had obtained it, but he was sure it was some butterfly effect of his own actions.

‘Something has changed.’

Just what had occurred in Paradise Lost while he had been exploring the underwater ruins. Without taking any attention off these underlying questions racing through his mind, Woohyuk cut any disturbance that appeared in front of him at the waist.


Blood splatter everywhere, stained the nearby plants. At the same time, a Growth Ring that had accompanied Woohyuk this whole time turned to dust.

It had reached the end of its durability and since it wasn’t repairable, there wasn’t anything he could do. His six other rings would soon follow suit.

Woohyuk raised Grandia once more as he was approached by a woman with light blue hair and her eyes closed

‘It isn’t a big deal.’

Although the new sword was intriguing, it wasn’t that urgent.



The excited expression on a pink haired woman disappeared as she crumpled to the ground in pain. Grandia had pierced through her armor and stabbed her in the heart.

“Why have you forsaken me, Master? To this very day I’ve followed you faithfully, always believing…”

Woohyuk simply turned his back on it, not deigning a response. Dark shadows were beginning to emerge in greater numbers.

“Stay here, I will take care of them all.”

“What? Then what about us?”

“I alone am enough.”

As a Silver Crown leader, he had a way to easily differentiate allies from enemies.


It was a skill that only his party members could cross. Woohyuk activated the skill around his party, and a semi-circular transparent barrier was erected around them.

“What about me?”

Song Anna asked as she raised her flute.

She was able to help even from within the barrier.

“Just watch from back there for now.”

It might be difficult if Isaac heard her playing the flute and headed over, not to mention that it might disturb nearby spirits.

“Oppa, what are you doing over here?” 1

“Woohyuk, is that you? So you’re still alive.” 

The surrounding Doppelgangers had taken the form of several of their loved ones. There were those that only existed in his memory. It was impossible for them to meet currently and some had even died in past battles.

Still, Woohyuk didn’t hesitate to cut them down.


Blood continued to spurt as he cut them down one after another.

As his onslaught continued, new Doppelgangers would appear. 

“I will always believe in Master, I’m sure you will come to my rescue…”

“It was all a lie, you were just a power hungry tyrant sitting on your throne.”

“We were nothing more than trash in your eyes, to be discarded after you achieved vainglory…”

“You heartless murderer! Someone please save my daughter!”

All instances that could possibly be used to traumatize a player were attempted. Nonetheless, Woohyuk continued to press forward, not once slowing down. If anything, he was picking up speed.

Eyes wide open, he would cut down any Doppelganger that stood in his path.

‘My burden is heavy.’

He had to live up to the expectations of those that had fallen, and achieve their dreams in their place. For those reasons he had to continue moving forward.

Such was the fate of one who wished to sit on the Iron Throne, let alone the Divine one.

After having thought about it for quite some time he realized that he was the only one that could put an end to this game. 

He carried the burden of the living, as well as of those that had already passed on.

The weight of the emotions and dreams that his sword carried wasn’t something that could be understood or mimicked by these soulless Doppelgangers.

“That’s just your cowardly excuse.”

“You’re just trying to justify all the bloodshed you’ve caused.”

“That uncontrollable rage boiling inside of you shall be the end of you!”

“You said that you’d protect her and make her happy! My daughter believed you!”

Hui aaaang!

Grandia which was soaked in blood was being wielded like a fierce tempest. All those that had pointed out his sins or shortcomings, were now scattered across the ground, like lifeless puppets. The smell of blood permeated the area as the nearby vegetation was no longer green. The eerie sound of death was carried in the win. When suddenly the surroundings calmed down.

Tok Tok

The sound of footsteps preceded the appearance of a dark silhouette approaching the party.

The whole group stared at the presence with a tense expression.

A man that had been entirely bathed in blood. It was none other than Woohyuk.

“We need to hurry, get in formation.”

The smell of blood was sure to attract any nearby monsters.

The party quickly set off without saying a word. It was all out of consideration for Woohyuk.

Although they weren’t able to see the battle first hand, the Doppelgangers’ scream told them everything they needed to know.

However, contrary to their concerns, Woohyuk was completely unfazed.

He had experienced those kinds of situations countless times while facing demons.

“In the future, don’t hesitate.”

Woohyuk said as he helped Song Anna on her Jabber Wok.

He then further elaborated.

“In this world there is no such thing as a paradise which you can escape to. If you want to survive you can’t avert your gaze from reality.”

It was some cold words, but she could feel the warmth they carried as they touched hands.

Just then

[...Give me.]

She heard a whisper from out of nowhere.


“What’s going on?”

Woohyuk asked as he saw Song Anna looking around nervously.

“Clearly someone just spoke…”

It had no idea what she had just heard.

“Could it be that there are still some left out there?”

“It must be because you are too nervous.”

The party quickly dismissed it, but Woohyuk’s thoughts were different.

‘She can already interact with spirits.’

The source of the Blue Mist in the forest was the existence of spirits. Of course it wouldn’t be long before others learned of this, but to connect with them this early was certainly unusual.

‘A young prodigy.’

Perhaps her potential was even higher than Yoo Kayoung.

As he wrapped up his thoughts, Woohyuk contacted Lee Jaesung.

[Take good care of Song Anna, she has some potential.]

[Sure thing Boss.]

Woohyuk climbed onto his Jabber Wok and continued forward. Due to the heavy mist he could only see a few contours, but that alone was enough for him.

If there had been landmarks, anyone could easily make there way through without needed his knowledge. 

Such was his current situation. Although some things had changed compared to the last time, his willpower and goal were the same.

Regardless of the problem he encountered, he was confident he’d find a solution. As had been the case so far. Thinking back to the faces of those he cut down, Woohyuk pulled on the reins.

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1. Oppa is how a woman calls an older man that they are close to. Similar to saying 'big brother', but at the same time identifying yourself as female. A man saying 'big brother' would be Hyung.